Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady goes to see John and asks if everything is okay. John tells him it's kind of important as it's about Summer.

Dario goes to Summer's hotel room where she is freaking out. Summer tells Dario about Clark's sister Janet showing up. Dario asks if she knows anything. Summer responds that she could and if she does, they could both be sunk.

Aiden and Hope come back to their lodge. Hope talks about it being so peaceful here. Aiden says it sounds like she is really enjoying herself. Hope responds that she is. They get close but Hope remembers they forgot to check the car for her phone. Aiden offers to go check but Hope decides it can wait. Hope agrees with what Aiden said that if anyone needs to reach her, they can call the lodge. Aiden is sure everyone is fine and bets no one even misses them.

Rafe sits outside his house on the porch with a beer, listening to music. Rafe opens his tablet and sees the article on Andre being released from jail. Blanca comes out and offers to join him.

John and Brady go to the club where John informs Brady of Janet looking for her brother. Brady asks what it has to do with Summer. John says maybe nothing but explains that Janet said her brother was looking for a woman who matched Summer's description and hotel room number. John adds that Janet also said the woman's name was Cindy which Brady recognizes and confirms that Summer is Cindy.

Aiden and Hope step out to the patio and enjoy the view. Hope talks about it being good to be out of Salem after the last six months. Aiden invites her to talk about it if it helps her but Hope doesn't know that it does. Hope tells Aiden that him being back is overwhelming. Aiden asks if she is sorry that he's back. Hope responds yes and no. Aiden says that wasn't the answer he was looking for but he understands. Aiden asks Hope to just tell him what she wants from him and what he can do. Hope responds that he's doing it.

Blanca asks if she is disturbing Rafe and starts to head back in but Rafe stops her and says he didn't mean to run her off. Blanca understands if he needs some quiet but Rafe invites her to hang out so she takes a beer. Rafe asks if she got a job at the hospital. Blanca says the interview felt good but she doesn't know. Rafe talks about Adriana saying she is super qualified so they would be crazy not to have her. Blanca calls him sweet but Rafe says he's just honest. They toast to Blanca getting everything she wants.

John asks Brady about Summer having a different name. Brady knows she did a lot of things that she wasn't proud of. John asks if she could have been connected to Clark. Brady confirms that he met Clark once and explains how Summer ran a scam on him but he came to collect his money. Brady admits he paid him off to bail her out. Brady talks about Summer trying to connect with Maggie and start a new life so he wanted Clark to disappear. John responds that according to his sister, that's exactly what he did.

Summer continues to panic about Janet looking for Clark. Dario assures that she won't find his body as they took care of that. Dario makes sure that Summer denied everything. Dario asks how Janet even found her. Summer explains that Clark left her address and name. Dario feels she handled it but Summer worries about Janet going to the cops who will ask questions. Dario reminds her to continue to deny and keep it together as it affects both of them.

Aiden tells Hope to take as much time as she needs. Aiden says he's in a different place and has to live with what he's done. Hope tells him not to go there as they have a break here. They joke around with each other. Aiden kisses her hand as they get close.

Dario tries to calm Summer down. Summer complains that she can't catch a break since coming to Salem. Dario encourages her about finding Maggie and having people looking out for her. Summer grabs her phone but Dario tells her that she cannot run. Summer says it might be better in the long run but Dario warns her that it would look suspicious after Janet came looking for her. Dario thinks there will be questions and then everyone moves on. Summer asks what if Janet finds people she knows like Brady and then Brady finds out that Clark isn't who she said he was.

John tells Brady that he's been unable to find Clark as the trail goes cold in Salem. Brady suggests he could have taken the cash and started over. John reveals to Brady that Clark was a con man who worked with a female partner for a long time. Brady starts to realize and tells John that they took $50,000 off of him. John supposes he could have left town but asks about Summer. Brady gets upset and leaves the club.

Rafe and Blanca continue talking. She notes Rafe checking his phone five times and asks if he's waiting for a message. Rafe calls it a work thing. She says it must be hard working with someone who broke his heart. Rafe asks what else Adriana told her. Blanca tells him not to be mad at Adriana as she just worries about him. Rafe insists he's fine but she doesn't believe him. Blanca states that Rafe loved this woman and she was terrible to him. Rafe argues that Adriana doesn't even know Hope. Rafe calls Hope a wonderful person who didn't do anything wrong. Blanca asks why he isn't with her right now then.

