Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Nicole remains in the interrogation room with Dario as she worries about Kate getting away with framing her. Nicole wants to figure out their next move when Belle enters and says they will not be making any moves as they have to stand down while she proves her innocence.

Chloe takes care of Deimos at her home as he sleeps on the couch when she thinks back again to first meeting Deimos in Chicago and how she had told him that Kate was lethal. Chloe then thinks back to Deimos admitting the truth to her recently about his identity.

Chad remains at Abigail's bedside in the mental hospital as Jennifer arrives. Jennifer asks how badly Abigail is burned and how it happened. Chad explains that the doctor said it was arson and that they said Abigail started the fire but no one is pressing charges. Jennifer can't believe it and asks what would make her do that. Abigail has a nightmare about Ben coming to her in the hospital.

Dario tells Belle to find Deimos to prove Nicole's innocence. Belle instructs them to stay away from Kate. Nicole insists that Kate is setting her up. Belle warns her that the cops believed Nicole was at the Kiriakis Mansion to destroy evidence. Nicole argues that there is no evidence and that Kate killed Deimos. Nicole wants Kate to pay.

Chloe continues her flashback to when she met Deimos. Deimos begins saying Kate and Nicole's names in his sleep.

Chad tells Jennifer that they found a lighter in Abigail's room. Jennifer questions how she got a hold of it and asks if Abigail said anything. Chad tells her that she said she saw Ben in her room. Chad figures that in her mind, Ben is still stalking her. Abigail's nightmare of Ben continues.

Chloe calls Nicole and leaves a message for her to call her back as soon as she can as it's important. Chloe's son Parker comes in and asks who the man on the couch is.

Belle tells Nicole that she is playing in to Kate's hand. Nicole doesn't want to wait. Belle gets a call and steps out. Dario agrees that getting caught doesn't help her case so next time they have to make sure they don't get caught.

Jennifer talks about never letting go with Abigail and finding a way to help her. Chad says they need to help her erase Ben from her mind.

Chloe is surprised to see Parker home early from camp. Parker asks again who the guy is. Deimos introduces himself. Parker asks what happened to him. Deimos says he fell in some water but it's not as bad as it looks and just rested here. Deimos decides to play cards with Parker. Deimos asks about Parker's dad but he informs him that he's dead which catches him by surprise.

Shawn talks on the phone with Belle about what happened to Abigail.

Jennifer argues that there's no way that Abigail would try to kill herself. Chad says she wouldn't on purpose so she must have thought she was getting rid of Ben. Jennifer worries that Abigail could end up in a locked down facility. Abigail's nightmare continues showing her stealing a lighter that a nurse dropped and then starting the fire but she imagines her dad Jack coming to save her. Abigail then wakes up from her dream as Jennifer and Chad tell her it's okay.

Belle and Shawn continue talking on the phone as they make dinner plans. Shawn suggests bringing Claire so they can have a real family dinner tonight. Belle agrees to see him then and they hang up.

Deimos apologizes to Chloe as he didn't know Parker's dad had passed away. Chloe reminds Deimos that he said he would be gone by morning. Deimos doesn't know what to tell Parker since he seems to like him. Chloe thinks Parker would like anyone who is his dad's age. Deimos asks what she wants to do. Chloe admits she hasn't seen Parker smile like that since and thanks Deimos for that.

Abigail looks around and asks where her dad is. Jennifer explains that she was having a dream but Abigail insists he was there and helped her out of the fire. Jennifer believes Jack shows up when they need him. Abigail recalls Jack saying he would help her fight every step of the way. Chad says they are all here to support her. Abigail wants to leave because she feels the place isn't safe. Chad says they will talk to some people. Abigail insists that she wants to go since she checked in voluntarily. Chad brings up the investigation. Abigail asks if they think she did this then asks if she did do it.

