Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adriana's friend Blanca is cooking at home when Rafe comes in and she has him taste the food. Rafe questions if helping Adriana is really why she is here.

Hope comes home to roses on her doorstep. She heads inside and reads the card that came with the roses.

Aiden is at the club, making an order that he says is important.

Dario joins Nicole at the club. She tells him there is no sign of Deimos. Dario questions her wanting him to be alive. Nicole doesn't want to be arrested for murder. Dario questions if that's the only reason she wants him alive or if she has feelings for him.

Deimos admits to Chloe that when he met her, he knew that she had been close with Philip and he wanted information on him. Chloe says nothing between them was real and tells him to leave. Deimos recalls that she gave him everything he needed on the first night but he didn't leave because he wanted to stay with her. Chloe points out that was until he left.

Blanca admits to Rafe that Adriana didn't need her help. Rafe asks what she had told her then. Blanca informs him that she was in Mexico when Adriana said she needed help but then started talking about how Rafe was looking to settle down and start a family. Rafe is sorry that she was brought here for nothing. Blanca says she needed a change anyways. Rafe notes her taking this better than he would. Blanca understands his mother just loves him. Adriana then comes in, apologizing if she is interrupting.

Nicole tells Dario that Deimos isn't even her type anyways. Nicole admits she used to go for dark, handsome, and dangerous but she knows better now. Dario says they can't always choose. Nicole tells him not to worry about it. Nicole asks if Rafe has said anything. Dario says he doesn't talk about cases and encourages her to find proof that Kate killed Deimos.

Kate goes in to the bedroom and pulls a bloody napkin out of a drawer.

Adriana praises Blanca's cooking. Rafe realizes she was eavesdropping and says he knows what she is up to. Blanca decides she is going for a walk. Adriana suggests Rafe go with her to keep her safe but Blanca is sure the town square will be fine. Rafe tells Adriana to butt out of his love life and that she shouldn't have brought Blanca under false pretenses. Rafe tells her that he's not looking for anyone but she continues to encourage it. Adriana says she can't stand to see Rafe with his heart broken. Rafe tells her that his personal life is none of her business so she should leave it alone. Rafe then exits.

Roman finishes a call in his office as Victor arrives, asking about not finding Deimos. Roman promises to call him if he hears anything. Victor asks about him building a murder case. Roman realizes he ran in to Kate. Victor says when she told him about Nicole, everything clicked. Victor claims that Nicole came to him weeks ago about a scheme to seduce Deimos so he supposes Nicole planned to marry him and then kill him.

Dario and Nicole sneak in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Nicole says Kate is gone and the servants have gone home so this is their best shot. Nicole tries the desk drawers but they are all locked. Nicole is able to open one drawer and finds sheet music for the piano which makes her think back to the night Deimos played the piano for her. Dario asks if she's okay. She says yes and tells him to keep looking.

Chloe says Deimos used her and disappeared. Deimos claims he saw a chance in another way in her. Deimos says he saw her as a woman he could potentially make happy but he couldn't have that which is why he ran and took his revenge instead. Chloe says good for him. Deimos goes over having Victor's money, company, and house but in the end, it meant absolutely nothing. Deimos says he didn't get any real pleasure. Deimos tells Chloe that what he wants more than anything despite everything going on, he wants to make things right for her and asks if she will give him a chance to do that. Chloe says no way. Deimos asks what she has to lose. Chloe responds that it's not just about her as she has a son and there is no way she would risk Deimos hurting Parker.

Kate returns to the scene of the crime and dips the bloody napkin in the river then hides it in the bushes and leaves.

Hope goes to her phone and calls Aiden. Hope tells him that she accepts. Aiden says he will be waiting.

Rafe joins Blanca in the town square. Blanca compliments the town square. She shows him the newspaper with things to do on a Wednesday night. Rafe is surprised she is sticking around considering she was tricked in to coming. Blanca goes over things to do and asks about Tom and Alice. Rafe explains their family goes way back. Eduardo walks by and Rafe greets him then introduces him to Blanca. Eduardo says he hadn't met her but he heard about her and asks about Adriana needing help with the house. Rafe says that's her story. Blanca says she doesn't mind but Rafe feels she should since she wasted her time coming here.

Roman questions Victor if Nicole said that to him. Victor says not in so many words but he couldn't get involved. Roman questions that scheme. Victor explains that Nicole has a soft spot for Maggie and wanted revenge. Victor claims he cut her off and told her to stay away from Deimos. Roman thought they would be a perfect match to Victor. Victor claims he and Deimos were starting to reconcile as he needed peace as he's getting old. Roman asks if Deimos told Victor that he was marrying Kate. Victor says that he said they were serious. Roman tells Victor that if the marriage is legit then Kate inherits everything from Victor's company to his fortune and house. Victor tells him to let her have it. Roman questions if none of that matters now. Victor says it doesn't compared to Maggie. Victor says he just wants justice and if Nicole killed him, she should pay. Victor tells Roman to let him know if he can help as he exits.

