Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla talks on the phone to Steve, assuring him that she's fine after taking the antidote and she's being discharged today. Steve assures her that he will find Joey and brings up how he found Bo before. Steve tells Kayla to take care. Kayla tells him to tell Joey that she loves him as they hang up. Fynn enters Kayla's hospital room. She asks about the discharge papers but gets dizzy so Fynn tells her that she's not ready to go anywhere.

Joey tells Jade that he's been thinking they should get out of the group house they are in. Joey mentions today being the sentencing and how he never paid for what he did to Ava. Joey knows their friends won't get off easy. Jade says that's why they are here and hopes he does not want to go to Salem.

Shawn and Belle wake up in bed together. They mention thinking they were dreaming. Shawn asks if she has any regrets. Claire calls for Belle from the living room that they are going to be late to court.

Hope goes to the DiMera Mansion to get Ciara. Ciara asks about going to jail depending on the hearing. Hope wishes her luck and hopes they can get this over with. Ciara worries about the judge making an example out of them especially since Joey and Jade skipped bail. Ciara thanks Hope for being there, knowing she's going through a lot and being freaked out by Aiden. Hope doesn't want to think about Aiden and wants to just focus on Ciara.

Aiden goes to visit Chase in jail. Chase can't believe it, saying he thought it was a joke and that he's supposed to be dead.

Steve talks with his contact Carl about trying to find Joey and Jade. John shows up and says he will need all the help he can get. Steve introduces John as his partner.

Kayla tells Fynn that it's just a headache. Fynn tries to keep her calm but Kayla worries about not knowing where her son is.

Jade tells Joey that they would never make it back in time for the hearing. Joey worries about continuing to break the law. Jade says that he just drove the getaway car while Dirk stole. Jade thought Joey wanted an adventure. Joey talks about just arguing and thinks she just wants to stay because of Dirk. Jade tells him to forget about that and says Joey is starting to act like him. Joey tells Jade that he's out of here whether she comes with him or not.

Belle calls out to Claire that she is getting ready. Shawn questions not letting Claire know that they are back together. Belle questions back together. Shawn asks if she didn't know what she was doing when she got in bed with him. Belle says she did but they don't need it more complicated and don't have time for this conversation. Shawn tells her that he doesn't regret anything about last night and hasn't felt that close to her in a long time. Belle says the same and gets up to shower.

Ciara tells Hope that she can't stop thinking about Aiden and how he doesn't believe that Chase raped her. Hope says that doesn't matter. Ciara worries that Aiden will try to get Chase out of jail and she doesn't know what she will do if he gets out. Hope tells her that she won't let that happen and it will be fine.

Aiden explains to Chase how he got himself in a lot of debt and was beholden to Stefano DiMera, who wanted him to do something that he couldn't do so when he refused to cooperate he found someone else who looked exactly like him. Chase questions where Aiden has been all this time then. Aiden thinks back to the night he was kidnapped. Aiden explains that he was held captive and it took him many months to get back here. Aiden wants to get him out and home but Chase says he doesn't have a home. Chase says Hope and Ciara should've threw him out but they didn't. Chase says Hope was so generous and he repaid them by doing something so terrible he can't even say it. Chase states that he can't live with himself and definitely doesn't deserve to get out. Aiden tries to suggests maybe Ciara is making it out to be worse than it is but Chase confirms that she said no, he didn't listen or stop and raped her. Chase adds that he hates himself for it. Aiden calls him a good kid who lost his way a bit and just needs professional help, not jail. Chase responds that he lost his way because he doesn't know him at all. Chase brings up all the people who thought Aiden killed his mom and he always defended him, but now he can't help but wonder. Chase calls him an evil son of a bitch and says he turned out exactly like him.

Steve thought John was in the hospital but John tells him that he's been cleared. Steve brings up Joey and Jade possibly staying with an aunt but they don't have an address. Carl finds something on the surveillance footage. Steve has him zoom in on the getaway car and confirms it's Joey because he's wearing his jacket.

Jade asks Joey not to go as she wants them to be together. Joey tells her to come with him then. She questions how they are going to live if they can't get jobs and it's expensive. Jade asks what's so bad about the place when everyone else loves it. Joey says they are all high. Jade thought they came to have fun and wants to start doing that.

Fynn encourages Kayla. Kayla tells him that she's going to go home and pack so she can go to Los Angeles to help Steve find Joey. Fynn stops her and says there is no way in Hell that he's letting her do that.

Aiden apologizes to Chase for the time being so painful to him. Aiden tells Chase that he has to believe that he didn't kills his mother as he could never take another life which is what Stefano wanted him to do. Chase questions Aiden really expecting him to believe that Stefano replaced him with a clone. Aiden points out that he's here breathing while the clone died. Aiden tells Chase that they have time to heal as they both have a lot to answer for and to make up to the people they care about. Aiden says they can and they will. Chase asks how. Aiden says the first thing to do is get Chase out and getting him the help he needs. Aiden says once that happens, he has no doubt things will get better.

