Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/13/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad puts together a photo album and stops on a photo of Abigail and Thomas. Ciara arrives to babysit. Chad tells her that he's trying to put something together to make Abigail want to come home.

The psychiatrist joins Abigail outside the institution and asks about her visit with Chad. Abigail tells her that she doesn't want to hurt Chad anymore. She feels Chad thinks it's humiliating to see her like this. The psychiatrist questions this being different than being physically ill. Abigail cries about how Thomas screamed every time she reached out to him. Abigail thinks she's a bad mother because she can't even comfort her own baby. The psychiatrist encourages that she's just going through a tough time. She gives Abigail the stuffed animal that she had thrown in the trash. Abigail acts surprised and happy to see it. She questions why Abigail threw it away then, revealing that one of the aids saw her do it. Abigail calls it impossible and questions why she would do that.

Roman asks Rafe at the station if he's heard from Hope. Rafe says he hasn't and he can't get through to Adriana at the hospital either. They talk about the outbreak. Rafe gets a text about the DNA test results. Roman asks if Chase matched. Rafe confirms that the guy that Bo killed does not match Chase but the guy in the holding cell does so it really is Aiden. Roman says they have to get a hold of Hope but Rafe says he has no idea where she is.

Hope goes to visit Andre in prison. Andre asks if she came to confess to murdering Stefano. Hope says she came to have a chat about Aiden.

Roman calls Hope, leaving a message to call him. Aiden is escorted out and guesses the test results came back. Aiden tells them that he told them he was telling the truth that he never attacked Hope. Aiden asks when they are going to let him go.

Ciara comments on a picture of Abigail from her wedding. Ciara asks Chad if she's doing any better. Chad responds that she feels like she's slipping away. Ciara talks about Hope wanting her to see Marlena after what happened with Chase but she didn't see how it would help to relive it all. Chad relates his experiences to seeing Marlena and how she helped him remember things that he had blacked out on. Chad explains that he trusted Marlena when she said Abigail needed to be in a mental hospital and he took her advice. Chad calls it the hardest decision he's ever had to make. Chad says he misses her so much that he wants to go and bring her back where she belongs.

The psychiatrist guesses the stuffed animal reminds Abigail of Thomas and may bring back memories. Abigail talks about being unable to take care of Thomas and gives the stuffed animal back. Abigail cries about never being able to be the mom that Thomas deserves.

Andre tells Hope that Bo killed Aiden so that's over. Hope informs him of the recent development that Aiden is in the Salem county jail. Andre calls it impossible. Hope tells Andre about Aiden saying they kidnapped him and replaced him with a look a like. Andre denies the story but Hope notes that evil twins is a DiMera specialty. Andre insists he had nothing to do with it. Hope says he used to be a much better liar.

Aiden argues that he has his rights and the guy who attacked Hope is dead so there's no reason to hold him. Rafe disagrees. Aiden questions why. Rafe brings up breaking and entering Hope's house. Rafe says it's for Hope to decide. Aiden wants to talk to Hope in private. Rafe decides Aiden can talk to him and takes him to the interrogation room.

Fynn complains about analyzing the virus with the hospital chief administrator Seth Burns. He tells Fynn that Gabi was slowly improving. Fynn argues about needing to find out how Paul got infected. A doctor enters and says there's news media needing a statement. Fynn says there is no good news. Seth elaborates that the virus is resisting all protocols. The doctor questions if this means all patients are doomed and tells them to come up with something fast.

Adriana visits Gabi in her hospital bed and encourages her. Gabi worries about Arianna. Gabi asks Adriana to take care of Arianna.

Kayla tells Fynn that he should be in the lab while she needs to be in charge.

Aiden only wants to talk to Hope so Rafe says he will do the talking then. Rafe doesn't know exactly what happened to him or Hope when she was attacked but he knows that Hope has been through a lot more than anyone should be. Rafe says there is no way he's letting Aiden in. Aiden calls it none of his business but Rafe says if it involves Hope, it is his business. Aiden comments that Rafe still loves her. Rafe calls Hope his partner and friend, adding that he will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Andre denies creating a double of Aiden but says he can't vouch for Stefano because he's not alive to answer. Andre tells her that she can believe what she wants but questions why she came all the way out here. Andre says if he was involved, he would never tip it off to her. Andre says goodbye to Hope and walks away.

Aiden tells Rafe that he would never hurt Hope and never stopped loving her so all he cares about is trying to get her back and help Chase. Rafe says that will be difficult since Chase raped Ciara. Aiden argues that they were best friends and that Chase is the sweetest kid. Rafe tells him that Chase confessed. Aiden argues that Chase wasn't in the right mind. Rafe tells Aiden that Chase is paying the price for his crime. Rafe then exits the room. Rafe checks in with Roman but he hasn't heard from Hope yet. Roman asks how it went with Aiden. Rafe says he wants to get Hope back which they laugh off. Hope shows up. Roman questions her. Hope asks what's going on as she turns and sees Aiden in the interrogation room.

