Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/6/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/6/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa talks on the phone at home about getting her sketches done. She hangs up and tries to start working but Tate wakes up crying. Theresa starts to get up but hears Brady taking care of him.

Dario and Summer play cards in her hotel room. He asks what she's still doing in Salem when he thought she was moving back to LA. Summer responds that it could still happen but she changed her mind. Dario questions not living with Maggie. Summer says she had to move out of the place because of Victor. Summer adds that she maybe could put up with him if he was still a billionaire. Dario comments on her always being tolerant of the wealthy. Summer mentions feeling bad because Maggie begged her to stay, saying she didn't want to lose her after all these years. Dario is not buying it and says they both know the only thing keeping her in Salem is Brady.

Kate sees Nicole and Deimos kissing in the park. Deimos tells Nicole to make love to him right now.

Brady brings Tate to Theresa and says he can't get him to settle down. Theresa jokes about Brady trying to sing to Tate as he continues to cry.

Summer tells Dario that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Dario accuses her of being obsessed with Brady. Summer responds that he's just a friend. Dario argues that they don't keep secrets from each other. Summer tells him to shut up. Dario believes she's been over the moon ever since Brady first found her. Summer says even if it was true, it wouldn't matter because he is deeply involved with Theresa. Dario points out that Brady still played hero with her. Summer says it was all about his connection to Daniel and she no longer thinks she's on his radar anymore. Dario says they will see. Summer tells Dario they are not going to see. Summer then asks Dario if he thought she didn't notice that he has fallen hard for Nicole.

Nicole pulls away from Deimos and says she can't as it's so difficult for her because she's not the kind of woman who can share him with someone else. Nicole tells him that she will not be his mistress if he's still going to marry Kate. Deimos responds that he is only giving Kate his name. Kate remains watching from the bushes. Deimos brings out the ring he was going to give to Helena, saying he put it away when she died and hadn't been able to look at it until now. Nicole asks if he wants her to wear that as a consolation. Deimos calls it his commitment to her. Nicole wants a man who is free. Deimos says Kate is just an alliance who gives him standing and power. Deimos tells Nicole that she is what he needs so all she has to do is say yes.

Theresa tells Brady that she will take Tate for a drive but Brady tells her to stay home and work while he will take Tate out. Brady knows Theresa has had to work hard since Nicole bailed on DJ Wear. Theresa thanks him. Brady says it's the three of them against the world.

Summer laughs at Dario lecturing her about Brady but clamming up about Nicole. Dario says he cares about Nicole. Summer asks if he's a little nervous about helping her get revenge on Deimos when he's a dangerous man. Dario says he can't change her mind. Summer jokes about Nicole being hung up on Deimos. Dario reminds her that she wanted him to shut up. Summer says she is right. Dario knows Nicole is playing a dangerous game but he has her back and will be there if she needs him. Summer jokes that they are the kind of losers that they used to seek as marks. Summer tells Dario that he's waiting around for a friend to become something more. Summer asks if it's lonely waiting around for someone that's not going to happen. Dario admits that it is. Dario tells her not to be sad and suggests maybe they shouldn't wait around for anyone else when they are perfectly good friends. Summer tells him they would hate themselves after. Dario argues that they already do but then agrees they would be messing up again. Summer reminds him that they agreed it's better to keep things platonic. They then change their minds and begin kissing in bed.

Nicole tells Deimos that she wants him as much as he wants her and she's ready to give herself to him but not here like a dirty little secret. Nicole adds that she wants a real ring, not someone else's. Deimos grabs her and says he won't do this any longer, no more tests or games. Deimos says if she wants him, this is her last and only chance. Kate remains in the bushes as Deimos kisses Nicole. Kate then films them with her phone. Deimos asks Nicole what she's afraid of. Deimos argues that she doesn't give a damn about marriage. Deimos then steps back and guesses that she can't let go of the plan to help Victor get revenge. Deimos asks if she's really going to hold on to hatred instead of giving herself what she wants. Deimos declares he will not let Victor do this to him again by taking away another woman he loves.

Brady tells Theresa that everything will calm down. Theresa feels more nervous than she did about the Basic Black launch. Brady praises her work and encourages her. They joke together and kiss. Brady assures her that she has his heart as they hug.

Summer and Dario lay in bed together after having sex. Summer can't believe they broke their own rule. Dario thinks they should do it more often and it's no big deal. Summer disagrees and calls it a one time thing. Dario tells Summer that he cares about her and hates seeing her in a hotel room dreaming of what she can never be. They talk about pulling cons as Dario gets up to take a shower.

Deimos grabs Nicole and questions what her plan was. Deimos asks if she was going to poison him, cut his throat, or push him down the stairs like Maggie. Deimos questions what she was getting from Victor and what she's going to do now. Deimos threatens to throw her off a cliff as she screams. Nicole fights him off while Kate remains filming from the bushes. Nicole tells Deimos not to touch her as she pulls away. Deimos tells Nicole that he would have loved her like she's never been loved before. Nicole shouts that she loved Daniel. Deimos questions what she loved about him and argues that she would've been bored with Daniel within six months. Deimos tells Nicole that she settled and has been living a lie. Deimos asks if it's for Maggie or Victor. Deimos questions if hurting him would help Maggie walk again or Victor become a better man. Deimos tells Nicole that either way, she loses. Nicole then walks away. Kate comes out from the bushes and tells Deimos that she now knows where she stands with him.

