Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla and Fynn kiss in bed and begin to undress.

Steve and Joey hide in the group home as the police arrive. Simone comes out and questions what's going on here as they are scaring her children. The detective tells her that they have reason to search the place due to the recent robberies. Simone wants them gone but he shows her his search warrant. Steve warns Joey that he really stepped in it this time.

Nicole sits alone in the nightclub having a drink where Dario joins her. Dario guesses her playing with Deimos isn't going as well as she hoped but Nicole informs him that it's going better than she thought as she has him exactly where she wants him. Dario asks what the problem is and then stops and says he knows exactly what's going on.

Deimos comes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and finds the door unlocked so he slowly enters where he finds a trail of rose petals leading to the stairs with two glasses and a bottle of champagne. Deimos takes the bottle and the glasses as he heads upstairs where he finds Kate waiting in bed.

Simone threatens to call her lawyer. The detective says she will need one if they find any evidence of the robberies. She argues that they have no right to target them. He explains the suspects having the scorpion mark on their hands. Steve sees the mark on Joey's hand and says he needs to tell him right now if he was a part of this.

Nicole tells Dario that there's nothing wrong but Dario says there is a big complication as he believes it's obvious that Nicole has fallen for Deimos. Nicole calls that outrageous and insulting as it's not likely she will ever fall in love again after Daniel. Dario thinks she's protesting a bit much but Nicole says she's just offended. Nicole declares that she can't stand Deimos and wishes she hadn't got involved with him in any way. Dario guesses she must be disappointed if she tried to play her magic and he turned the tables on her. Nicole admits he's a more formidable challenge than she thought. Nicole insists that she can't stand him and she's only doing an act. Dario questions her drinking alone in a bar if everything is going so well. Nicole tells him that Deimos is trying to play her and Kate against each other so that means her magic is working. Nicole mentions Deimos planning to marry Kate. Dario questions what his plan is but Nicole doesn't know. Dario asks if Deimos knows Nicole's goal is to get him back for what he did to Maggie. Nicole admits that he thinks it's possible as he doesn't trust her but he doesn't trust Kate or anyone else either. Dario asks if she thinks he's just trying to freak her out with the marriage to Kate. Nicole suggests he just likes playing them. Dario questions Nicole not thinking it's dangerous that Deimos suspects she is working for Victor. Nicole responds that she covered well and isn't sure he cares. Nicole states that she has never met a man with so much self confidence who thinks he's invincible. Dario suggests maybe he is which would mean she doesn't stand a chance.

Kate asks Deimos if he liked her treasure hunt. Deimos says he did very much but was a little surprised it was her as he thought she was angry with him after calling off their engagement. Kate responds that she is angry with him so he is going to have to calm her down. Deimos asks how she proposes he do that. Kate tells him to decide but that tonight is his last chance as she invites him in to bed.

John talks on the phone to Paul that they haven't found Joey yet but they are still working on it. Paul makes sure John isn't pushing himself too hard. John asks how he's feeling. Paul responds that he's getting better every day as Henry joins him at the Pub.

Kayla stops and tells Fynn that she can't. Fynn understands she's very vulnerable right now and doesn't want to take advantage of her.

Joey tells Steve that he didn't do it. Steve tells him not to lie to him as he can't help him if he doesn't know what happened. Joey says maybe he doesn't want his help. Steve warns him about going to prison and asks if he had anything to do with the robberies. Joey looks away which Steve takes as a yes. Steve says he needs to tell him everything he did. Joey admits he drove the get away car once and didn't even know what was going on when it happened. Joey adds that he broke in to a store to steal Jade some crystals but that's it. Steve tells Joey that he's going to make a call and either own up to what he did or not. Steve says it's his choice just like getting involved with these people was. Joey responds that he came here to try to find himself. Steve says he doesn't find himself by running away. Joey argues that Steve had been running his whole life. Steve says he found his home and he paid for all that running so he finally learned his lesson and now this is Joey's.

