Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/24/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/24/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer is at home holding her back in pain. She looks out the window then in the mirror and cries that she can't do this as it hurts so much. Jennifer goes to her purse and goes to leave but Lucas arrives and asks if she's going somewhere. Lucas tells her it's okay and he understands then asks if she wants help. Jennifer responds that she needs help. Lucas asks if she wants help or if she wants him to step aside. Jennifer cries that she wants help and hugs him, saying she's so glad he came. Jennifer thanks him for not giving up on her.

Lucas comes in and asks if she's redecorating. Jennifer doesn't want to know what she broke. Lucas guesses she was looking for her stash. Jennifer talks about hiding it in the curtain. Lucas talks about her not being in control when she ran out of pills. Jennifer mentions throwing them all out before and not digging them back out. Lucas asks why now. Jennifer talks about getting through JJ's sickness after thinking she was going to lose him and before that she had went to see Abigail who didn't want to see her or her family. Jennifer cries about Abigail slipping away then holds her back in pain again. Lucas encourages her to take it slow. Jennifer tells him that it's so hard to see Abigail like that. She tells him about how she offered to take Thomas for the night but Chad refused after admitting he didn't trust her. Jennifer complains about Chad considering her a danger to her grandson. Jennifer swears she didn't take anything though as she had flushed every pill down the toilet. Lucas understands that she did what she thought was right so the pills are gone and the problem is solved. Jennifer thinks back to throwing away her pills then arguing with the pharmacy on the phone about trying to get more. Jennifer worries about coming off like a junkie but says she didn't care. Jennifer thinks back to searching through everything in the house for pills before breaking down and calling Lucas for help. Lucas encourages her. Jennifer thought she could handle this. Lucas says they all think that. Jennifer questions if he means junkies. Lucas tells her not to think of it that way. Jennifer complains that she's just so tired as they talk about her lack of sleep. Jennifer brings up still being in pain and tries to say she can take the pills just not as many. Lucas suggests getting Maggie involved and going to a meeting at the church tomorrow morning. Jennifer questions a meeting solving things. Lucas thinks she can't do it alone so it's the only way, pointing out that it worked for him. Lucas declares he's not going anywhere as he's not going to let her deal with this alone ever again.

Jennifer cries that she feels stupid, weak, and ashamed. Lucas talks about this starting after her car accident and says it could happen to anybody. Lucas encourages her about going to meetings. Jennifer tells him that she will go. Lucas says they have a couple hours so she can try to sleep, adding that he won't go anywhere. Jennifer lays down on the couch to sleep.

Jennifer has a nightmare about Abigail coming home and questioning her about not taking care of Thomas or being there for her. Her nightmare then continues by dreaming about JJ being in prison for drugs. Jennifer then envisions the prison guard being her late husband Jack, who tells her that she has put herself in prison.

Lucas makes a call while Jennifer is asleep and says he thinks the more family she has, the better. Lucas says he will see them soon and hangs up.

Jennifer's nightmare continues as she argues with her vision of Jack, who reminds her of their past times as she flashes back to their history together. Jennifer tells him that the old her died with him. They talk about the last time Jack came back. Jennifer talks about being alone and the kids not needing her anymore. Jack encourages her to be free and that she doesn't need the pills as help is all around her with her family. Jennifer then wakes up in a panic where Julie is next to her and tells her they are there and it's alright as Jennifer cries. Julie says she heard that she was having a rough night. Lucas mentions having about three hours until the meeting. Julie, Doug, and Lucas step out to talk about helping Jennifer. Doug suggests he and Julie move back in to help Jennifer. Jennifer comes out and tells them that she feels okay to go upstairs and get some rest. Julie insists on going with her so they head upstairs where Julie tucks her in to bed. Jennifer suggests Julie go get some sleep too but she says she's not tired and sits at the bed side. Julie goes back downstairs and tells Lucas and Doug that Jennifer is finally asleep. Lucas thanks them for being there.

Jennifer wakes up saying she can't do this and has to get out of here. She stumbles and looks under the bed where she finds a bottle of pills. Julie returns and catches her. Jennifer claims that she just fell but Julie knows she found a stash that she forgot. Jennifer argues that she just needs one. Julie demands the pills. Jennifer refuses and turns away. Julie tries to stop her but Jennifer spins around and slaps her. Jennifer can't believe herself and cries that she's so sorry as she hugs her. Julie tells her it's going to be alright. Julie then falls asleep in the chair and when she wakes up, Jennifer is not in bed. Julie rushes downstairs but finds Lucas and Doug getting Jennifer ready for the meeting. They assure Jennifer that they won't let her fall as they love her and they all hug.

Lucas brings Jennifer to the AA meeting where Maggie and Brady are inside. Jennifer thought no one would be there but Lucas says he made some calls. Lucas tells her that she just has to sit, listen, and watch then can say something when she feels like it. They go and sit with Brady and Maggie. Maggie begins the meeting by praying. Lucas speaks first about counting his days and being grateful. Maggie asks if anyone else would like to speak as they all look to Jennifer. Jennifer stands and takes the podium. Jennifer declares this is her first meeting ever but not her last as she introduces herself. She envisions Jack watching from the back of the room. Brady, Maggie, and Lucas watch on as Jennifer tearfully admits that she is an addict.

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