Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe walks out of the town square and calls Hope, telling her that he has good news as Gabi and Arianna are coming home tomorrow. Hope is glad, knowing how worried they all were. Rafe asks how she's holding up and if she wants him to come over. Hope says she's holding up and is pretty wiped out. Rafe feels the same and says they could use a good night sleep but he will miss her. Rafe says he will see her whenever is good for her. Hope suggests tomorrow after a good night sleep. Rafe tells her to take care. They say goodnight. Hope thanks him for everything as they hang up.

Aiden goes to the bed and breakfast but Julie tells him to get out now, believing he's the man who tried to murder Hope. Aiden explains that he's already spoken to Rafe, Roman, and Hope so it's all been a misunderstanding. Julie doesn't believe him and threatens him.

Justin meets with Victor and says Deimos wants to meet with him as he's made a decision on his offer. Justin knows he'll be tested. Victor wishes him luck.

Nicole sits in the town square, reading a letter from Eric, saying he's doing better and missing Daniel every day. Nicole gets emotional. Maggie comes by in her wheelchair and sees Nicole. Maggie is with a friend from her meeting and tells her that she needs to go talk to Nicole. Maggie goes to Nicole and asks what it is. Nicole tells her it's Daniel as she misses him so much. Nicole adds that what happened to Maggie is unfair and blames Deimos.

Deimos enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where Kate has it set up with candles. Kate pours them champagne and says there is more after they drink. Kate then suggests they go to Las Vegas and get married which shocks Deimos.

Aiden tells Julie that he's not here to hurt anyone. He apologizes and says he was just looking for somewhere to stay. Roman arrives and explains to Julie that they have proof that Aiden wasn't the one who attacked Hope as the DiMeras hired someone else. Aiden continues to apologize. Julie suggests he stay somewhere else. Aiden says the Salem Inn is booked and he needs to stay in town. Roman says they need to keep tabs on him so he convinces Julie to let Aiden stay. Aiden tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Julie says they will see about that.

Maggie hates that her wheelchair invokes pity and sympathy sometimes which doesn't help her. Maggie says what matters is that she and Victor are alive while they have been through nothing compared to Nicole. Nicole says she lost Daniel but Deimos stole from her. Maggie suggests maybe God has another plan for her and Victor. Maggie doesn't want anyone, especially Nicole, risking Deimos' wrath.

Justin assures Victor that he can handle whatever Deimos throws at him. Victor says he thought so too until he poisoned Maggie. Justin says he knows how low Deimos will go. Victor tells him to do what he has to. Justin asks Victor how he's doing. Victor admits he's not too good. Victor says he's been fighting depression since the heart attack but Maggie being in the wheelchair is tough. Victor says it was supposed to be a good time for them. Victor says if that wasn't enough, they have Summer in the guest room who he calls a bipolar con artist. Victor jokes about not having to lock the safe since they have nothing worth stealing. Justin questions fighting depression with anger and frustration. Justin wants them to be happy. Victor says he won't be until getting revenge on Deimos. Justin warns him about being stupid.

Deimos asks if Kate is playing him. Kate says she's always deadly serious. Deimos questions marriage when they barely know each other. Kate calls him cunning and ruthless then asks what else she could ask for. Deimos asks why she would want a husband after all of her divorces. Kate says this time would be for love which Deimos laughs at. Kate says if they had souls, they would be soulmates. Kate encourages being spontaneous and flying to Vegas to tie the knot.

Rafe goes home and has a drink while looking out the window where he thinks back to he and Hope dancing together out there. Eduardo comes in and hopes he didn't mind that he let himself in. Eduardo mentions being with Adriana at the hospital and says she's worried about him as he was upset about something. Rafe says it was Gabi and Arianna being sick but Eduardo says that Adriana thinks there is something else. Rafe blows it off but Eduardo says he will listen if he ever wants to talk. Eduardo says he will tell Adriana that he's fine. Rafe brings up Dario thinking Eduardo got off easy so he said taking a bullet for him wasn't easy. Eduardo knows it doesn't make up for 30 years of neglect and turn him in to family so he knows he's still a stranger to them. Eduardo adds that even strangers can be useful so he can think of him as just a guy at the bar with an open mind. Eduardo asks Rafe what seems to be the problem. Rafe responds that it's a woman which doesn't surprise Eduardo.

Hope talks to Julie on the phone about the DiMeras switching Aiden with a look a like. Julie doesn't understand and offers to come over but Hope wants some time alone to try and figure things out. Hope confirms to Julie that it really is Aiden. Julie explains Roman saying that he needs Aiden to stay in Salem because of unanswered questions. Julie offers to still run him out of town if Hope wants but Hope thinks that he should stay or else she may never figure everything out. Hope declares the past is staring her in the face whether she likes it or not so she needs to deal with that.

Victor warns Justin. Justin doesn't care about making him mad, he wants to make him think. Justin talks about how they can still travel and encourages him to take Maggie to a Greek island and live a quiet, happy life together. Victor says no. Justin remarks about Victor not even considering what he has to say. Victor says Salem is Maggie's home with all her family and friends. Victor feels Justin's trying to get rid of him but Justin says he's trying to save his life.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and rings the doorbell. Deimos comments on the bell ringing after Kate's proposal. Kate says she told their butler that they wanted their privacy so no visitors but Nicole is brought in anyways. Kate repeats that she wanted no visitors but Deimos reveals that he said Nicole is allowed any time. Nicole asks to join in the champagne and asks what the celebration is. Deimos informs Nicole that Kate just asked him to marry her.

