Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle has a drink at the nightclub and orders another drink, promising not to drive home. Shawn joins her and informs her that the bartender called, knowing he was concerned. Shawn apologizes for coming down on her so hard and knows she's trying. Shawn knows she will do great for Claire in court tomorrow. Shawn hopes Claire learned her lesson in jail but Belle argues that she's so stubborn. Shawn jokes that she got it from the both of them. Belle agrees. Shawn offers her a ride home so she accepts and they exit together.

Nicole looks at an old photo of Helena in the living room as Kate walks in and questions what the hell she is doing.

Rafe comes around the corner and sees Aiden kissing Hope so he quickly walks away. Hope pushes Aiden and questions what he thinks he's doing.

Nicole remarks on Kate barging in without knocking. Kate points out that she has a key. Kate comments on Nicole making herself comfortable. Nicole says she isn't comfortable. Deimos comes back and listens from behind the door. Kate tells Nicole to get dressed and get out.

Shawn brings Belle home. Belle insists that she's fine as Shawn apologizes again. Shawn goes to help her in and they end up kissing. They head inside and continue kissing. Shawn turns the lights on and says they can't do this, pointing out that he hasn't been drinking like her.

Aiden tells Hope that he didn't mean for that to happen but then says he did because he's missed her so much.

Rafe goes to the nightclub and orders a bourbon at the bar.

Nicole doesn't know what Kate is getting so worked up about. Kate tells her to get dressed. Deimos continues listening in. Nicole tells Kate that at least she's in the living room instead of the bedroom. Kate calls out to Deimos that she's back. Nicole asks if Deimos is expecting her since he never mentioned it. Kate tells Nicole that she knows what her agenda is and it's not going to work.

Belle feels embarrassed and disappointed in herself. Shawn tells her not to beat herself up but Belle says she's failed at pretty much everything. Belle questions where she's gone right in being a mother or a daughter or a wife. Belle drunkenly laughs off screwing up while Shawn remains silent. Shawn wants to get her coffee but Belle stops him and says she's nto oblivious to when their relationship started going downhill as she knows it's when she cheated on him. Belle tells Shawn that she will feel guilty about that for the rest of her life not just because it hurt him but because it hurt her and Claire too. Belle sits down and asks how she could be so stupid. Belle cries that it's the one moment she can point to and say that her life has been a hot mess since then. Shawn doesn't see the point. Belle says she needs to say this out loud. Belle cries about not wanting to hurt him more. Belle says that Shawn doesn't want anything to do with her but he tells her to never say that.

Hope tells Aiden that he shouldn't have come back. Hope says she and Ciara have been through Hell too. Hope wants to figure out how to help Ciara. Aiden calls her the most important person in his life so he feels he deserves to know if she's in love with Rafe.

Shawn tells Belle that he's sorry she is hurting and feeling down on herself, knowing he is sometimes the cause of that. Shawn argues that they have all screwed up. Shawn talks about wishing they could go back in their lives. Shawn mentions not wanting to cause her any pain and praises her as a mother. Shawn says he will always be grateful for their daughter so they will just have to accept that they will always be bonded for the rest of their lives.

Rafe finishes his drink at the bar of the nightclub where Roman joins him. Roman asks how hungover he's going to be in the morning. Rafe continues drinking. Rafe tells him he knows and he's got it. Rafe talks about Hope going through all of this and complaining about Aiden coming back after everything. Rafe questions if they are just going to pick back up where they left off. Roman tells Rafe that he's his boss but also his friend if he wants to vent but Rafe responds that he doesn't want to vent. Rafe shouts that Hope is going through a crisis right now and questions Roman turning it in to breaking rules at work. Rafe yells that he doesn't give a damn about the rules but about Hope.

Hope questions Aiden thinking he deserves anything from her. Hope says her answer is yes as she and Rafe are involved. Aiden asks if it's serious then just assumes it is. Aiden calls it a familiar position for him as last time Bo had her heart and now it's Rafe. Aiden talks about Rafe being a great guy who maybe wouldn't put himself in a horrible position like he did. Aiden hopes Rafe loves her unconditionally like she deserves to be loved. Aiden declares that he was a fool to think they could just pick up where they left off and that he could win her back. Aiden apologizes for all the mistakes and hopes she knows that. Aiden goes to leave but Hope stops him.

