Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita


Hope falls asleep on the couch in the cabin and dreams of Bo appearing to her to help her figure things out. Hope asks if he knows what happened. Bo says she's had a rough go. Hope feels she's made it so much worse and wonders how that's possible. Hope says losing Bo was devastating and she lost control. Hope talks about feeling Stefano was responsible and wanting justice for Bo so she killed Stefano. Bo says he knows but Stefano isn't the one who put him in prison. Hope says she knows and blames herself for not seeing what was happening with Chase. Hope cries about Chase raping Ciara. Hope says everywhere in her life there is pain and she doesn't know what to do. Hope says Bo always knew where they were as he tells her that he will always be her compass and they will get her back home. Bo encourages Hope to fight. Hope cries that she's tired and alone. Bo asks if she's really alone. Hope says yes because Bo isn't real as she will wake up and he'll be gone. Hope cries about the hurting and tells Bo to just go so he disappears, leaving Hope crying for him not to go.

Bo reappears to Hope and jokes with her. Bo tells Hope to go ahead and make her list between Aiden and Rafe. Bo thought things were going well with Rafe. Hope says they were and that Rafe always has her back as a good partner. Bo questions the problem. Hope says there wasn't one but Aiden came back. Hope knows Aiden came for all the wrong reasons but what happened between them changed him and they loved each other. Hope doesn't know how to figure this out. Bo encourages that she will. Bo talks about Hope always fighting through everything she was put through so she will get her life back. Bo tells her to head back in to the world so she goes to leave the cabin but the door is stuck. Bo encourages to find out what is making her stuck.

The door opens and Hope's deceased ex-husband Larry Welch appears in the dream, surprising Hope. Hope tells him to get out as she argues with him. Larry says she was so young and sweet. Hope says she was before she met him but he took that. Hope says she has no fear which Larry laughs at, pointing out that she's hiding in a cabin. Larry calls her a spoiled princess. Hope continues telling him to get out. Larry remarks that she is worse than him because she killed a man in cold blood and had someone else do the time for her. Hope yells at him to get out until he leaves.

Bo asks Hope how that felt. Hope responds that she doesn't know. Bo tells her that he saw the girl he fell in love with which makes her smile as they flash back to their past together. Hope states that what Larry said about her killing Stefano was true but Bo understands she was out of her mind with grief as she thought Stefano was responsible for his death. Hope flashes back to the night she killed Stefano. Hope repeats that she killed Stefano and put someone else in jail for her crime. Bo points out that Andre isn't just someone else. Hope says the point is that she did something unforgivable and sold her soul. Hope says she compromised Rafe and Roman and believes that's why she is paralyzed. Bo asks what they do with that. Stefano then appears in Hope's dream, telling her to turn herself in as he remarks that she will never be rid of him.

Stefano says after all these years, Hope is no better than him. Hope says what she did was unforgivable but he tried to have Aiden kill her. Hope says Bo's death was the one time Stefano was actually innocent and calls him a monster. Stefano disappears from her dream. Hope tells Bo that she has to turn herself in. Bo points out that Rafe and Roman were a part of it so their careers would be over while she would go to jail. Bo asks what would happen to Ciara. Hope says she keeps telling herself that she can't leave Ciara alone. Bo reminds her that if she turns herself in, Andre would be back on the streets and could go after Ciara. Bo tells Hope that only she can stop it by accepting herself that she did the best she could and that sometimes justice isn't pretty. Bo advises Hope to live her life and make sure Ciara lives her life. Stefano reappears to Hope and asks what she wants from him. Hope says she can't give Stefano back his life but can promise to look after his son Chad. Hope says they can't forgive each other but maybe he can be at peace knowing someone is looking out for Chad. Stefano says he will hold her to that promise to watch out for his son as he then disappears.

Bo asks Hope if she is okay. She responds that she is as okay as she can be. Bo tells her there is someone else anxious to see her. The door opens as Bo and Hope's deceased son Zack appears in her dream. Hope tearfully hugs him and talks about imagining him every day. Hope talks about feeling like she would never recover from Zack's death. Zack praises her as a good mother even though Hope disagrees, feeling she let down Shawn and Ciara. Hope states that her kids need her and that's where she should be. Zack tells her that her kids are grown up so she shouldn't give up the rest of her life for them but they need to know she is okay. Zack encourages Hope to find happiness again which will make her kids stronger. Zack continues to encourage her as she tearfully hugs him. Zack asks if she wants to go take a walk by the water so she goes to leave but the door remains stuck. Hope tells Bo there is nothing left but the door opens and Hope imagines seeing herself.

Hope questions what this is. Zack says he has to go now. Hope wants more time with him. Zack says they will have all the time in the world some day. Hope tells him that she loves him as they hug and Zack disappears from her dream. Hope faces herself and declares this as her last obstacle. Bo says he will take it from here and shuts the door on the imagined Hope. Bo asks Hope if she knows what this is about. Hope guesses it's about him and her holding on to him. Bo tells her that she just has to let go. Hope cries that she can't and she should've known that he would never abandon them. Bo understands she was made to believe that he had. Hope feels she didn't fight for him and questions how Bo isn't angry with her. Hope blames herself for costing Bo his life. Hope thinks she could've found him while Bo points out that she could have been killed along the way too. Bo tells her that anything could have happened. Bo encourages her not to waste her life. Hope shouts that she is done second guessing and she will make choices as well as mistakes. Bo encourages her to live. Hope declares there is something she needs to do first. Hope tells Bo that his death happened too fast but at least they had a goodbye. Bo tells her that her kiss was the last thing he felt. Bo tells Hope that it's time. Hope wants one last dance so they dance together in her dream. Hope wishes she could stay here forever but Bo tells her that she has to leave though he won't be far away if she needs him. Bo and Hope end the dream with a kiss.

Hope wakes up from her dream on the couch. She gets up and exits the cabin.

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