Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/27/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/27/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Summer helps Maggie back in to her wheelchair after exercising. Victor comes in and comments on wanting to find someone who knows what they are doing to help Maggie. Maggie tells Victor that Summer is doing a wonderful job. Summer says it's okay as she is getting used to Victor. Victor doesn't want Maggie to push herself too hard. There's a knock at the door so Summer answers it as Brady and Theresa arrive. Maggie calls it a surprise. Victor feels it's not a pleasant one and asks what they want. Brady wants them to save the date of August 15 because they are getting married. Maggie is excited and hugs Theresa while Summer leaves the room annoyed. Maggie points out that Theresa won't have much time to plan with her mother but Theresa points out that her mother won't be anywhere near the wedding. Victor mocks her and adds that he won't be found anywhere near the wedding either.

Nicole tells Chloe that she's glad she called as she has a lot to tell her. Chloe says she does too as she looks back at Deimos. Chloe ends the call after seeing Deimos and claims she was on the phone with Parker's babysitter but Deimos tells her that she doesn't have to lie as he knows she called Nicole. Deimos understands she needs to know what happened between them.

Andre joins Kate outside the town square and comments that he's surprised their paths haven't crossed sooner. Kate suggests she's been avoiding him. Andre brings up their good times together in the past. Kate recalls one time but she thought he was someone else. Andre suggests he could be that someone now.

Victor questions Brady marrying a woman who put his father in a coma. Brady brings up people thinking Maggie was making a huge mistake marrying Victor. Victor argues that Maggie had more sense than him. Maggie tells him to stop. Victor gets a call and steps away. Maggie apologizes to Brady and Theresa for Victor taking out his anger on them when they are so happy.

Nicole questions Chloe hanging up after saying she had something to tell her. Nicole tries to call back but can't get through so she exits the club.

Deimos tells Chloe that he gets it because he told her he had fallen in love with Nicole. Chloe wants him to leave. Deimos says not until they have an honest conversation about this. Chloe brings up finding him, nursing him back to health and then making love only for Deimos to be in love with another woman. Deimos talks about thinking he knew what he wanted when he first met her but it was all a bunch of crap. Deimos thinks there is a reason that he called her and she came to him so he wants to know what that reason is. Chloe tells him to keep talking.

Kate questions Andre getting out of prison. Andre tells her that he was innocent. Kate argues that he's never been innocent. Andre points out that he meant innocent of killing Stefano. Andre says the real killer stepped up. Kate guesses that must have cost him a fortune. Andre tells her that he had fallen on hard times and is broke. Kate asks if that's why he is sniffing around her. Andre calls this a chance encounter but Kate thinks it was planned. Andre can't blame her for being skeptical and says he's glad.

Brady tells Theresa that he's sorry about Victor. Theresa says she didn't expect him to take the news well as she developed a thick skin when it comes to Victor. Maggie says she shouldn't have to put up with that and calls her part of the family. Maggie notes how happy they are and promises that Victor won't spoil the wedding. Theresa says they have to work on wedding invitations. Maggie encourages that she will look beautiful as Theresa and Brady exit. Summer returns to Maggie and asks if she is ready to resume exercising. Maggie asks how she's doing after hearing about the wedding. Summer insists she's fine.

Deimos tells Chloe that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Chloe doesn't want to be hurt but if he's in love with Nicole then she doesn't see a rosy future for them. Deimos says this will be hard to explain. Deimos tells her about Nicole's resemblance to Helena. Deimos says that just tied him to the past when he wants to live in the present. Chloe questions him running away being the answer and denying his feelings. Deimos agrees but says being with her and meeting Parker made him believe that he could have a real life which he doesn't know if he could ever have in Salem. Deimos suggests they could have that new life together. Chloe gets a call from Nicole. Deimos tells her to talk to her.

Kate questions Andre being glad that she is skeptical. Andre says he thought the Kate he knew was gone. Kate questions what he wants. Andre tells her that she can talk to him. Kate thinks he just wants her to open up so he can blackmail her. Andre suggests going out for dinner then offers to cook for her. Kate jokes that he will poison her and turns him down. Kate starts to walk away but Andre stops her, saying she needs an ally. Andre tells her that they could be very useful to each other.

