Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/9/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/9/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve brings Joey to where Fynn and Kayla were staying but Fynn informs them that Kayla just went looking for them with John. Fynn says Kayla was trying to call but Steve's phone was going straight to voicemail. Steve asks Fynn how Kayla is feeling. Joey asks if something is wrong with her. Steve admits that she hasn't been feeling well.

John and Kayla go to the group home. Simone enters with Jade, Dirk, and other kids. They question who they are. Kayla points out Jade, who call this awkward. Kayla questions where Joey is. Jade says she hasn't seen him since he got arrested. Kayla asks what Jade persuaded him to do this time. Simone introduces herself and questions Kayla not speaking to Steve since he was there when the police took Joey.

Roman talks with Shawn and Lani at the police station about how the river was drained but they did not find Deimos body. Roman wants them to check the scene. Shawn asks if he really thinks Nicole did Deimos in. Rafe arrives and says he does not think so.

Nicole waits in the interrogation room and thinks back to her last conversation with Deimos. Nicole says to herself that she did not kill Deimos.

Kate is alone at the Kiriakis Mansion with a drink where she thinks back to her fight with Deimos where she pushed him in to the tree. Kate sits down and laughs.

Steve tells Joey about Kayla's medical condition ever since Ava knocked her out. Steve assures him that she will be okay. Fynn explains that it will take some time but Kayla will be in discomfort for awhile so she will need to be monitored. Joey questions Fynn not stopping Kayla from coming. Steve tells him that it's not Fynn's fault. Joey blames himself. Steve insists that Ava was his past and responsibility. Steve tells Joey that nothing is going to happen to Kayla. Steve borrows Fynn's phone to make a call.

Kayla questions Simone about Joey being an accomplice in a robbery. John bets the other kids put Joey up to it. Kayla steps aside to answer Steve's call. John argues with Simone, who claims Joey is loyal to them as family now. John tells Simone that her family is on the way down as the police are on their way. Simone responds that they fear no one. Steve tells Kayla on the phone that Joey is alright. Kayla asks for Joey to be put on the phone so Steve gives him the phone. Kayla is glad he's okay and asks what on earth he was thinking.

Shawn and Lani exit the station together. Rafe tells Roman a few years ago he wouldn't have questioned a thing but Nicole killing Deimos doesn't add up as she's not that person anymore. Roman points out that they have a witness as well as the video. Rafe notes the video is a fight not a murder. Roman states that the witness says she was there and it's Kate. Roman and Rafe head in to the interrogation room. Nicole asks Rafe to tell Roman that there's a huge misunderstanding as she had nothing to do with Deimos' disappearance.

Kayla questions why Joey would run off with Jade when things were bad enough. Joey knows it's his second arrest. Kayla tells him that he will have to come home but back to Los Angeles to stand trial. Joey calls himself a loser but Kayla tells him not to because she's not going to feel bad for him. Kayla tells him to take responsibility for what he did and get his life back on track. Joey responds that he will figure things out. Joey says he's sorry for what he has put her through. Kayla repeats that they will figure it out. Kayla tells Joey that she has faith in him turning this around and she loves him. Joey says he loves her too and gives the phone back to Steve. Steve comments on Kayla getting through to Joey. Steve tells Kayla that she and John need to get back to the motel. Kayla says they are on their way and hangs up. Jade argues with Kayla and John that Joey is no snitch so the cops have nothing on their family. Kayla says someday they will. Kayla tells Jade that Joey may be loyal to her but the next boy she brings in might not be. Jade says she has no clue. Kayla agrees that she doesn't know how Jade is squandering her life like this. Kayla questions this being the life Simone wants for the kids and what kind of woman she is.

Shawn investigates the Deimos crime scene with another cop. Shawn finds Nicole's earring and has it bagged.