Nicole tells Dario that she's way too close to back away now as she thinks she can get the upper hand with Deimos. Dario thinks she's banking a lot on resembling Helena. Nicole thinks it's Deimos' weakness. Nicole says his heart will be how she makes him pay for what he did to Maggie. Dario still thinks she's playing with fire. Nicole responds that she's been playing with fire her whole life.

Deimos kisses Kate. He comments on her being aggressive as they kiss in to bed.

Joey tells Steve that he doesn't know what to do as he's screwed either way. Outside the closet, Simone continues arguing with the detective. Jade returns. Simone tells her that they won't find anything. The detective demands to see Jade's hand but she says she knows her rights. Joey bursts out of the closet and says to leave her alone.

Kayla says that was awkward and she made a fool of herself but Fynn tells her that he wanted to comfort her. Kayla feels stupid but Fynn encourages her. Kayla says he's such a nice, supportive, and caring guy that she got swept up and didn't think about his needs. Kayla says he doesn't need someone ambivalent and confused so she doesn't want to hurt him. Fynn tells her not to worry about him. Kayla goes to freshen up and the bathroom as she apologizes. There's a knock at the door and John arrives, surprised to see Fynn.

Paul tells Henry it's been a long time. Henry talks about graduation from high school and preparing for college. Paul talks about not having that experience since he got drafted to baseball out of high school. Paul encourages Henry. Henry thanks Paul for helping him as he finally came out as gay to his parents. Paul is happy and asks how it went. Henry says they already knew so they were okay with it. Henry feels they were a little disappointed but that they support him no matter what. Paul praises his courage. Henry then asks Paul if he will go out with him.

Deimos and Kate lay in bed together after having sex. Kate says that was nice and they toast their glasses. Deimos says that was one way to describe it. Kate asks if he's ready to get packed and get ready for Vegas. Deimos questions her still wanting to get married right now. Kate informs him that she already told the pilot to fire up the jet and a flight plan. Deimos comments on her being sure of herself. Deimos assumes she is willing to sign the prenup now but Kate says definitely not. Deimos brings up Kate saying she had a problem with the prenup, his relationship with Nicole, and called off her engagement but now she wants to get married. Deimos guesses she will still issue an ultimatum. Kate tells him that he can never see Nicole again which is not out of jealousy but her looking out for him. Kate insists that Nicole will never sleep with him as she's playing him. Deimos questions if she's concerned or if she's playing him too. Kate asks if he really thinks she's only interested in the money. Deimos tells her to prove him wrong by signing the prenup. Kate says no. Kate adds that he knows her worth so she doesn't need his money. Kate says that she wants him because he moved her in a very powerful way maybe more than any man she's ever known. Kate says they both share a perspective on life and she knows they are meant for each other which she has known from the first moment she saw him. Kate states that they both like money but they crave power and she wants to share that power with him but if she signs the prenup then he will think that he's won and she's lost. Kate declares they will be grand together but only as equals and that deep down he knows she's right.

John asks if he had the wrong room but Fynn tells him that Kayla is washing up after they just had dinner. John asks if he can wait for her so Fynn invites him in. John sits down seeing Kayla's jacket on the bed and questions if he's read any good books lately.

Joey didn't think he would ever see Jade again. Jade argues about him not fighting harder for her. Joey says he couldn't give up his parents. The detective interrupts them demanding to see their hands. Dirk watches from nearby. Jade pulls away as Joey tries to comfort her and Steve remains hiding in the closet.

Deimos tells Kate that she makes a compelling argument. Kate says she knows who he is and he would think less of her if she let him bully her to sign the prenup and to tolerate Nicole. Kate argues that no one understands him the way she does. Kate declares that no one could stop them together. Deimos agrees and suggests they get married tonight right now. Kate calls that much easier than she thought as they kiss. Kate says she will shower first and he won't regret this. Deimos says he better not as they kiss. Deimos says they will leave in about an hour as Kate goes to shower. Deimos then gets a call from Nicole and asks what he owes the pleasure to. Nicole says she needs to see him right away. Deimos asks if she's alright. Nicole tells him to meet her at the park and she'll bring the champagne. Deimos says he has some place he needs to be. Nicole tells him that after they meet, he can decide if he still wants to go or not.

