Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/19/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/19/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John sits at Paul's bed side at the hospital. Marlena enters the room and asks how Paul is doing. John happily hugs Marlena as Paul wakes up and greets them. John tells Paul that he made it. Paul jokes that he wasn't going to let John coach baseball all by himself.

JJ visits Gabi in her hospital room where Arianna is sleeping. They talk about JJ being better even though he waited to take the serum until after Gabi did. JJ talks about making sure she's okay and kisses her.

Kate questions Deimos wanting to get married and tells him not to play games. Deimos says he wouldn't do something like that. Kate says he seemed less enthused at first so she asks what changed. Deimos says he thought it over. Kate remarks that spouses can't testify against each other. Kate suggests they hop on the Kiriakis Jet to Vegas. The butler announces Justin's arrival. Kate says to get rid of him but Deimos says to let him in.

Dario meets Nicole outside and talks about getting let out of the hospital. Dario asks if she wants to go to the Pub but Nicole wants to keep this private. Nicole tells Dario about Victor having another plan and Kate wanting to marry Deimos. Dario suggests Kate may be afraid of losing Deimos to Nicole which means her plan could be working. Nicole feels if Kate and Deimos get married then Victor will never get his fortune back or revenge for what happened to Maggie which she cannot let happen.

John tells Paul that this should have never happened to him as it's all on him. Paul says John didn't make the virus. Marlena points out that Yo Ling is to blame. Paul questions why he would try to kill him when he wanted him to be his successor. John talks about how it was his backup plan if he couldn't brainwash him. Paul feels the two deaths from the virus was because of him but John says it was Yo Ling. John prays there were no other tricks up his sleeve.

Adriana enters Gabi's hospital room, interrupting her and JJ kissing and she questions them behaving like this with Arianna in the room.

Dario tells Nicole that Kate doesn't waste any time so she's going to have to step up her game. Nicole questions trying to seduce Deimos out of marrying Kate tonight. Dario mentions Deimos past in prison and making up for lost time. Nicole jokes about trying to convince Deimos that she's the no sex before marriage type. Dario says she wouldn't have to convince him and calls her the perfect package.

Deimos tells Justin that he's been expecting his visit. Justin would rather not talk in front of Kate. Kate asks Deimos if they will be taking that trip later. Deimos states that tomorrow is as good as tonight. Kate says of course and exits. Justin calls it soon to be traveling since Deimos just took control of Titan. Deimos says one of the good things about being rich is he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Justin points out that he can also do it with whoever he wants. Deimos argues that's not always the case as he's beginning to see how many people want something from him. Justin tells Deimos that he called and told him to come over since he made up his mind about his proposal. Deimos questions if he gets preferential treatment from the DA's office if he settles some money with Victor. Deimos accepts his offer but wonders if he can trust him to keep his word. Justin points out that he's family. Deimos expects him to cover up any difficulties that he or anyone he employs is involved in. Deimos tells Justin that when the test comes, he will have to recognize it for what it is and act accordingly. Deimos warns Justin that he will keep his eyes on him so he will want to stay on his toes.

Gabi explains herself to Adriana. Adriana informs her that she might get hired as a nurse which Gabi and JJ say is great news. Adriana is happy to see them doing so well and checks on Arianna. Gabi thanks JJ and informs Adriana that he wouldn't take the medication until after she took it. JJ blows it off but Gabi says he's very important to her.

Marlena brings Paul some water and mentions the virus taking a toll on he and John. Marlena adds that it will take a while to get his strength back. John suggests they can go to the gym together. Paul responds that he can handle his recovery himself.

Justin goes to the town square and calls Victor. Justin informs him that Deimos agreed to his proposal but all he knows is that things are about to get very interesting.

Kate returns to Deimos and asks him what Justin wanted or if he cut a deal with the DA. Deimos says it was nothing that interesting. Kate again asks what it was. Deimos calls it a boring legal matter. Kate thinks she has the right to know if he's in trouble. Deimos responds that he's not in trouble and tells her to leave it alone. Deimos says this is how he does business. Kate questions keeping secrets from his business partner. Kate says what he did to Maggie and Victor gave her pause. Kate brings up that she has been loyal to him. Deimos thinks it also excites her. Kate doesn't think he went after her for her good looks but that he saw someone up to being her Lady Macbeth. Kate declares that she sees the look in his eyes that she scares him.

Gabi tells Adrianna that she can't treat her like she's 16 anymore. JJ assures that he's turned his life around and would never hurt Gabi or Arianna. Adriana acknowledges how good JJ was to them. Gabi asks if she can accept that they are a couple. Adriana invites JJ over for another family meal. JJ jokes about them yelling at each other again.

Deimos tells Kate that there will have to be some rules if they are going to get married. Kate responds that she breaks rules. Deimos reveals that she will have to sign the prenup. Kate argues that is for gold diggers. Deimos points out that he's a very rich man now. Kate questions him thinking she's in it for the money. Deimos tells her that she could draw up her own to protect herself. Kate questions discussing this now. Deimos states that they don't trust each other and that's what makes life exciting. Deimos pours them more champagne and toasts to them as they then kiss. Kate leaves the mansion as it is raining. Nicole then arrives and sees Kate leaving. Nicole calls Dario and says she needs a favor. She tells him that Kate just left the mansion and this might be her one chance with Deimos so she needs to make sure Kate doesn't come back. Nicole instructs Dario to follow Kate so he agrees and she hangs up. Nicole puts her umbrella down and stands in the rain.

