Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/13/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla and Joey talk about getting back to Salem. Kayla wishes they left already but Joey reminds her they needed her to rest after all she has been through. Joey blames himself for what he has put her through but she says she's fine. Kayla's only concern is getting Joey home safe and sound. Steve comes in with coffee for them. Joey talks about his worries for Kayla and can't believe no one told him that she was sick. Kayla insists she isn't sick and that she's getting better. Joey brings up Fynn having to babysit her. Kayla claims that Fynn was just being overly cautious and had friends to see in California. Kayla assures that if she thought she needed to then she would check herself in the hospital. Joey regrets leaving like he did. Kayla reminds him of his upcoming court appearances. Steve stops them from arguing and brings up their last family road trip, suggesting they take another road trip now.

Jade sits alone in the group home and sneaks to her cell phone.

Joey, Kayla, and Steve talk about leaving California. Steve tells her that he will be a model husband and jokes with her. Joey remarks that they can always stop in Las Vegas on their way home which Steve likes. Joey gets a text from Jade that she needs help. Kayla asks if something is wrong. Joey informs her that Jade says she needs help. Kayla argues that Jade has other people who can help as she doesn't want Joey drawn back in there. Joey declares he's choosing to go back. Joey worries about Jade and feels he owes it to her to help her. Joey argues that Jade doesn't have anyone and that helping her is the right thing. Kayla tries to stop Joey but he says they can come with him or not as he's going either way.

JJ helps Julie move things in to the Horton house as Doug and Julie are moving in to help Jennifer. Jennifer stops JJ to ask what happened to his chin.

Joey, Steve, and Kayla go looking for Jade. Joey tries to get in to the group home but it's locked which causes Joey to worry. Kayla suggests she and Joey just wait for Steve. Joey notices the blinds move and demands to get in. Dirk looks through the window and questions what Joey is doing back there. Dirk tells him to leave but Joey refuses. Dirk opens the door and pulls Joey in, shutting the door and locking it causing Kayla to panic outside. Dirk pins Joey against the wall and questions why he came back, blaming him for the cops coming. Jade sits inside crying. Dirk tells Joey what happened with the cops but Joey insists he didn't tell anything on him. Joey looks around and sees Simone with a cop on the floor. Dirk tosses Joey to the floor and pulls a gun on him. Steve comes back to Kayla, who tells him what happened with Joey. They worry about what's going on inside. Steve wants to call the police. Jade argues with Dirk that this isn't Joey or Steve's fault and begs him not to make things worse. Joey tells Dirk that he's sorry and tells him that Steve is outside. Joey says more cops are on the way so he won't get out unless he surrenders. Dirk says he called the cops to make a deal and if he doesn't get what he wants then everyone in this room is going to die.

Jennifer has JJ put ice on his chin and wants to know what happened but JJ questions her about her meetings. Julie assures him that she and Doug are making sure Jennifer is going to the meetings. Jennifer knows the meetings are good for them and insists she is fighting for JJ and Abigail. Jennifer then asks JJ what happened. JJ informs her that Rory punched him. Jennifer thought Rory was out of his life. JJ says he is now because he tried to help him out but ended up screwing him over.

Dirk shoves Joey back down and keeps his gun pointed at him. Dirk yells at everyone in the room to shut up. Jade holds on to Joey and cries that she's so sorry for asking him to come but Joey is glad she did. Joey asks what Dirk did. Jade informs him that Dirk killed the store clerk and then shot a cop that came to question him. Jade cries that she's scared now that Dirk knows he has nothing to lose. Dirk pulls Joey up and holds him at gunpoint. Simone yells at Dirk to breathe and think about what he's doing. Dirk brings Joey outside to Steve and Kayla, warning that he has a gun on him and has no problem killing someone if he doesn't get what he wants. Dirk threatens to start shooting if he doesn't have a cop to negotiate with in ten minutes. Steve warns Dirk that he'll be trapped when the cops get there. Steve brings up being former ISA and says he can make one phone call to get whatever he wants. Steve offers to be the one he negotiates with and suggests he's Dirk's only way out alive. Dirk blames Steve for this situation and says he will take his chances with the cops. Dirk yells at Steve to back up as he drags Joey back inside. Dirk tells Joey that he will be the first one to die if they don't do what he says. Dirk tosses Joey back to the floor with Jade. Jade tells Joey that she didn't think he would come after how they left things and cries that she's so sorry. Joey reminds her that he loves her. Jade says she loves him too. They kiss as Joey tells her they will be okay.

Kayla tells Steve that the police are stuck in a pile up on the freeway. Steve doesn't want to wait but Kayla stops him. Steve tries to keep her calm. Steve talks about how nothing will stop Dirk from shooting again. Steve argues that he can talk Dirk down so he tells Kayla to wait in the car for the police. Kayla worries about if something happens to Steve or Joey. Steve tells her to keep the faith as he goes to hide by the door and begins trying to pick the lock. Kayla nervously watches from around the corner. Steve gets the door open and sneaks inside.

