Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle meets Shawn at the Pub, telling him about her case making her late but she doesn't want to talk about that. Belle says they are supposed to be talking about their relationship. Shawn worries about things turning in to a fight. Belle asks what are they going to do differently. Shawn jokes that he can start by not being a judgmental cop while Belle says she can be less of a lawyer. Caroline greets them, saying she didn't know they were coming and asks if this means they are getting back together.

Philip goes to see Victor, who questions what he is doing there. Victor guesses he thought that with Deimos gone, he might have forgotten what he did. Victor tells Philip that he will never forgive that Philip betrayed him.

Nicole goes to see Rafe and apologizes for not calling first. Rafe offers her a beer but Nicole just wants to know if the cops found Deimos alive. Rafe says they have searched everywhere but found nothing. Nicole guesses the longer he's gone, the more likely it is that he's dead.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate talks on the phone, blackmailing someone in to claiming that they saw Kate and Deimos get married.

Chloe brings Deimos in to her house. Chloe thinks they should go to the ER but he refuses and says he will be fine. Chloe worries about the storm outside but Deimos tells her that he doesn't want anyone to know that he's alive. Chloe says she needs to know why. Chloe goes over not hearing from him for months and now picking him up like this without him telling her anything about it. Chloe wants to know what she has gotten in to. Deimos swears he will be fine. Deimos says he needs to clean up then he will explain everything to her. Chloe says she will have to bandage up his cuts. Deimos thanks him, saying he knew he called the right person. Chloe goes to get him some clothes.

Philip mocks Victor always being right. Victor tells him to stop whining. Philip says he has apologized over and over again for making a mistake as he's not a perfect son. Philip questions if he thinks he's a perfect father. Philip brings up all the times he had to forgive Victor for what he felt was betrayal. Victor reminds him that he said if he destroyed Deimos, he would forgive him so unless he was responsible, they have nothing to talk about. Philip thinks Victor would still find something wrong if he did do it. Philip argues that the person that put them against each other is gone so they need to work together to fix Titan and get things back. Victor argues that Philip still had a choice but he chose Deimos and now he doesn't like living with the consequences. Philip calls Victor a bitter old man. Philip tells Victor that he can hate him and hold a grudge for the rest of his life, pointing out that Deimos did that and died bitter and alone with no one caring that he's gone. Victor remarks except for the grieving widow which confuses Philip as Victor reveals that Kate and Deimos got married just before he died. Philip calls both his parents complete disasters as he then exits.

Rafe tells Nicole to hold on to the fact that it's hard to make a murder case without a body. Nicole feels not if Kate has her way since she's doing everything she can to get her convicted. Rafe asks if Kate is lying which Nicole insists on. Rafe clarifies that this is off the record and just two friends talking. Nicole goes over Kate filming the video then dropping her phone. Rafe asks about the blood on the tree and where Deimos is now. Nicole says if Deimos is dead, it's Kate's fault. Nicole points out that the video proves Kate was also at the scene of the crime. Nicole brings up that if anyone benefits from Deimos' death, it would be Kate getting the entire fortune. Nicole declares that Kate killed Deimos for his money and is trying to hang it on her.

Belle tells Caroline that they are taking things slow and seeing where they go. Caroline talks about preparing their food while giving them a nice long time to talk as she heads to the back. Belle comments on Caroline always wanting them together. They recall thinking getting married was the beginning of their happily ever after. Shawn says they both made a lot of mistakes but this time they will get it right. Belle points out that they don't know there will be a this time around. Shawn asks why not. Belle brings up that they just got out of other relationships while Shawn argues that he was not in a relationship with Lani as that was just a rebound. Caroline comes back by and encourages them.

Chloe bandages up Deimos and then asks him what the hell happened to him. Deimos calls it a really long story. Chloe asks what kind of trouble he has gotten into. Chloe brings up that they haven't spoken in months. Deimos admits he was in trouble but says he's exhausted so he will explain everything to her after he sleeps. Chloe then flashes back to when she first met Deimos when he saw her singing at a club and he praised her singing then bought her a drink.

Rafe tells Nicole that there is nothing to back up Kate murdering Deimos. Nicole brings up the time Kate tried to kill Victor. Rafe reminds her that she tried to kill Victor once too. Nicole argues that she isn't that person anymore. Nicole questions why Victor would work with her if he didn't know she changed. Rafe points out that working with Victor could be looked at as a motive to kill Deimos. Nicole questions if Rafe really thinks she is guilty.

Victor goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Kate opens the door. Victor says he came to console her for her loss and to thank her for giving his brother marital bliss before he died. Kate says he isn't funny and that she hasn't given up hope on Deimos being alive. Kate tells Victor to go away. Victor informs her that he is here to make a deal.

Philip goes to the bar at the club and a woman approaches him. Philip imagines her as Belle so the woman asks if they know each other. Philip snaps out of it and then tells the girl that they don't know each other but he would like to change that.

