Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle, Shawn, and Claire eat together at a restaurant. They talk about Claire getting off better than they thought at the hearing. Claire starts to question them acting close to each other again and guesses that they are back together.

At the police station, Rafe comments on Lani switching shifts and asks if she has big plans for her night off. Lani responds that she has really big plans.

Theo walks through the town square with his phone and texts Ciara, asking how the hearing went and saying he wants to see her. Ciara had just walked out of the town square and responds that the hearing went okay but she can't see him today as she wants to be alone. Hope finds Ciara and says she wished she wouldn't have run out like that. Ciara says she just had to get away. Hope apologizes. Ciara tells Hope that she was talking to Aiden like it was a business deal when Aiden and Chase ruined their lives. Ciara questions why Bo is dead and Aiden's alive. Hope swears not to let anything happen to her. Ciara informs Hope that if Chase gets out, she's going to hurt him before he hurts her. Hope hugs her and understands why she feels that way. Hope tells Ciara that she has her, Roman, and Rafe so Chase will not get to her. Ciara remarks that he'll do it to some other girl. Hope wants Ciara to take care of herself and to think about herself. Ciara questions why Hope wants her to see a shrink. Ciara questions being crazy when Chase raped her. Hope says she did nothing wrong but something terrible still happened to her. Hope wants Ciara to let Marlena to try to help her since what she's doing isn't helping. Ciara says that's not true and agrees to let Hope call Marlena so she does. Marlena asks how the hearing went. Hope says it went good and sets up Ciara talking to Marlena at 3. Ciara says no as she has to take care of Thomas. Hope argues that Claire can do it but Ciara argues that Thomas doesn't know Claire and they will be upset if she's not there. Hope questions her saying them meaning Chad. Ciara asks why she wouldn't be worried about Chad through his tough time. Hope questions if she has a crush on Chad. Ciara responds that they are just friends.

Claire is happy as Belle and Shawn admit that Shawn spent the night. Belle tells her not to get her hopes up but Claire thinks it was inevitable for them to get back together. Claire gets a text and says she has to go. Claire tells them to not screw up being happy again as she kisses them goodbye and exits. Philip appears nearby and watches them as Shawn asks Belle if Claire might be on to something. Belle tells him it was one night and she doesn't want to make too much of it because it doesn't solve their problems. Philip makes a phone call. Shawn jokes with Belle and points out they are finally on the same page with Claire. Shawn thinks it was more than just sex last night as he felt a real connection to her again. Belle blames it on drinking too much. Shawn states that she was the Belle that he fell in love with before as she was honest and real. Philip continues watching from a distance. Shawn talks about Belle being different since she came back by toying with Philip. Shawn tells Belle that she needs to start being honest with herself and comments that Philip will always be the self-absorbed Kiriakis he's always been and he will always put himself before her. Belle admits she's been thinking the same thing.

Theo walks through the town square and runs in to Claire. Claire tells him court wasn't bad and they just have community service. She asks if Ciara told him about it but he says he hadn't talked to her as she wanted to be alone. Claire tells him that she just texted her to ask if she could watch Thomas so maybe she has something to do. Theo hopes that's it but doesn't think so.

Hope joins Rafe at the station and asks if he's busy. Rafe says he's just trying to help Steve find Joey and Jade. Hope says she'll leave him to it but Rafe invites her in to the interrogation room. Hope informs Rafe that she has good news as the judge went easy on the kids and just gave them community service. Hope adds that she finally convinced Ciara to have a session with Marlena. Rafe asks if that has to do with Aiden being back. Hope admits it probably does because Ciara is scared that Aiden will get Chase cleared. Rafe argues that won't happen since Chase admitted what he did. Hope thinks Aiden is starting to realize it really happened. Rafe questions Hope talking to him again. Hope says she had to for Ciara's sake and told him that if he loved her, he wouldn't do anything to hurt Ciara. Hope hopes that he heard her.

Aiden goes to the nightclub on the phone and says he needs to make something available in order to help him with his case.