Nicole and Dario come up with nothing. Nicole wonders where Kate would hide something. Dario asks what she would hide. Nicole thinks there would have to be a paper trail if she's lying. Nicole argues that Kate has to have made up a marriage certificate or something but she doesn't think Kate had any of this planned. Nicole says Deimos didn't marry Kate after the way he was with her. Dario believes Deimos would lie to her and do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Eduardo goes to see Adriana. She questions him not knocking. Eduardo says he knew she was alone since he just ran in to Rafe and Blanca. Adriana is excited that they were together. Eduardo says they know what she is up to and needs to stop. Adriana argues that Rafe needs someone who loves and respects him after Hope broke his heart. Eduardo tells her that Rafe can handle it. Adriana thinks he doesn't know. Eduardo takes that to mean because he wasn't around. She clarifies that she meant men don't know. Eduardo tells her that she was the first woman he ever loved and that she's as beautiful now as she was then. Adriana responds that he's the only man she ever loved as no one could ever take that place and they end up kissing.

Abe goes to Roman's office and asks if they have anything from the search. Roman says they covered the entire area but no body. Roman says they have seen survivors come out of the river before and that's assuming Deimos even went in to the water. Roman says Deimos could stroll back in any minute yet everyone insists he was murdered and they all want to hang it on Nicole. Roman says he's never seen so many people want someone dead since Stefano.

Hope goes to the club to meet Aiden. Aiden pours them wine and calls it a first date do over. Aiden toasts to her being the perfect date.

Adriana stops and reminds Eduardo that the kids could come back any minute. Eduardo says they are grown up. Adriana pulls away and changes the subject to asking if he's gotten any more threatening messages. Eduardo says he hasn't and doesn't think it's a real threat. Eduardo wants it done and thinks he knows how to make that happen.

Roman explains to Abe that Victor claimed he was reuniting with Deimos but Nicole robbed them of that time together. Abe calls it a thin story. Roman brings up Kate saying she saw Nicole push Deimos in to the river and now Victor is piling on. Abe suggests they may need to throw suspicion on someone else. Abe asks who wins if Deimos is dead. Roman responds that Kate produced a marriage certificate which Abe laughs at. Roman says he's talked to witnesses who swear they saw them get married in Las Vegas. Abe goes over forging a certificate or bribing a witness. Roman has no doubt Kate is capable of that but the problem is proving it. Roman says they might not have to because his gut feeling is that Deimos is alive but they won't know unless Deimos turns up one way or the other.

Nicole and Dario conclude that they went through all the hiding places in the mansion. Nicole suggests Kate could have the proof on her but Dario says that would be too obvious. They then hear the door and hide as Kate enters the mansion.

Aiden thanks Hope for showing up. Hope says she said she would. They have a drink as Hope then looks over and sees Rafe and Blanca enter the club together. Rafe brings Blanca over and introduces her to Aiden and Hope. Rafe says they are just grabbing coffee to go. Aiden tells them to have a great night as they head back to the counter. Aiden apologizes to Hope if that was awkward for her. Hope knows she and Rafe will see each other all the time. Aiden asks if Hope is having second thoughts about everything. Hope says they are having a nice evening so she won't ruin it. Aiden invites her to dance. Rafe and Blanca exit the club. Adien and Hope then get up to dance together.

Rafe and Blanca return home where Eduardo and Adriana are talking. Blanca quickly says goodnight and heads to the back. Adriana questions what Rafe did to scare her off. Rafe asks what they are plotting and jokes with Eduardo that Adriana doesn't need an accomplice. Eduardo says he was just telling her about an idea he had to stop these threatening messages. Eduardo wants to find the families of everyone he killed and see if he can help them. Rafe wonders if it's too late but Eduardo figures it's better than nothing. Adriana agrees that it's the right thing to do. Rafe worries that he could be poking a hornet's nest and bring blowback on their family. Eduardo assures that he will keep the family safe.

Deimos asks Chloe how he didn't know about Parker before as he looks at a photo. Chloe explains that he was with his father when they were together. Deimos says he looks like a good kid and that she must be a good mom. Deimos asks why she didn't tell him about Parker earlier. Chloe says he was new in her life and she wasn't sure if it was serious. Deimos calls her a lucky woman. Chloe says they had a good time but she thought it was just a fling when he disappeared. Chloe says they both moved on so they should leave it at that. Chloe states that Parker gets home from camp tomorrow so Deimos can stay on the couch but in the morning she wants him gone.

Kate walks in to the Kiriakis Mansion looking around the living room. She sees the box with the piano sheet music left on the desk. Nicole and Dario hide in a closet.

Blanca comes back out from the back. Adriana asks if she has everything she needs. Blanca says her room is perfect and thanks her. Blanca thanks Rafe for a lovely evening. Rafe tells her that she will find more interesting things to do in this town. She says goodnight and heads back to the bedroom. Adriana argues with Rafe that nothing in the town is more interesting than him but Rafe repeats that he's not interested.

Aiden brings Hope home. Hope says she had a nice evening and thanks him. Aiden calls it the first of many. Hope calls it not the last which Aiden accepts. Hope says goodnight and heads inside. Aiden starts to walk away but gets a call from Andre. Andre reminds him that his most important client is still locked up. Aiden tells him that he's working on it. Andre warns Aiden that he must get him out tomorrow or he will tell Hope the truth that Aiden went all along with their plan right until the moment he was about to kill her.

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