Henry guesses he took Paul by surprise and says it doesn't have to be anything big. Paul is flattered that he wants to go out with him but feels he's too old for him. Henry is disappointed and goes to leave but Paul stops him. Henry gets that Paul is famous and can have any guy he wants while he's nobody. Paul tells him not to say that and praises him as good looking. Paul says he has so much to offer somebody just not him. Paul feels their relationship has been more of a mentor-student thing. Henry doesn't think that can't change.

Kayla comes out of the bathroom and asks John if Steve found Joey and if everything is alright. John says he hasn't heard from him yet. Kayla asks why he came. John says he wanted to make sure she was alright. Kayla questions if Steve sent him to babysit her or if he wanted to stop her from coming to find Joey.

The detective questions who Joey is and shows him the photo from the robbery where the driver of the car is wearing the same jacket as him. He asks if Joey has anything to say about that.

Nicole tells Dario that she called Deimos and told him where to meet her then hung up so he couldn't say no. Nicole comments on Deimos liking strong women. Dario remarks that he has options. Nicole then exits the nightclub.

Kate returns to Deimos and notes that he is in a hurry to go while she hasn't even packed yet. Deimos tells her that he needs to run a quick errand before they take off. Kate thinks he could get someone to do that for him. Deimos claims he's going to get her wedding ring. Kate doubts there are jewelry stores open at this hour and questions what's really going on.

Henry argues that students and teachers hook up all the time so it wouldn't be weird but Paul tells him that it would be weird for him. Paul adds that there is still someone out there that he thinks about. Henry asks if it's anyone he knows then decides it's none of his business. Paul says it was nice to see him. Henry says whoever Paul wants is a lucky guy as he then exits. Paul pulls out his phone and looks at a photo of Sonny.

John tells Kayla that Steve didn't send him to babysit and doesn't even know he is here. Kayla asks why he is here then. John says he was just worried about her as she didn't sound alright on the phone. Kayla insists she's fine. John brings up her being in the hospital recently. Fynn adds that is why he came along. Kayla thinks John and Steve know exactly where Joey is and wants to be taken to him now.

The detective tells Joey that he will take him to the station. Joey argues that anyone could have a jacket like his. Simone questions if he has any proof that it was Joey. The detective brings up what the witnesses say about a young woman being involved too. Joey insists that Jade was not there and not involved. He questions how Joey can be so sure. Joey then admits he drove the get away car.

Deimos thought Kate would be happy. Kate says they can get a ring in Vegas. Deimos argues that she deserves something reserved for high priced buyers for her. Kate calls that lovely and says she will have him all packed by the time he gets back. Deimos knew she would see it his way and says he will be back before she knows it. Deimos then exits.

The detective says Joey just admitted to first degree robbery which is 3-9 years in prison. Joey explains that he just drove the car and had no idea a robbery was taking place so he was tricked. He argues that he still participated by driving away and suggests the DA will cut him a break if he tells who robbed the store.

John tells Kayla to slow down and think about this as they can't bust in to the situation without knowing what's going on. John says Steve will call. Kayla argues that she's tired of waiting. Fynn agrees with John but Kayla complains about her son being out there. Kayla tells John to take her there or she is going by herself.

Joey refuses to say anymore and says he drove the car and that's all he's going to get. The detective then arrests Joey for first degree robbery.

Deimos meets Nicole in the park. Deimos asks what is so urgent. Nicole says she can't stop thinking about the last time they saw each other. Nicole doesn't think Deimos trusts her and has only been testing her. Nicole says she doesn't blame him for mistrusting her until tonight. Nicole says tonight she realized she would throw away her entire plan to be with him as he made her feel something she's never felt before and she's scared. Deimos asks why she called him. Nicole says she doesn't like being scared or running away from how she feels. Nicole then kisses Deimos as Kate appears behind the bushes and sees them kissing.

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