Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

One of the nurses tells Kayla that she is getting a fever. Kayla gets a call from Steve, who says he hasn't found Joey yet and Jade's parents haven't seen her either. Steve asks if she's okay. Kayla says it's just been a long night and she's tired. Kayla tells him not to worry about her but to concentrate on finding Joey. Steve says he's on it and hangs up.

Joey and Jade arrive at a youth house where an aunt of Jade's joins them.

Summer takes care of Maggie at home. Maggie notes that something is bothering her. Summer claims she's just nervous about moving in because Victor doesn't like her. Maggie tells her that Victor doesn't like most people so she shouldn't worry about him. Maggie assures that Victor knows how important it is for her to have Summer there so he will leave her alone. Maggie tells her that it will get better. Maggie asks if that's really all. Summer says yes and wants to start helping Maggie exercise. Maggie is glad she's there and repeats that it will get easier. Maggie calls it a chance to really get to know each other which means a lot.

Chad brings Thomas to visit Abigail outside in the park. Chad says they couldn't wait and tells her that Jennifer is coming. Abigail gets upset and says it's bad enough that Thomas is here. Abigail doesn't want anyone to see her like this.

Nicole goes to see Deimos at the Kiriakis Mansion. He asks what he owes the pleasure to. Nicole says she is taking his offer with the contract for Basic Black. Deimos invites her in and suggests they celebrate. Deimos pours them coffee and toasts to a long and prosperous relationship. Nicole mentions him redecorating the mansion. Deimos talks about playing piano so Nicole tells him to impress her. Deimos sits and plays the piano for her.

Fynn analyzes the virus with another doctor. Fynn states that it was intentionally injected in to Paul with the intention to infect as many people as possible. Fynn worries about treating the patients.

Chad thought Abigail would want to spend time with her family but she says not here. Abigail complains that she's institutionalized and how that must be for Jennifer because of her mom. Chad talks about wanting to spend time with her. Abigail asks why and suggests they should just get used to this. Chad tries to tell her that she will get better but Abigail says she's not getting better and if anything she's getting worse. Chad tells her that her life is with them and that hasn't changed. Abigail sits with him but Thomas starts crying which upsets her.

Steve meets with Jade's father, Hal, at the Pub. Steve informs him that he thinks Jade ran away with his son Joey.

Jade talks to her aunt about running away from her parents. She asks about Joey. Joey says he just needed a fresh start. Her aunt senses that Joey is facing more than a few demons. She tells him that if he wants a fresh start, he will get it here so he can let go of whatever it is.

Chad encourages Abigail to try and get Thomas to stop crying but she gets frustrated and turns away. Abigail tells Chad to just stop and says Thomas can't stand her. A nurse comes to ask if Abigail needs a minute. Chad insists they are fine but the nurse takes Abigail away. Chad sits back with Thomas and he stops crying. Jennifer arrives, apologizing to Chad for being late and mentions JJ being really sick in the hospital now. Jennifer asks where Abigail is. Chad tells her that she decided she needed a minute. Jennifer asks how she seemed. Chad says she's not good as she thinks she's getting worse. Jennifer asks what Chad thinks.

Hal tells Steve that Jade is bad news and suggests Joey didn't get in trouble before he met her. Hal is sorry he got mixed up with her. Hal says they did everything they could for Jade but she is determined to throw her life away and they couldn't stop her. Steve asks why she would run away. He talks about coming up with a plan for her to pay back the damages from prom night so she split. Steve asks if they looked for her. Hal figures as soon as they call the cops, she will show up and act like nothing happened. Steve asks if he has any idea where she might go but he says not a clue. Steve questions just waiting and hoping she shows up. Hal says they just enjoy the peace and quiet. Steve asks him to contact him if he hears from Jade. Hal tells him not to hold his breath as he then exits.

Fynn gets Kayla in a hospital bed. She can't believe she has the virus. Fynn says they are all going to before it's over. Kayla wants to continue working but Fynn says she has to let someone else take care of her.

Chad tells Jennifer that Abigail is ashamed. Jennifer brings up her mother. Chad talks about how Abigail feels she is letting everyone down. The psychiatrist comes to them. They ask how she's doing but she won't talk about their sessions. Chad wants to try something else if this isn't working. She insists that it is but suggests relieving some of the pressure. She talks about seeing her family making things harder. She suggests removing that pressure. Jennifer questions her wanting them to stay away. Chad refuses to stop seeing her. She explains that Abigail needs time where she isn't worried about how her family is handling things. She asks if they can give her that time.

Marlena tells Fynn that she just saw Paul and asks where Kayla is. Fynn informs her that Kayla is now in a hospital bed. Marlena asks about the IV bags. Fynn says they found a synthetic virus and they are waiting on results. Marlena asks how she can help. Fynn tells her to keep the patients calm as that's all they got.

Jade's aunt tells them about setting a room up for them. Joey asks if it's okay if they stay here. She says they are welcome to stay as long as they like as long as they contribute.

