Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/17/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/17/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa has fallen asleep on the couch while working on her designs at home. Brady comes in and starts to wake her but stops and looks at her work. Brady tells her that he's going out for a bit and kisses her on the cheek as she sleeps then he exits.

Summer joins Maggie in the town square. Maggie thanks her for coming and hopes it's not too early. Summer is glad she called as she was afraid she was mad at her for moving out. Maggie says she's not mad at her but a little sad. Summer says it's just hard living somewhere where she's not really wanted. Maggie assures that she loved having her there. Summer points out that she wasn't talking about her.

Justin meets Victor at the nightclub. Justin tells Victor that he's afraid he could go to prison if anyone ever finds out what he did.

Chad goes to the mental institution with Marlena, wanting to see Abigail. A nurse tells her that things are hectic after the fire which alarms Chad. Chad gives Abigail's name and the nurse responds that she's sorry but Abigail was injured in the fire.

Justin says if he just waited a day before acting on Deimos' test, he wouldn't be in this mess. Justin worries about it being found out that he destroyed evidence for Deimos and that he could get blamed for his disappearance. Victor asks why they would be looking for another suspect when they have Nicole. Justin points out that Nicole is innocent. Victor tells him not to go looking for trouble. Victor says with Deimos gone, they will rejoice and go back to living their lives.

Shawn goes to the police station to see Roman. Roman tells him that he has bad news and needs him to take care of something at the fire department.

Chad tries to ask more about Abigail but the nurse has to leave. Marlena tells Chad that Jennifer is on her way but there was a car accident. Chad begins questioning the doctor about Abigail. She explains to him that the fire broke out quickly and may have been intentionally set. The doctor has to walk away. Chad worries to Marlena about not being told anything. Marlena assures him that they are just in crisis mode while Chad just wants to see his wife.

Theresa dreams about preparing for her and Brady's wedding but her necklace breaks.

Summer tells Maggie that she thinks it's better if she isn't in the way. Maggie disagrees but is glad that Summer has decided to stay in Salem. Brady walks by and says it's good to see them out. Maggie invites him to join them. Brady hesitates but says no. Summer decides to go get some more coffee. Brady tells Maggie that he is on his way to see Victor as he can't believe what happened to Deimos. Brady asks if Victor is upset at all. Maggie responds that he doesn't appear to be. Brady says he's left Nicole messages and assures that she didn't do it. Maggie says she knows but Victor has his own opinion.

Justin tells Victor that he knows their plan with Nicole was for her to seduce Deimos, not kill him, and Kate now has all his money. Victor states that Deimos is dead. Justin says there is no proof. Victor says the wheels are in motion and it won't be long before Titan is back under control. Justin asks how that helps him. Victor says with money comes power and he will make sure he's safe. Victor asks Justin why he doesn't put the evidence back if he's so worried. Justin reminds him that he destroyed it. Victor says they can't tie him to it so he will be fine.

Roman instructs an officer at the station to search the evidence room as everything they have on a criminal has gone missing, which is what Justin had destroyed. Roman then gets a call.

Chad argues that Marlena has to have someone she can call. The doctor returns and apologizes for keeping them waiting. She informs Chad that Abigail is alive but has first and second degree burns on her body. Chad wants to see her. The doctor informs Chad that Abigail will recover physically but no one could get to her in time. Chad threatens to sue the hospital. She decides to take Chad to see Abigail so they go in to her room where Abigail is in bed with a face mask from the burns. Chad cries when he sees her.

Theresa's dream continues from her necklace breaking and then Anne giving her champagne but then collapsing as everything continues to go wrong in her dream.

Summer returns to Maggie and asks what happened to Brady. Maggie says he had to leave. Summer is glad to have Maggie to herself. Maggie is sorry Brady had to leave as she has questions about the wedding and wants to help. Summer remarks about Theresa so Maggie asks if they don't get along. Summer tells Maggie about how Theresa is always in her face about having a thing for Brady. Maggie says of course she doesn't but Summer reveals she does but she knows that Brady will never feel for her how she feels about him.

Brady joins Victor and Justin at the nightclub. Brady questions Victor believing Nicole pushed Deimos in to the Salem river. Victor doesn't think it's that far fetched and brings up that she tried to kill him in the past. Victor questions Brady's intelligence when it comes to Nicole. Justin and Brady joke around. Victor tells them that they are released from their inheritance when he gets Titan back as he doesn't need either of them to do it.

Chad sits as Abigail's side and wonders why she isn't waking up. Marlena points out that she is on very heavy pain medication. Chad asks what the doctor said happened to her face. Marlena explains what she was exposed to in the fire. Abigail then wakes up and says Chad's name. Abigail tells him that he has to get her out of here. Abigail then imagines Ben appearing in the room.

Theresa's nightmare continues with Anne being stretchered away and then Victor appearing to mock her.

Summer tells Maggie that she confessed her feelings for Brady but he said he loved Theresa so she felt like such an idiot. Maggie says she's sorry. Summer talks about Brady saying his heart led him across the country to her and brought her to live here so it's hard not to feel that way. Summer talks about Theresa being so mean to her so she has a hard time rooting for them. Maggie tells her that she understands. Maggie admits that Theresa wasn't her favorite person as she did some nearly unforgivable things but she realized so has everyone else. Maggie says Theresa worked hard for a second chance as she didn't trust anyone just like Summer. Summer argues that she's nothing like Theresa. Maggie points out that they both love the same man. Summer remarks that she doesn't love him but just wants better for him. Maggie asks about Dario. Summer says they are just friends. Summer says maybe Brady could've been her close friend but she ruined that. Maggie tells her not to beat herself up for being honest and encourages her to move on and be patient. Maggie tells Summer that sometimes love comes from the most unexpected places.

