Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/16/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/16/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena finds John at Paul's bedside in the hospital. Marlena wants to get him to bed but John refuses to leave his son's side.

Fynn finishes a call at the hospital and talks with Seth Burns about Arianna's blood work and trying the serum to kick start all the other patients to do better.

Gabi visits JJ who is now in a hospital bed. JJ asks about Arianna. Gabi says she's doing better and encourages JJ about doing better.

Chad sits alone at home. Ciara comes in and says Thomas is ready for his trip to the park so she invites Chad to come with them but he refuses.

Hope finds Rafe in the park and brings up him asking how she felt about Aiden. Hope says so much has happened and finding out that he didn't try to kill her has hit her that he was a victim too. Hope doesn't know how to feel about it. Rafe guesses that means how she feels about him too.

Aiden goes to see André in prison and questions what he's smiling at. André pokes fun at having visitors. Aiden brings up putting him in a hole for six months. André argues that he saved his life. Aiden responds that he wished he were dead for those six months. Aiden wants the truth as to why he kept him alive.

Kayla gets a call from Steve and asks if there's any word on Joey in LA. Steve says there's nothing but he's arranged for a flight. Steve tells her that he isn't leaving yet because he's not leaving until he knows she is okay.

Joey and Jade clean up at the youth house. Jade acknowledges another guy, Dirk, who lives there which annoys Joey. He comes over and asks Jade if she's feeling like part of the family yet.

Hope tells Rafe not to take this the wrong way but she feels lost since now everything has been turned upside down. Hope admits she did fall in love with Aiden which was huge for her. Rafe says he knows and understands that she thought Aiden was dead and now he's asking how she feels about him. Rafe decides she needs time so she doesn't need to tell him how she feels. Hope then kisses Rafe.

André tells Aiden that they needed a contingency plan in case the man they hired to be him didn't work out. Aiden questions him and insists that he loves Hope. André calls him stupid and says the plan doesn't matter now since Bo killed their man. Aiden questions why he kept him in the prison and tortured him. André says not everything is about him and reveals to Aiden that Hope murdered Stefano and framed him for it which is why he is here. Aiden doesn't believe that Hope would do that. André says Hope didn't deny it and he can prove it. Aiden questions him doing that behind bars. André tells him that he will be out soon and mentions that he will need a good attorney to make sure all this is clear. Aiden questions if he's asking him to take his case. André tells him that it will benefit both of them.

Chad apologizes to Ciara for snapping. Ciara just wanted to take his mind off things. Chad says he has a lot of work to do with DiMera Enterprises. Ciara says she will see him later. Chad stops her and agrees to meet her there if he finishes early. Ciara tells him to text her as she exits. Chad sits back down at his desk.

Hope asks if Rafe has an idea how she feels about him now. Rafe admits he definitely didn't expect that. Hope tells him that she loves kissing him. Rafe feels the same. Hope brings up Aiden and admits it's complicated. Hope states that she did love Aiden and married him but wonders why she didn't know right away that he was replaced by another man. Rafe tells her to take it a day at a time. Rafe agrees to give her all the space and time she needs even if he doesn't like it. Rafe decides he needs to get to the hospital to see his family. Hope is glad they talked and kissed. Rafe is as well and kisses her goodbye. Rafe says they will talk soon and exits.

Aiden tells André that seeing him in prison for the rest of his life is the only thing that would benefit him. André tells him not to write him off. Aiden asks what he could possibly do for him. André suggests he could give him an alibi to back up his story. Aiden argues that DNA did that and he already explained everything to Hope. André says he can convince Hope that he's telling the truth. Aiden wants to take his chances. André thinks he will lose her. Aiden thinks representing him would cause him to lose her. Aiden blames André for Chase being in jail on rape charges since he couldn't protect him. André argues that Aiden accepted their offer because he needed money so he shouldn't blame him. Aiden calls him a son of a bitch. Aiden says he has a better chance at being canonized than him working for him again. André believes Aiden will help him. Aiden tells him to enjoy the big house and exits while André smiles and remarks that he will see him soon.

Kayla insists to Steve that she is feeling better and they are close to defeating this thing. Steve decides he needs to see her. Kayla doesn't think that will do anything and brings up it won't bring Joey back. Kayla argues that she's fine and he can't abandon Joey when he needs him. Kayla tells Steve that he needs to go. Steve says he will call her every ten minutes from the plane. Kayla asks him to please bring their son home as they hang up.

Jade tells Dirk that she is getting to know her way around. Dirk flirts with her as Joey interrupts. Jade introduces them to each other. Joey warns Dirk to take his hands off of his girlfriend. Dirk remarks that he didn't know Jade belonged to anybody.

Marlena worries about John's health. John talks about all the times he wasn't there for Paul in his life so he can't leave him now. Marlena reluctantly accepts that then decides she isn't leaving either then and sits next to him.

Fynn questions what Kayla is doing out of bed. Fynn tells her that they have isolated the virus and traced it back to China. Kayla asks about an antivirus. Fynn says it is on the way but it may take several hours and come slowly. Kayla talks about getting one of the first doses to Arianna and then Paul because he's the sickest and then the third to JJ. JJ interrupts with Gabi. JJ demands that Gabi gets the dose before him because Arianna needs her mother. Kayla argues but Fynn agrees that they will do it his way. Fynn tells JJ to get back to bed. Kayla takes JJ back to his room. A nurse comes to Gabi and tells her that Rafe is there to see her. Gabi goes to the window to talk to Rafe through the phone there. Rafe asks how they are doing. Gabi says she's fine but Arianna's fever is down and more comfortable. Gabi talks about the serum coming and she hopes it gets there in time.