Aiden and Hope hear music in the distance and begin to dance together. Hope flashes back to being in bed with Aiden but then to almost being killed by "Aiden". Aiden asks her what's wrong. She says nothing but Aiden wants to know.

Rafe tells Blanca that it wasn't his choice as what happened was complicated. Blanca wants the whole story and thinks it could help to get it out. Blanca adds that she won't tell Adriana anything unless he wants her to as she understands the need for privacy. Blanca asks him what happened with Hope. Rafe says life threw them a curve ball and they never really had a chance. Blanca asks if Hope hurts like he does. Rafe hopes not and that she is happy with the other man. Blanca guesses he loved her a lot which Rafe confirms he did.

Aiden tells Hope that they have to be honest no matter what it is. Hope tells him that she really is trying but her memories keep popping up. Hope thought they would stop while in a new environment and tells him about the memories she had going from good to bad.

Dario asks Summer what Janet knows about Clark. Summer says she didn't know so she didn't ask questions. Dario guesses maybe she didn't know what he did and will let it go. There's a knock at the door. Dario asks if she can handle it if it's Janet. Summer answers the door to see Brady. Summer calls it a nice surprise but Brady says he has some questions. Brady asks for a moment but Dario says it's okay. Summer tells him Dario can stay. Brady asks Summer about Clark. Summer says she told him. Brady responds that she told him a lie and that Clark was a con man just like her. Brady questions if they have been playing her and if he was their mark this time.

Aiden and Hope talk about things getting better as he hugs her.

Blanca tells Rafe that she is sorry for his loss but Rafe says no one died. Blanca gets excited by the song that comes on and starts dancing. She invites Rafe to join but he says he's not a dancer. Blanca decides she will teach him so they dance together.

Brady questions Summer's plan. Dario stops him and tells him to let Summer answer before he goes off. Summer swears that Brady wasn't her mark. Brady guesses that Clark was her partner. Summer admits they worked together a long time ago but Clark came here threatening her unless she was paid off. Brady asks if they split the money. Summer insists that he took it and left. Brady questions her. Dario tells him to back off but Brady yells at him for being in the middle and asks if he's in on it too.

Aiden and Hope resume dancing together as they end up kissing.

Blanca continues dancing with Rafe. Blanca relates him to her dancing partner in Mexico. Blanca talks about getting over a broken heart and he will too. They get close but Rafe decides he must have had too many beers and he has an early morning so he heads inside.

Summer tells Brady that Dario had nothing to do with anything that happened. Summer talks about thinking she was out from under her past. Brady questions why she didn't tell him and what else she hasn't told him. Brady tells her to save it as he doesn't want to hear it. Brady questions what she expects when all he ever tried to do was help her from day one. Summer says that's why she couldn't tell him because she knew how he would think of her. Dario tries to interrupt again but Brady screams at him to stay out of it. Brady starts to question Summer if she is conning Maggie too. Brady begins to believe Victor was right about her. Summer argues that she would never hurt Maggie and asks what he's thinking. Brady declares what a big mistake it was to bring her here. Summer tells him not to say that. Brady adds that if Daniel was still alive, he would say the exact same thing.

Blanca remains outside and finishes her beer. She then looks in through the door at Rafe. Rafe is looking at his phone and tells himself to let it go.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing and then head towards the bedroom but Hope stops. Aiden apologizes since she said slow. Hope points out that they just got here so things are still new. Hope feels like she is just getting to know him again. Aiden doesn't want to rush that and agrees to wait until they are both ready. They kiss again and head back to the patio.

Summer tells Brady that she made mistakes and was straight with him about that. Summer apologizes for panicking about Clark but says it won't happen again. Brady declares that he learned his lesson. Brady says it's his fault as he tracked her down when she said she wanted to be left alone. Brady decides it's time for her to leave and go back to Los Angeles. Brady tells Summer to leave town and leave Maggie alone. Dario questions or what. Brady tells him he doesn't want to know as he walks out of the room, leaving Summer crying.

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