Hope falls asleep on the couch and dreams about Aiden asking for another chance and kissing her and then Ciara screaming at Chase coming back. Hope wakes up to Shawn knocking at the door. Shawn asks if she's alright. Hope hugs him.

Rafe tells Eduardo about Hope loving Aiden at one time so there's nothing he can do as he can't push her. They agree about not pushing. Rafe feels having to give her space might kill him.

Aiden gets settled in his hotel room.

Victor questions Justin warning him about Deimos while going ahead with his own mission. Justin talks about Victor sending Nicole to seduce Deimos who is capable of poisoning people. Victor says Justin was for that idea at first. Justin says he was too angry to think straight but now has had time to think about it and realizes he's putting all of his faith in Nicole. Justin questions that not scaring him but Victor is willing to take the risk.

Nicole asks what Deimos said to Kate's proposal. Kate calls it none of her business. Deimos states that Nicole came in before he could answer but he is seriously considering it.

Shawn can't believe all that Hope is going through. Hope says he doesn't know what Aiden has been through. Shawn doesn't care but apologizes for not helping. Shawn talks about when he first found out about Aiden and he thought she was betraying Bo but that was the kid in him. Hope wonders how she was wrong about so many things. Hope says she loved Aiden, married him, and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Shawn asks how she feels now and if she's decided what she's going to do.

Aiden lays in bed and turns out the light but is startled by a noise. Aiden tells himself it was just a noise and he's safe.

Victor tells Justin that Nicole is a street fighter who knows what Deimos is capable of so she will protect herself. Justin questions Victor putting himself through this instead of going away to be happy with Maggie. Victor tells Justin to go so he won't be late for his meeting with Deimos.

Deimos asks Nicole why she stopped by. Nicole says she was shopping and found a Greek print so she asks him what the text on it means. Deimos translate it to "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." Nicole calls it beautiful and feels she has so much to learn from him. Deimos responds that he feels he could learn a thing or two from her as well while Kate watches on. Deimos reminds Nicole that he and Kate were in an important conversation so Nicole wishes them luck and exits.

Rafe talks to Eduardo about not going with his gut and letting Hope figure this out herself which he hates. Rafe doesn't like Aiden's story or his vibe, not believing he just came back to atone. Rafe questions Aiden not calling or writing and just showing up at her house to freak her out. Eduardo encourages Rafe to find out why his story isn't checking out but not to tell Hope until he has something concrete.

Hope tells Shawn that Aiden coming back is going to have a huge effect on everyone she loves like Shawn, Julie, and Rafe. Hope says all of that is nothing compared to what it could do to Ciara as it just hangs over both of them that she invited Chase into their home and lives. Shawn argues that she tried to do a good thing by helping Chase but it was too little, too late. Hope doesn't understand since Chase was a good kid and Aiden was a good father. Shawn questions that and if it just looked that way. Hope tells him that she needs to figure this out herself. Shawn knows it doesn't matter how he feels but he doesn't want her hurt again and can't stand that Aiden's come back to put her in this situation but he knows it's her decision.

Aiden falls asleep and dreams about when he was locked up and then to the night he got kidnapped until he wakes up in a panic.

Victor joins Maggie in the town square and asks about her meeting. Maggie says it was good and she needed that. Victor thinks she's tired and wants to take her home but Maggie invites him to join her for coffee. Victor feels she doesn't want to go home. Maggie responds that if she's with him, she's home and calls it a nice night. Victor starts talking about nights on the Greek islands and asks if she ever thought about leaving Salem for good.

Justin goes to the Kiriakis Mansion as Nicole is leaving. Justin asks her what's wrong now.

Kate gets that Deimos wants to play her and Nicole against each other but it doesn't give him the upper hand as she's been around too long to fall for that. Kate insists that Deimos is playing games. Deimos brings up her marriage proposal and questions her accusing him of playing games. Deimos doesn't think Kate's proposal was real but a test. Kate suggests it was both. Kate says she's going to ask an important question and depending on his answer, she will either talk to him later or leave right now. Kate asks Deimos if he is wasting her time.

Rafe tells Eduardo he was right that he's a good listener. Eduardo jokes about getting a free beer out of it. Eduardo says when he hears Rafe describe Hope, he pictures a woman genuinely struggling to do the right thing.

Hope asks Shawn if he would be upset if she gave Aiden the opportunity to prove himself. Shawn says that's not his decision but Hope asks if he would be upset. Shawn responds that he would be concerned and hopes she would proceed with caution while taking things very slowly. Hope knows she has to be careful.

Aiden sits up in bed, nervously looking around the room.

Nicole tells Justin there is no problem and asks why there should be. Justin mocks the idea of nothing bad coming from hanging out with Deimos. Nicole says she knows what she's in to and tells Justin that he doesn't need to spy for Victor. Nicole tells Justin that Victor can back off with any other plans. Nicole warns that if Justin or Victor do anything to mess with what she's put in motion, they will regret it. She tells him not to underestimate what she's capable of as she walks away.

Maggie tells Victor that she would go anywhere with him but questions why they are talking about it now and asks if something happened with Deimos. Victor says it was just a hypothetical question. Maggie repeats that she would go anywhere with him but she would never help him run away as then he wouldn't be Victor Kiriakis. Victor knew there was a reason he married her. Maggie says they are down but not out. Victor then calls Salem the best town in the world.

Deimos tells Kate that he doesn't like ultimatums. Kate doesn't care and wants to know if he's serious about this or if it's something he's just doing to prove to himself, Nicole, or Victor because if so, she's out. Deimos asks if she's finished so he can answer the only important question about tying the knot. Deimos says yes to her proposal to get married.

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