Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ciara sits at the chess table of the DiMera Mansion where Theo appears and says he's not like most guys, doesn't play games and just wants her back.

Rafe and Hope go over evidence in the Deimos case at the police station. Roman enters with a big bouquet of flowers, assuming that they are still together but Rafe informs him that they aren't from him.

Aiden meets Andre in prison. Aiden tells him that he's getting his life back on track. Andre asks if that includes Hope. Aiden questions his interest in his happiness. Andre says he knows how long he's waited to win Hope back so he would hate to see him blow it. Aiden asks if that's a threat. Andre claims he's just expressing concern for his future. Aiden wants him to stop the calls and texts. Andre doesn't want him to forget about him and threatens to call Hope. Aiden argues that Hope wouldn't believe a word from him. Andre questions if Aiden thinks Hope's trust in him has been restored. Aiden says he's earning it back. Andre argues that it will take some time but for now the only person Hope truly trusts is Rafe. Andre tells Aiden to help him get out and he will see to it that Rafe is out of Hope's life for good. Andre suggests they shouldn't be seen together so he can message his response as he walks away.

Hope confirms the flowers are from Aiden. Roman apologizes. Rafe says it's all good and tells him that they just working on the Deimos case. Roman tells them to carry on and exits. Rafe comments on the flowers. Hope is sorry but Rafe thinks Aiden knew exactly what he was doing. Hope suggests they get some air so they exit together.

Lucas and Adrienne meet at the club and they kiss. Lucas asks how things are going and how Sonny is. Adrienne says she's so proud of him and he's doing great. Adrienne informs him that she sold the club at Sonny's request and just handed the keys over to the new owner. Lucas asks who the lucky guy is.

Eduardo is outside the club with the keys and calls Dario, surprised that he picked up. Eduardo tells him that it might be his lucky day as he wants to meet with him about a business opportunity.

Shawn and Belle have dinner with Claire at the Pub. Claire is excited but notes that they look like they are going to share bad news. They joke with her as she then realizes they are back together. Claire declares that she is happy for all of them.

Theo questions Ciara not returning his texts. Ciara claims she's been busy. Theo thought they were friends and accuses her of avoiding him. Theo knows Abe doesn't want them to see much of each other but argues that isn't going to happen. Theo calls her his best friend and says he loves her and needs her in his life. Ciara responds that she cares about him too and doesn't want to hurt him but she can't see them as more than friends anymore. Theo guesses he's too nice of a guy. Theo remarks that girls like the bad boys like the DiMeras. Ciara argues against that when it comes to Chad. Theo accuses her of falling for Chad and says he will break her heart so when he does, he can't promise to be there to pick up the pieces. Theo then walks out.

Rafe and Hope walk through the town square together where Aiden walks by and sees them together. Rafe and Hope sit down at a table to go over the Deimos case. Rafe tells Hope that he has no regrets for anything they have done together. They agree to always have each others' back as Aiden watches from a distance.

Lucas and Adrienne talk about missing each other. She reveals gifts she brought him back from Paris including non-alcoholic champagne. Lucas tells her that he had been thinking a lot about their future since she's been gone so he wants to talk about it.

Claire is too happy about her parents being back together to eat. Claire asks if they are moving back in together. Shawn and Belle say they aren't rushing things but taking things one day at a time. Claire is happy for them to be a family again. Claire decides to leave so they can be together. They ask if she's okay. Claire mentions working on a new song and says she's inspired now because of them as she exits. Shawn and Belle talk about how much it means for Claire to have her parents back together.

Aiden walks away after seeing Rafe and Hope together. Hope tells Rafe that she will call him with results on the evidence. Ciara arrives and hopes she's not interrupting. Rafe tells her that he was just leaving so he walks on. Ciara tells Hope that Rafe still isn't giving up on her.

Aiden walks out of the town square and calls Andre, saying he has decided to accept his offer to help him with his problem.

Claire plays guitar at home and sings a song until Theo arrives. Claire mentions working on a new song. Theo says it sounds cheerful and he likes it. Claire feels he looks like he could use some cheering up and asks if he's okay. Theo tells her that he just came from seeing Ciara and he's worried about her making bad choices.

Ciara apologizes to Hope for interrupting but says Rafe looked sad. Hope tells her that they are going to work through it because they are friends and she cares about him. Ciara wonders why love is so complicated. Hope wishes she knew the answer.

Rafe goes home and grabs a drink when Blanca comes out from the back.

Lucas asks Adrienne if she thought any more about what they talked about at Chad and Abigail's wedding. Adrienne says they talked about a lot. Lucas brings up the possibility of them getting married.

