Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad goes to the mental institution and argues with the head of the hospital about Abigail escaping. Chad yells at him for them not helping her and Abigail getting worse. Ciara interrupts to calm Chad down, assuring him that Abigail will be found.

Brady goes to see Maggie and says he has something to tell her about Summer. Brady reveals that she has been conning them since the beginning about pretty much everything. Brady thinks because of it, they all may be at risk.

Theresa works at home while on the phone with Anne. Emma the babysitter comes out with Tate. Theresa decides she will take Tate to the park. Emma questions her since she's been up all night. Theresa warns her that she doesn't get to tell her when she can or can't take her own son.

Kate comes in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where Andre has made breakfast for them. Kate warns him not to mess with her which Andre says he knows not to do.

Nicole goes to Chloe's which surprises her that she came all the way out here. Nicole tells Chloe that Roman can't know that she left Salem so they have to make this fast. Nicole asks if it's about Parker but Chloe says he's fine. Nicole says whatever is going on must be important. Deimos then steps in to the room and tells Nicole that it is very important. Nicole doesn't understand. Deimos informs her that he somehow pulled himself to shore and was pretty beat up but is doing better thanks to Chloe. Nicole questions how he ended up here with Chloe of all people. Chloe says there is a perfectly good reason. Nicole yells at Deimos for not telling her that he was alive when she is a suspect in his murder. Deimos is sorry for what she has been through and says he has a lot of explaining to do.

Chad worries to Ciara about finding Abigail. Chad gets a call from JJ, who is walking through the town square. They talk about having a team looking for Abigail. JJ insists that they will find her. Chad complains about nobody at the institution knowing anything and threatens to burn the place down if he doesn't find her. Chad hangs up and tells Ciara that he will find out something himself.

Maggie asks Brady if he thinks Summer is playing her too. Brady responds that he is convinced of it. Maggie questions the story and brings up how Summer has had such a hard life so she really believed they were making a connection. Brady says he used to think so too but now just thinks she was using her. Brady hates to say it but thinks Victor was right all along about her. Maggie talks about how sweet and patient Summer is to her with her recovery. Brady tells her that she can ask Summer herself for confirmation. Summer then comes in and says she came to tell Maggie herself but sees that she already knows.

Theresa sits outside the town square with Tate and decides she can get more work down while he is asleep in his crib. Theresa then starts to fall asleep herself until Victor appears and questions this being her idea of being a devoted mother.

Deimos tells Nicole that a lot has happened since their argument. Deimos felt betrayed by what she said. Nicole responds that he seemed to handle it well as he's alive and shacking up with a friend of hers. Nicole questions if Chloe was ever going to tell her that he was alive. Parker comes in and tells Chloe that he wants to go back to his friend's house. Parker then sees Nicole and excitedly hugs her. Chloe takes Parker back to his friend's house. Nicole turns to Deimos and tells him to start talking.

Brady sits with Maggie as Summer admits she lied about how she knew Clark but insists she was really scared of him. Brady asks if she was scared of him or of blowing her scam. Summer talks about getting her life back together and worrying about Brady and Maggie being turned against her. Summer cries that she is so sorry as she really wanted Brady to think she was a good person. Brady questions her cut of the $50,000. Brady asks where Clark is since his sister has reported him missing. Summer responds that she has no idea which Brady calls her still lying. Summer swears to Maggie that everything she just said is the truth.

Theresa tells Victor that she dozed off for thirty seconds as she hasn't been getting enough sleep lately. Victor questions her catching up on sleep while Tate lays there. Victor can't believe Brady is wasting her time with her. Theresa says any exhausted mother dozes off without meaning to. Theresa insists that she would have been all over anyone who tried to take Tate and threatens Victor if he tries.

Chad calls JJ back and leaves a message but JJ then arrives at the hospital. Chad asks why he isn't out looking for Abigail. JJ reveals something they found but Chad doesn't understand why she hasn't just come back home. Chad worries about Abigail being scared. JJ suggests that Abigail might not want to be found. Chad argues that she wouldn't do that. JJ reveals to Chad that they have proof that Abigail started the fire so once she is found, she will be transferred to a state facility.

Chloe tells Parker that Nicole can't stay very long as she has to get back to Salem. Parker asks if Deimos is going to stay but Chloe doesn't know. Parker says he likes him and thinks Chloe does too. Chloe says she's just not sure it's possible for him to stick around.

Deimos brings up being ready to give Nicole his heart even though everything she had said to him was a lie. Nicole argues that he was going to marry Kate while having her on the side. Deimos says he wanted so much more. Nicole says that doesn't help her now. Nicole wants him to tell the police that he's alive and well. Nicole adds that they need to know Kate pushed him in to the river. Nicole asks what he's going to do about it.

Kate thinks Andre is up to something and that he will need cash to pull it off. She warns him of how tired she is of people playing her. Kate tells Andre that if he wants to get somewhere with her then he better start by telling the truth.

Victor mocks Theresa's threats. Theresa tells him that she will stop anyone that tries to stop her and Brady from being a family. Victor argues that she doesn't know what family means. Theresa complains that Victor puts down Brady every chance he gets. Victor tells her that the reason he hates her is because she is filled with poison and destroys the life of anyone she touches. Victor prays for Brady to see what Theresa has always been and assures that day will come as he walks away.

Brady questions if Summer expects them to believe a word she says. Summer swears that she doesn't know where Clark is, only that he took the money and left town. Summer apologizes for being such a disappointment to them. Summer brings up that if not for Brady, she never would have met Maggie. Summer says she loves them both but knows that doesn't matter to them now and it's her own fault. Summer leaves the house crying. Maggie cries wanting to do something but Brady tells her it's for the best.

Chad goes home, talking on the phone with one of his men about finding Abigail. Chad says to report to him only if she is found because he doesn't want the police to know anything about this.

