Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope has a nightmare about getting married to Aiden with Andre as the minister and seeing Ciara with Chase and Rafe with Blanca. Hope then wakes up.

Aiden visits with Chase at the hospital. Chase questions being watched by a guard. Aiden tells him that he's just there to look out for him. Aiden assures him that he is safe here and will get the help he needs. Aiden encourages him to just focus on being the Chase he knows and putting that awful day with Ciara behind him. Aiden insists this is for the best. Aiden says he loves him and would do anything for him.

Ciara and Marlena walk through the town square together. Ciara tells her that she feels better after talking to her. Ciara says seeing her as given her an idea about her whole future.

Abigail wakes up in her hospital bed and calls out for Chad but JJ is sitting with her. JJ tells her that Chad went home to shower and change but was there all night. Abigail removes the face mask she's had since the burns and asks why JJ is in uniform. JJ explains that he was on duty and came straight here. JJ tells her that he loves her. Abigail questions even now. JJ says especially now and that he believes her when she says she didn't start the fire. Abigail turns away and says she knows what she said but asks what if she was wrong and really did set the fire.

Jennifer goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Chad that she came to see Thomas. Chad says he is about to go right back to see Abigail. Jennifer tells him that she is going too but she wanted to talk to him first about Abigail. Jennifer declares that she is not going to let Chad do what she thinks he is planning.

Blanca comes out from the back and greets Rafe at home as he is cooking. Blanca asks Rafe if it would be easier for him if she were not there.

Hope opens the front door to get the paper and finds more flowers at the door. She takes them inside and reads the card from Aiden, which says he just wanted her to start her day knowing that someone was thinking about her.

The doctor talks with Aiden and Chase about evaluation and how they have a lot of work to do to make Chase healthy and send him back out in to the world.

Marlena talks with Ciara about psychotherapy as a career. Hope asks if there is anything she can look in to now to see if it's something that she really wants to do. Marlena suggests volunteering at the hospital and mentions the institution where Abigail is. Marlena agrees to call and see if she get her an interview. Ciara thanks her and hugs her.

Chad questions what Jennifer is going to stop him from doing. Jennifer tells him not to play games and brings up Chad saying he was going to break Abigail out. Chad says he will do whatever he can for Abigail. Jennifer argues that she needs to stay in the Shady Hills hospital, comparing it to what she went through with her mother. Jennifer says Abigail needs full time treatment and asks Chad to come to his senses.

Hope goes to the police station and asks Roman if she has a minute. Hope mentions not sleeping very well. Roman is sure she has a lot on her mind. Roman goes over Hope and Rafe's work with the case against Nicole. Hope points out that there is still no body so they don't know for sure if Deimos is even dead. Roman confirms the bloody napkin matching Deimos. Hope wonders where Rafe is since he's usually there by now and what's keeping him.

Blanca asks Rafe if it would make his life easier if she found her own place to live. Adriana comes in and hopes she's not interrupting. Rafe says she's right on time so they can talk about not lying and realizes he's late for work as he then exits. Blanca tells Adriana that Rafe is right.

Aiden encourages Chase about the doctor. Chase tells him that he wants to get better. Aiden promises he won't be alone and tells him that he will be okay. Aiden hugs Chase then exits the hospital. Aiden gets a text from Hope, asking if he can come by the station as there is something she needs to ask him.

JJ asks Abigail if she is starting to remember more of what happened. Abigail says she's just really tired and wants to know how far gone she is. Abigail wants to know how far she was pushed and if she was really at a place to hurt herself and others. Abigail wonders if she really is crazy which JJ says she isn't. Abigail tells JJ about her thinking that Jack saved her from the fire when he's been dead for three years. Abigail cries that she can't tell what's real and what's not anymore.

Chad tells Jennifer that he was just blowing off steam when he said he would break Abigail out of the hospital. Chad says he is concerned about her but didn't mean what he said. Chad apologizes if it caused Jennifer any more stress.

Adriana talks with Blanca about Hope. Blanca tells her that Hope and Rafe is none of her business. Adriana asks Blanca how she feels about Rafe.

Roman asks Hope what she wanted to talk to him about as Aiden arrives, saying he got her text. Hope tells Roman that she will talk to him later so he steps away. Hope decides to step out with Aiden to talk. Rafe arrives as they exit.

Ciara goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Chad about her plan to volunteer at the hospital where she can be with Abigail. Chad questions what about Thomas. Ciara says she will work around it and she just might not be full time. Chad admits it would be nice to have someone to trust until. Ciara asks if Abigail is getting out. Chad says there's just a lot going on as he leaves the room.

