Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/17/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/17/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Belle walk out of the town square, talking about the hospital quarantine. Belle is worried about Paul. Brady says he spoke to Fynn and that everyone should be okay. Belle talks about Brady being in the hospital not long ago. Belle asks Brady about the wedding and if they have picked a date yet. Brady says they haven't had time yet while dealing with the launch of DJ Wear. Belle feels Theresa would make the time. Brady says they started talking about it, mentioning Belle being a bridesmaid, but they ended up fighting about it. Brady says all their conversations lately lead to fighting. Belle questions if Brady is having second thoughts about getting married.

Theresa sits at home where Anne arrives. Theresa complains that she's too upset to work as she's afraid she's losing Brady. Anne asks if it's Summer again. Theresa brings up Summer's past as a con artist and using an alias, insisting that Summer is hiding something and she will get to the bottom of it.

Summer and Maggie sit together in the town square. Maggie asks if she's alright. Summer claims that she is and just didn't sleep well last night. Maggie says she is so grateful for her help. Summer is happy for the chance to get to know her better. Maggie wishes she could repay her kindness. Summer tells her that there is one thing and asks to know more about her father.

Aiden tells Hope that he knows he said he would give her space so he will leave her alone. Hope stops him and says she does want to talk to him as she has some questions. Aiden asks if he can come in but Hope says they can talk here. Aiden wishes he could erase the past year and go back to when they were happy and falling in love. Hope points out that they can't because all of it was a lie from the moment they met.

Maggie tells Summer that she didn't know her father very well. Summer knows it's hard to talk about but she wants to know who she is and where she's from. Maggie tells her that her father's name was Noah but that's all she knows. Summer wonders about having any other family out there. Summer asks about any old pictures to start looking for him but Maggie cuts her off and asks her to promise that she won't do that. Summer asks why not.

Aiden admits to Hope that it started out as a lie as he took Stefano's money to seduce her but he got to know her and fell in love with her. Aiden talks about that being real and how he defied Stefano and Andre. Aiden says he was willing to die for her and almost did. Aiden tells Hope that she kept him alive as he dreamed of finding a way back to her and making it up to her. Hope calls it impossible. Aiden asks if a second chance is possible. Hope tells him that she's the one asking the questions here. Hope asks if he can even prove if the DiMeras were responsible for holding him hostage. Aiden says he can't as they knocked him out, threw him in a car and he never saw anyone the entire time he was held captive. Hope questions how that is possible. Aiden explains that he was kept in a cage and he would wake up to a tray of food and be shown videos to torture him. Hope questions how he got out. Aiden talks about learning to hold his breath through the gas and choking out the guard. Hope is sorry for what he went through but she still doesn't understand why the DiMeras went to such lengths to keep him alive. Aiden admits he had the same question so he went to see Andre today to get answers.

Brady tells Belle that he's not having second thoughts as he loves Theresa and wishes she understood how much. Brady talks about the rocky start to their relationship so he gets why she is insecure but she's still jealous about first Nicole and now Summer. Brady talks about Theresa acting clingy and not leaving Summer alone. Belle points out that Summer is Maggie's daughter and Maggie is a part of their lives. Brady brings up Theresa telling him that he has a hero complex. Belle knows Brady loves Theresa and wants to marry her so it makes it hard to walk away. Brady says he doesn't want to walk away. Belle asks if he's positive that he's in this for a lifetime. Belle points out that if he's having this much trouble already, he needs to be sure this marriage is what he wants. Brady assures that he is but he just needs to make Theresa understand how sure he is.

Theresa asks Anne about trying to find Summer's criminal record. Anne encourages her not to obsess over it and let Summer dig her own grave. Anne tells Theresa to focus on DJ Wear and not let Summer get to her, pointing out all the work they have to do. Theresa says that's why she hired her. Anne says she wants to prove herself to the hospital by having a successful launch. Anne says they had a taste of success with Basic Black but Kate and Nicole got all the credit so now they are on their own and can't afford to screw up. Theresa agrees but brings up Summer again. Anne sees why it's driving Brady crazy. Anne suggests Summer might not be up to anything at all. Theresa insists that she is and worries about Brady being too trusting. Theresa argues that Summer is hiding something and she will push as far as she can get.

