Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/27/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/27/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Fynn and Kayla stop at a hotel on their way to Los Angeles. Kayla regrets not just flying. Fynn talks to her about how something could have gone wrong. Kayla argues that she's fine and is just having trouble keeping her sodium levels up. Fynn decides he will get them burgers and fries then and exits the room. Kayla looks at Steve's number on her phone then gets dizzy and sits down.

Steve and John research the scorpion branding tattoo. John doubts Joey would get involved with a gang but Steve guesses he's in with the wrong crowd starting with Jade. Steve gets a call from Carl with information, confirming the location of the group home and the scorpion mark.

Jade and Joey talk outside. Jade says now that they got branded, they belong. Joey continues to worry. Jade reassures him despite knowing it's not his thing. Joey complains about Dirk, who is playing guitar and singing nearby.

Rafe and Hope finish their lunch at the station. JJ's old friend Rory is brought in from a drug bust. Hope thanks Rafe for lunch. Rafe is glad they got to spend some time together.

Aiden visits Chase in prison and asks if he's okay. Chase questions him and brings up visiting Aiden's grave. Aiden apologizes for all he's been through but says he has some good news as he thinks he can get him out. Aiden says he will argue that Chase was emotionally overwhelmed and not in his right mind when he made that horrible mistake with Ciara. Chase questions Aiden planning to tell the judge that he's crazy. Aiden says he will try to convince the judge that he should be in a hospital to get him out of prison. Chase accuses him of trying to put him in a mental institution so he can say he tried to help him. Aiden thinks it will help but Chase thinks he's just trying to work all the angles to get Hope back.

Rafe begins to interrogate Rory. Rory claims his friends shoved the drugs on him and took off. Hope tells Rafe to ease off and notes Rory being vulnerable. Hope brings up Rory being JJ's friend and figures there's more to the story. Hope mentions Rory having the right to an attorney. Rory swears that he had no idea what was going on as his friends tricked him in to holding the stash then took off. Hope tells Rory that all he has to do is write down their names but he refuses.

Kayla picks up her phone and calls Steve. Steve asks how she's feeling. Kayla claims she's fine and asks about Joey. Steve says they just got a lead. Kayla informs Steve that the car broke down and will be fixed in the morning. Steve suggests she turn around and go back to Salem as they have it covered but Kayla says all she cares about is finding Joey. Kayla asks what he isn't telling her. Steve says he's just distracted as he's focused on the lead. Steve assures her that they will find Joey before she even gets there so she should just go back home. Steve hangs up as John discovers Simone of the group house is Jade's aunt. They talk about going there. Steve worries that if they both go then Joey might get spooked and that Simone could be helpful so Steve exits while John makes a call to another contact.

Gabi and Eduardo talk at home about Eduardo babysitting Arianna. Gabi mentions spending time with JJ when he gets off duty. Eduardo questions Gabi and JJ getting close. Gabi guesses he doesn't like that one bit.

JJ joins Roman, Rafe, and Hope at the station. Rafe figured Rory would be more comfortable talking to JJ. Roman argues that JJ is not trained in interrogation as a rookie but JJ insists he can do this as he knows Rory. Rafe says they struck out so it's worth a shot so Roman agrees to let him. JJ enters the interrogation room to see Rory. Rory questions where his badge and uniform is. JJ says he's going off duty but wanted to see what was going on. Rory guesses they just want him to snitch. JJ says he's here as a friend but Rory argues that JJ cut him off since becoming a cop. JJ insists that he's here as a friend and will help him if he lets him. JJ adds that any of his friends will sell him out and questions if Rory wants to go away for 15 years jut for keeping his mouth shut. Rory repeats that they did dump it all on him and run. JJ says they should pay, not him. Rory agrees but feels he's going to prison either way. JJ offers to get him immunity.

Aiden tells Chase that this is what's best for him and not about himself. Chase tells Aiden that he should get Hope back since what happened wasn't his fault and he deserves another chance. Aiden feels Chase does too as he's too young to have this wreck his life. Chase declares that he's better off in prison. Chase says he thought Aiden was a psycho who got murdered so he started realizing he's one too. Aiden wants to bring him a psychiatrist to beat this but Chase refuses. Chase says he's different and brings up being there when the gun went off when his mom died. Aiden argues that he didn't make that happen but Chase blames himself for his mom killing herself. Chase argues that he doesn't need someone to tell him that something is wrong with him. Chase tells Aiden to drop it and not to even bother visiting anymore as he's done. Chase then walks away.

Steve visits Simone and questions her about where Joey might be. She apologizes and says she never gives information about anyone who passes through as their privacy is important. She points out that some of them are running from terrible homes. Steve understands her policy but wants to talk to his son. Steve promises he's not running from any abuse. Steve notes that she is very compassionate and that she wants what is best for everyone that comes through but she must understand how worried he is. Steve asks her to just tell Joey that he's here.

Eduardo tells Gabi that he has nothing against JJ but being a cop can be dangerous and sometimes that spills over into the lives of people close to the cop. Gabi questions him when he used to be an assassin. Eduardo admits he's a hypocrite but says he is speaking from experience. Gabi gets annoyed and reminds him that Rafe is a cop. Gabi questions him finding Rafe's love life fine but not hers and accuses him of being sexist. Eduardo thinks women are vulnerable in a different way as a protective father. Gabi thanks him for looking out for her but says she's going to date JJ because he's a great guy and a great cop who she is very proud of.

