Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/16/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/16/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad comes in to the living room at the DiMera Mansion where Ciara is sitting at the chess table. They talk about being unable to sleep. Chad asks if something is on her mind. Ciara says always.

Steve, Kayla, and Jade wait in the waiting room at the LA hospital. They worry about how long things are taking for Joey. Jade starts blaming herself. Kayla goes to try and find a nurse. Jade cries to Steve that Kayla hates her and she doesn't blame her. Jade states that Joey got shot saving her. Jade adds that if he doesn't make it, she will never forgive herself.

John returns home to Marlena and they hug. Marlena asks if there is any news. John tells her that Joey is being prepped for surgery. Marlena says she heard from Kayla that Joey was shot. John says they will pray he pulls through.

Nicole and Dario hide in the closet as Kate walks around the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Kate starts to approach the door but Philip arrives to question what type of mess she has gotten in to this time.

Chad thinks what's bothering Ciara is that he came home wasted the other night and didn't show a good example of being a father. Ciara understands it's difficult every time he goes to see Abigail. Ciara feels it's like Abigail abandoned him but Chad argues against that, saying she will get better and come home. Chad declares if he loses faith in that, he loses faith in everything.

Kate is glad Philip came by. Philip wants to know what's going on. She assumes he heard about Deimos. Kate pretends to cry about Deimos being gone and claims that they fell in love then went to Vegas and got married. Kate says she had everything she wanted and then it was gone forever. Kate says life goes on so she has to think about Titan being on her shoulders. Kate says she has to ask Philip to step in and they will make a great team as she needs him to be her co-CEO. Philip wants the truth and asks if she killed Deimos. As they hide, Dario uses his phone to record what she says in response. Kate says she feels terrible that he would ask her that and insists that Nicole killed Deimos. Kate tells him about turning her video over to Roman but she didn't catch the final moments. Philip points out there being no real proof. Philip asks what Nicole and Deimos were arguing about. Kate explains that Nicole looks exactly like Helena and was trying to seduce him. Kate cries that she needs help with her family around her. Philip turns her down because he doesn't believe her. Philip believes she wants him involved in her game because she can't pull it off on her own. Philip warns her that when it's murder, things can get ugly. Kate cries that this isn't a game as she was forced in to this situation.

John finishes a call with Paul about feeling better and says he will see him tomorrow. John tells Marlena that Paul is doing great with no after effects. John thanks Marlena for keeping an eye on Paul. John says he never would have forgiven himself if Paul didn't pull through.

Kayla returns to Steve and Jade. She tells them that Joey just went in to the operating room and they don't know how long it's going to take. Jade cries. Kayla asks for a moment alone with Steve. Jade says she's so sorry as she exits. Steve asks her not to be so hard on Jade. Kayla complains that it isn't about Jade but about Joey. Steve worries about the amount of blood Joey lost. Kayla encourages that they just need to find the bullet and not do too much damage as they take it out. Steve blames himself for not taking control sooner. Kayla assures him that he did everything he could. Steve cries that they can't lose him.

Chad tells Ciara that he keeps telling himself that this isn't something Abigail did but something done to her. Chad feels if anything, he abandoned her and now she won't even see him. Ciara tries to explain that Abigail must feel ashamed. Chad feels he let her down but Ciara encourages that he did everything he could. Chad declares that he just needs to bring her home but doesn't have any ideas about that. Ciara hates seeing him upset as she cares about him and Thomas.

Kayla goes to see if there is any report on Joey. Jade sits behind the door crying. Simone enters the room and asks Steve how Joey is doing. Steve is shocked to see her and says she has a lot of nerve showing her face here. Steve blames her for showing those kids how to lie, cheat, and steal to support her lifestyle. Steve says what happened to Joey is on her. Simone feels that's harsh but Jade agrees that is all on her. Jade wants Simone to get out or she threatens to call the cops. Steve screams at Simone to get out so she exits. Steve hugs Jade as she cries.

Philip accuses Kate of marrying Deimos for his money and then killing him so she could have it all. Philip says she can deny it but he's seen her in action more than once so he believes she did it. Kate screams at him to get out, calling him ungrateful and selfish for trying to hurt her more when her heart is broken. Philip mocks her tears and says he's not sure she really has a heart. Philip tells her to enjoy the money as he exits. Kate pulls out her phone and makes a call for someone to come quickly. Kate then calls out saying Nicole can come out now because she knows she's in there.

John worries about not hearing from Steve. Marlena assures he will call or text when he has news. John wants to check in with Brady and Belle. Marlena tells him that Belle hasn't come home so John starts to call but stops and apologizes to Marlena for being so preoccupied with his children that he hasn't asked how she is. Marlena says she's fine so he doesn't have to worry. John asks her what's been going on since he's been in LA. Marlena responds that she will tell him after as she heads to the bedroom and John follows her.

Kayla returns to Steve and tells him that Joey is out of surgery so the bullet just damaged some muscles but no organs or bones. Kayla says they are going to watch him for complications for the next 24 hours. Kayla is excited that Joey is going to be fine and in recovery so they can go see him soon. Steve and Kayla hug in tears while Jade breaks down crying. Kayla approaches Jade and hugs her.