Ciara talks with Claire and says she just put Thomas down so he should be asleep until she gets back. Claire asks where Chad is. Ciara says he went to see Abigail. Claire tells her to keep her phone on in case she has questions. Claire asks where Ciara is going. Ciara informs her that she has a session with Marlena since Hope's been wanting her to go but she hadn't wanted to talk about it. Claire asks what changed her mind. Ciara talks about Aiden coming back has her worried about Chase getting out which has made her realize she can't make it go away. Claire questions if her stress over Chase getting out is why she's been staying away from Theo.

Philip sits alone in the town square where a woman joins him and apologizes for being late. He informs her that her timing could not have been better.

Belle and Shawn go back to the police station. Belle mentions meeting the DA on a case and thanks him for lunch. Shawn invites her to dinner as well, insisting it can be casual. Belle asks what about Lani. Shawn tells her that he will take care of it. Belle asks if he's sure since it looked pretty serious. Shawn says it could turn in to something unless he has another chance with Belle. Belle asks if a chance is what he wants. Shawn wants to start over and do things right this time more than anything. Belle jokes that she will think about it as she exits. Shawn sits down with a smile.

Philip talks to the woman he's meeting about her experience in the music business. Philip compliments the sexy look in her ad campaigns. Philip hopes she can bring that same vibe to his company. She asks if he's offering a job. He suggests they talk about it over lunch or dinner. She says he has her information and the job offer sounds interesting. She likes his ideas but insists all she is looking for is a job. Philip is sorry if she misunderstood his intentions. She hopes she didn't. They shake hands and she exits. Belle approaches and joins Philip. Belle asks what's bothering him. He says he's just busy. Belle asks if she should be worried. Philip says he has a lot to do so he tells Belle to say whatever she has to say so he can get to it.

Ciara tells Claire that she isn't staying away from Theo. Claire points out Ciara not telling him about her session and thinks Theo would understand if it was about Chase. Claire questions if she just doesn't really want to see Theo. Ciara says everyone knows how much she likes Theo. Claire guesses he's not exciting enough for her. Ciara doesn't know what she wants but doesn't want to hurt Theo. Claire says she should tell him before she does hurt him badly.

Rafe gets that Hope wants to help Ciara but he thinks Aiden is playing her and the situation. Rafe apologizes for being out of line but Hope knows he doesn't trust Aiden. Rafe brings up that Aiden worked for Clyde Weston and Stefano. Hope worries about Ciara snapping if Chase is set free so she admits she used the fact that Aiden loves her even if she doesn't like it. Rafe points out that Stefano wasn't stupid so he must have seen that Aiden was weak, corrupt, and immoral so he doesn't think a few months locked up can change that.

Aiden gets a call that it's ready for him so he says he'll be there as soon as he can and exits the nightclub.

Belle starts to leave but Philip asks her not to and wants to know what happened with Claire. Belle tells him that she's fine as the judge was pretty lenient. Philip is glad things are working out for her and that she and Shawn are moving in the right direction. Belle asks what made him say that. Philip responds that he knows when she's happy and that it has nothing to do with him so he guesses that she took her advice about her relationship with Shawn. Belle thinks he's making fun of her but Philip guesses that he's right. Belle responds that she always takes his advice. Philip tells her that he really does want her to be happy. Belle says she knows that and thanks them then walks away.

Ciara meets with Marlena and talks about running in to Chase when he was out on bail. Ciara thought she was getting stronger but seeing him made her feel helpless again. Ciara talks about always being mad at everyone and she feels like if she stops being mad then she will start crying without being able to stop. Ciara doesn't think she can handle Chase being let out. Marlena points out that is if he gets out and asks what Ciara is afraid of if he does. Marlena asks if she's afraid Chase will hurt her again. Ciara says no but that she will hurt him. Marlena asks if she could do that. Ciara doesn't think anyone knows how angry she is, not just at Chase but at herself because she knew he had a dark side and she liked it which made her think that she probably has a dark side too which is why she can't be with anyone like Theo. Ciara suggests maybe she can never get serious with any normal guy.

Hope agrees with what Rafe is saying. Rafe knows she does but hates that she has to deal with Aiden after everything he put her through. Hope hates it too but feels she has no choice. Hope asks Rafe if he's hungry. Rafe asks why. Hope opens the door and reveals she already had lunch ordered for them as long. Hope jokes with him that they can only eat as long as they stop talking about Aiden which Rafe agrees with.

