Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla questions Steve thinking Joey ran away. Steve tells her what he heard from Claire and Ciara. Kayla tells him that he has to go find him as there's a viral outbreak at the hospital and she can't leave.

Adriana, Dario, and JJ remain with Gabi as Fynn checks on her in the hospital and she continues to worry about Arianna.

Kayla talks with John and Marlena about trying to treat the outbreak. Dario and JJ come out and mention Gabi not doing well. Adriana prays for Gabi and Arianna to be alright.

Rafe tells Roman this is crazy as he was at the crime scene and saw Aiden's cold lifeless body. Roman calls it impossible, thinking it can't be Aiden.

Hope tells Aiden that he gains nothing by lying to her. Aiden swears to her that he is telling the truth. Aiden tells her that the DiMeras kidnapped him and had him replaced. Hope tells him that his files are missing and asks if he can explain that. Aiden thinks the DiMeras must have stolen them. Hope questions why they would kidnap him and go through all of this trouble. Aiden tells her that he was never going to do it as he reveals to her that the DiMeras wanted him to kill her. Hope questions why they would ever think he would. Aiden then admits he was working for Stefano the entire time they were together. Hope has tears in her eyes as she questions him. Aiden explains that he was brought to Salem to seduce her for a lot of money. Hope asks why. Aiden says his job was to make her forget about Bo and that's all he was told. Hope questions being instructed to murder her which he confirms. Aiden says Andre gave the order but he was never going to go through with it. Aiden says they must have sensed that he had fallen in love with her so they got a look-a-like to put in his place. Hope asks when he was kidnapped. Aiden says it was after he proposed and he was jumped at his car. Hope mentions that Andre didn't come back to town until two weeks later. Aiden tells her that he was in town with a low profile. Hope doesn't believe him and argues that he did try to kill her. Aiden insists that it wasn't him. Hope mentions stabbing him so Aiden shows her there is no scar. Aiden assures her that he's not the one who tried to attack her.

JJ sneaks back in to Gabi's room to sit at her side. JJ assures her that Arianna is okay. JJ asks if she needs anything. Gabi says she needs to hold Arianna and asks JJ to help her.

Adriana offers to volunteer and tells Kayla that she has experience as a nurse. Kayla agrees and sends her to get suited up. John tells Marlena that he wants to go see Paul but Marlena tells him no because of what Fynn said. John feels he's missed too much of his son's life to not be there for him now. Marlena tells him to suit up first as he goes.

Theo apologizes to Ciara but Ciara assures him that she kissed him. Theo asks if she is sure she is okay with this because he doesn't want to pressure her about anything. Ciara is glad that they kissed and that he didn't listen to Abe about staying away from her. Theo says Abe will have to deal with him making his own decisions because she is the best thing to ever happen to him and he loves her so much. Theo then kisses Ciara again.

Hope says maybe Aiden is telling the truth. Aiden is happy that she's coming around. Hope says he may be telling the truth about the imposter but for all she knows, he could be the imposter. Aiden asks what he has to say to prove it's him. Aiden offers to talk about all the good times they shared or the bad times. Aiden brings up their first date being a disaster but they loved being together. Aiden asks Hope if she remembers that. Aiden says one of his favorite memories was celebrating their first anniversary. Hope holds back tears as he continues. Aiden talks about the DiMeras holding him in a cell and torturing him, saying the worst part was not knowing if Hope was alive or dead. Hope tells Aiden that it doesn't matter because he's still a lying piece of garbage. Aiden argues that he fell in love with her. Hope stops him and says she fell in love with who she thought he was. Hope says the past months have been a complete nightmare and she was finally starting to get her life back in order but then he turns up with this convoluted, implausible story dredging up all the horrible memories. Hope questions him trying to persuade her that he's the victim in all of this. Hope declares maybe he's Aiden or maybe not but either way, she wants nothing to do with him. Hope exits the room, leaving Aiden in tears. Roman asks how it went and Rafe asks if she's okay. Hope confirms that he acts, looks, and talks just like Aiden and knows things only he knows but says it can't be him.

JJ gets Gabi in a wheelchair and sneaks her in to see Arianna. Gabi encourages her that she will be okay soon.

Steve goes to the hospital and talks to Kayla from outside through the phone as the hospital is on lockdown. Kayla asks if he has any lead on Joey. Steve says his phone must be off but assures that he will keep trying to find him.

John visits Paul in his hospital room and asks how he's feeling. Paul says he heard John and Marlena earlier mention Arianna and Gabi. Paul asks if they caught this. John says they did but they are in good hands just like he is. John mentions that he called Paul's mom. Paul wishes he hadn't so she wouldn't worry. John says he did his best to convince her that he would be fine. John adds that Brady and Belle would be here but they are in quarantine. Paul worries that it's getting bad then and asks what he's not telling him. John informs Paul that one of the models from the photo shoot didn't make it. Paul says it's terrible. Paul admits to John that he hasn't felt right ever since Yo Ling drugged him and whatever else they did to him. Paul asks if John thinks it's possible that this virus is connected to that.

Theo can't believe Ciara is moving in to the DiMera guest house. Ciara tells him that she can't stay with Hope anymore waiting for her to break. Theo is glad Chad convinced her to stay in school because he would've been sad if she didn't graduate with him. Ciara is unsure about the ceremony but Theo tells her that she can't let Mark ruin her graduation. Ciara says they will see but mentions that prom wasn't all bad. They joke about the food. Ciara calls dancing with him the highlight of her night and thanks him for that. Theo suggests they dance again right now. Ciara wants music so she invites Theo up to her bedroom and they head upstairs.