Joey remains with Jade on the floor as Dirk continues looking out the window. Steve has snuck in behind him and hides around the corner. Simone worries about the wounded cop losing a lot of blood but Dirk tells her to shut up. Dirk spots Steve and pulls his gun on him. Dirk questions what he wants. Steve responds that he wants to save everyone's life here. Steve asks Dirk why he didn't run when no one is stopping him now. Dirk argues that his mugshot is everywhere so the cops would shoot him. Steve says the cops will find him here. Dirk figures he's screwed either way. Steve offers to help him so everyone can get out alive. Steve warns him to take his finger off the trigger before he has an accident. Steve asks what he needs and wants him to trust that he can make it happen. Cops arrive outside where Kayla tells them that Steve and Joey are inside. Dirk argues with Steve that he wants a mansion on the beach and weed. Dirk screams that it doesn't matter what he asks for because Steve can't make all of this go away. Joey argues that Steve has done it before. Dirk questions what Joey's done and shouts that he's going away for murder. Steve says he can fix this. Dirk wants immunity in writing from a judge. Steve says he's got it but he has to let everyone else go to get it. Dirk guesses he will throw him under the bus and take back his promise. Steve says he only needs one hostage and that can be him. One of the cops outside argues with Kayla about Steve going in on his own. Dirk looks outside the window and sees the cops arrived. Dirk's phone rings. Steve tells him to ignore it but Dirk answers knowing it's the cops. Dirk tells him that he wants a limo and a plane to Mexico along with $100 grand. The detective says they can negotiate but they will need him to release some hostages. Dirk says they have half an hour to give him what he wants first. Steve tells him that they can't get him that in half an hour but he can. Dirk questions him. Steve says he's desperate as he wants all the people out alive. Dirk gets another call from the detective outside. He tells Dirk that they can get what he asked for but they need more time and he has to release a hostage. Dirk refuses and hangs up. Jade tells Joey that she doesn't know why she wanted to stay here and that she should've listened to him. Joey tells her it will be okay.

JJ meets Rory in the park. Rory questions why he wanted to meet. JJ says he didn't give him a chance to explain. Rory says he already knows and blames JJ for him being a dead man. JJ says it wasn't supposed to go down that way. Rory argues that JJ swore he would have immunity. JJ says he thought he had the authority but Roman shot him down. Rory questions having to go down for JJ thinking he had more power as a cop. JJ argues that he was trying to help him. Rory tells him to stay away from him unless he wants to get killed too. JJ wants to help him but Rory responds that some people just can't be helped and walks away.

Jennifer looks out the window at home and thinks back to running out of pills and how she tore up the house looking for more. Julie interrupts her by bringing her tea to relax. Jennifer brings up Abigail being in a psychiatric ward and JJ getting beat up by a drug dealer while risking his life every day. Jennifer declines the tea and argues that she won't fall off the wagon. Jennifer questions how this became her life as she was a successful reporter, was married to the love of her life with two amazing kids. Julie encourages that she can do whatever she wants with her life. Jennifer says she can't until she knows Abigail and JJ are safe. Jennifer doesn't know how Tom and Alice did it with five kids. Julie says tragedy is around them all the time. Julie encourages relying on family through the tough times. Jennifer is grateful that she is there as they hug.

Dirk holds his gun on Steve, Joey, and Jade. Dirk wants Joey to move away from Jade but he refuses. Dirk shouts that his life has gone to hell since Joey showed up. Steve argues that he doesn't want to do this or he could die. Steve knows this has got out of control but says Dirk has to convince the cops. Steve tells him to let the wounded cop go or else he won't be able to make any more demands. Steve thinks Dirk can still get out of this. Simone agrees that he's not a bad kid and these are his friends. Simone talks about never asking him for anything since taking him in. She asks him to please stop. Steve tells Dirk that the odds aren't in his favor but he can still control how this ends. Steve thinks Dirk is scared but he says he isn't. Steve talks about knowing how he feels as he grew up on the streets like him. Steve mentions losing his eye in a fight with his best friend over a girl and it's because of that friend that he's here today. Steve says all he needed then was someone on his side. Steve tells Dirk that he can make the right choice and undo a whole lot of bad choices which he is living proof of.

The detective orders the cops to plan to go inside. Kayla argues with him to give Steve a chance. The wounded cop comes out and is helped to Kayla, who encourages him to hang in until the ambulance arrives. Simone is let go. Kayla asks where Joey is. Simone says she tried to get Joey but he wouldn't leave Jade. Kayla blames Simone for bringing these kids to this place. Kayla threatens Simone if Joey and Steve don't walk out alive.

Kayla rushes in where Joey has been shot. Joey cries in pain as Steve and Jade try to comfort him and Kayla tries to pressure the wound while they wait for help to come.

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