Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/24/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/24/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad comes home to find Andre taking money from the safe. Chad questions what the hell he's doing out of jail. Andre explains that he was exonerated after Monaghan came forward about Stefano's murder so he's a free man. Andre says it's good to be home but Chad tells him it's not his home and he wants him to get out. Andre tells him that he has nowhere to go and no funds. Andre asks about Abigail. Chad tells him that she's fine. Andre asks how the fire started.

Abigail talks to her doctor about the fire. Abigail tells her that she will never make it if she gets moved to another facility. She complains that she just wants to go home.

Deimos sits at Chloe's and thinks back to his arguments with Victor. Chloe comes in and asks if he's okay. He says he's fine and thanks her for everything. Deimos is sorry he didn't get to say goodbye to Parker but Chloe says it's probably better that way as he's away at a friend's house. Chloe tells Deimos that she doesn't really know him anymore or as well as she thought she did. Chloe asks Deimos if it was Victor that tried to kill him. Deimos responds that it was Kate Roberts which catches Chloe by surprise.

Nicole sits with Dario at the Pub where she mentions that Deimos hired her to run Basic Black so she still runs the company. Kate then arrives and says not anymore as she informs Nicole that she is fired. Kate remarks that she can't afford to have the company run by a murderer. Nicole argues that she doesn't have the authority to fire her since Deimos hired her. Kate tells her that they were co-CEOs. Nicole asks for a moment alone with Kate so Dario exits. Kate tells her to make it quick. Nicole asks why Kate can't just admit that Deimos used her and she lost it then pinned it on her. Nicole questions if Kate is willing to see her spend the rest of her life in prison for something she didn't do. Nicole asks if Kate really hates her that much.

Chloe informs Deimos that Kate once tried to murder her too. Chloe asks why Kate wanted him dead. Deimos reveals that they were involved which Chloe calls a big mistake. Deimos says he never had those kind of feelings for Kate but it's kind of satisfying if she is on the hot seat for his disappearance. Deimos says he wouldn't let it go far enough for her to go to prison but it won't hurt if she suffers a little bit. Deimos asks Chloe to not tell anyone that he's alive. Deimos mentions that he plans to go off the grid for awhile and guesses it's a fresh start. Chloe says she wouldn't mind one herself. Deimos tells her to come with him.

Andre asks Chad more about the fire. Chad tells him that they are still investigating. Chad tells Andre to stay out of his life. Andre brings up Abigail getting worse. Chad questions who told him that. Andre asks if he thought about bringing her home. Chad says he can't while there is an ongoing investigation. Chad asks why Andre cares when he doesn't even know Abigail. Andre says Chad is all he has. Andre knows he's done terrible things but he swore to make amends if he ever got released. Andre tells Chad that Stefano is gone so they should stick together.

Abigail continues talking to her doctor about not thinking she would be in the hospital that long and now she thinks maybe she made a terrible mistake. The doctor gets called away so she tells Abigail to rest until she comes back as she exits. Abigail imagines Ben appearing and telling her that she is never going to get better.

Chloe questions going away with Deimos. Deimos asks why not since she just said she wants a fresh start and she can make one with him. Chloe reminds him that she has Parker. Deimos says Parker can come with them while he's on summer vacation. Deimos encourages that it could help him get past the loss of his dad. Chloe says nothing ever will but Deimos calls it a healthy distraction. Deimos tries to convince her. Chloe asks how he can expect her to believe a word he says. Deimos can't blame her for being cautious but insists he's saying this from the bottom of his heart. Chloe responds that she doesn't trust him. Deimos talks about wallowing for revenge for 30 years and believing revenge against Victor would give him everything he wants but it just made him realize he doesn't want to be that man anymore. Deimos declares he wants to be the man he is when he's with her as he then kisses Chloe.

Kate tells Nicole that she doesn't hate her that much. Nicole brings up the night by the river. Kate admits that she was so angry which was stupid because it's not Nicole's fault that she looks like Helena. Nicole asks Kate to tell the cops that she had nothing to do with it. Kate tells her that it's too late.

Chad tells Andre that he heard all of this before and he still doesn't trust him so he tells him to get out. Andre tries to get through to him but Chad yells at him to get out. Andre points out that he has no money so he questions him treating him like this.

Abigail imagines Ben teasing her about being sent away to another facility for the rest of her life. Abigail repeats yelling for him to go away. The guard enters and asks what's going on. Abigail says she just had a bad nightmare.

Deimos kisses Chloe until she pulls away. Deimos asks if she's upset. She says no. Deimos says they know there is something here. Chloe admits there is. Chloe knows what she felt when she first met him. Chloe talks about feeling lonely and scared inside all the time. Deimos says he has moments like that. Chloe guesses Victor treated him like crap or maybe his whole family did. Chloe relates being an orphan until she found her parents when she was a teen so she felt she never belonged anywhere. Deimos says they have more in common than he realized but she still wants to keep her distance. Deimos asks if she's afraid of being hurt. Chloe confirms that she is. Deimos says the last thing he wants to do is hurt her again so he guesses he should leave. Chloe agrees that would be best. Deimos thanks her for everything and goes to leave. Chloe stops him at the door and kisses him so he comes back in and they continue kissing on to the couch.