Dario meets Eduardo and can't believe he bought the club. Dario guesses that means Eduardo plans on sticking around and making their lives miserable again. Eduardo feels he's owned the misery he caused and mistakes he's made that he deeply regrets. Eduardo says the last thing he wants to do is cause more pain and this is about doing the opposite of that. Eduardo wants to help Dario and prove to the family that he's changed. Eduardo says he will never let them down like that again. Eduardo calls the club a great investment for the whole family and brings up Dario's experience. Eduardo thinks they could run the place together but Dario accuses him of trying to buy his forgiveness. Dario argues that he doesn't know anything about him. Eduardo argues that Dario doesn't know what he wants out of life either.

Rafe and Blanca talk about the air condition not being fixed in the house yet. Blanca decides to make some cold lemonade. Rafe comments on not being used to people helping out around here. Blanca asks Rafe about having a partner at work. Rafe says his partner is one of the best. Rafe then gets a call. Rafe says he's on his way. Rafe tells Blanca that Eduardo needs his help so he has to go. Blanca watches as Rafe exits.

Ciara tells Hope that her sessions with Marlena are going really well and giving her confidence. Ciara expresses interest in that line of work to help people through trauma. Hope calls her one of the strongest and most compassionate people she knows so she thinks she would make a wonderful therapist. Ciara calls it something to think about. Hope tells her that she's so proud of her and hugs her. Aiden then appears and asks if it's a bad time.

Lucas reminds Adrienne that they agreed that marriage is a terrific thing with the right person. Lucas brings up Doug and Julie as a perfect example and says he's been searching for that kind of love his whole life. Adrienne calls it very rare. Lucas feels like one of the lucky ones because of her. Adrienne says she does as well. Lucas decides then to get down on one knee as he then proposes to Adrienne.

Shawn and Belle continue their dinner together. Shawn tells her that she's so beautiful and they kiss.

Claire resumes playing guitar and singing while Theo listens. Theo praises her song and says she just keeps getting better. Claire informs Theo that she is inspired because she got the best news that she hasn't shared with anyone. Claire tells him that her parents are getting back together. Theo is happy for her. Claire talks about waiting so long for that and it finally happened. Claire hugs him and comments that true love won out.

Dario brings up Eduardo's past and thought he would be a bit more understanding. Eduardo says buying the club is a way to help the family and them running it together would help them get to know each other. Dario tells him that ship has sailed. Rafe arrives and asks what's going on. Eduardo informs him that he just bought the club. Rafe is surprised. Eduardo calls it a good investment for the family and that Dario could use his skills. Rafe questions what the problem is as he doesn't see a negative. Dario says if he doesn't see the problem then he is as delusional as Eduardo is. Dario then walks away. Rafe tells Eduardo that he's sorry that Dario doesn't see he is trying to do a good thing. Eduardo thanks him and hopes Dario will come around. Eduardo mentions not being too keen on the idea of running the club by himself.

Ciara decides she should go but Aiden asks her to stay because what he has to say is to her. Ciara admits she has things to say to him too and tells Hope that it will be good for them to talk. Hope asks if she's sure and says she will be back in a few to let them talk. Ciara tells Aiden that Hope told her she's decided to see where things go with him. Ciara says she has her own feelings on that but it's important to her for Hope to be happy. Aiden appreciates that but tells Ciara that he is there to apologize.

Adrienne tells Lucas that she will be a fool for love and accepts his proposal so he puts the ring on her finger and they kiss as people in club applaud.

Dario goes home, talking on the phone about wanting to get a drink but is turned down. Dario hangs up and grabs a drink from the fridge. Blanca comes out from the back and Dario checks her out. She tells him it's not polite to stare. Dario responds that he's only human as she leaves the room.

Eduardo tells Rafe that he's sorry things didn't work out for he and Hope. Eduardo offers to get him a drink to talk about it. Rafe agrees that sounds good but assures he's fine. Rafe says not to worry about him as he's more worried about Hope. Rafe says maybe he's just bitter but there is something about Aiden that he just doesn't trust. They head in to the club.

Aiden sits with Ciara and talks about being a mess when he first got back to Salem and being in denial over what Chase did to her. Aiden apologizes for challenging that. Ciara asks if he's still in the hospital. Aiden says he's getting the help he needs and thinks he's making some progress. Aiden hopes Ciara will understand that he has to do everything he can to keep Chase from going back to jail. Ciara understands he loves his son. Aiden brings up that they were a family and he's so sorry they were torn apart. Ciara says she just wants Hope to be okay and since Aiden made her happy once, maybe he can do it again. Aiden says he will try and hopes they can be okay too. Ciara tells him to just focus on Hope as her happiness is what is important to her. Ciara adds that she will be keeping an eye on him to make sure he never hurts her again. Hope returns to them. Aiden thanks Ciara. Hope thanks Aiden for the flowers and says she will call him later. Hope and Ciara walk away. Aiden then gets a call from Andre, who says he got his message and just wanted to confirm that he wants Rafe out of the way. Aiden responds that he's prepared to do whatever it takes to get Hope back.

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