John decides to check with the nurses on when Paul can be released. Marlena then questions Paul what that was about since he dismissed John after he showed incredible kindness. Marlena doesn't understand why Paul would hurt John. Paul responds that he was trying to protect John from him. Paul worries that Yo Ling could have more tricks up his sleeve with him like the virus. Paul feels he still has subliminal thoughts from the brainwashing that could tell him to hurt John. Marlena encourages him to talk to John about it being better than dismissing him. Marlena tells Paul that he can't stay locked up in a room. Marlena admits it's scary but she saw the look on John's face when he knew Paul was going to be okay so she's willing to take the risks.

JJ tells Adriana that he wasn't uncomfortable at their family dinner but that he felt they didn't need an outsider around. JJ jokes about it not happening with his family. Adriana gives her blessing for JJ to see Gabi. Gabi thanks her for everything as they hug. Adriana talks about doing everything she can to see her healthy and happy. She apologizes for not being there for such a long time. Gabi is glad she's back.

Deimos opens the door to see Nicole which surprises him. Nicole claims that she has a flat tire and her phone died. Deimos comments on her being all wet from the rain. Deimos tells her to go upstairs and take a shower while the maid brings her dry clothes so she heads upstairs.

Kate walks through the town square and bumps in to Dario, spilling her coffee. Dario apologizes and offers to pay for it. Kate then recognizes him as Rafe's brother. Kate brings up Dario working for Titan in Argentine and questions what happened. Dario says he didn't get along with the corporate world. Kate thought he went right to the top. Dario says he didn't like it up there. Kate asks what he's doing now. Dario says nothing as he was just running a bar in Malibu. Kate doesn't think it makes sense and questions what really happened to make him leave Titan. Dario offers to buy her another coffee to tell her the whole story. Kate says she can't as she has to pack for a trip but then says he piqued her interest so she agrees to coffee. Eduardo then comes around the corner and sees them walk off together.

John returns to Paul and Marlena. John announces that the nurses say everyone affected with the virus must stay in the hospital another 24 hours. Paul jokes that they will have to wait another day before hitting the gym which surprises John. Paul says he can benefit from the advice from a former pro athlete. Paul adds that there is a lot he needs to talk to him about which makes Marlena smile.

Kate and Dario sit together in the town square. Kate asks why he left Titan. Dario says he got bored with the corporate world and it wore him out. Kate questions there being no scandal. Kate then asks why she's sitting here when she's busy and has so much to do. Dario tells her that he brought some real, innovative changes to Titan but everything he did was an uphill battle as people don't like change. Kate states that she needs people like him at Titan. Dario asks if she's offering him a job. Kate says not yet although she would like to keep talking. Dario doesn't think she will change his mind. Kate wants to make the same kind of bold changes at Titan. Kate gives him her card to give her a call if he changes his mind. Eduardo interrupts and questions what they are talking about. Kate says they were just getting to know each other. Eduardo asks Kate what business she has with his son.

Nicole returns to Deimos, wearing just a robe after her shower.

A doctor checks on Paul and tells him that he feels fine. He encourages he and John to take care of themselves, telling John to get back in bed as he exits. John jokes to Paul that he will sneak back in later as he and Marlena exit. Marlena thinks they should bring Paul home with them when he's released as she doesn't want him to be alone and says their guest room if comfortable. John then kisses Marlena.

Dario argues with Eduardo. Kate understands he's trying to protect him but Dario points out that he wasn't in his life all those years. Eduardo questions what Kate wants from Dario. Kate says she was simply talking about the possibility of him coming to work for her. Eduardo didn't know Dario had interest in fashion. Kate informs him that she is now running Titan with Deimos which Eduardo guesses is what Deimos had that interested her. Adriana approaches. Dario hugs her and Adriana tells him that Gabi and Arianna are doing well. Kate asks about being introduced. Eduardo introduces Kate to Adriana. Kate mentions being a friend of Rafe. Eduardo offers to walk Adriana home which she accepts. Adriana tells Dario that she will see him later then walks off with Eduardo. Kate tells Dario to give her a call if she wants to come in for an interview and thanks him. Dario offers to talk about it now if she wants to tell him what happened between her and Eduardo. Kate says she has to pack for her business trip tomorrow. Dario says he won't keep her then and looks forward to speaking with her when she gets back. Kate walks away as Dario checks his watch.

Deimos offers to have the maid bring Nicole tea or coffee but she would rather have a brandy so Deimos pours her a drink. Nicole comments on Deimos playing the piano and says she always wanted to learn. Deimos offers to play her something, asking if she knows any classical romantic music. Nicole says she doesn't but thinks it's beautiful. Deimos sits at the piano and begins to play.

John tells Marlena that he knows she talked to Paul when he left the room and he wanted to say thank you. Marlena tells him that she would do anything for him. John tells her that he feels exactly the same way and kisses her again.

Gabi sits with Arianna. JJ returns with ice cream for Arianna and kisses Gabi.

Eduardo walks Adriana home where they find black roses at the door. She wonders who would send something like that. Eduardo reads the note from a Patrick Johansson. Adriana assumes it's to the wrong house but Eduardo recognizes the name. Eduardo informs her that many years ago, he had business with him. Adriana asks if he was a man he killed which Eduardo confirms. Adriana talks about how just yesterday she was trying to help people stay alive including their daughter and granddaughter while Eduardo killed people just because someone wanted them dead. Eduardo knows it was unforgivable but he was programmed to feel like he didn't have a choice. Adriana questions why the flowers would come now to Rafe's house. Eduardo says the person who sent them didn't know where he was and assumed they would tell him about it. Adriana questions if Eduardo can ever really leave his old life behind.

Deimos continues playing the piano until Nicole sits next to him and holds his hand as they then begin kissing.

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