Maggie tells Summer that she doesn't have information to help her and a search will lead her nowhere so she begs her to just drop it. Victor arrives and greets Maggie with a kiss. Maggie invites him to join them. Victor brings up getting tea at Doug and Julie's. Summer tells them to go ahead as she's not that hungry. Maggie invites her to come along but Summer declines. Maggie goes to let the waitress know they are leaving so Victor sits down, saying he's delighted to have time to talk to Summer alone. Victor shows Summer something he got in the mail with her alias of Cindi on it and questions if she cares to explain it.

Brady talks to Belle about Theresa never having faith in herself and shows Belle pictures of her designs. Belle jokes that she's not in a place to give relationship advice as her life is falling apart. Belle reveals to Brady that Philip broke up with her. Brady gets upset towards Philip but Belle points out that he thought she still had feelings for Shawn. Brady asks if she does but she says no then admits maybe as she doesn't know. Brady tells her he's there if she needs anything. Brady feels he isn't in position to give anyone advice either.

Theresa tells Anne that she knows what she has to do to get in Summer's head. Theresa says she has to think like her and hopes Anne will help her scheme. Anne calls it just like the old days but doesn't think that's the best idea. Theresa argues that it's not for selfish reasons but protecting Brady and Maggie. Anne worries about Theresa being obsessed and talks about how she's done a lot to put the old Theresa behind. Anne wants to focus on DJ Wear. Theresa says it's too late to stop now as she found someone Brady will listen to so they can know what Summer is really like. Anne worries about what Theresa has done now.

Summer tells Victor that he knows she used to be a con artist and Cindi Callahan was one of her names. Victor questions why it would be sent to him. Summer doesn't know but assures him that Maggie knows everything there is to know about her so she has nothing to hide. Victor doubts that. Summer asks what Maggie said about this. Victor informs her that he hasn't showed it to her as there is no reason to right now. Maggie returns to them and tells Summer that she will see her at home as she exits with Victor.

Aiden tells Hope that Andre denied having anything to do with what happened to him and put all the blame on Stefano. Hope is not surprised. Aiden brings up Andre saying that Hope killed Stefano and framed him. Hope questions why Stefano kept him alive and what they thought he could for them. Aiden thinks back to Andre saying they needed a contingency plan but tells Hope that he wishes he knew as Andre admitted nothing. Aiden is glad that Bo got to her in time and the look-a-like wasn't able to accomplish his goal. Hope brings up Aiden's name being on her life insurance so Stefano would get all her money. Aiden still can't believe Stefano is gone. Aiden tells Hope that he's sorry but he's back.

Theresa tells Anne that she spoke to Victor and John so they will ask questions and pressure Summer until she screws up. Anne brings up John being in the hospital while Victor recently had a heart attack so they won't be worried about Summer. Theresa argues that they should be worried. Anne assures her that Brady won't choose Summer over her. Theresa talks about Brady falling for crazy women. Anne thinks she's being a little paranoid. Theresa worries that if she doesn't do anything, she will lose Brady. Anne tells her that if Brady chooses Summer over her than he's worth losing. Theresa calls Brady the only good thing to happen to her. Theresa brings up having to think about Tate as well. Anne agrees to try and help her take down Summer when they finish working but Theresa declares she has to do something about this now whether she's going to help or not.

Dario meets Summer in the town square and tells her about what happened at the hospital with Arianna and Gabi. Summer says she's having a real bad day too and shows Dario the mail that was sent to Victor. Summer worries about Victor starting to dig around and linking Cindi Callahan to Clark which could end up with her in prison for murder.

Aiden tells Hope that he doesn't know where they go from here. Hope warns him not to push her. Aiden can't imagine how hard this must be for her. Hope talks about how hard she tried to erase him from her life. Aiden understands but tells her that he is the man she thought he was all along. Hope responds that he's not. Aiden repeats that he won't pressure her and if she tells him there is no chance then he will respect her wishes. Aiden says if he has the slightest opportunity to work things out with her then he's not going anywhere.