Kate asks if she's going to have to drag Nicole out so Nicole comes out of hiding. Nicole asks how she knew. Kate says she left the box with sheet music out and she could smell her perfume. Kate accuses her of breaking in to plant evidence against her. Nicole says she was trying to find evidence against her because she wanted Deimos to marry him then wanted him dead. Nicole guesses she slipped up and left clues all over the place. Kate argues that she loved Deimos. Nicole points out that even Philip didn't believe her. Kate yells at her to shut up. Nicole says they are off the record so there is no sense lying about it. Dario remains hiding. Nicole guesses Kate got in Deimos' face after seeing him with her then things got out of control. Nicole believes Kate loved Deimos in her own way. Kate says she did and asks if Nicole did. Nicole calls Deimos charismatic, captivating, and handsome. Nicole doesn't blame Kate for being upset with what Deimos offered her but in the end, she did say no. Nicole asks Kate not to blame her for something she did when she wasn't even there. Nicole asks Kate from one woman to another to tell Roman that she made a mistake or just tell him the truth. Nicole asks Kate not to ruin her life just because she thought Deimos was going to ruin hers.

Kayla, Steve, and Jade visit Joey in his hospital bed. Joey says he did everything wrong and made such a mess. Kayla tells him all they care about is him. Steve says they love him. Kayla tells him they will take him home as soon as he's better. Joey looks over at Jade and asks for a moment alone with her so Steve and Kayla exit.

Chad asks Ciara about her and Theo dating. Ciara tells him that it didn't really work out. Chad is sorry to hear as Theo is a great kid. Ciara agrees but comments that he's not enough for her. Thomas wakes up crying so Chad goes to check on him.

John returns to the living room with ice cream. Marlena comes out and catches him. John claims he was going to the bedroom to share it with her. Marlena jokes with him that she knows he sneaks out to eat ice cream when she's not around. Marlena says it's a good thing that she loves him so much. John asks if she loves him enough to marry him again.

The doorbell of the Kiriakis Mansion rings. Kate says that's the police as she called them when she realized Nicole had broken in. Nicole argues with her. Kate says a night in jail will do her good. Dario comes out of hiding and tells Kate that she will have to have them both arrested. Kate is surprised to see him and remarks about Nicole stealing another heart. Nicole apologizes to Dario but he calls it his wildest night in awhile. Kate brings the cop in and tells them to arrest Nicole and Dario for breaking in. Nicole complains as the cop begins to handcuff Dario.

Jade tells Joey that she's so glad he's alright as he saved her life. Joey responds that he would do it again. Jade promises that they will never get in to weird stuff like that again. Jade tells him that she is going back to Salem with him and she'll deal with whatever as she just wants to be close to him. Joey jokes that he's feeling better already then. Jade kisses him and lays next to him.

Steve and Kayla return to the waiting room where Steve asks Kayla now what. Kayla says when Joey is released, they will head back to Salem. Steve says he knows that but what then?

The cop reads Nicole and Dario their rights. Nicole calls this cruel even for Kate. Kate wants Roman to be alerted since Nicole is under suspicion for the murder of her husband. Nicole argues as she and Dario are escorted out.

Dario and Nicole wait at the police station. Nicole argues that Dario should have stayed hidden as he doesn't deserve this since this is her mess. Dario tells her that he's not going anywhere. Nicole asks why. Dario suddenly kisses Nicole until the cop interrupts. Dario tells her he's been wanting to do that all night as the cop escorts him out of the room.

Kayla tells Steve that she has no clue what is next for them. Steve asks if she's sure about that. Kayla says he makes it so hard to push him away. Steve says that's because she doesn't really want to after all these years. Kayla calls him cocky and reckless. Kayla says trouble finds him every day so if she was smart, she would run in the other direction but she can't. Steve hugs her and they kiss.

Ciara imagines telling Chad that she loves him. Chad returns to the living room and suggests Ciara get some sleep so she says goodnight and exits.

Marlena asks John if he's serious. John asks why not since he thought about it the whole way home. John says watching Kayla and Steve try to find their way back to each other made him appreciate what they have even more. Marlena questions why ruin a good thing instead of just leaving well enough alone. John says they aren't most people and he wants things to be official. Marlena notes that she is single but isn't available. Marlena says they had an unofficial ceremony and exchanged vows. John brings up Marlena's promise to make it real if he proved their issues were gone. John suggests they see how far they can go. John wants it in writing that he will spend the rest of his life with her so Marlena pulls out a paper and writes Yes which makes John happy. Marlena then gets a phone call that seems to alarm her.

Chad turns out the lights and looks at a photo of Abigail with Thomas. Chad then gets a phone call from Marlena. Marlena is glad he picked up. Marlena informs Chad that there has been an incident at the mental institution but nobody would tell her if Abigail was involved. Marlena thinks Chad should get over there so he hangs up and rushes out.

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