Ciara sits in the park with Thomas. She doubts Chad will come. Aiden shows up which startles her. Ciara asks why he isn't in jail since Hope said he was arrested. Aiden informs her that his DNA results proved that he wasn't the man who tried to kill Hope. Aiden explains that Stefano had him kidnapped and hired a look-a-like to do what he wanted done. Ciara calls it crazy and doesn't believe him. Aiden tells her that she can talk to Hope and she will tell her everything. Aiden wants to talk to Ciara because she knows he would never do anything to hurt Hope as he loves her more than ever and wants to get back to where they were. Ciara responds that it probably isn't going to happen after what Chase did. Aiden tells her that he heard about that. Aiden says he has a hard time believing Chase would do that and asks if it could have been a mistake. Ciara says it wasn't and confirms that his son raped her.

Kayla gets JJ back in his hospital bed and checks his temperature. Kayla still thinks he should take the third dose but JJ refuses, saying Gabi should get it for Arianna. JJ says he'll be fine and is just doing what's right. Kayla talks about being proud of him.

Joey tells Dirk to give him a second with Jade so he steps away. Jade asks Joey when they got so serious. Joey tells her that he split town and traveled across the country with her. Joey questions if she wants to go off with her new friend. Jade says she was just testing him and he passed. Jade comments on liking when he wants her all to himself. Dirk calls for a food run and tells Joey that he is driving so Joey and Jade exit.

Hope returns home and goes through her mail. She opens a drawer to put the mail away where she finds an old invitation to her and Aiden's wedding.

Aiden can't imagine Chase doing something so horrible when he loved Ciara like a sister. Ciara argues that Chase kept coming at her and wouldn't stop no matter how many times she said no. Aiden apologizes and says he's having such a hard time understanding. Aiden wonders if Chase misunderstood but Ciara insists that he didn't. Ciara says Chase's life was a horrible mess and he kept on hurting people. Ciara declares that Chase wanted to hurt her and he did. Thomas starts crying so Ciara checks on him. Rafe interrupts to question what's going on. Aiden says they were just talking. Rafe tells him to move on. Ciara takes Thomas away. Rafe questions what's wrong with Aiden and why he would even go there. Aiden tells Rafe that Chase is his son and he raised him with the right values so he questions how he is able to do something so violent. Rafe doesn't know and understands it's hard for Aiden but he raped Ciara and is gone to prison.

Kayla tells John, Marlena, and Paul about the serum being on the way. John encourages Paul. Marlena thinks Kayla should be in bed. Kayla says she will rest later. Paul's alarms start to go off but Kayla fixes the issue.

Gabi returns to JJ and thanks him. JJ tells her that she is worth it.

Chad dozes off at home and imagines Abigail coming home to him until Ciara brings Thomas home. Chad notes that it was quick. Ciara says he'll never believe who she ran away.

Aiden talks to Rafe about making it back here and wanting to make it right with Hope and Chase. Aiden brings up hearing that something similar happened to Rafe years ago where Stefano hired a look-a-like. Rafe knows what it's like but says he can't just walk back in like nothing has changed because everything has. Aiden mentions seeing Rafe and Hope together, assuming they are involved. Rafe doesn't want to talk to him about Hope or his personal life. Aiden understands it's not his business but brings up that they were going to be married and he never stopped loving her. Rafe tells him that Hope is the person he needs to talk to as he walks away.

Hope stares at the old wedding invitation and thinks back to when Aiden proposed.

Steve goes to LA and meets up with an old friend named Carl who was a fellow PI. Steve informs him about his son missing.

Aiden goes to see Hope. She questions what he's doing there and tells him he shouldn't be there. Aiden says he hasn't forgotten what she said about not pressuring her but he wanted to remind her how much they loved each other. Aiden plays her a video of them dancing together in the past.

Steve fills Carl in on the story with Joey and Jade. He says Steve came to the right guy and he'll start checking around, assuming that Joey has caught somebody's attention. Steve gets a call from Kayla. Fynn goes by with the serum. Kayla tells Steve that she will call him back as the answer they have been waiting for has arrived.

Joey and Jade return with Dirk from their food run. Dirk excitedly talks about it while Joey worries to Jade about possibly going to prison after armed robbery. Jade encourages him that it was a rush and he drove to get away. Jade says she was so turned on and he reminded her of their first time together. Jade suggests they find some privacy together as she kisses him.

John worries about Paul getting weaker. Fynn arrives with the serum but says it is experimental so he needs John's permission. John gives it so Fynn injects Paul with the serum.

Gabi leaves JJ's side and gets back in to her own hospital bed. Kayla comes in with the serum and informs Gabi that she gave Arianna her dose so now it's her turn as she injects Gabi. JJ watches on and prays for it to work.

Ciara tells Chad about Aiden going on trying to make it all seem like a big mistake. Chad feels she shouldn't have been alone with him and regrets not going with her. Ciara talks about Aiden trying to convince her that Chase couldn't have raped her. Chad says Aiden doesn't realize that people change forever sometimes.

Aiden tells Hope that he will never forget the night when they first realized how much they cared for each other. Aiden knows it's still overwhelming but he's desperate and doesn't know what comes next so he asks what he has to do to make her fall in love with him.

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