Rafe tells Nicole that they need her to listen carefully and tell the truth. Roman asks Nicole what happened between her and Deimos by the river. Nicole can't believe that's the last time he was seen. Roman says they have a witness saying that she was the last one to see him alive and there's a video. Nicole asks why she is here then because they fought but she took off. Roman explains that the video didn't show her leave as the witness dropped the phone and claims to have seen something else. Roman asks Nicole if she can tell them what else the witness could have seen. Rafe warns Nicole that now would be a good time to call an attorney.

Belle walks through the town square where she gets a call from Nicole, who tells her that Brady told her that she could call with any legal troubles with DJ Wear. Belle thought Brady bought her out. Nicole confirms that but wants Belle to help her with a serious legal issue. Nicole explains that she is the last person to see Deimos alive and asks her to come to the station. Belle agrees to come and hangs up. Rafe returns to Nicole. Nicole tells him that Belle is on her way if she doesn't remember how much she hates her. Rafe asks Nicole off the record what is going on between her and Deimos. Nicole calls it complicated. Rafe questions why a witness would follow them to the river. Nicole guesses they wanted to spy on them and then realizes the witness is Kate. Nicole says it makes perfect sense now. Nicole questions Rafe not seeing that Kate is setting her up.

Simone argues that an outsider wouldn't understand their ways. Kayla says she has no desire to understand and is sure that Joey was bullied in to the robbery. Simone calls this a place of peace. Simone claims that Joey had a lapse in judgment and veered away from them. John argues that they sold their new member down the river. She insists this is a place of peace. Kayla mocks her and is glad Joey left before he ended up in prison for years which she says won't be Joey's future but will be Simone's.

Shawn continues searching the crime scene where he finds blood on the tree.

Nicole explains to Rafe that Kate was jealous of Deimos showing interest in her. Rafe mentions Hope saying she saw her with Deimos before and asks her to explain that. Nicole calls it complicated as Belle arrives and asks to speak with Nicole. Rafe steps out as Belle tells Nicole to start at the beginning. Rafe returns to the room with Roman for Nicole to explain everything from her resemblance to Helena and using it against Deimos to help Maggie. Nicole talks about this making Kate jealous. Belle calls it convenient for Kate to drop her phone and thinks they are done since there is no proof of Nicole murdering Deimos. Belle asks to speak to Nicole alone. Rafe tells them to take their time while Roman warns Nicole not to leave town as he and Rafe exit.

Joey asks Steve if Kayla is coming. Steve says she shouldn't be long. Joey exits to get some snacks for the road. Steve asks Fynn if they can clear the air as he knows he's been a jerk to him but Fynn hadn't been that cool with him either. Steve says he now knows it's because Fynn was looking out for Kayla so he appreciates that and owes him one. Steve and Fynn shake hands.

Simone remarks to Kayla that she sees now what drove Joey to come to their family as he was desperate to escape the lack of spirituality of his former life. Kayla questions her. Simone points out that Joey is a soulful young man who craves adventure and connection with like minded people like Steve does. Kayla argues that she doesn't know Joey or Steve. Simone remarks that Steve couldn't get enough of her tea and how he told her about things like his attraction to danger. Simone argues that Kayla no longer has the courage to live life on the wild side and says she did Steve a favor by leaving him and letting him explore. She says Steve is free to come back any time he pleases. John interrupts and takes Kayla outside. Kayla complains about Simone not even knowing Steve. John asks why Kayla is so upset, believing that she had moved on with Fynn.

Nicole questions Belle as to why Kate would try to pin this on her. Belle encourages her to stop thinking about Kate and going home to sleep then hopefully Deimos will be found tomorrow. Nicole says she won't be able to sleep. Belle advises Nicole to go home and stay completely away from Kate.

Rafe and Roman go over the case as Shawn and Lani return to the station. Shawn declares they may have found something that changes everything.