Summer helps Maggie exercise and thinks she's ready to try to stand. Maggie agrees to try. Summer helps her up until Victor comes in and questions what she is doing. Victor tells Summer to get out and not come back. Victor asks if Maggie is okay while Summer storms out.

Chloe answers the call from Nicole. Nicole questions why she hung up on her. Chloe claims they lost signal. Nicole was worried that she couldn't talk anymore for some reason. Nicole asks if everything is okay with Parker. Chloe says he's fine and tells Nicole that she saw her name in the paper involved with Deimos Kiriakis. Nicole informs her of the police thinking Deimos was murdered which Chloe questions. Nicole explains how Kate is setting her up.

Andre walks Kate home and talks about the possibility of coming home to Deimos. Kate blows him off and heads inside. Andre follows in and calls out for Deimos. Kate tells him to stop. Andre thinks Kate is terrified of Deimos coming back. Andre tells her that she can stop the grieving widow routine. Andre talks about the unlikely odds of Deimos surviving that fall. Kate tells him that he doesn't know Deimos since he came back after Victor wrote him off as dead. Andre asks why she cares when she tried to kill him but Kate says she didn't. Andre warns her of what Deimos will do to her compared to what he did to Victor.

Victor asks Maggie if he needs to call a doctor. Maggie tells him that she's never been so angry and wants to walk out of the house but she can't. Maggie tells Victor that she loves Brady and Theresa while Victor treats them like dirt. Maggie says Summer is her daughter who owes her nothing but Victor treats her like an incompetent. Maggie complains that she is livid. Victor says he's sorry. Maggie argues that Victor is acting like a spoiled brat and acting out against everyone for what Deimos did. Maggie says he is pushing away the people she needs and he's pushing her away too as she doesn't know how much more she can take. Victor tells her that the call he just got was confirming an around the world cruise they can go on next week. Maggie cries that she can't stand to be in the same room with him. Maggie says she is sorry for what happened to him but she hates the way he is dealing with it. Maggie yells at him to just go so Victor exits.

Brady and Theresa sit in the town square, going over wedding invitation ideas. Theresa wants 300 guests which Brady questions until she tells him that she was only kidding. Summer walks by and Brady notes she's upset so he asks what's wrong. Summer says she just had a run in with Victor. Theresa mocks Summer and guesses their wedding date freaked her out. Summer says she left the room so they could be alone with Maggie and Victor. Summer congratulates them and hopes they are happy as she then walks off. Brady stops Theresa and says they are going to have a little chat.

Chloe continues talking with Nicole about Kate's story that Nicole pushed Deimos in to the river. Nicole insists that Kate did it and is now living large with Deimos' house and money. Chloe questions that so Nicole reveals to her that Kate says she and Deimos are married which surprises Chloe and seems to surprise Deimos as well when she repeats it.

Victor goes to the Brady Pub to see Caroline. Victor informs her that Maggie kicked him out of the house. Caroline asks what took her so long. Victor complains about Summer. Caroline asks how rude he was to Summer. Victor says he kicked her out of the house but admits he may have overreacted. Victor says he had got some very bad news. Caroline asks if he means about Deimos. Victor jokes that was the best news of his week. Victor talks about Maggie thinking he's behaving badly because of losing the house and Titan but that's not it. Victor felt he was too soft and should've dealt with Deimos the moment he showed up before he could do anything to Maggie. Victor says he has learned his lesson and won't let it happen this time. Victor says he's not going to let Theresa strike. Caroline gets upset at Victor calling her granddaughter a snake and tells him to take his drinking somewhere else.

Deimos assures Chloe that he and Kate are not married as Chloe remains on the phone with Nicole. Chloe tells Nicole that she just finds it hard to believe. Nicole agrees that it's a lie but that Kate has a fake marriage certificate. Nicole says she was sure no one would believe Kate and she wouldn't get away with it but now if they find Deimos' body, she will be charged with murder.