Theo goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks Claire where Ciara went. Claire claims she didn't say other than that it was important. Claire guesses he came for answers. Theo says he doesn't get her as she can go from wanting to hang out one day to not wanting to see him the next. Theo brings up how they fell asleep in her bed last time they hung out and he was so happy but then she started acting weird again. Claire blames what Chase did but Theo doesn't think it's just because of that. Claire suggests she just feels like she has to take care of herself right now and tells Theo to try not to get his feelings hurt if all Ciara wants to be right now is just friends.

Ciara talks to Marlena about how she feels like if she was older and trying to talk to Theo. Ciara says she can only picture herself being with someone who is unpredictable even after what happened with Chase. Marlena asks if she means someone like Bo. Ciara asks if that's creepy. Marlena says no and talks about Bo's appreciation for strong women while living his own life. Ciara says maybe she is scared of finding someone she loves and then losing them. Belle comes home and apologizes, not knowing Marlena had company. Marlena tells Ciara that she thinks they made a very good beginning. Ciara thanks her for everything and exits. Belle asks Marlena if that was a session which she confirms. Belle apologizes for interrupting but Marlena tells her it's okay. Belle talks about the kids getting a light sentence of community service. Marlena thinks the judge realized they just did something stupid. Belle talks about her and Shawn trying to impress on Claire not to do something like this again but feels they didn't get through as Claire feels like she can get away with anything. Marlena doesn't know what motivated Claire to get involved and suggests trying to punish Mark. Marlena brings up Claire's life lately which Belle knows she means her affair.

Rafe jokes with Hope about having cheeseburgers for lunch. Hope admits that she was trying to make it up to him for things getting so complicated between them with Aiden coming back. Rafe says it's not her fault that he came back. Hope says she still has to deal with him so she wants him to know how much he cares. Hope and Rafe kiss as Aiden walks in and says he hopes he's not interrupting.

Philip goes to the nightclub and orders another drink, telling the bartender he's had a bad day but looks up at her and says it just got a whole lot better.

Belle tells Marlena that she's been giving her divorce a lot of thought. Marlena asks what that means but gets interrupted by a text message. Marlena tells Belle to hold her thought and steps out to respond to the message. Belle looks over at a photo of her and Claire on the mantle. Belle grabs her phone and calls Shawn, asking if it's a bad time. Shawn says no and asks how she's doing. Belle says she's fine and suggests they have dinner. Shawn says that's great and says he will pick her up around seven. Shawn hangs up and turns around to see Lani, who comments that it sounds like he has other plans tonight. Shawn says he was just coming to find her. Shawn informs Lani that he has dinner with Belle tonight. Lani assumes that they are going to give their marriage another try. Shawn doesn't know what it means but wants to be upfront. Lani tells him that she didn't take this seriously as they just had fun for awhile and she hopes everything works out for him. Shawn notes her being decent about this. Lani doesn't know what other way to be. Shawn exits.

Ciara returns home to the DiMera Mansion and greets Theo and Claire. Theo tells her that he just came to see Thomas. Claire asks how her appointment went. Ciara says it was fine and thanks her for covering. Claire says she'll leave now unless Ciara wants her to stay. Ciara sends her to go check on Thomas. Theo tells Ciara that he came to see her and hopes it's not too pushy. Ciara thinks she's been kind of a bitch to him. Theo says no but Ciara insists. Ciara knows how he feels about her and doesn't think she's ready for that right now. Ciara hopes he understands. Ciara says they have been best friends forever and he was her first friend. Theo questions if they are just friends now. Ciara cries that he's just not what she is looking for. Theo argues that she doesn't even know what she's looking for. Claire comes back in and tells Ciara that Thomas is still sleeping so she will leave. Theo tells Claire that she doesn't have to go and storms out. Claire asks if Ciara talked to Theo. Ciara confirms she did. Claire gets why Ciara is doing what she's doing but that it's breaking Theo's heart.

Hope asks Aiden what he wants. Aiden says he was just thinking about their conversation and the last thing he wants to do is add to what Hope and Ciara are dealing with so he thought they could talk about it over lunch. Rafe points out that they just ate. Aiden apologizes for interrupting and exits. Rafe tells Hope that this was Aiden letting her know that he's not giving up on her.

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