Thomas wakes up crying so Chad starts to get up but Ciara says she has it and takes care of him. Chad asks Ciara how she's doing. Ciara doesn't want to bore him with that but Chad insists because he's exhausted with his own problems. Ciara tells Chad that he's the only person she can talk to that doesn't go ballistic. Ciara says Chad won't believe it as she then reveals to him that Aiden is back. Chad doesn't understand as he thought Aiden was dead. Ciara explains that Aiden said there was a look-a-like. Chad questions if she was going to keep it to herself. Ciara knew Chad had enough to deal with. Ciara talks about Hope dealing with it and worries about her losing it. Chad encourages her that Hope is strong and will continue to be a good mother to her. Ciara hopes he's right. Chad gets a call and thinks he's the psychiatrist but it's Abigail.

Adriana takes Gabi in to see Arianna and start trying to take care of her. A nurse interrupts and questions them. Gabi argues. Another doctor comes in to tell them to leave but Gabi says they are family. Adriana argues that she had permission from Kayla to help out as a nurse and refuses to leave.

Rafe tells Hope that they've been worried about her. Hope asks what they were talking about when she came in. Roman reveals that the DNA results came back and confirmed that Aiden is real and the guy Bo killed was an imposter. Rafe says they can still hold him on breaking and entering but Hope knows he can beat that charge. Roman asks what she wants to do. Hope declares that legally they have to let him go. Hope enters the interrogation room and tells Aiden that he's free to go. Aiden asks if she believes him now. Hope believes that he is Aiden but isn't sure about the rest of his story. Aiden asks why else he would come back. Hope brings up Chase being in a lot of trouble. Aiden says he couldn't stay away from her as his love for her is what kept him alive. Aiden says he knows Hope loves him too. Hope corrects him that she loved who she thought he was but there was nothing pure since the DiMeras paid him off. Aiden argues that he ended up falling in love with her. Aiden declares that he loves her more than his own life. Aiden asks her to try to remember loving him. Aiden states that he will wait as long as it takes for her to realize that her feelings for him have not died.

Abigail tells Chad that she only has this one phone call. Chad is happy to hear her voice as he was worried about her when he left. Chad knows how hard it is for her and calls her brave. Abigail doesn't feel brave. Chad tells her that he's proud of her and encourages her coming home after treatment. Chad says he will bring her a present next time he visits. Abigail then tells Chad that she doesn't want him to come see her anymore. Chad doesn't think she means that but she insists. Chad asks about Thomas. Abigail feels that Thomas is scared of her since he couldn't stop crying whenever she touched him. Abigail declares that she can't stand seeing any of them. Chad asks if the doctor knows she's doing this. Abigail asks him not to argue and just respect her decision. Abigail asks him not to come see her anymore and to tell Jennifer and JJ that she doesn't want to see them either. Abigail says she just can't do it. Chad asks her to think it over but Abigail says goodbye and hangs up. Abigail then breaks down crying.

Fynn worries that Kayla is burning up. Kayla tells him to let her work but Fynn continues to worry about her. Fynn says he's going to make sure she takes care of herself.

Ciara comes back to Chad and asks if he needs anything but he says no and storms out.

Hope informs Aiden that Bo died in her arms from cancer. Aiden says he's sorry. Hope adds that Bo was held prisoner just like Aiden was. Aiden asks why she's telling him this. Hope says a lot of things she believed were not true. Hope says that Bo never stopped loving her and that Aiden didn't start until he was paid to do so. Hope doesn't know what to think and doesn't want any pressure from him. Aiden says he understands as Hope exits the room. Rafe asks her how it went. Hope wants to leave so Rafe decides he's going with her. Aiden comes out and asks Roman if he's free to go. Aiden wants to see Chase but Roman says he's in jail. Aiden wants to reject the guilty plea. Roman reminds Aiden that Chase raped Ciara. Roman warns Aiden not to think he can fix it so that Chase gets away with his crime.

Rafe and Hope go to the Pub. Rafe asks if she wants to tell him what happened with Aiden. Caroline comes over and says she just heard about Gabi and Arianna. Hope asks what's happening and if they are okay. Caroline tells her about the hospital quarantine because of the virus. Rafe says he will send her love as she tells them to take care. Hope questions why Rafe didn't tell her about this. Rafe tells Hope there's nothing she could do.

The nurse checks Arianna and reveals her fever is lower. Gabi and Adriana hug, believing that means the fever has broken.

Chad goes back to the mental institution, complaining to Dr. Robinson the psychiatrist about Abigail not wanting to see anyone. She tells him that there's nothing she can do. Chad argues that Abigail doesn't know what she wants. Chad questions it then tells her to just tell Abigail that he loves her as he walks away.

Chad returns home and puts away the photos he was putting together. Chad sits down and cries. Ciara comes back in and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Abigail sits outside the institution alone.

Rafe finishes a call with Adriana and tells her to give Gabi and Arianna his love. Rafe tells Hope that Gabi and Arianna are feeling much better so maybe the worst has passed. Hope is happy for him. Rafe goes back to talking about Hope. Hope says she still has no idea when Aiden was switched so she could still be married to Aiden. Rafe brings up Aiden loving her and wanting her back. Rafe says it may be too soon but he is interested to know how she feels about all of this.

Aiden goes to see Andre in prison.

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