Brady walks through the town square with Tate where he runs in to Summer. Brady mentions having trouble getting Tate to sleep so taking him for a walk got him to calm down. Brady decides he should get him back to his crib. Summer stops him and says there is something she needs to say to him as it's time she told him how she feels. Brady tells her that she doesn't have to say anything but she asks him to listen. Summer says after she's done, he can go without responding. Summer knows it doesn't matter and that he will never feel the same way about her but she can't hold on to this any longer. Summer admits she has fallen for Brady like she's never fallen for anyone before and she is now crazy in love with him. Summer declares that the moment he saved her life, she realized she would do anything to be around him and it kills her that no matter what she does, he will never feel the same way.

Dario sits at the bar in the nightclub where he gets a call from Nicole. Dario asks her what's wrong. Nicole says she needs to see him and asks him to meet her in the park so he says he will be right there.

Kate asks Deimos if he's going to try to pawn the ring off on her since Nicole declined it. Deimos tells Kate that she knows they were never about love but power and control. Deimos says he's sorry if she misunderstood. Kate responds that she wanted love like he wanted from Nicole. Kate says she will keep looking for her king while he keeps looking for Helena and they are both doomed to fail. Deimos declares that they really do deserve each other and suggests they get on the flight to Vegas after all. Kate tells Deimos to go to Hell and shoves him, where he hits his head on a nearby tree and begins to bleed. Deimos then collapses and falls down in to the river. Kate calls out his name but doesn't see him.

Brady tells Summer that he's touched by her honesty and that he feels a connection to her. Brady says he's so grateful to have found her and knows how much it would mean to Daniel and has meant to Maggie. Brady says maybe in another life with different circumstances, he doesn't know. Summer thinks Brady is out of her league even if he was single. She calls herself a bipolar con artist with no idea what she wants in life. Brady jokes that is the kind of woman he used to be attracted to. Brady says he's had his share of struggles and big screw ups. Summer says he's gotten himself together and has a good life now. Brady thinks Summer will find that too. Tate wakes up crying so Brady goes back to checking on him. Summer hopes they didn't wake him up. Brady jokes that he just doesn't want to miss out on anything. Brady tells Summer that it was good to see her as he exits with Tate.

Dario meets Nicole in the park and asks what's wrong. Nicole tells him that she had her chance but she blew it so it's over with Deimos and she wouldn't be surprised if he never lets her near him again.

Kate looks around unable to find where Deimos landed. She then looks at the tree that he hit his head on. Kate reaches down and picks up an earring that Nicole dropped. Kate then pulls out her phone and calls Roman, who is at the police station. Kate tells Roman that she has witnessed a crime.

Brady brings Tate home where Theresa has a candle lit dinner set up. Brady asks what is all this. Theresa tells him that she finished all her work and realized she hadn't eaten. They talk quietly to not wake up Tate as Brady joins her. Brady suggests they let the food wait as he kisses her.

Summer returns to her hotel room and sits down as she thinks back to when Brady saved her life.

Dario thinks Nicole is better off with the Deimos con over. Nicole questions how with Deimos getting away with what he did to Maggie. Dario figures she's worried about Victor's reaction. Nicole says she knows Victor's opinion of her will never change and he will always hate her. Nicole tells Dario that she really needed to do this for Daniel and Maggie. Nicole states that Maggie may never walk again because of Deimos so she wanted to cut him off at the knees because of it. Nicole says she would've made it happen before when she only cared about herself but it's like she isn't the same person. Dario asks if that's a bad thing. Nicole says she doesn't know. Nicole doesn't know who she is anymore or what she wants since losing Daniel. Nicole says her new life goal has been to make it through the day without falling apart. Nicole says that she's a mess and spends her days longing for someone who will never come back then dreams about him when she sleeps. Nicole adds that she doesn't want sympathy and prefers to seem strong and tough. Dario encourages her and says crying over someone you love is not weakness, but that's life. Nicole thanks him for putting things in perspective. Nicole tells him that Daniel made her feel like a worthwhile person and made her respect herself for the first time ever. Nicole tells Dario that she was pretending with Deimos to avenge Maggie for Daniel's sake but she still felt cheap and awful. Nicole knows Daniel wouldn't want her to feel like this and to hate herself. Dario tells her to stop beating herself up. Dario repeats what he said to Summer, that when a con goes south, you cut your losses and move on.

Kate remains at the scene where Deimos fell until Roman arrives and asks what's going on. Kate pretends to cry and tells Roman that she just witnessed a murder as Nicole and Deimos were having a lovers quarrel and that Nicole pushed him in to the river.

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