Deimos is glad he could make Parker happy and says his father must have been a special man. Chloe responds that he was a good father and they became really good parents together. Chloe says she can never fill the void left for Parker. Deimos offers to help her with that for a few days until he regains his strength. Deimos says he would be grateful. Chloe gets a call back from Nicole but doesn't answer it. Nicole leaves a message, apologizing for not picking up earlier and says she hopes everything is okay. Nicole says to call her back any time. Dario returns to Nicole with coffee. Nicole asks if Dario is having fun and enjoying this. Dario says he has had worse days and mentions not seeing Belle outside the room. Dario brings up their kiss which Nicole blows off. Dario thought it was pretty hot and believes she thinks so too.

Chad tells Abigail that nobody is saying anything official yet. Jennifer adds that they just have to investigate. The doctor comes in so Chad steps out with her. Chad tells her that they want Abigail released but they can't let her go until the investigation is complete. The doctor explains that they strongly believe Abigail started the fire so there is a possibility of criminal charges. Chad questions her. She tries to explain that Abigail could have killed herself or somebody else. Chad argues that Abigail is supposed to be getting better but this place is making her worse. Jennifer interrupts to try and calm Chad down. The doctor gets paged so she steps away. Shawn speaks with Chad and Jennifer. Shawn says he has to go in to question Abigail alone. Chad questions if he's going to accuse Abigail of a crime without anyone present. Shawn calls it a witness interview. Jennifer reminds him that she's his cousin. Shawn assures them it will be kept easy as he heads inside. Chad decides he's going to call Marlena to figure out something else they can do. Shawn goes in to see Abigail and asks how she's feeling. Abigail says she is okay. Shawn says he has to ask her some questions about the fire. Abigail asks if he thinks she did it. Shawn says he's just trying to figure out what happened so anything she can tell him would be a big help.

Chad finishes his call with Marlena and tells Jennifer that Marlena backed up the doctor that Abigail cannot be moved or transferred. Jennifer says they will just wait but Chad argues that they can't because Abigail is dying here.

Abigail tells Shawn that she felt something on her arms and screamed then someone got her out of there. Shawn asks if she remembers seeing the fire which she does. Shawn brings up the aerosol can and asks if she remembers seeing that but Abigail claims not to and that she only remembers the fire and seeing her dad. Shawn tries to argue but Abigail says she couldn't have started the fire.

Deimos tells Chloe that he can wait if she needs to make a call. Chloe says it can wait and decides she will go make them something to eat. Deimos sits back down on the couch and thinks back to Kate pushing him in to the tree. Chloe returns and checks on him. Deimos says he will be okay. Deimos asks about her taking care of herself and Parker all by herself. Chloe feels luckier than most single moms. Deimos offers to help her with money which Chloe takes as him trying to buy his way back in. Deimos says it's not to make up for his lies. Chloe cuts him off and states that she would never take money from him.

Nicole admits to Dario that their kiss was kind of hot. Dario gets close to her again but she says they can't make this a thing as her life is a mess and they don't know what's going to happen next. Nicole says she could be arrested for murder. Dario jokes that he could bust her out of jail and says he likes a challenge. Dario says he doesn't regret his impulse. Belle returns and informs them that they are free to go. Nicole tells her that she appreciates this. Belle asks for a moment alone with Nicole so Dario exits. Belle asks if Nicole wants her to represent her. Nicole says yes. Belle says to let her do it then so if she does one more stunt like this, she will have to find another lawyer. Nicole agrees and promises to be good from here on out as Belle exits.

Deimos says he didn't mean to offend Chloe. Chloe brings up Deimos stealing that money from Victor and questions him putting her in the middle of that war. Deimos declares the war is over and neither one of them will fight anymore. Deimos says he nearly died and that changes everything. Deimos says that helps to see what is important.

Jennifer tells Chad that they can't just pull Abigail out of this place. Chad argues that she isn't being helped. Chad declares that Abigail is getting out whether he has to break her out or not.

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