Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady finds Victor in the town square as he is buying a gift for Maggie. Victor mocks Theresa as they talk about Tate.

Paul goes to see John and they joke about feeling better from the last time they saw each other. John informs Paul that he just got Marlena to agree to marry him again. Paul congratulates him. Paul asks how Joey is doing and if there is any word from Steve and Kayla. John tells him that he pulled through the surgery but when he gets home, he will have to face charges. John comments on never really escaping where you come from.

Chase is then wheeled in to the room by the staff, shocking Ciara. Ciara questions what he's doing here. Chase explains that Aiden convinced the judge that he needed the hospital instead of prison. Chase asks why Ciara is there if not to see him. Ciara tells him to go to Hell and storms off.

A man enters the police station and tells Roman and Rafe that he is here to confess to being the man who killed Stefano DiMera. Rafe tells him that they already have someone locked up. The man claims he shot Stefano and let Andre take the fall. Roman questions the man suddenly deciding to not let Andre take the fall. Rafe tells him this ploy isn't going to work as Andre is not getting out. The man says he wouldn't be too sure about that. Roman and Rafe take him in to the interrogation room where Roman reads him his rights. Rafe questions the man confessing. He says his lawyer is on his way to hopefully make him a deal. Rafe asks if Roman bribed him. The man goes over his story of having one of his men rob Hope's house and steal her gun. He claims he took the gun to Stefano to try and convince him of using it to frame Hope in order to get rid of her but Stefano insulted him. Roman acknowledges that he and Stefano went way back. He claims to have shot Stefano three times in the chest. Rafe and Roman continue to question his story. Rafe guesses Andre gave him enough information to make his confession stick but he insists he's telling the truth. Roman says they have a few more questions but the man's lawyer arrives and says he isn't giving them any more answers.

Brady doesn't want Victor influencing Tate. Victor continues to insult Theresa. Brady is tired of hearing it. Victor argues that Tate represents the future of their family. Victor says losing a son last year made him realize that life and family are precious. Victor feels Tate needs to live in a house where he can thrive which won't happen if Brady insists on living with Theresa. Brady tells Victor to let him live his life the way he wants or else he will lose them both.

Paul tells John that he would like to think he takes after him. John confirms that he does and can't believe how alike they are. John asks Paul about modeling. Paul says it was fine for awhile but he isn't sure about it as he wants to do something that means something. John asks what he's best at. Paul brings up analytics and problem solving. John suggests Paul be a private investigator and offers to train him. Paul accepts John's offer.

Marlena returns to Ciara at the mental institution. Ciara asks if she can talk to her so they step aside. Ciara tells Marlena that she knows she went through a lot of trouble to get her this job but she can't do it because she just saw Chase there. Marlena apologizes and says she had no idea. Ciara says she thought she was strong. Marlena understands she was blindsided. Ciara cries that she can't be in the same room with Chase and she wants to be a better person than this.

Roman and Rafe discuss Monaghan confessing to a murder he didn't commit. Rafe asks what they are going to do. Roman points out that they can't be too skeptical and they know Andre is rotting in a cell for something Hope did. Rafe argues that Andre needs to stay there or else he will make Hope's life hell again. Roman talks about putting the man on trial and they go over getting Andre to trip up and contradict his story. Rafe decides to call the jail to have Andre sent over. Rafe calls Hope to leave a message for her to call as soon as possible. Justin joins them at the station. Roman suggests cutting Andre loose instead of bringing unwanted attention to Hope and the station. Rafe argues against letting Andre go. Justin questions Rafe being so sure that Monaghan is lying. Justin decides to go talk to Monaghan in the interrogation room. Rafe calls Ciara and says he has to get in touch with Hope and she isn't answering her phone. Ciara says she has a number at the house to reach her and asks if everything is okay. Rafe calls it just work stuff and asks if Ciara is okay. Ciara claims she is. Rafe tells her not to hesitate to call if anything is wrong. Ciara thanks him and hangs up. Marlena tells Ciara that no one expects her to do this volunteer job under these circumstances and offers to find her another location but Ciara says no thanks. Ciara says she just wanted to be here for Abigail and if she lets Chase scare her off again then he wins. Ciara tells Marlena that she just wants to help people. Marlena sees how determined she is. Ciara walks away back into the room with Chase.

Hope and Aiden arrive at their room at the lodge. Aiden asks if she is still okay with this. Hope thinks back to when they first danced together.

