Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/10/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/10/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the town square, Aiden gives Kate the forged wedding documents. Kate thanks him for doing excellent work. Kate gives him an envelope of money with a quarter of a million dollars. Aiden reminds her that he's not happy about this but needed the money. Kate says they both got what they wanted. Aiden adds that nobody knows about this and it's a one time thing. Kate points out that she has a lot more to lose if they are exposed. Aiden then walks away bidding her luck.

At the police station, Hope calls Ciara to tell her that she's back in town. Ciara mentions taking Thomas to an appointment. Hope tells her to text when she gets back as they have a lot to talk about. Ciara asks if everything is okay. Hope says it will be and hangs up. Roman greets Hope, asking if she's back. Hope responds that she is. Roman feels it's kind of soon and asks if she figured things out or just quit trying.

Aiden catches up to Rafe in the town square and asks if he's heard from Hope. Rafe says he hasn't today and asks why. Aiden apologizes for this situation. Rafe asks how Chase is doing. Aiden says he's fine but was talking about Hope leaving town to decide whether or not she was going to give him a second chance which Rafe wasn't aware of.

Dario finds Nicole drinking at the bar in the club. Nicole tells him the good news is that Deimos disappeared and people think he's dead but the bad news is that she could be arrested for murder.

Deimos' body lies at the river covered in mud with blood on his face

Rafe talks to Aiden about all Hope has been through. Aiden says he supports her. Rafe knows Aiden has been through tough times as well and he's still under a lot of pressure with Chase in the hospital and some financial problems. Aiden blows it off. Rafe warns him that his only concern is Hope so he will come deal with him if he finds out that he conned or manipulated Hope. Aiden says that won't happen and questions Rafe still not trusting him. Rafe responds that he has no reason to.

Nicole tells Dario about her being a suspect in Deimos' murder and how she was told not to leave town. Dario asks her directly if she did it. Nicole says she didn't. Dario says he just had to ask. Dario offers to give her an alibi that she was with him. Nicole says that is sweet but won't work because Kate is the witness who followed her to the river and filmed the fight up until she walked away. Nicole states that means the cops have video of their motive.

Hope asks Roman if Deimos is officially missing. Roman calls that an evasion. Hope wants to talk to Rafe and Aiden first. Roman confirms Deimos is missing and that Nicole is a person of interest. Rafe arrives at the station, surprised to see Hope back since she left town. Roman steps away on a call. Hope tells Rafe that she decided he was right that she needed time so she went out to the cabin on Smith Island. Rafe points out that she didn't stay long. Hope asks him to go for a walk so they exit together.

Nicole tells Dario that it's weird how similar her situation is to Deimos being accused of pushing Helena off a cliff and spending 30 years in prison. Nicole wonders how long she will get if Kate's lie holds up. Dario wonders why Kate would try to pull off some bogus story like this and if she hates Nicole that much. Nicole responds that she was thinking the same thing and she wouldn't be surprised if Kate killed Deimos herself. Dario thinks that would make sense and wonders why else she would try so hard to frame Nicole.

Kate goes to the police station and asks Roman if Deimos' body has been recovered. Roman says there is not a trace but informs her that there was a forensics report that found Deimos' blood on the tree by the river so they can prove there was a scuffle. Kate calls it a full blown fight and argues against letting Nicole get away with murder.

Aiden goes to the hospital to visit Chase.

Rafe sits with Hope outside the town square where she tells him about her dream at the cabin feeling so real and powerful. Rafe encourages her about not letting everything she's been through destroy her. Hope says Bo said the same thing in her dream. Hope points out that Rafe is always there for her and is her rock but she put him through so much. Rafe tells her that he would do it all again but guesses that's not going to happen. Rafe tells her it's okay as he gets that she has to follow her heart. Hope says she doesn't know where any of this is going with Aiden but she did love him and married him so she has to see this through to where it goes so that she can move on with her life. Hope wants to see if they can get back what they lost because of Stefano. Rafe tells her that if she has a second chance, she has to take it. Hope responds that she doesn't know if it's a second chance or what it is but she knows that Rafe is there for her every time. Hope tells Rafe that she couldn't have made it without him. Hope says they have always this connection and she doesn't want to lose it. Rafe responds that she never will.

Aiden sits at Chase's bed side and talks to him as he's asleep. Aiden assures that he will get out, get better, and be the Chase that he used to be. Aiden adds that he's got the expense covered.

