Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ciara goes in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Chad is asleep on the couch. She comments that he deserves so much better and walks back out.

Hope goes to the cabin to spend time alone.

Adriana makes food for Rafe and Dario at home. Rafe comments that he's not hungry. Adriana remarks that she did not raise her sons to be whipped.

Aiden goes to the station and informs Justin that he's changing Chase's plea to insanity. Aiden argues that Chase is sick and needs help after almost dying in jail. Aiden states that Chase is stable but psychologically he has a long road ahead of him. Aiden says he knows they care about Ciara but Chase's issues would still be there if in jail. Aiden adds that Chase doesn't even want him to change the plea. Aiden tells Justin that Hope supports what he is doing. Justin agrees to take it in to consideration. Aiden thanks him and steps aside. A cop gives Justin an envelope that arrived by messenger. Roman arrives with Kate. Kate sees Aiden and comments on him looking good for a man who was supposed to be dead. Roman needs Kate to tell him everything she knows about the alleged murder of Deimos.

Nicole reports to Victor, who isn't surprised that Nicole failed at getting anything out of Deimos. Nicole argues that he can't make her feel any worse as there is no justice in the world if Deimos gets away with what he did to Maggie.

Kate questions Roman saying the alleged murder and says that there is no way anyone could have survived that fall. Aiden interrupts but Roman says not now so Aiden says he will call him later. Roman takes Kate in to the interrogation room and points out that they don't have a body. Kate asks if he thinks she's making this up as she saw Nicole push Deimos in to the river. Roman questions her, bringing up their long history. Kate says Nicole has a history of animosity with everyone. Kate then tells Roman that she has proof.

Justin sits in his office and opens the envelope that arrived which features a man's mugshot and a note from Deimos that it's Justin's first test to get the man cleared of all charges and released then to destroy this letter. Justin thinks back to Deimos telling him that there would be a test. Justin then shreds the letter.

Victor tells Nicole that he wants revenge, not justice, and that Justin will handle it for him. Nicole questions why he came to her then. Victor calls her his plan B and says he will wash his hands of her now. Nicole shouts that she didn't do it for him but for Maggie. Maggie comes in and questions what she did for her. Maggie asks what is going on and if it's about Deimos.

Kate shows Roman the video of Nicole and Deimos on her phone. Roman questions that being it. Kate says she dropped her phone but she saw Deimos hit his head on a tree. Roman says it sounds like an accident but Kate argues that Nicole pushed Deimos straight in to the river, meaning to kill him. Roman asks Kate why she didn't break up the fight. Kate says she was going to but it happened so fast. Roman questions why Kate was out there in the first place and why she was recording. Kate explains that Deimos got a call from Nicole and rushed out to see her so she followed him because she was jealous over seeing her husband in the arms of another woman. Roman questions her saying husband. Kate shows him the ring that she put on which Deimos had dropped and claims that they were married yesterday.

Chad wakes up and listens to the baby monitor where Ciara is telling Thomas how lucky he is to have Chad as a father.

Hope gets a call from Aiden, who says he doesn't know if it's a good time but thought she might want an update from the court house. Hope asks if she will like the update. Aiden wanted to meet and talk about it in person but Hope says she's out of town as she needed time to sort things out. Aiden asks if he is one of those things.

Adriana questions Rafe not eating her soup and asks he and Dario to come help move things in the guest room upstairs because a friend of hers is coming to stay. Rafe questions when she was planning on telling him. Adriana says she just did. Rafe jokes about last time Adriana went to Mexico and being gone for five years.

Nicole tells Maggie not to be upset at Victor as she did this on her own and wanted Deimos to pay for what he did. Maggie argues that Deimos waited decades for revenge on Victor. Maggie accuses Victor of keeping this from her because he knew how she would react. Maggie tells Nicole that Daniel wouldn't have wanted this but Nicole feels Daniel would want her to take care of Maggie and she wishes she could have taken Deimos down.