Shawn asks Belle about Philip. Belle says she knows that Philip can't make her happy and whatever they had wasn't love. Shawn just wanted to make sure because he doesn't want to fight him over her. Shawn tells her that if she has any pull towards Philip then they should go their separate ways.

Rafe tells Nicole that he's just messing with her by pointing out how a DA might think. Rafe promises to do whatever he can to help her. Nicole assures him that she didn't push Deimos and she wants him to go to Kate to get her to admit that. Rafe guesses that's why Nicole really came by. Rafe says he would have contacted her if he knew anything about Deimos but she just wanted him to use his history with Kate. Rafe brings up Roman already questioning Kate. Nicole refuses to just do nothing. Rafe tries to calm her down but Nicole says she's going to do whatever it takes with or without his help.

Kate tells Victor that he has nothing she wants for a deal. Victor says he can offer her peace of mind which money can't buy. Kate thinks he's just grasping at straws. Victor asks her about the wedding or if he just made it all up after Deimos went in to the water. Kate calls that absurd but Victor calls it classic Kate. Kate shows him the marriage certificate. Victor calls it forged and argues that it gives Kate motive, establishing premeditation in murder. Victor argues that Kate didn't really think this through and compares it to when Kate tried to murder Chloe and blame it on Daniel or attempting to murder Stefano. Kate insists that Nicole will go down for Deimos' murder. Victor questions her dropping her phone. Victor asks whose side she wants him on when he goes to Roman, her or Nicole's.

Philip takes the woman he met back to his hotel room and they kiss in bed until he slips up and calls her Belle.

Belle and Shawn walk out of the town square. Belle hopes Caroline isn't offended that they took their food to go. Nicole rushes up and wants to talk to Belle. Belle says they can talk at her office tomorrow. Nicole questions being blown off when trying to talk about a murder case. Belle and Shawn tell Nicole not now. Nicole says it's nice to know whose side they are on as she storms off. Belle and Shawn sit together outside to eat.

Chloe puts a blanket over Deimos as he sleeps on the couch. Chloe then continues her flashback to when they met where Deimos had introduced himself as Robert. She had mentioned being from Salem so Deimos asked her about the Kiriakis family. Deimos dreams about his fight with Kate then wakes up. Chloe asks if he's alright and brings him some tea. Chloe tells him that she was thinking about when they met in Chicago. Chloe recalls having just had a breakup while Deimos was so nice and friendly which was just what she needed. Deimos says he remembers that night clearly. Chloe brings up Deimos telling her that he had worked with Philip but when she mentioned him to Philip, he didn't seem to remember him. Deimos informs her that Philip remembers him under a different name. Deimos then reveals to Chloe that he is really Deimos Kiriakis, Victor's brother and Philip's uncle which shocks her.

The woman with Philip gets mad at him for calling her Belle. He tries to explain but she accuses him of just looking for someone else when she's not in to rebounds. He apologizes and she exits. Philip turns to having a drink.

Belle tells Shawn that all the interruptions gave her time to think of an answer to her question. She assures him that she doesn't want to be with Philip but wants to be with him. Belle still thinks they should take it day by day which Shawn agrees with, saying if it doesn't work then they will accept that it's over. Shawn calls it the smart and mature way to proceed.

Victor tells Kate that Roman would be very interested if he shared his concerns with Nicole over the past few weeks such as hearing her say how much she hated Deimos and talk about after Deimos was gone. Kate asks what he would expect from her in return. Victor responds that he wants all of his stuff back. Kate says in his dreams. Victor brings up that he could also tell Roman that he questioned Kate's wedding certificate or he could claim that Kate came to him for help making it. Victor says it's up to her if he either lies for her or Nicole. Kate argues that she would be left with nothing. Victor says she can keep everything but he just wants Titan back.

Chloe questions why Deimos lied about his name. Deimos says he didn't want his family to know he was in the country or coming to Salem. Chloe brings up Philip never mentioning an uncle Deimos. Deimos says Victor never talked about him. Chloe questions why he lied about knowing Philip. Deimos admits that he knew who Chloe was the moment he met her and used her. Chloe wants to know what is going on since he's been lying to her from the moment they met. Deimos says he really needs her help. Chloe asks why. Deimos responds that someone tried to kill him tonight.

Shawn walks Belle home. She thanks him and says she had a good time tonight. They kiss goodbye and Shawn walks away but then comes back for more kissing.

Philip continues drinking in his hotel room when he gets a call from Kate. Philip answers, asking why she is calling since he knows what happened to Deimos and doesn't care as nothing has changed between them. Kate says she needs him to be at the Kiriakis Mansion in the morning as it's very urgent.

Nicole sits alone in the club and calls Dario, asking him to meet her for a drink as she could really use a friend right now.

Chloe doesn't know what to say. Deimos apologizes for lying to her and swears he's telling her the whole truth now. Chloe says if someone tried to kill him, they need to call the police right now but he stops her. Deimos tells Chloe that she is the only one he can trust right now so he will tell her his story and if she doesn't want to help him, he gives his word that he will walk out the door and she will never see him again.

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