John tells Kayla to forget he said that but it just breaks his heart knowing that Kayla means everything to Steve but they can't seem to work things out. Kayla says he knows why that is, blaming it on Steve craving danger and adventure. John says that's not true but Kayla says she's accepted that so he should too. John argues that she is the biggest part of that adventure. John tells her to quit being so stubborn and give Steve a chance to make things right.

Lani and Shawn go over the evidence with Rafe and Roman. Belle comes out with Nicole and says they are done. Belle tells Nicole that she will contact her later. Shawn asks Belle how she is doing. Belle apologizes for canceling on dinner yesterday. Shawn asks if she is free tonight but she says she isn't which makes Lani look over at them.

Kayla and John return to the motel. Joey is glad to reunite with Kayla. Joey comments on being glad she is okay and that Fynn came along. Kayla calls him a good guy. Joey talks about trying to find himself and it made him realize the man he wants to be. Joey states that he doesn't want to go looking for trouble anymore or to disappoint them. Kayla encourages him to make better choices. John says no one is immune to making mistakes so what's important is what they take away from them. Joey says he gets that now and is glad to see his parents. Kayla hugs Joey and tells him that she loves him.

Kate sits alone in the Kiriakis Mansion when there's a knock at the door. Kate answers the door to see Nicole, who slaps her in the face.

Steve and John talk about looking forward to getting home. John says he's taking a cab to the airport so they can have a nice long ride back home. Kayla asks for a moment alone with Fynn. Steve seems confused but John takes him out to go over some details as they take their bags and exit. Kayla and Fynn both try to talk then agree that he goes first. Fynn tells her that she doesn't need to say anything as he gets it.

Belle apologizes to Shawn for that coming out weird but she isn't available for dinner tonight. Shawn asks if she's not feeling well as he offers to come over and cook her dinner. Lani watches them together. Shawn jokes with Belle as she then agrees for him to come over.

Nicole enters the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Kate that she knows damn well that she is not responsible for Deimos' disappearance. Nicole tells Kate to go to the station and retract her statement but Kate claims she saw her kill her husband. Nicole questions her saying husband and doesn't believe her as there wasn't enough time but Kate claims there are legal documents that prove she and Deimos are married.

John talks with Steve outside but Steve is distracted, wondering what Kayla is talking to Fynn about. John tells him not to worry about it and to let it go. Steve questions let what go.

Fynn doesn't want to make this harder than it has to be and tells Kayla that they could be great together but there's no way he can compete with what she has with Steve. Fynn says seeing her with Steve and Joey couldn't be more clear. Fynn tells Kayla to go be with her family and he will see her back in Salem. Kayla questions him not riding back with them. Fynn says he will catch up with some friends in LA and tells her that she can take the car to go home with Steve. Kayla thanks him for everything and hugs him. Fynn tells her to take care as she exits. Kayla hugs Joey. Steve asks where Fynn is. Kayla responds that he's going to stay and visit friends. Kayla asks where John is. Steve tells her that his cab showed up. They agree they are all ready to go but Kayla gets dizzy with another headache.

Shawn and Belle talk about their night together while Belle mentions that she has to get some rest because of this business with Nicole. Shawn asks if she thinks Nicole really did this. Belle whispers to him that it's classified and says she will see him later as she exits.

In the interrogation room, Roman asks Rafe if something is on his mind. Rafe brings up Victor's revenge plan against Deimos using Nicole but he doesn't think she is capable of murder.

Nicole accuses Kate of lying but Kate says she will have her lawyer draw up the papers. Nicole argues that Kate called off the engagement and that Deimos said he didn't want to marry her. Kate claims they were already married and they were only going to Las Vegas for a wedding. Nicole doesn't believe anyone will buy her story. Kate points out that she has documents and a ring along with the video which she says shows her murdering her husband. Kate tells Nicole to face it that she's going down. Nicole refuses to let Kate defeat her and says she will prove her wrong. Kate tells her that they can wait until Deimos' body shows up as then she will be a dead woman walking.

Deimos body appears somewhere down by the river.

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