Abigail wants to know what's going to happen to her if it turns out that she did start the fire. Abigail asks JJ if she will be arrested. JJ says nobody is saying she started the fire. Abigail wants an answer so JJ admits he heard that if they prove she started the fire, she might get sent to another facility with more security. Abigail asks if she'd be locked up in a place with padded walls. Abigail asks if she is really that dangerous.

The doctor tells Chase that therapy will be intense but he will start feeling better. Chase is wheeled away by another worker as Marlena arrives with Ciara. Ciara goes to meet with the chief of staff while Marlena decides she will check in on Abigail.

Roman tells Rafe that Hope had to step out for awhile. Rafe says he knows with Aiden. Roman tells him that he hates this as much as he does and asks if Rafe is okay. Rafe assures Roman that it won't affect his ability to do his job as all he ever wanted was for Hope to be happy and as far as he can tell, she is.

Hope and Aiden walk outside to talk. Aiden tells her about Chase getting psychiatric care at the hospital where he won't be able to visit for awhile. Hope sits with him and says they have a lot to figure out so she thought maybe it would be good for them to go away together. Aiden loves the idea of leaving town with her. Hope thinks they just need time away from any distractions. Hope calls it an escape and suggests going to the Green Mountain Lodge. Hope says they can leave tonight. Aiden says the day just took a turn for the better and decides he will go get packed. Hope tells him to meet her at her place while she tells Ciara and lets Roman know. Aiden says he has things to take care of too. Aiden tells her that she has no idea how happy she just made him as he exits.

Ciara finishes her meeting and gets a call from Hope. Ciara tells Hope that she might have cool news for the summer but wants to wait until it's official. Ciara says it's a good thing. Hope tells her that she is going away for a few days to Green Mountain Lodge with Aiden. Hope says she will cancel if Ciara isn't okay with it but Ciara says she's fine so she doesn't have to worry about her as they hang up.

Marlena visits with Abigail. Abigail doesn't know what will happen to her if she gets sent to a state asylum, feeling she won't make it in a place like that. Abigail wonders why she just can't be sent home, arguing that she won't be a danger to anybody in her own home. Marlena reminds her that the police haven't finished their investigation so they don't know what conclusion they will come to. Marlena advises her not to worry about that. Abigail flashes back to when Ben left her and Chad to burn in the cabin then to when she set Ben on fire at home. Abigail then thinks back to setting the fire in the hospital and declares that he has ruined everything and will never let her have her life back.

Chad talks on the phone at home, saying he just needs them to be ready with a cargo van.

Blanca tells Adriana that it doesn't matter how she feels for Rafe as he has no interest in her. Adriana says she can avoid the question but she already knows as she can see when she looks at him. Blanca repeats that it doesn't matter. Adriana questions her offering to move out and points out that Rafe didn't take her up on that.

Hope returns to the police station and tells Roman about going away. Roman can't believe it. Hope reminds him that she has vacation time so Roman accepts it and walks away. Rafe approaches Hope. Hope takes him to the interrogation room to talk. Hope tells Rafe that she and Aiden are going away for a few days. Rafe questions her being alone with him. Hope assures that she will be fine. Rafe understands it can be hard to find privacy in Salem. Rafe offers to clear things up with Roman to let him know he will have things covered. Rafe guesses Aiden asking Hope to go away must have come as a surprise. Hope tells Rafe that she needs to spend time alone with Aiden to figure things out. Rafe declares that he's glad she is going away so maybe she will realize that she is making a huge mistake. Hope tells him that she's sorry. Rafe says there's nothing to be sorry about as she then exits the room.

JJ tells Abigail that she's getting worked up over something that might not even happen. Abigail argues that he doesn't know that. Marlena offers to ask the doctor if she can take her to the garden for fresh air but Abigail cries that she just wants to go home.

Chad sits at home looking at photos of Abigail on his phone.

The chief of staff at the mental hospital returns to Ciara and informs her that they have offered a volunteer position. Ciara thanks him and feels like her life is back on track. He says they will be in touch about her hours and other details. After he leaves, Chase is then wheeled in to the room by the staff, shocking Ciara.

Aiden goes to Hope's and asks how things went with Roman. Hope says they were fine and she just has to pack. Hope goes inside to pack while Aiden gets a call that he says is from the office but it's Andre. Andre tells him that he's tired of waiting around as it's making him unhappy so he wants to make others unhappy. Aiden says enough threats as the plan is in motion. Andre asks if he's sure. Aiden says his wait is almost over.

A man enters the police station and tells Roman and Rafe that he is here to confess to being the man who killed Stefano DiMera.

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