Chad tells the psychiatrist they will give Abigail time. She goes to see if Abigail would like to come back now. Jennifer doesn't think this is the best place for Abigail. Jennifer argues about isolating someone from her family. Chad understands she needs some breathing room. They talk about wanting her home. Jennifer knows Chad has been up all night and offers to take Thomas so he can get some sleep but Chad says Thomas needs to be with him right now. The psychiatrist returns and says Abigail asked her to say goodbye because she needs to rest right now. Chad asks when they can come back. She says to just see how things are going.

Steve finds Claire in the town square and asks if she's seen Joey or Jade. Claire says nothing has changed. Steve informs her that Jade's parents don't know where they are and that Jade hasn't been home in awhile. Claire suggests they must be busy but Steve thinks they are in trouble. Claire says she wouldn't know. Steve tells her that Joey could be in danger. Claire repeats that she told him everything. Steve knows she covered for a friend but asks if she remembered anything else. Claire admits that Joey and Jade said something about going to Los Angeles. Steve asks if she thinks they went. Claire doesn't know but says he can't tell them she told him. Steve hugs her and says he won't but she's been a big help. Steve thanks her and walks away.

Joey asks how they can contribute. Jade's aunt says they can contribute to the well-being of the family and keeping them food. Jade and Joey ask what they do. She says whatever it takes. Jade says she understands and will explain to Joey. Joey asks what exactly is going on.

Chad brings Thomas home along with Jennifer. Jennifer suggests he can call Abigail but Chad says she will have to decide that. Chad regrets pushing so hard and says she was fine until he tried to force Thomas on her. Chad thinks Thomas is just sensing their bad energy. Jennifer insists on wanting to take Thomas for the night but Chad is adamant that he is staying with him and he's not going to change his mind. Jennifer continues asking him why not. Chad then shouts that he won't let his son go home with someone in her situation. Jennifer then questions if he thinks she's a drug addict.

Deimos continues playing the piano for Nicole. He looks at her and thinks of Helena. Nicole tells him it was beautiful and asks why he didn't finish. Nicole asks if she really reminds him that much of her. Deimos says it doesn't matter as that was the past. Nicole hates to think that she disturbs him. Deimos gets the feeling that she lives to disturb people. Nicole says maybe at one time. Deimos warns her that he will always keep an eye on her. Nicole asks if he doesn't trust her. Deimos asks if her contract isn't trust and says he's just being cautious with his investment. Nicole calls it more interesting to take a chance as she sits next to him and moves in closer.

Victor finishes a call in the town square where he runs in to Kate. Kate calls it a beautiful day and remarks about him still breathing. Victor would rather not run in to her and brings up her whoring herself out to Deimos. Kate informs Victor that she's in charge of Titan now. Victor hopes she's playing with Deimos as it won't end up well for her. Kate calls herself a survivor. Victor says she's running in traffic with scissors. Kate tells him this is a young man's game now. Victor tells her to enjoy her time at the top because they both know it won't last long.

Kayla gets a call from Steve. Steve tells her that Joey and Jade may have taken off for LA. Steve says he might be heading there tonight. She asks him to please do that. Steve asks if she can come with him but she says she can't. Steve says Joey might listen if it's both of them. Kayla says they are still in quarantine. Steve notes Kayla sounding hoarse and hopes she isn't getting sick. Kayla tries to tell him she's fine and tells Steve to just bring their son home. Steve says he'll be in touch as they hang up. Steve then makes a call to Hal and leaves a message telling him about the tip he got about LA. Steve asks Hal if he has any family or connections in LA.

Jade tells Joey that this is a family so they look out for each other and do whatever else they have to do whether it's stealing food or money. Joey questions being okay with that. Jade says it's anything goes.

Victor comes home where Summer greets him. Victor mentions that Maggie was expecting her last night and tells her not to disappoint her. Summer informs him that Maggie has exercised and is now resting. Summer offers to make food but Victor isn't hungry. Summer tells Victor that she is here and she's going to help Maggie and Victor if he lets her. Summer asks for a chance and tells him to let her know if he changes his mind about lunch.

Nicole and Deimos are interrupted by Kate walking in. Kate asks if she was interrupting something but Deimos says no as Nicole was just leaving. Deimos says her contract is all signed though. Nicole says she looks forward to working and will have a status report within a week. Nicole exits. Kate asks if this is what he wants. Deimos thinks Nicole will do a good job. Deimos then makes a call for a messenger to file a contract right away.

Chad apologizes to Jennifer for being so blunt. Jennifer claims not to know where he got this idea. Chad brings up her stumbling and slurring her speech in the town square one day. Chad asks if she's getting help. Jennifer claims she's been going to meetings. Chad is glad she's getting help. Jennifer asks if she can't take her grandson for one night. Chad refuses and says he couldn't live with himself if something happened. Jennifer tells Chad that he will see that she is fine and is going to get better. Chad says he knows she will and he's pulling for her. Jennifer says goodbye to Thomas and hugs Chad then exits.

Abigail returns to the park outside the institution where she clutches the stuffed animal that Thomas left. She stares at it and then dumps it in the nearby trash can as she cries.

Chad tells Thomas not to worry as Abigail will come back to them soon and bets she's thinking about him now.

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