Victor and Maggie have dinner at Doug and Julie's bed and breakfast. Maggie asks about Caroline. Victor says she's doing well and invited them for dinner. Victor asks if Maggie is doing alright. Maggie says she's fine but tells him that Summer wants to find her father. Victor questions where she would start without even knowing his last name. Victor offers to put his PI on it but Maggie says no and that she told Summer to drop the whole thing.

Summer asks Dario to help her. Dario asks if getting rid of Clark's body wasn't enough. Summer warns Dario that if she goes down, so does he. Dario doesn't want in any deeper. Summer feels it's too late. Dario tells her to calm down and not act like this in front of Victor. Summer says that her whole life is going to Hell. Brady sees them from a distance and points them out to Belle. Brady feels it strange that Summer said she and Dario were dating but never mentioned it before. Belle remarks that they don't look like a couple in love to her.

Aiden asks if Hope would answer differently if she wasn't seeing someone else. Hope tells him that it's none of his business. Aiden wants to try to give her space but wants her to know that he loves her and he never stopped loving her. Aiden adds that he will do anything to prove it.

Julie greets Victor and Maggie at their table. Victor steps out to call Justin. Julie sits with Maggie. Maggie tells her about Victor not warming up to Summer yet. Julie feels it's more about Victor adjusting to everything else. Maggie hopes so as it means so much to get close to her daughter. Julie wishes they knew so they could have helped find her sooner. Maggie talks about being too young and naive when Summer was born. Julie talks about old memories.

Dario tells Summer to calm down as Brady watches on. Belle gets Brady's attention and tells him that Theresa needs that attention if he wants a future with her. Belle says she has to get going and hopes they can see their parents soon. They hug as Belle exits. Brady approaches Dario and Summer. Brady asks about the quarantine. Dario tells him that they are letting people go one at a time and he heard John and Paul are doing better. Dario steps away to call Rafe. Summer decides she should go too but Brady stops her and asks if Clark's been bugging her again at all. Summer says no and that he's history thanks to him. Brady is glad he could help and asks if Dario knew Clark in LA. Summer says she doesn't remember and asks why. Brady brings up Dario being a petty thief when he knew him. Summer questions if he thinks she and Dario are working together to con him, Maggie, and everyone in Salem. Summer tells Brady to go to Hell.

Hope stands alone at home and thinks back to a past time with Aiden and then to the death of who she thought was Aiden. Hope looks at Rafe's number on her phone but then puts it away and exits her house.

Victor tells Julie that Justin will be coming by to discuss financial matters. Victor offers to take Maggie to her meeting first but Julie says Victor doesn't have to come and go as Doug will be happy to take Maggie. Julie goes to get Doug. Maggie tells Victor that she'll see him at home. Victor feels she hasn't been herself all day and asks if she's sure nothing is wrong. Maggie insists that she's fine and exits.

Brady stops Summer and says that's not what he was thinking at all. Summer asks why he's asking all these questions then and why he's always checking on her. Summer compares him to Victor but says at least Victor acknowledges that he doesn't like her. Summer tells Brady to stop pretending to care and brings up Theresa always telling her to leave Salem so that's exactly what she's going to do. Brady tries to stop her but Summer storms off. Theresa approaches Brady. Brady asks what she's doing here. Theresa thought he was at the hospital. Brady tells her that they wouldn't let him see John and Paul so he left. Theresa questions him being here with Summer instead of at home with her and Tate.

Hope visits Bo's grave and talks about how much she misses him. Hope says she used to hate when he would tell her what to do but she could use his advice now. Hope talks about thinking she finally had something good in her life again and she could look forward but the truth is she's so lost and confused. Hope asks for Bo to bring her a sign on which direction to go as she doesn't trust her instincts anymore. Hope says she used to think she was a strong person but she doesn't know how much more she can take. Aiden shows up behind Hope at the grave site.

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