Roman tells Kate again that there is no trace of Deimos' body. Kate argues that they need to expand the search because there is no way he could have survived that fall. Roman wants more details from her including her marriage license. Kate questions him being so thorough about that but not about Nicole being investigated for murder. Roman wants the documents. Kate says they are in the desk at the Kiriakis Mansion so she can get them for him tomorrow but Roman doesn't want to wait and suggests they go now so she can show him the documents.

Nicole finishes a call and tells Dario about no body being found yet. Dario thinks there should be no case then, questioning what the cops really have as he argues against the video. Nicole worries about what could happen. Dario asks how he can help. Nicole asks him how good he is as bringing people back from the dead.

Deimos' body remains at the river but he is breathing. Deimos slowly opens his eyes.

Hope goes to see Ciara at the DiMera Mansion and tells her that she and Aiden had a chance at happiness that was taken away and now they have a second chance so she was thinking maybe she should give it a chance. Hope tells Ciara that if she isn't okay with it, she will rethink the whole thing as she doesn't want to hurt her or cause her any more pain.

Nicole tells Dario that she keeps going over her fight with Deimos. Dario suggests letting it go. Nicole says there will be a huge investigation if Deimos is found dead and they will dig up everything. Nicole brings up all the times she said she wanted Deimos to pay for what he did to Maggie.

Kate and Roman go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Kate tells Roman to wait at the door as she heads inside and opens the drawer. Kate opens her purse and sticks the envelope from her purse in to the drawer but Roman appears in the doorway to question what she is doing.

Deimos wakes and starts to get up from the ground in pain. Deimos limps away from the area.

Ciara tells Hope that she's not going to say no even if she would like it more if she was with Rafe. Ciara says it's about her being happy. Hope needs to know if Ciara is happy. Ciara says she will be. Ciara tells her that living with Chad and Thomas has given her a new outlook on life. Ciara says she knows Aiden isn't responsible for what Chase did to her so she tells Hope to go for it as they hug.

Kate tells Roman that she just found the key to the drawer and gives him the envelope of wedding documents. Roman looks them over. Kate tells him that it's all in order. Roman responds that she never changes. Kate asks what that means. Roman goes over Kate now living in the Kiriakis Mansion and being married to the man who crippled Maggie. Kate argues that this isn't about her but about Deimos. Kate accuses Roman of not giving a damn that Nicole is responsible.

Nicole tells Dario that she keeps hoping Deimos is planning this whole thing to surprise everyone. Dario doubts it. Nicole wouldn't want to face Deimos after their fight since he hates her now and loves revenge. Dario tells her to focus on the facts. Dario points out there being no way to prove she didn't do it. Nicole decides there is somewhere she has to be and exits.

Roman goes over the wedding documents again. Kate questions the hold up. Roman says he's just being thorough. Kate argues that she is clearly married to Deimos and asks how she can get the police moving on the case. Roman tells her that they have already searched the river and there isn't much more they can do. Kate suggests a private investigator. Roman tells her to let the police handle it but she complains they aren't. Roman hopes Deimos is okay because this scenario is so bizarre. Roman guesses it will end very ugly for somebody, maybe Kate. Roman tells her to have a nice day as he exits.

Hope sits alone outside the town square where Aiden meets her. Aiden asks if she was able to sort things out. Hope tells him to sit down as she will explain everything.

Nicole walks down by the river and looks around as she thinks back to her fight with Deimos. Dario follows her which scares her. Dario says he was just worried about her and hugs her. Dario assures her that nobody is going to hurt her. Nicole thanks him but says she would like to be alone a little longer. Dario asks if she's sure. Nicole insists she's fine and thanks him for everything so he walks away.

Deimos staggers to a warehouse area where a man finds him and says he will call 911 but Deimos tells him not to and asks if he can just use his phone to make a call so he lets him. Deimos calls someone and says his name is Robert and he needs their help.

Rafe joins Roman at the police station. Roman asks how he's doing. Rafe claims he's fine but Roman can tell he's upset.


Hope talks to Aiden about when they first got to know each other and how they were going to have a bright future together that got taken away from them. Hope informs Aiden that she is willing to try to get back what they lost. Hope doesn't know if they can or can't but they will never know unless they try. Aiden tells her that she has no idea how happy this makes him and he promises her they will get it back.

Nicole walks down by the river, wondering where Deimos is and what happened here.

Deimos thinks back to his fight with Nicole and then to his fight with Kate. Suddenly, Chloe arrives and helps Deimos walk away.

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