Roman didn't realize things were so serious between Kate and Deimos. Kate guesses they weren't as serious since Deimos was planning on taking Nicole as a mistress. Roman calls that a motive for Kate to kill him. Kate argues that she loved him. Roman brings up Kate being with Clyde not too long ago. Kate questions him being insensitive. Kate argues that Nicole was humiliated and desperate. Kate brings up Nicole's history and says this isn't the first thing she would have tried to murder somebody. Roman compares it to Kate's history. Kate suggests bringing Nicole in to see what she has to say. Roman promises to get to the bottom of this.

Hope tells Aiden that she has a lot of things to think about. Aiden tells her that he filed the paper work to change Chase's plea and he hopes she is still on board with that. Aiden wants Chase to get the treatment he needs so he never hurts anyone again. Hope prays that he doesn't. Aiden states that he will fill her in when she gets back and wishes her luck sorting things out. Aiden tells her that he loves her and hangs up.

Adriana talks to Rafe and Dario about moving her friend named Blanca in, who had helped her at work before. Dario promises he will move out when he gets a job and jokes about her moving in her friends as he exits.

Justin goes through a case file on the man in the mugshot that Deimos sent him.

Nicole exits from Victor and Maggie's. Maggie tells Victor that he promised no more secrets. Victor knew she would insist on abandoning their plan. Maggie asks if he can ever admit he was wrong. Victor says it was wrong to not tell her but Deimos has to be stopped and Justin will take care of that for him. Maggie asks when it ends and decides she can't listen to this anymore. Victor then gets a call from Justin, who wants him to destroy a case he's making against a repeat offender as his test. Victor tells him to do it but Justin says he hasn't seen this guy's rap sheet and that he took an oath to hold up the law. Victor tells Justin to man up and get it done then hangs up. Justin gathers his things and leaves his office.

Ciara brings Chad breakfast since he woke up. Chad thanks her for taking care of Thomas. Chad says she didn't have to make food but she wanted to stay busy. Chad asks about her leaving earlier. Ciara says she wanted to go to the hospital to make sure Chase didn't go anywhere. Chad is sorry if she doesn't feel safe anymore. Ciara talks about seeing Chase through the window which made her feel safer. Ciara asks if she's a terrible person for saying that. Chad calls her a wonderful person and tells her to never forget that.

Justin goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where he sees cops leaving. He heads inside to find Roman. Roman guesses someone told him and says they don't have a body yet but if Deimos was murdered, they need something more to go on. Justin asks if they have a suspect. Roman responds that right now they have just one, Nicole.

Nicole goes to the nightclub and gets a drink. Dario arrives and hopes she's not drowning her sorrows. Dario thinks she should be celebrating that she doesn't have to deal with Deimos anymore. Nicole feels she failed. Dario encourages her not to beat herself up anymore, pointing out that she got out with her life and dignity. Nicole comments that she didn't help Maggie. Dario points out that she didn't want her help. Dario brings up Deimos being in love with a woman who looked like Nicole 30 years ago and they both know what happened to her. Dario is happy the same didn't happen to her. Nicole admits she's glad she can officially stop worrying about Deimos.

Kate walks out of the town square and thinks back to her last conversation with Deimos where she pushed him in to the tree. Kate pulls out her phone.

Aiden goes to the hospital and asks a nurse about Chase. She tells him that he had a really good session with the physical therapist. Aiden asks to go in with him but gets a call from Kate, who asks to meet with him about a legal matter. Aiden tells her that he is visiting his son at the hospital so she can call him in the morning but Kate's afraid that will be too late. Aiden suggests she find another lawyer then but Kate insists that she wants him and promises to make it worth his while.

Nicole feels she owes Dario a drink. Dario asks why when his free advice got her nowhere but says he'll never turn down a free drink. Nicole thanks him for not saying I told you so. Dario says his whole life has been a big I told you so. Nicole thinks he's a pretty nice guy. Dario responds that she doesn't know him that well yet. Dario hopes she is in the clear with Deimos, telling her to come to him if Deimos ever comes after her again. Nicole thought she had it all under control and wonders what would've happened if she got in any deeper but she's glad she doesn't have to find out.