Paul asks John if Steve would be okay with him joining on. John says it will be good to have another hand but questions how Brady and Theresa will feel about losing their top model. Paul is sure they will be fine. Brady then arrives with Tate so Paul tells Brady in person that he will be leaving DJ Wear to work with John. Brady responds the hell he is.

Ciara tells Chase that she is going to work here to help people like Marlena helped her and she won't let him stop her. Chase says he's happy for her and will ask Aiden to have him transferred. Ciara tells him no as she is now strong enough to be in the same room with him so he can't take anything from her again. Ciara says she will get better and will pray that he does too. Marlena smiles as she listens in.

Justin returns to Roman and Rafe. Justin agrees with them that the confession is pretty thin but he couldn't put any holes in it. Justin continues to question how they can hold Andre if someone else is confessing to the crime. Justin questions why Rafe is so sure that this man isn't the one who killed Stefano.

Aiden tells Hope not to worry because they are in a two bedroom suite and he has zero expectations. Aiden is just thrilled that they are here together. Aiden brings up asking her if she would spend her life with him before so he hopes she will say yes again but says he won't ask until he gets the answer he wants.

Chase tells Ciara that she's amazing as he doesn't know how she can take what happened and turn it in to helping people. Ciara says they will see if she can actually do that. Chase tells her that she will do great in whatever she decides to do. Ciara repeats that she is not quitting. Ciara then leaves the room with a smile.

Hope asks Aiden if he wants to go for a walk. Aiden says whatever she wants to do and sometimes he still can't believe he's standing here with her. Aiden talks about wishing he could see her again when he was locked up. Hope then kisses Aiden.

Roman and Rafe argue with Justin about Monaghan's confession as they continue to question his story. Rafe wants to establish a connection that Andre reached out from prison. Andre is then brought in to the police station.

Brady questions Paul bailing right before a big launch and questions what is wrong with the world if he can't even count on family anymore. John says it was his idea. Brady calls it a stupid idea then stops and apologizes for overreacting, agreeing that Paul should be doing a job he loves. John asks him what's going on. Brady tells him that it was misdirecting anger after running in to Victor, who feels Tate will have no future as long as Theresa is his mother. Brady says he's sick and tired of Victor's judgments and he wanted to talk to John about it. John isn't sure Brady wants to confide in him because he might have to take Victor's side.

Justin brings up that Monaghan owned the destruction site where Stefano's body was buried. Justin wants him convicted and Andre to be kicked loose. Rafe questions why Justin is in control. Roman says he wouldn't let him be if he thought he was wrong. Rafe says they are both wrong as he enters the interrogation room with Andre. Rafe says he knows what Andre did. Andre responds that he knows what Rafe and Hope did but there's no hard feeling as he's had nothing but time on his hands for prayer and reflection the last few months. Andre says anger and vengeance will never bring his father back. Rafe argues that no one wants Stefano back. Andre claims he's trying to move forward and says he understands that is what Hope is doing as well with Aiden. Rafe warns that he's keeping his eyes on him. Andre mocks him and asks if he's free to walk. Rafe responds that he is for now. Andre quotes Shakespeare and exits the room.

Hope and Aiden end their kiss. Hope reminds him about going for a walk. Hope remembers the last time she was at the lodge on a walk with Bo. Aiden tells her that he doesn't care what they do as long as they are together. Hope suggests a swim in the lake so she goes to get changed. Aiden picks up Hope's phone and sees that she has a voicemail from Rafe.

Paul exits to let John and Brady talk. Brady thought John came around on Theresa and saw the difference in her. John says it looked like a difference. Brady questions if John thinks Theresa is playing them all. John advises him to just be careful because no matter how it looks, some people are incapable of changing. John states "once trouble, always trouble."

Andre sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion and sits at the chess table. Andre declares it's good to be back.

Roman enters the interrogation room with Rafe. Roman says there's no reason to sit around making himself crazy and suggests he go home to get some rest while they will get Andre on something else. Rafe argues that he told Hope that he would protect her. Roman says he did and that Hope is good at protecting herself.

Aiden slips Hope's phone into his bag as she returns to him. Aiden then takes his bag to go change as well. Hope begins looking for her phone. Hope calls out to Aiden, asking if he's seen it as she can't find it. Aiden claims he hasn't. Hope wonders if she left it in the car. Aiden says they can check on the way back from the lake. Aiden mentions the bad reception and says they could have just left their phones at home. Aiden comments that if anyone really needs to get a hold of them, they will call the hotel directly. Aiden suggests taking this time to unplug as they exit together.

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