Justin questions why Victor is so convinced he's getting Titan back. Brady asks him what he promised Kate. Victor says he promised her them. Brady asks if he's considered retirement because he's earned a break. Brady says they don't understand why he has to be so driven all the time. Justin points out that it's gotten him broke and almost dead. Brady says Victor can push them away but they will never stop loving him. Justin asks if it's worth it to have to win all the time instead of just enjoying life. Victor responds that he doesn't know how to do anything but win.

Abigail starts telling Chad that Ben is right there but Chad and Marlena see nothing. Abigail argues that he was standing right there. Marlena tries to keep her calm. Abigail insists that Ben was there but got away. Abigail cries that they aren't listening to her as she needs to go home and be with Thomas. The doctor comes in and tells Chad that he will have to leave. Chad says no but the doctor says they will have to monitor Abigail closely. Abigail questions no one listening to her and argues that she's not crazy, insisting that Ben was there. The doctor leaves with Chad and Marlena. Chad complains about Abigail doing worse and wants to know what they are doing. The doctor says she has other patients to tend to after the fire. Marlena offers to help and tells Chad that she will get back to him. Shawn arrives and asks Chad about Abigail. Chad tells him that she's burned. Shawn says he's here to investigate the fire as the marshal thinks it was arson. Chad says no one will tell him anything. Shawn gets pulled away so he tells Chad that he will be right back.

Theresa's nightmare continues with her arguing with Victor and him introducing Summer in a wedding gown to marry Brady followed by Brady walking out on her. Theresa then wakes up in a panic.

Victor approaches Maggie in the town square and says he would like to take her home so she can rest. Maggie tells him not to be rude. Summer says it's fine and exits. Maggie questions what is the matter with Victor as she won't have him treating her daughter that way.

Brady asks Justin if he really thinks Victor will get Titan back. Brady can't believe Victor threw Nicole under the bus and that she let him. Brady asks if Justin is really building a case against Nicole. Justin responds that he's waiting for all the facts. Brady insists that Kate set her up. Justin says he will do his best to protect her. Brady asks if something else is going on. Justin says he's just worried like he is. Roman arrives to speak to Justin. Brady says he has to get going anyways and exits. Justin asks Roman if there's anything new on Deimos. Roman says there is still no body so it's hard to make a murder case. Roman informs Justin that he had to kick a suspect named Jimmy out of lockup because everything they had on him disappeared. Justin pretends not to know anything of it. Roman explains that whoever did it disabled the security cameras and knew exactly what they were doing. Roman says he will find out who is responsible and then will give Justin the pleasure of locking them away. Roman tells Justin that he will keep him posted and he exits. Summer arrives and joins Justin. Justin asks how Maggie is doing. Summer says she's okay. Justin mentions Maggie being happy to have Summer living with her but Summer informs him that she moved out. Justin guesses that Victor drove her nuts like he does everyone. Summer comments that she knows Justin is nothing like him. Summer mentions coming for a coffee but she can't find her wallet so Justin offers to buy her a coffee. Summer smiles and thanks him.

Brady returns home where Theresa rushes up and kisses him.

Chad waits around the mental hospital until Shawn returns to him. Chad asks Shawn if he knows how the fire started. Shawn confirms that he does.

Brady jokes about leaving more often for a greeting like that. Theresa wants to get married as soon as possible so nothing goes wrong. Brady agrees and they kiss.

Summer thanks Justin for the coffee and says she will pay him back but he says that's not necessary. Summer asks if he thinks there is anything she can do to get off Justin's bad side. Justin jokes about how long he's been working on that and asks what Maggie says. Summer says that Maggie wants everyone to be happy but she doesn't think that will happen for her. Justin encourages that she has a lot going for her. Adrienne arrives, interrupting them. Justin asks how her trip was. She says it was good and asks if they can talk. Summer thanks Justin for the coffee and walks away. Adrienne sits down so Justin asks what she wants to talk about.

A cop comes to Roman at the station after having found the bloody napkin that Kate planted by the river. Roman says if it matches Deimos' blood then maybe they are finally getting somewhere.

Maggie comments on Victor not being any nicer to Summer when they are one family. Maggie talks about Victor being different since losing everything. Maggie questions him pushing her, Brady, and Justin away with anger and secrets. Maggie asks if there's anything else he hasn't told her. Victor informs her that he was going to let Kate keep the money she married in to as long as she gave him back Titan. Maggie questions that being his plan. Victor tells her that he's tired of all of the fighting and sniping. Maggie points out that Victor brought up leaving Salem a few weeks ago and asks if he's still thinking about it. Victor responds that it doesn't sound so bad.

Chad asks Shawn what happened but Marlena interrupts them. Chad tells her to wait as Shawn says he knows how the fire started. Shawn repeats that they do. Chad comes to a realization and can't believe that it was Abigail that started the fire as he then breaks down crying.

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