Kate tells Nicole that she can't back off from her story now or she would look totally guilty. Kate says no one would believe it was an accident and she would go to prison for life. Nicole questions it being okay if she goes. Kate points out that they haven't found a body so maybe they never will. Nicole was beginning to think Kate actually had a heart. Kate says they are both survivors as she exits the Pub.

Deimos and Chloe lay on the couch together after having sex. Deimos calls that an incredible surprise. Chloe feels the same and starts getting up. Deimos asks if something is wrong. Chloe says things are so complicated as she wasn't expecting this to happen. Deimos encourages that she and Parker could come away with him and it wouldn't be complicated. Chloe thinks his past will always stay with him. Chloe asks about the scar on his chest. Deimos says Victor did it and it's a long story. Chloe assumes the loss he said he suffered was a woman. Deimos says it's not worth telling and has nothing to do with her. Chloe questions if he's using her to get over her. Deimos assures he's not using her. Deimos knows he did that once but promises to never do it again as she is far too special for that. Deimos tells Chloe that all he really wants is to start over.

Dario rejoins Nicole so she fills him in. Dario is surprised Kate admitted it and suggests maybe she will do the right thing. Nicole wishes Deimos would walk in to the Pub now because if she doesn't soon then she will be screwed. Dario wants to get her mind on to something else. Nicole says she would have gone to work but Kate fired her. Dario has an idea and takes her out of the Pub.

Abigail dreams about coming home to Chad and Thomas. She then wakes up, gets out of her bed and peeks out the window of her room.

Chloe tells Deimos about Parker coming home soon and not wanting to confuse him anymore. Deimos asks about Parker's dad. Chloe tells him that he was a brilliant doctor. Chloe says their marriage didn't work out but he was a wonderful dad. Deimos asks how he died. Chloe tells him about the car accident and how he had just gotten engaged to Nicole which shocks Deimos. Chloe asks if he met Nicole in Salem. Deimos confirms that they had some dealings with each other. Chloe hopes that Nicole is not the woman Deimos fell in love with.

Andre understands Chad's anger but hopes one day he finds it in his heart to forgive him. Chad says he wouldn't hold his breath. Andre wishes him the best and goes to leave but Chad stops him. Chad decides he can't have him sleeping in the streets so he gives him money from the safe and advises he get his scar fixed. Andre thanks him. Andre brings up Abigail's injuries to her face. Chad calls it just an allergic reaction. Andre asks about her protective mask. Andre suggests using the mask to get her out of the hospital as he exits.

Abigail starts telling herself that there has to be a way out while she imagines Ben telling her that she will never get past the guard. Abigail says she will distract him. Ben remarks that she can always start a fire. Abigail watches out the window at a man with a bible and says that's it. Abigail opens the door and asks the guard if she can borrow a magazine. He allows her so she goes and grabs a magazine along with the man's bible then heads back in to her room. Abigail watches out the window as the man named Dante returns looking for his bible. He freaks out when he can't find his bible which gets the attention of the guard. Abigail imagines Ben telling her to go ahead and run but he will still always be with her. Abigail tells him to go to Hell and sneaks out of her room.

Deimos asks Chloe if it would matter if Nicole was the woman he was in love with. Chloe says it would since she and Nicole fought over the same man before and it was ugly but they ended up friends. Chloe says it obviously was Nicole so she yells at Deimos to get out as she cries.

Dario brings Nicole to the club where he tells her about Eduardo buying the place and wanting him to work for him. Dario says he told Eduardo off but that Eduardo wanted him to think about it. Dario admits it's not a bad idea as he needs a job and the rest of his family is giving Eduardo a break. Dario feels the club is meant for him as he used to work there. Dario wants to start by changing it up a bit and asks Nicole if she wants to help. Nicole doesn't think she's a good choice. Dario encourages her to leave everything else behind and think about doing what he does.

Abigail sneaks in to her doctor's office towards a window but stops when she hears the doctor coming. Abigail hides when the doctor enters while talking on the phone.

Kate sits outside the town square with her engagement ring and comments on being a fool in love. Andre appears and remarks that it seems he's not the only lost soul.

Chloe gets her phone and looks at Nicole's number.

Nicole tells Dario that it's tempting but she gets the call from Chloe. Dario says he has somewhere he needs to be but tells her to think about it. Nicole answers the call. Chloe asks if it's a bad time. Nicole says no and asks what's going on.

Chad sits at home looking at he and Abigail's wedding photo.

Abigail remains hiding until the doctor exits her office. Abigail then gets up and escapes through the window.

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