Nicole suggests Kate share what her agenda is. Kate continues calling for Deimos. Deimos remains listening outside the door. Nicole thinks Kate is only interested because Deimos controls Victor's empire. Kate responds that she doesn't need anyone's money. Nicole mocks Kate being in love with Deimos when she barely knows him. Deimos returns with Nicole's clothes from the dryer and acts surprised to see Kate. Kate tells Deimos that her luggage is in the car. Kate then informs Nicole that they are getting married and flying to Vegas tomorrow. Nicole takes her clothes and goes to get dressed. Kate reminds Deimos that she warned him not to play games with her because it can backfire explosively.

Belle tells Shawn that his words mean a lot to her and really help. Belle just wants to stop messing up Claire's life. Belle says Shawn and Philip have both talked to her about spoiling her. Shawn points out that Claire is a teenager. Belle blames herself for Claire going to court tomorrow for vandalism. Belle says she needs to do this with him instead of by herself. Shawn doesn't know what more he can say. Belle responds that there is nothing left to say and kisses him.

Deimos tells Kate to get a hold of herself as she's assuming facts without evidence. Deimos claims there are no games being played here. Kate brings up Nicole being in only a robe with glasses of brandy out. Kate notices Nicole's perfume being on Deimos. Kate reminds him that she is his fiancee and slaps him.

Roman tells Rafe that he has never said he had a problem with he and Hope being involved and thought he made it clear that he was in their corner. Rafe apologizes and says it's just a lot to deal with. Roman gets it and tells him not to worry about it. Roman tells Rafe not to fight him when his real battle is with Aiden.

Hope tells Aiden that everything has changed. Hope confirms she is falling in love with Rafe. Aiden talks about not giving up and wanting to clear Chase's name which upsets Hope. Hope points out that Chase is a rapist and that will never change no matter where he puts his focus. Hope repeats that his son raped her daughter so he belongs in jail. Hope begs him for Ciara's sake to not change that.

Belle and Shawn continue kissing. Shawn stops but Belle assures him that she won't regret anything and asks him not to leave as it's been a long time since she felt this close to him.

Rafe tells Roman that Hope doesn't know what to think anymore. Roman questions what Rafe is doing here drinking and if that's his best response to the problem. Rafe admits it's not. Roman tells Rafe to go make his case.

Aiden says Hope made herself very clear on how she feels but he can't abandon his son. Hope points out that he wasn't here so he has no idea what Ciara went through. Aiden says he's trying to understand and mentions seeing her. Aiden insists that he cares about Ciara. Hope says if he does, he will stay the hell away from her. Hope insists that Chase is where he belongs behind bars as Ciara needs to feel safe. Aiden apologizes and doesn't know how many more ways he can say he's sorry. Aiden hopes she and Rafe have a wonderful life as she deserves to be happy in love which is all he wants for her. Aiden knows she needs him to back off so he will. Hope says they understand each other then and walks away.

Deimos warns Kate that she is coming dangerously close and she doesn't want to find out to what. Kate asks if he's insinuating she's crossing an imaginary line, arguing that he's already crossed it. Kate tells Deimos that he is certainly testing her as she left with marriage on the table but when she came back, that commitment meant nothing. Deimos argues that maybe he was playing Nicole to find out what she was up to. Deimos adds that he doesn't apologize for anything so she can get used to it. Kate says she doesn't either. Kate tells Nicole that he's all hers so they can kill each other for all she cares as she storms out of the mansion.

Aiden returns to his hotel room and sits down with a bottle of whiskey.

Rafe goes to Hope's. She asks if he's alright. Rafe says he's not losing her. She asks who said he was. Rafe says they have been through too much, come too far, and he loves her. Rafe doesn't care what Aiden says or does, he refuses to lose her.

Nicole guesses the engagement is off. Deimos says it does seem to be that way. Deimos asks if Nicole is mad at him too. Nicole responds that she's not sure, maybe, but she wonders how mad he is at her for causing friction between him and Kate. Deimos responds by kissing Nicole. Deimos wants to take her upstairs. Nicole tells him that she prefers a commitment before she commits as she then exits. The electricity goes out due to the storm. Deimos goes and plays the piano in the dark.

Kate goes to the nightclub where she runs in to Roman. Roman asks if the lights are out at her place too. Kate says she can't talk right now and orders a double martini.

Nicole sits outside the town square and calls Victor. Nicole tells him that things have gone exactly as she planned so far so he can call Justin and whoever else to tell them that they can back off. Nicole hangs up and thinks back to kissing Deimos on the piano.

Belle and Shawn kiss in bed.

Rafe kisses Hope at her doorway.

Aiden lights candles in his hotel room, puts down the bottle, and pulls out a photo of he and Hope from his pocket.

Rafe and Hope continue kissing.

Kate sits at the bar and drinks her martini.

Nicole remains outside on the bench then gets up and walks away.

Deimos finishes playing his piano.

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