JJ leaves the interrogation room. Roman questions JJ thinking he could tell Rory he could get him immunity. Roman tells JJ that there is no way they can make that deal. JJ argues that he gave Rory his word to get the names but Roman yells at him that he's a rookie. Roman says JJ needs to learn to only do what they ask and not move forward on his own as there is no deal. JJ worries that Rory will think he lied to him. Rafe says they will explain what happened. Rafe and Hope exit to get the friends that Rory turned in.

Joey tells Jade that he's thinking about his parents and feeling guilty since they have to be worried about him. Jade questions if he regrets running away with her. Joey says no as he was sick of his parents running his life and he loves being with her but he still cares about his parents. Joey argues that his mom has always been there for him. Jade tells him to take a pill but Joey declines. Dirk interrupts and questions what Joey is in to. Joey tells him to get lost as he's having a private conversation with his girlfriend. Dirk advises him to stop whining and grow a pair. Joey attacks Dirk and they get in a fight.

Simone tells Steve that she would love to trust him but he comes off like a guy who could lie his way out of anything. Steve admits he is and has but this time he's telling the truth. Simone doesn't believe that he just wants to talk to Joey. Steve guesses that he's here and states that he wants to see him now. She informs him that he's too late as Joey and Jade came through a couple of days ago but left in the morning. Steve asks how Joey was. She tells him that he seemed alright so he should just back off and let Joey go down on his own spiritual path. Steve brings up that he left without saying goodbye so he wants to make sure he's okay. Simone assures him that he's fine. Steve still wants to try to find him and thanks Simone for talking to him. Steve stops and asks if she could get him some water or tea. She invites him to the kitchen.

Fynn returns to Kayla and asks about Steve getting a lead on Joey. Kayla felt there was something he wasn't telling her. Fynn assures her that she will find Joey. Fynn talks about when he and Daniel lived in California which Kayla relates to. Kayla then gets another headache. Fynn wants to call the hospital but she tells him not to as it just has to pass. Fynn offers her painkillers from his medical bag.

Joey and Dirk continue fighting until Jade breaks it up. Jade questions what's wrong with them. Joey says he's not going to let him run his mouth. Dirk warns him. Jade questions Joey starting a fight like that. Joey declares he's had it with this place and storms off while Jade follows after him.

Steve sits with Simone and talks about his travels. He guesses she must have a tough job running a place like this and asks how she gets food. She talks about having a small garden and raising money from everyone pitching in. She asks how close he is to his son. Steve says it's been up and down since he ran away because of his parents fighting. Steve mentions living on the edge and taking risks. Simone asks about his wife. Steve responds that they are not married anymore as she's pretty much done with him. Simone calls it a lonely life and says she's sorry. She goes to get him another cup of tea. Steve then gets up and begins searching the place.

Aiden returns to his hotel room and talks on the phone, telling them to keep digging as he needs all the help he can get. He hangs up as Roman arrives at his door. Roman says this is something he had to do in person as Chase got in a fight in the prison yard and he's been stabbed so he's in the hospital in critical condition.

The painkillers put Kayla to sleep where she has a nightmare about Steve revealing to her that he found Joey dead. Kayla wakes up in a panic so Fynn asks her what' wrong.

Rafe and Hope have Rory's drug dealer friends arrested at the nightclub. Rafe mentions doing the paperwork while Hope plans to check on Ciara after her session with Marlena. Rafe invites her to a casual dinner with no pressures so she agrees. Rafe says he will text her the time and place as Hope exits.

Aiden walks through the town square and bumps in to Eduardo as he rushes off. Eduardo gets a text message from a private number that says Patrick Johansen had a family and asks how he plans on making amends to them and all the other families of men he murdered. Eduardo responds to tell him who they are or leave him alone.

JJ goes to his room with Gabi. JJ tells her about his worries about Rory after what happened with Roman. Gabi thinks Roman should be thanking JJ. JJ admits he felt good. Gabi praises him and they kiss in to bed.

Joey and Jade return to the group home where Jade tries to convince Joey to stay. Joey declares that he's done and she can either come with him or not. Jade agrees but wants to say goodbye to Simone first. Steve comes out and finds them. Steve questions what happened to Joey's face after the fight. Jade tells Joey to run so they run off together. Steve follows after them.

Aiden rushes in to the hospital and tells the guard that he needs to see Chase so he is let in to see him. Chase is being prepared for surgery. Aiden hopes he's going to make it. The doctor tells him that they will do the best they can and he's stabilized after losing a lot of blood. They take Chase in for surgery while Aiden worries.

Hope goes home, leaving a message for Ciara that she went looking for her but she wasn't home so she asks her to call when she gets the message. Roman shows up at the door to inform Hope that there is something she needs to know.

JJ and Gabi start to undress as they kiss in bed until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. JJ answers the door to see Rory, who punches JJ in the face.

Fynn blames the painkillers for giving Kayla nightmares. Kayla admits she had a dream that Joey was dead. Fynn assures her that everything will be fine as he hugs her.

Steve continues to chase after Joey and Jade as they get away.

Aiden remains at the hospital crying. Hope enters the room and asks if Chase is going to make it. Aiden responds that he doesn't know. Hope puts her hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

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