Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/31/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/31/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope goes with Aiden to where Chase is in the hospital. Hope decides she can't do this and can't be here so she rushes off.

Ciara sits at home in the DiMera Mansion. She thinks back to playing chess with Chad and smiles. Chad enters the room and pours a drink as Ciara watches.

Joey and Jade come to an abandoned shed. Jade praises Joey riding the motorcycle and suggests that Steve gave up on chasing them but Joey assures her that he will still find them.

Steve returns to Jade's aunt Simone and tells her that she lied to him about Joey and Jade being there the whole time. Simone questions why she was supposed to trust him. Steve threatens to call the police and brings up the kids robberies. Simone argues that he can't prove anything and tells him to get out or she will call the police.

Kayla tells Fynn that she needs to find Joey and doesn't want to be too late. Fynn hugs her and encourages her as they get close.

Steve warns Simone that he will do anything for Joey so she messed with the wrong man. She argues that he can't just show up and play the savior, telling him that Joey told her he wants nothing to do with him. Steve tells her to have a nice day and exits.

Jade tells Joey that she is impressed Steve found him. Joey says that's what he does and he's the best at it. Jade comments that it sounds like he misses him so maybe running away wasn't such a hot idea and he should go find him. Joey reminds her that he wants to be with her. Jade brings up how he was going to leave. Joey says that doesn't mean he wanted to leave her. Jade tells him to prove it by doing something cool like breaking some rules for her and she will believe him. Joey takes her by the hand and they exit.

Aiden catches up to Hope in the town square and asks if she's okay. Hope says no and doesn't know what she thought going to the hospital. Hope says it is horrible what happened to Chase. Aiden guesses she sees it as justice. Hope says she doesn't know and is confused by it. Aiden says he hates what happened to Ciara and now what happened to Chase. Aiden thinks Hope wishes he died and knows what he did was awful but he's still his son. Aiden goes to leave but Hope grabs his hand as Rafe arrives and sees them together while it looks like they are holding hands.

Chad lays on the couch with his drink and says he didn't know Ciara was sitting there. Ciara says she didn't want to say anything. Chad guesses because he's drunk. Ciara realizes Abigail didn't want to see him. Chad responds that he is trying to be optimistic for Thomas but lying to himself isn't going to help. Chad says he's the opposite of optimistic as it feels like his whole world is crashing around him. Ciara points out that Thomas doesn't show signs of knowing anything is wrong so Chad must be doing a good job around him. Ciara says Abigail is at her lowest but she will get out of it as it can't last. Ciara assures him that Abigail will wake up and miss them so she will think about coming home. Ciara talks about how things change really fast like how she didn't want to go to therapy but seeing Marlena was helpful. Chad falls asleep on the couch so Ciara puts a blanket over him.

Rafe goes to walk away but Hope spots him and calls him over. Rafe greets them. Rafe mentions hearing what happened to Chase and knows it's awful to go through so he's sorry. Aiden says he has to get back to the hospital and tells Hope that he will ask for Chase to be transferred to a psychiatric hospital because he needs help. Hope responds that all she wants is for Chase to be nowhere near Ciara. Aiden walks away. Rafe asks Hope how she's doing and she responds not good.

Joey brings Jade to a closed shop and breaks in which impresses Jade. Jade wants to go in and see what they can find but Joey decides this one is on him and tells her to wait there as he heads inside.

Fynn apologizes for something coming over him as he feels so close to Kayla. Fynn admits he finds her very attractive but they agree that it would be unprofessional so they plan to decide nothing happened. Fynn says he will go back to his room and let her get some rest but she argues that she won't be getting any rest as she calls Steve to find out what's going on. Kayla leaves a message to call her, arguing that she knows something is going on with some type of lead. Fynn encourages her to be patient. Kayla complains about times when she couldn't reach Steve in the past. Fynn understands she doesn't like feeling helpless. Kayla responds that she's going to go out of her mind if she doesn't do something.

Steve finds Joey's backpack which he left behind and looks through it. He finds Joey's pocket knife then hides when he hears Simone coming back with two kids. Steve uses his phone which makes Simone think she heard something.

Joey returns to Jade. She questions him breaking in without stealing anything. Joey implies that he has something in his jacket. Jade wants to see but he says later so they leave before getting caught.

Ciara covers Chad with a blanket and imagines kissing him.

Aiden returns to Chase in the hospital and asks a nurse how he's doing. She tells him that he's stable and to try not to make him upset again. Aiden questions if it's necessary for him to be handcuffed to the bed. She calls it standard for a prisoner and exits. Aiden sits at Chase's side as he wakes up. Aiden asks how he's doing. Chase responds that he's awful but that he deserves this and everything that happens to him.

Rafe sits with Hope in the town square. She asks if she's a horrible person when Chase is just a kid. Rafe tells her it's okay to be confused. Hope is sick and tired of being confused. Rafe encourages her to take some time and figure things out, understanding that she cared about Aiden a lot and loved him, adding that maybe she still does. Hope asks why he would think that. Rafe brings up that she's conflicted about Chase because she's conflicted about Aiden. Rafe says he gets it as he loves her but he's also her friend so she needs to take time to figure things out, suggesting she go somewhere by herself. Hope responds that she never wants to hurt Rafe. Rafe says he knows but she needs to take time. Rafe kisses her on the cheek and exits.