Maggie breaks down crying about Summer being gone. Brady tries to calm her down as Victor comes home.

Summer walks through the town square where she sees Jane. Summer tries to walk the other way but Jane stops her. Summer tells her it's not a good time. Jane tells her that something horrible has happened to Clark and she knows it. Jane declares that she isn't going anywhere until she finds out exactly what happened to Clark. Summer repeats that she doesn't know and walks away.

Deimos tells Nicole that she is still absolutely beautiful. Nicole tells him not to do that as she is fighting for her life here. Nicole tells Deimos about Kate saying they are married and inheriting everything. Nicole questions why he hasn't gone back to Salem to set things straight. Deimos tells her that he was recovering from being on the brink of death. Nicole tells him about Kate recording their argument. Deimos says now Nicole can say he's alive. Nicole tells him that the only thing that can fix this is him so he has to come back to Salem with her to clear this up.

Andre tells Kate that he doesn't see any point in lying to her which Kate calls refreshing. Andre says he made a deal with someone and has to live up to his end of the bargain but he can't tell her with who. Andre admits it requires cash and the right connections which he is short on both so she could be a great help to him.

Maggie tells Victor that she doesn't know what to do. Victor guesses it's about Summer. Brady realizes he knows. Victor says the word on the street is about Clark missing and Janet saying it's all Summer's fault. Maggie points out that Summer says it isn't true. Victor doesn't know how to convince them to listen to him. Victor blames Brady for Maggie being in pain because he dragged Summer in to her life. Maggie says she gave birth to Summer. Brady says he was trying to do what Daniel would have wanted. Victor says Daniel is dead and they would all be better off if he left Summer in the ocean to drown. Victor adds that he can throw Theresa in with her. Maggie tells him that's enough.

Nicole asks Deimos if he will come back with her. Deimos apologizes for all she has been through as it all could have been so different. Nicole asks if he means if she accepted being his mistress. Nicole questions if he's not going to help her because she wouldn't go to bed with him. Nicole calls him a bastard. Deimos says she's so wrong about him not going back to Salem with her. Nicole asks if that means he will. Deimos says he will on one condition. Nicole asks if he wants to do it right now. Deimos tells her that she knows he doesn't want just sex with her. Deimos tells Nicole that she gave him the impression that she wanted a life with him so he offered her a ring and his heart but she threw them back in his face. Nicole responds that she would rather be alone than sit at home while he plays house with Kate. Deimos argues that he never would have done that to her. Nicole asks what his one condition is. Deimos wants the truth. Nicole says she already told him. Deimos wants her to let her guard down and tell him how she really feels about him. Deimos understands she's angry and that she thinks he's to blame for what she has been through but he also believes part of her is still drawn to him. Deimos asks if he is right or wrong about that.

Chad gets a call. He argues that there is no way she was spotted on the property as he searched the whole place. Chad demands to see the guard who claimed to see her this morning. JJ shows up and Chad tells him about it. They decide to go check the tunnels of the mansion.

Theresa goes home thinking back to Victor's threatening words. Brady comes home. Theresa didn't expect him home so soon. Brady tells her that he has to tell her something. Theresa thinks she knows what it is. Brady asks when she last slept. Theresa says she got a few hours last night. Brady asks her what happened. Theresa realizes he doesn't know. Brady says she might as well tell him or he will find out on his own.

Nicole questions how she could have feelings for Deimos after what he did to Maggie. Deimos calls that an accident. Deimos argues that Victor would say anything to get at him. Deimos says she came to his house to get back at him but that night, he could see her feelings for him start to change. Deimos never thought there could be anyone for him after Helena died but then there she was. Deimos says he finally felt like he could have a second chance at life so he doesn't want to play any more games. Deimos gets that she doesn't like things he's done but he would think that she would understand that all he really wanted was what he's been denied all these years. Deimos wants love, someone to come home to, and a family. Nicole cries that she did a lot of rotten things because she wanted those things. Deimos acknowledges that she fell in love with Daniel and felt like she needed to change but he knows the real her and likes her just the way she is.

Maggie tells Victor that she is calling her sponsor for a ride to a meeting. Victor offers to take her but Maggie declines. Victor knows how angry she and Brady are with him but Maggie doesn't think he does. Victor says he comes on too strong when it comes to taking care of people he cares about. Victor tells Maggie that he trusts her with his life. Victor says he's only overprotective because he doesn't know what he would do without her. Victor loves her so much that he can't stand the thought of someone hurting her. Maggie asks even if that person hurting her is him.

Summer returns to her hotel room and finds a purse on her bed. She opens it and there's cash inside along with an envelope. She opens the envelope and reads a paper inside.

Theresa asks if Brady saw Victor today. Brady says he just did. Theresa questions Victor not telling him. Theresa explains that she took Tate out for a few hours and ran in to Victor where they had a big fight.

Chad and JJ come out of the tunnels. JJ says he will get a team together to search the rest of the tunnels. Chad says he will focus on the tunnels later while JJ continues the search outside. Chad wants to be alone. JJ tells Chad to let him know right away if he finds Abigail before they do.

Kate asks Andre what is in it for her. Andre feels she might need his loyalty and support in the coming days.

Nicole tells Deimos that he's wrong about who she is now as she likes liking herself. Nicole says she became attracted to him because she saw a glimpse of the man he used to be. Nicole states that Deimos is not that man anymore. Deimos responds that almost drowning changes a man's priorities. Deimos says he realized that he doesn't want to keep living his life in reaction to Victor. Deimos wants to try to be the man that Nicole saw in him. Chloe returns but stops outside the door to listen in. Deimos tells Nicole that since she was honest with him, he will go back to Salem with her, leaving Chloe looking worried outside.

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