Andre and Kate sit together in the Kiriakis Mansion with a meal. Andre says she watched him cook so she knows it isn't poisoned. Kate tells him that she knows he's trying to play her. Andre understands but says there is something that he needs to tell her. Andre brings up his love for his father Stefano. Kate responds that she didn't love him. Andre points out that she did at one time which she admits but says that Stefano set her up. Andre says it pains him to think of the damage they did to people as he had time to think in prison. Andre tells her that he found inner peace. Kate asks what he's going to do now and what he really wants.

Chloe tells Nicole that she will make sure Parker stays away from the news. Nicole tells her that she misses them and that it's good to talk to someone on her side. Nicole adds that none of this would have happened if Daniel was still alive. Chloe tells her that she still has her and can pretend she's there with her. Chloe advises her to stop obsessing over Kate because there is no way she will get away with this. Chloe says they will talk soon and hangs up. Chloe tells Deimos that he won't believe this.

Summer sits in her hotel room until there's a knock at the door. She answers it hoping it's Brady but it's a woman who acknowledges her as Cindy. Summer tries to close the door and tell her that she has the wrong room but she pushes her way in and introduces herself as Janet, the sister of Clark, the man that Summer killed. Janet tells Summer that Clark is missing and she found paperwork in his apartment that had her name and address on it. Janet says she needed to talk to her because she's pretty sure he flew here to see her. Summer says no. Janet questions her. Summer says she's made a mistake and denies seeing Clark. Summer thinks back to killing him but tells Janet that she hasn't seen Clark in years. Summer tells her to go so Janet exits.

Victor tells Caroline that Theresa is greedy and manipulative. Caroline calls that the pot calling the kettle black. Victor brings up Theresa putting John in a coma before. Caroline argues that Theresa is not the same person and has changed. Victor argues that she just changed her tactics. Caroline thinks Victor is just mad that he can't call the shots. Victor complains about Summer trying to get Maggie to walk but Caroline thinks that's a good thing. Caroline thinks it's good for Brady and Theresa to work on being a family. Caroline calls Victor cranky. Victor says he just doesn't want to see people he loves get conned. Caroline insists that Theresa has changed but Victor declares that people are who they are and don't change.

Andre tells Kate that he wants comfort, purpose, and love. Kate states that love is for fools. Andre thinks that she means she's tired of being fooled by false love. Kate suggests that's all she's ever encountered. Kate remarks that sometimes she gets the urge to burn Salem to the ground. Andre says he used to feel that way at times. Kate doesn't believe Andre has changed and thinks he has a plan in his head. Kate thinks whatever it is will make burning Salem to the ground look like child's play. Kate again asks Andre what he really wants.

Brady doesn't like Theresa using their engagement to needle Summer. Theresa admits that she doesn't either but something about Summer brings out the worst in her. Brady points out all that Theresa has while Summer has nothing. Brady asks Theresa to treat Summer better for Maggie since Maggie wants Summer in her life. Theresa acknowledges that Brady is right and apologizes. Theresa wants to say one more thing about Summer. Theresa tells him that she is still nervous about the idea of Summer and Brady. Brady reminds her that they are planning their wedding. Theresa knows it's stupid and irrational but it terrifies her. Brady assures her that she has nothing to be terrified of then kisses her.

Janet goes to see John and thanks him for seeing her on such short notice. John asks what he can do for her. Janet wants him to find a missing person, her brother Clark who came to Salem and she hasn't heard from him since.

Caroline tells Victor to grow up and be happy living with Maggie. Victor questions how he can be happy when there are all these threats to his family. Caroline argues that Theresa is not a threat and promises to pay him back if he hurts Theresa. Victor says he won't hurt her but neutralize her. Caroline asks how he plans to do that.

Andre repeats to Kate that he just wants to help her. Kate doesn't see how he can. Andre tells her that he's intrigued by a possible collaboration. Andre thinks his skills could be of great use to her and he thinks it will work splendidly. Andre calls them two like minded person thinking alike in a mutual profitable relationship. Kate tells Andre that she will have a room prepared for him and walks away.

Chloe informs Deimos that Kate told the police that Nicole is the one who pushed him so he has to let her know he's alive. Deimos agrees that he does.

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