Hope tells Rafe that Aiden claims he still loves her and somehow he will win her back like she would ever forget the Hell that she's been through. Rafe knows the DiMeras are capable of everything he said. Hope wonders what the end game is. Hope asks how the DiMeras would benefit from Aiden coming back. Rafe points out that there is no they anymore, only Andre. Hope wonders if Andre hopes that she will confide in Aiden and confess to killing Stefano. Hope lets it slip that Andre called her which Rafe questions. Hope points out that Andre was using a cell phone so he has connections. Roman comes back to confirm that Andre is still in prison. Roman says it will be a while before they get Aiden's DNA results back but they will know for sure who it is. Roman tells Hope to go home and rest while he will let her know if anything comes up. Rafe offers to give her a ride home. Hope agrees that she could use a break from this so they exit together.

Kayla reminds John of her direct order. John argues that it was worth the risk and tells her about what Paul said about Yo Ling drugging him. Kayla goes to check his file again. Marlena goes to call her patients to tell them not to come in today. John calls Eduardo and tells him that Adriana has been trying to reach him from the hospital. John tells Eduardo that Arianna and Gabi are sick with a viral outbreak. Eduardo wants to come but John says they are on lockdown. John tells him that Paul is infected too and worries that Yo Ling is responsible. Eduardo gets upset about anything happening to Arianna and Gabi. Eduardo asks if he can help. John says he needs him to do something for him that just may save everyone's lives.

Fynn talks with Kayla about a specialist tomorrow morning. Kayla worries and mentions Steve thinking that Joey ran away. Fynn assures her that he's being safe and tells her not to worry as Joey will call eventually. Kayla hopes he's right.

John returns to Paul's side. Paul can't believe he's responsible for this outbreak. John says they don't know for sure and he's waiting for Eduardo to bring him concrete evidence. Paul worries about Gabi and Arianna dying because of him. John stops him and says if anyone is to blame, it's him because he is Yo Ling's son. John says it's his past that made this happen to Paul. John believes that Paul would've been better off if he never met him. Paul disagrees and talks about spending years wondering what it would be like to meet his dad and now every day he thinks about how much he surpassed his expectations. Paul says their talks and his acceptance meant more than he knows. John tells Paul that he loves him. Paul says he loves him too. Paul tells John that he needs to believe him. John encourages that Paul will make it and beat this.

Ciara and Theo lay together listening to music.

Rafe brings Hope home. Hope asks what if this really is Aiden. Hope brings up seeing his dead body. Rafe says there are obviously a lot of questions and it's going to be tough. Rafe assures her that he's there for her any time and he will stay as long as she wants. Hope asks him to stay with her the whole night so he agrees. They kiss and then Rafe gets a text about Gabi and Arianna being in the hospital. Hope offers to go with him but Rafe tells her that she's been through enough so they don't need her ending up in the hospital too. Rafe kisses her and says he will be back as soon as he can. Rafe then exits.

Rafe goes to the hospital but is told he can't enter because it's in quarantine. Rafe questions what's going on and why it's closed off but the officer says he can't tell him so Rafe decides he will find someone who can.

Gabi thanks JJ for bringing her to Arianna and says he has no idea how much she appreciates having him in his life. Adriana comes in and tells them that they need to let Arianna rest. Gabi tells Arianna that she will be back soon.

Eduardo comes to the station and tells Roman that John needs the evidence including the IV bags that Paul was injected with. Rafe arrives and thanks Eduardo for letting him know. Eduardo tells him that Roman is getting the evidence. Eduardo feels he's lost enough already like Rafe's sister Arianna then Paige and now this. Rafe assures him that Gabi and Arianna will be okay.

Hope thinks back to the night "Aiden" tried to kill her. Hope gets up and goes in to the kitchen as Ciara and Theo come downstairs from falling asleep. Ciara hears Hope in the kitchen so she suggests Theo leave before she gets back. Theo kisses her and goes to leave but Hope comes out and says she didn't know Theo was there. Hope points out that they were awfully quiet upstairs and it's late. Ciara says they were just listening to music. Theo exits. Ciara assures Hope that they weren't doing anything. Hope believes her but worries about Theo when Abe finds out that he was with her. Ciara asks what happened because Hope seemed upset when she rushed out earlier. Hope sits Ciara down. Ciara says she is scaring her and hopes it's not huge. Hope tells her that it is huge. Hope informs her that it's about Aiden. Ciara can't believe it and begins to panic about Chase getting out. Hope promises her that won't happen and Chase will never hurt her again. Hope tells her that Aiden will not be a problem as she will take care of everything.

Aiden asks Roman to help him see Chase but Roman says it's not happening. Roman tells him to have a nice night. Aiden brings up Eric. Roman yells at him to shut the hell up. Aiden says the truth will come out that it's him and he didn't do anything wrong as he's escorted away.

JJ puts Gabi back in her hospital bed. Gabi thanks him. JJ tells her he will get her some water. Gabi tells him that she thinks she will be able to sleep. Gabi asks if JJ is feeling alright. He says he's fine just a little warm.

Fynn tells Kayla that they have begun analyzing the IV bags. Kayla reveals that they just lost the photographer. Fynn says everyone is different depending on many things including immune systems. Fynn and Kayla go to check the patients. Marlena encourages John about Paul. Marlena then feels that John is now burning up and begins to worry.

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