Hope and Ciara go to the station where they join Belle and Claire. Belle mentions Henry joining them in court while no one has seen Joey and Jade. Ciara gets a text from Theo, wishing them luck as he has an exam. Hope talks with Belle about the judge. Belle advises Ciara and Claire to show remorse and not try to blame Mark. Shawn arrives and joins them, apologizing for being late. Belle smiles and tells him he's not. Claire questions Belle smiling and Shawn wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Shawn says he pulled an all nighter at work. Shawn encourages Ciara and Claire as they exit with Hope and Belle. Lani asks Shawn what that was about. Shawn tells her about the sentencing. Lani asks him what's going on with he and Belle.

Joey tells Jade that this isn't his idea of fun. Jade refuses to lose him and kisses him.

Steve and John bring in the owner of the store that got robbed by Dirk and question him about that night.

Kayla tells Fynn that he can't forbid from her going. Fynn worries about her being weak and dizzy. Fynn suggests that Joey can handle himself as he's 18. Kayla brings up living in Los Angeles. Kayla insists that she's going and he can't talk her out of it so Fynn decides she isn't going without him.

Shawn takes Lani in to the interrogation room to talk. Lani says Shawn and Belle wanted to kill each other last time she saw. Shawn says they are trying to stick together for Claire. Lani asks if they are still on for tonight then. Shawn says they will play it by ear so he can be there for Claire. Lani questions him and asks if they are ok. Shawn says they are good. Lani grabs him and kisses him.

Kayla tells Fynn that he can't drop everything and go across country when he has patients. Fynn talks about planning a trip anyway. Kayla argues that he can't do it still but Fynn insists.

The store owner tells John and Steve about the guy that robbed him having a branding mark on his hand of a scorpion and guesses he's part of a gang.

Joey and Jade kiss on the couch as Dirk walks in and watches them.

John and Steve thank the store owner for helping them as he exits. John and Steve talk about the lead. Carl recognizes the local group of runaways who hit up stores last year. Steve doesn't like the sound of that. Steve gets a call from Kayla and asks if she's okay. Kayla tells him that she is being released from the hospital so she's coming to help him find Joey. Steve says no way in hell.

Ciara and Claire return from the hearing with their sentencing of community service. Ciara asks about Joey and Jade not showing up. Shawn says there is a warrant out for their arrest. Hope and Belle tell them how lucky they are. Claire mentions getting something to eat so she leaves with Shawn and Belle while Ciara says she isn't hungry. Ciara tells her that she only feels normal at home while babysitting Thomas. Ciara is glad she could help Chad through a tough time and feels that he feels less lonely when she's there. Aiden then shows up at the station.

Steve tells Kayla that she's not well enough to fly. Kayla argues against him always doing everything alone. Steve argues that she wouldn't let a patient go. Kayla informs him that Fynn has offered to drive her so she's taking his offer which leaves Steve confused.

Jade tells her aunt that they want to contribute but Joey doesn't want to steal so they wondered what else they could do to help. She tries to convince them how it's just helping themselves. Dirk asks if Joey and Jade are ready to become official as they are the only ones without a branding on their hand.

Hope and Ciara go in to the interrogation room with Aiden. Hope asks what he's doing there. Aiden says he just saw Chase. Hope questions him. Aiden tells her that Chase takes full responsibility for what he did and that he's truly sorry. Aiden says Chase doesn't even want him to represent him. Ciara asks if Aiden is going to help him get out. Hope insists that Chase is not getting out. Hope tells Aiden that if he ever truly loved her then he will let be justice served and not talk to Ciara about this ever again. Hope questions Aiden confronting Ciara in the town square. Aiden says he's sorry that happened and apologizes for all of it. Aiden asks Hope if they can go somewhere and talk but she says no as she needs to be with her daughter. Hope exits the room with Ciara.

Dirk asks who wants to go first. Jade says she'll do it and doesn't care. Joey tells her that she doesn't have to prove anything. Dirk asks if they want to be one of them so Jade gives her hand and Dirk brands her with the scorpion mark. Jade says it hurt less than a tattoo and calls it cool. Jade tells Joey it's his turn and asks him to do it for her.

Steve doesn't want to worry about Kayla and Joey. Kayla tells him that he won't have to worry as she will be traveling with her personal physician. Steve argues that she isn't needed her. Kayla says too bad as he will see her in a few days.

Hope brings Ciara home and apologizes that she had to see Aiden again. Ciara says he's back and she can't protect him. Ciara talks about Aiden getting guilty people off being his job. Ciara knows Hope loved Aiden but she hates Aiden and Chase. Ciara doesn't know what she will do to Chase if he gets out.

Aiden returns to his hotel room where he gets a call from Andre. Andre asks if he forgot what they discussed as he was not to tell anyone how close Aiden came to killing Hope if he set him free. Aiden says he's working on it. Andre warns Aiden about telling Hope that he is still lying to her. Andre tells Aiden that the choice is his, either get him out or face the consequences.

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