Justin questions Kate filming Nicole's fight with Deimos. Roman admits the video was pretty damning but he is always skeptical when it comes to Kate. Roman notes that Kate did have it in for Nicole and other people wanted Deimos dead. Justin says he's going to check in with his office. Roman questions who told Justin about Deimos since he had left strict orders. Justin responds that he doesn't want to get anyone in trouble and exits.

Rafe finishes helping Adriana arrange the guest room. Rafe apologizes for not being in the best mood earlier. Adriana asks if he means about Hope or about Blanca coming to stay. Rafe says it's both but tells her to understand that what happened between he and Hope is his business. Adriana tells him that she is going to get some things for dinner for Blanca as she will be in her a couple hours. Adriana makes sure Rafe is not going anywhere in case she doesn't get back in time. Rafe agrees to welcome her old friend that he's never met. She thanks him and hugs him then exits.

Hope looks around the cabin at old family photos including one of her and Bo. Hope wonders what she is going to do. Hope sits down and starts to make a list then questions what she's doing.

Chad tells Ciara that he's feeling much better as he eats his breakfast. Ciara still can't believe Abigail didn't want to see him. Chad says he's used to being able to fix things so feeling helpless is the worst feeling in the world.

Justin goes to see Victor. Maggie tells Justin that she doesn't approve. Justin tells Victor that he did what Deimos asked him to do but he wishes he hadn't as it was all for nothing. Victor questions him. Justin reveals that the police are now investigating an alleged murder.

Aiden meets Kate outside. Kate thanks him for meeting her. Aiden asks what she wants him to do. Kate says it's widely known that he is one of the best lawyers in town and also that he suffered a series of financial setbacks. Aiden calls that none of her business. Kate says she has a very delicate situation that requires his expertise, calling it a little bit illegal. Aiden tells her that he's not interested in breaking the law. Kate asks if he is for a quarter of a million dollars which stops him from leaving.

Dario thanks Nicole for the drink and offers her a ride home but Nicole decides she is going to stick around the nightclub a little longer and will walk home. Dario hopes to see her around sooner than later. Dario kisses her on the cheek and exits. Roman arrives with a cop and says he's glad he found Nicole here. Nicole asks what she can do for him. Roman responds that he needs her to come to the station with him.

Ciara offers to go talk to Abigail for Chad but Chad tells her that she isn't seeing anyone including her mother. Ciara thinks they bonded after what they had both been through so maybe it would be easier for her to talk to her cousin. Ciara says she can tell Abigail how much Chad loves her and she can really see how she's doing. Chad agrees that it would be great if she doesn't mind. Ciara tells Chad that she would do anything for him.

Rafe remains at home when Blanca arrives at the door. Rafe greets her and she introduces herself.

Hope falls asleep on the couch in the cabin and dreams of Bo appearing to her to help her figure things out.

Justin informs Victor that the police's suspect is Nicole. Victor questions that since Nicole was just there and he thinks he would've sensed if she killed his brother. Justin explains how Kate said the whole thing and calls it an alleged murder as Deimos fell in to the river with no body found. Victor is happy but Maggie questions Victor being happy that he's dead instead of being conflicted at all that his brother is dead. Victor says to wait until they see the body. Victor feels this isn't as neat and tidy as it sounds.

Kate brings up Aiden's money problems and Chase. Aiden tells her to leave Chase out of it but admits he's curious. Kate calls it a very eventful evening as she was supposed to be flying to Vegas to marry Deimos but Nicole got to him first and now he's dead. Kate says she doesn't have a lot of time to fix it as she was this close to marrying a man with Deimos' net worth and almost had it all. Kate says to get all she rightfully deserves, all she needs is a marriage certificate. Aiden questions if she wants him to forge one for her. Aiden calls her as cold as they come. Kate doesn't think he's the type of person to turn down a quarter of a million dollars. Kate needs his answer now and asks if he's in or not.

Nicole asks Roman why he needs her to come to the station. Roman informs her that it's about Deimos as they have an eye witness who says Deimos was murdered tonight and that Nicole did it.

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