Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Deimos and Nicole kiss at the piano. Nicole feels Deimos' chest and sees his scar so she asks how he got that.

Adriana finds Rafe in the kitchen late at night making a sandwich. Rafe mentions that he hadn't gone to sleep. Adriana informs him that Kayla offered her a job as a nurse. Rafe says that's great. Adriana questions if he doesn't want her in his house anymore. Rafe says he didn't say that but he knows working makes her happy so he wants her to be happy. She tells him that she wants him to be happy as he makes her so proud. She asks how his date went.

Hope is at home in the dark while it's storming outside. She thinks back to the night "Aiden" tried to kill her and then Aiden telling her about being held hostage by the DiMeras. Hope then prepares to go out in the rain.

Aiden lies awake in his hotel room. He sits up and thinks back to being held captive. Aiden then gets up and leaves his room.

Belle scolds Claire for what she did at the prom and warns her that there will be consequences. Belle tells her that she can say goodbye to her car that she got for graduation. Claire calls it unfair but Belle notes that it caught her attention. Claire declares that she will move out and live with Ciara.

Chad sits at the chess table in the DiMera Mansion then gets up and pours a drink. Chad takes a drink and then imagines Stefano appearing in front of him.

Philip goes to see Belle. He tells her that they need to file the papers for their label tomorrow. Belle questions him wanting her to review an entire contract tonight at this hour. Philip says it's what they agreed. Belle questions why he wants her to do it now. Philip says he fully equipped a label so people need to be paid. Philip questions if she doesn't want to do business with him anymore.

Hope walks outside the town square and sits down on the bench in the storm. Aiden shows up and greets her.

Rafe tells Adriana it was a crazy night with the quarantine at the hospital. Adriana thinks Hope should be here with Rafe. Rafe tells her to give it a rest. Rafe then finds the black roses in the trash and asks if there's something she should tell him about.

Deimos gets up and looks out the window. Nicole asks how he got the scar. Deimos comments on the thunderstorm outside. Nicole asks if Victor was responsible for the scar. Deimos tells Nicole that Victor felt the need to brand him as he likes to express himself in blood. Nicole says that never made him right as she then continues kissing Deimos.

Belle tells Philip that she's not going to throw away a good business partnership because he dealt a blow to her ego. Belle takes the papers and signs them, telling Philip to just text her the information and she will wire the money in the morning. Belle adds that it will be a huge success. Claire comes back in and says she thought she heard Philip. Claire shows Philip all of the hits online for her performance at prom. Philip questions putting herself out there when she's still so raw. Philip encourages that she needs to be ready and she'll get there. Claire then goes back to her room. Belle questions Philip and tells him not to take out what's going on between them on her daughter.

Chad tells himself that Abigail will get well. His vision of Stefano says she has gone mad. Chad argues that she had a terrifying experience but hasn't gone mad. Chad insists that he is taking care of his son so he will not suffer. Chad's vision of Stefano tells him that sometimes, to protect what's his, he needs to make a sacrifice.

Rafe questions Adriana about the black roses and shouts that maybe letting Eduardo back in to their lives was a big mistake. Adriana questions abandoning him and says that's not what family does. Adriana declares that this is when Eduardo needs them the most.

Philip tells Belle that Claire just needs to be prepared for a brutal and unforgiving business. Belle responds saying that is just him. Philip tells her that he will update her tomorrow and walks out.

Ciara has a dream about kissing Chad and then wakes up.

Aiden tells Hope that he had no idea she would be out so he doesn't want her to think he was stalking her. Aiden knows she has a lot to think about so he says he will leave her to it. Hope asks why he's out tonight walking in the rain.

Eduardo is in his hotel room when he gets a text asking if he got the gift, telling him to take care of his beautiful family.

Shawn works at the police station when he gets a call from Claire. Shawn says he will see her at the hearing tomorrow. Claire is surprised he's coming and thought that her parents were done with her. Claire says she can manage without her car if they take it from her. Shawn says they were going to talk to her about that. Claire tells her that Belle and Phillip were too busy calling her no talent. Claire informs Shawn that she is moving out. Shawn wants to talk to her about it but Claire says she just called to let him know she's out of here. Claire hangs up. Shawn calls Belle and questions what's going on, adding that he needs to see her now.

Chad wakes up from his dream of yelling at Stefano that he does not sacrifice his wife. Ciara comes in and tells him that she just checked on Thomas and he's still asleep through the storm.

Aiden tells Hope that he just felt like the walls were closing in. Hope says that what happened to him is horrible. Aiden considers that it kept him alive which made he knew there was a chance that he would see her again.