Ciara remains next to Chad and tells herself that it won't happen tonight.

Kayla gets a call from John, updating her on what they have found out. Kayla tells him that she and Fynn are stuck at a motel but the car should be ready in the morning. Kayla asks John to tell Steve to call her and hangs up. Kayla then informs Fynn about where Steve has gone to find Joey. Fynn guesses that Steve will call her when he finds Joey but Kayla thinks Steve will keep her out of the loop to protect her. Kayla wants to get the car fixed sooner or get a rental car but Fynn doesn't think that's a good idea.

Simone thinks she heard something like a phone but the kids laugh it off. She tells them to concentrate on what they are doing and instructs them to search every room for Steve as she wants him gone by any means necessary.

Joey and Jade return to the abandoned shed where Joey reveals to her that he stole a crystal for her after she told him a story about crystals from her childhood. Jade says no one has ever done anything like this for her and he just made her so happy. Joey responds that he's happy too but admits he didn't feel good about stealing it. Jade gets annoyed and doesn't want to hear about stealing being wrong. Joey says he didn't say that. Jade tells him that if he wants to be with her, he has to run with her as she wants to live on the edge and take chances. Joey blames how she grew up with her parents. Jade tells him to let it go. Jade informs him that she does whatever she wants any time she wants to feel good as she then kisses him. Jade asks if he wants to feel good with her. Joey stops and realizes he left his condoms in his backpack which he left when they took off. Jade tells him there's no way he's going back there. Joey says all his stuff is in that backpack including something really important. Jade guesses it's something his parents gave him. Jade argues that there is nothing they can't live without as they can steal food, condoms, or clothes. Jade then declares to hell with Joey and states that he will never be free like her. Jade tells Joey to go home to his parents and storms out. Joey then chases after her.

Rafe goes home and has a beer. Adriana comes in and questions if he's upset as she thought he was going to gym. Adriana guesses it has do with Hope, remarking that she knew she was trouble as soon as she saw her.

Hope goes to see Ciara. Ciara tells her about Chad visiting Abigail and it not going well so she wanted to let him rest. Hope tells her about planning to leave for awhile unless she needs her. Hope explains to her that Chase was stabbed but is likely to survive. Ciara tells her not to worry about her as therapy with Marlena went well and her job has helped her think about other things, adding that Thomas and Chad need her. Ciara encourages her to go and asks where she is going. Hope says she will let her know as soon as she figures it out and they hug.

Chase asks Aiden if he's going to die. Aiden tells him that he's not and will be fine but Chase says he won't be as he's going back to prison. Chase calls himself a sex offender who will wind up dead. Aiden tells him that he will not let that happen. Chase says he can't make it go away. Aiden tells him to trust him and to let him plea insanity if he will let him.

Joey catches up to Jade and asks her to give him a break as he's not perfect and who she wants him to be but he's trying. Joey says he loves her but Jade argues that he just loves what she is. Jade cries that this isn't him as his parents raised a good boy. Jade tells him to go home as they are done. Joey doesn't want to lose her. Jade responds that he already has. Jade kisses him goodbye and tells him not to follow her as she walks away, leaving Joey sad.

Adriana complains about Hope's history with Bo and Aiden, arguing that Rafe doesn't need that. Adriana thinks he should stay away but Rafe decides he's going somewhere else to chill out and walks out of the house. Adriana wonders what she said wrong. She then pulls out her phone and makes a call, saying that she needs them to come to Salem as soon as possible as it's about Rafe.

Hope promises to let Ciara know where she's going as soon as she finds out. Hope tells her she loves her and exits. Ciara heads back inside where Chad remains asleep on the couch. Ciara wakes him up and tells him that she has to take care of something so she left the baby monitor with him. Chad tells her he's fine and won't drink anymore. Chad thanks her and she exits.

Joey returns to the group home where he left his backpack. Steve comes out and confronts him, saying they need to talk.

Kayla tells Fynn that she hates this and doesn't want to waste another second. Kayla tells him to either come with her or don't. Kayla then gets dizzy again. Fynn worries and tries to calm her down.

Rafe goes to the club and sits at the bar. Rafe looks at Hope's number on his phone but puts it down and takes a drink.

Hope walks through the town square, leaving a message for Shawn that she's going out of town for a few days and asks him to keep an eye on Ciara.

Chase asks Aiden if he thinks they will let him go to the hospital instead of prison. Aiden declares he will make it so they can't say no and tells him not to worry and just concentrate on getting better. Chase cries that nothing really ever works out for him and he does everything wrong. Aiden hugs him as Ciara appears outside the room and looks through the window.

Kayla wakes up from having fallen asleep. Fynn asks if she feels better. Kayla says she's fine. Fynn promises to help her find Joey and do anything she asks as long as they wait until the morning to leave. Kayla cries that there's nothing she can do as she knows Joey is in trouble and calls herself a terrible mother. Fynn tells her that she is just overwhelmed by stress and he is there to help her. Fynn hugs her as she cries. Fynn tells her that he will never leave her, everything will work out and they will be fine as Fynn and Kayla then start kissing.

Steve tells Joey that he and Kayla have been worried about him. Steve is glad he's safe and says this place is not good as the people are trouble. Steve says that's fine if Joey doesn't want to come home but he has to get him out of here. Joey cries that he wants to come home. Steve says good and they will do it but then they hear the police sirens coming.

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