Deimos tells Nicole to come with him upstairs. Nicole asks what for and if he wants a mistress. Deimos says he wouldn't use that word. Nicole feels that's all she could be if he marries Kate. Nicole asks Deimos what he really wants. Deimos says everything and tries to kiss her again but she pulls away. Deimos asks what Nicole really wants. She says she wants a man with a brain. Nicole feels he's missing a few facts. Deimos says he knows what matters. Nicole brings up how Kate poisoned Sami and framed her for murder along with poisoning Chloe. Nicole continues warning him about Kate. Deimos asks Nicole what if he asked her to marry him and if that would be a mistake. Nicole says she would see through his proposal immediately as a test, feeling whatever answer she gave would be wrong. Deimos feels he's found a woman with brains. Nicole still doesn't know what he's thinking and asks if that's how he survived prison. Deimos responds that it was better to be unknown. Nicole asks how that is working for him on the outside. Deimos admits it's tiring. Nicole tells him to stop. Deimos says he would love to go back to when he was happy as a young man when life was simple. Nicole calls him a very complex man with a lot going on inside. Nicole says on any given day, he could rule the world or go completely off the rails. Nicole thinks he needs a woman who could help heal him, not push him over the edge. Nicole tells him that Kate is like him and will bring out the worst in him which could lead to tragedy.

Ciara tells Chad that he should get some sleep but he doesn't think he will. Chad tells her that she can go ahead but she's not tired. Chad asks if she plays chess. Ciara jokes that there is an app for that. Chad offers to teach her how to play so she agrees. Chad calls it one of the good memories from his father and hopes to one day teach his son. Ciara tells him to practice on her. Chad isn't sure how good he will be at teaching but Ciara is sure he will be great.

Belle goes to the station to see Shawn. Shawn questions Claire moving out. Belle explains that she's moving in to a cottage on the DiMera estate with Ciara. Shawn questions them not talking about it. Belle takes it as him blaming her. Belle tells Shawn he can go handle Claire on his own and walks out.

Eduardo texts back the number, calling them a coward and daring them to show up and settle this. They respond saying "soon enough." There's then a knock at the door so Eduardo prepares to attack but it's Rafe. Eduardo says he wasn't expecting him. Rafe questions who he was expecting but Eduardo says it's hard to say as he doesn't know. Rafe thinks they should figure out and asks him about Patrick Johansen. Eduardo responds that he's an old sin that he will never stop paying for.

Hope notes that the rain is really coming down now. Aiden sits on the bench with her. Aiden jokes with her but Hope decides she should go. Aiden stops her but Hope says he can't pressure her like this. Aiden says that for him, some things are still the same. Hope tells him that nothing is the same and maybe he shouldn't have come back.

Deimos tells Nicole that life rarely happens the way they expect it. Nicole agrees and mentions the rain letting up so her clothes must be dry by now. Deimos goes to get her clothes.

Belle has a drink at the nightclub and orders another drink, promising not to drive home. Shawn joins her and informs her that the bartender called, knowing he was concerned. Shawn apologizes for coming down on her so hard and knows she's trying. Shawn knows she will do great for Claire in court tomorrow. Shawn hopes Claire learned her lesson in jail but Belle argues that she's so stubborn. Shawn jokes that she got it from the both of them. Belle agrees. Shawn offers her a ride home so she accepts and they exit together.

Chad teaches Ciara how to play chess. Ciara brings up the hearing tomorrow. Chad guesses she will get community service and things will be fine. Chad tells Ciara that she will get another chance as there is always another move and that's the way life works. Ciara thanks him as he encourages her to believe.

Rafe questions who is coming after Eduardo. Eduardo calls it a joke and not a real threat, arguing that if someone wanted to hurt the family then they would do it instead of announcing their presence. Eduardo tells Rafe that he's doing the best he can to bury his past and keep it there. Rafe tells him that's not good enough.

Aiden apologizes for pushing. Hope tells him that he shouldn't be there and feels that he tried to make her feel sorry for what he went through. Aiden refuses to give up and says she knows how he feels. Aiden argues that deep down, she still loves him.

Nicole looks at an old photo of Helena in the living room as Kate walks in and questions what the hell she is doing.

Shawn brings Belle home. Belle insists that she's fine as Shawn apologizes again. Shawn goes to help her in and they end up kissing.

Chad wins the game of chess with Ciara. Ciara tells him that she will practice. Chad mentions never beating his father. Ciara calls it only a game. Ciara decides she will go check on Thomas and then go to bed. Chad tells her goodnight. Ciara stops and tells Chad that he's a lot better guy than he thinks. She calls him a really great guy and kisses him on the cheek as she then exits.

Hope tells Aiden that it's late so she should get home. Aiden tells her goodnight then stops her and kisses her as Rafe comes around the corner and sees them.

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