Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/10/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/10/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John talks with Marlena at the hospital about Paul getting worse. John mentions other patients as Paul isn't the only one who has whatever this is.

JJ and Adriana have Gabi in a hospital bed with a doctor while Gabi worries about Arianna. Adriana decides to go check on Arianna. JJ asks the doctor what is going on with Gabi.

Rafe cleans up from dinner at home as Dario enters and asks who the lucky woman is.

Hope stands at home and thinks back to Aiden as she cleans up. Ciara comes home and asks Hope what's wrong. Hope tells her that there is an emergency at the station so she doesn't know when she will be back. Hope asks Ciara if she's okay. Ciara responds that she's not and that Hope doesn't look like she is either.

Aiden is brought to the police station, shocking Roman. Roman doesn't believe it's Aiden and says whatever game this is ends now.

Kayla goes to the Pub where Caroline advises her not to have coffee. Caroline wants to know what is wrong. Kayla informs her that Joey is in trouble and explains what happened at prom. Caroline laughs off what the kids did. Kayla says she and Steve don't see eye to eye on how to handle it or many things. Caroline suggests she sit down for a meal. Fynn arrives and greets Kayla then offers to join her.

Steve stands in his office and realizes his jacket is missing. He calls Joey and leaves a message, asking if Joey has seen it and tells him to call him back.

Roman takes Aiden to the interrogation room and questions who he is. Aiden states he will only talk to Hope as she deserves to hear this first. Roman says she isn't available so he will be talking to him. Aiden believes Hope is on her way because she wants to talk to him just as bad. Roman accuses him of breaking in to her house to scare her and calls him a sadistic son of a bitch. Roman says he's calling the shots and demands to know who he is. Aiden refuses to say another word until he sees Hope.

Hope claims she's fine but Ciara doesn't think she looks like it. Hope feels the same about her and asks what's bothering her. Ciara thinks back to kissing Theo and tells Hope that it's nothing or that nothing is what it's supposed to be. Ciara talks about how she should be having a great time in senior year but trashing Mark's car was her idea and now it's over everyone's head. Ciara informs Hope about Abe not wanting Theo to hang out with her because she's a bad influence. Hope offers to talk to Abe but Ciara says no and to let her live her own life. Hope brings up letting her move out of the house. Ciara believes Hope thinks she will screw up. Hope just wants to help her but feels she isn't making a difference. Hope says she doesn't want to fight with her. Ciara says she doesn't either and tells her to go take care of her emergency. Ciara heads upstairs so Hope says she will be back as she exits.

Kayla invites Caroline to join she and Fynn but she reminds her that she is working. Fynn and Kayla sit together. Kayla's phone rings and Fynn guesses it's Steve. Fynn tells her that she can take it but she says she doesn't want to. Fynn notes that things still seems pretty tense between them and offers to talk but Kayla says there is nothing to talk about as it's over.

Rafe sits outside with Dario. Dario asks if he's dodging his question. Rafe thinks he doesn't give a damn about his social life but that he's hiding something bothering him. Rafe asks if Dario is still angry about Eduardo. Dario complains about Eduardo being treated like the head of the family. Rafe brings up Eduardo taking a bullet for him. Dario mocks that as a grand gesture. Dario apologizes for making a scene but he didn't like Eduardo interrogating JJ as if ever cared about Gabi. Rafe apologizes for treating him like a kid brother. Dario points out that Rafe is a detective while Gabi is a great mom and he feels like a loser. Rafe just wants him to be happy. Dario tells him not to worry as he will be fine and survive. Rafe thinks life should be about more than just surviving. Dario says he will find a way to make that happen. Rafe still feels he can tell that something is eating at him but Dario insists that he's fine and heads back inside. Rafe gets a text from Hope to meet her at the station ASAP.

Gabi says she's fine and continues to worry about Arianna. The doctor asks about what they did today. JJ mentions the family lunch but how nobody else got sick but she and Arianna. JJ then brings up her photoshoot with Paul, who is in the hospital with the same symptoms. The doctor asks about the photoshoot.

A woman rushes in to the hospital feeling sick which John and Marlena notice. Adriana comes by so John stops her to ask what's going on. She informs them about Gabi and Arianna being sick as well. Marlena goes to go check on her. Adriana talks about how it was a nice day before this and the doctors don't have any idea what's wrong or they won't tell them. John assures her that she will be just fine.

Fynn thinks it must be hard to deal with but Kayla talks about how Steve was gone for many years and she had things under control. Kayla says she was fine then and will be fine now. Fynn wishes it was that simple. Kayla asks if he's been through something similar. Fynn talks about being called a player but it gets old after awhile. Kayla talks about Steve being a player in danger and how she can't have that in her life anymore.

Steve walks through the town square and comes across Theo, asking if he's seen Joey around. Theo says he hasn't since he got out of jail and asks if there is a problem. Steve says he just hasn't been able to track him down. Theo says he'll let him know he's looking for him if he sees him. Steve asks him to just tell him if he sees Joey.

Claire goes to see Ciara. Ciara reveals to her that Chad is letting her move in to one of the DiMera cottages and that Claire can move in with her. Claire mentions not having time to talk to her parents about moving out yet. Ciara asks if she wants to. Claire says she just sprung it on her and she is still trying to write songs for Philip to sign her to the record label. Claire suggests they both take time to think it over. Ciara says there's nothing to think about as she can't take Hope anymore. Claire asks if it's about Hope or Theo.

Abe joins Theo in the town square. Theo asks if he's just checking on him to make sure he's not seeing Ciara. Theo tells him that Ciara doesn't want him in trouble. Abe thinks it's for the best but Theo doesn't. Theo knows he's different and doesn't understand certain things but he loves Ciara and thinks she loves him too. Abe knows it seems like that. Theo insists it is like that and Ciara would never hurt him like Abe is.

Rafe arrives at the station and asks Roman what's going on as he got Hope's text. Roman points him to the interrogation room where Rafe is shocked to see Aiden. Roman says they are running his prints and getting a DNA sample. Roman notes that he refuses to talk to anyone but Hope. Roman informs Rafe that Hope made the arrest as Aiden was in her house. Rafe can't believe it and calls that a big mistake as he enters the interrogation room. Rafe questions who Aiden is, refusing to believe it's really him as he saw him dead and buried. Hope arrives so Rafe steps out of the room with her. Rafe asks if she's okay and if Aiden tried to hurt her. Hope tells him that he didn't try. Roman tells her that he's refusing to talk to anyone but her. Hope says okay but Rafe argues that Aiden can't call the shots here. Rafe tells Hope that she doesn't have to do this but Hope feels she has to know what is happening here.

Ciara assures Claire that this has nothing to do with Theo but Claire doesn't believe her. Claire asks if they are more than just friends. Ciara says maybe but points out Abe not wanting Theo to see her. Claire jokingly compares them to Romeo and Juliet. Claire asks what is actually going on. Ciara informs Claire that Theo said he loved her and really kissed her. Claire tells her to think about it because Theo is in love with her so the question is if she is in love with him.

Theo says Abe is hurting him by telling him who he can be friends with. Abe argues about not thinking things through. Theo questions why he's mad at Ciara instead of Mark. Abe says Mark will be punished but Ciara was wrong to take matter in to her own hands. Theo questions Ciara ending up in jail while Abe didn't do anything to help. Theo brings up Abe working with Mark's father as a judge. Abe says they need proof that Mark was behind the video. Theo questions if it's that or if Abe is scared of Mark's father.

Caroline brings dessert for Kayla but she says she has to get back to the hospital. Caroline sits with her and asks about moving on from Steve. Kayla doesn't want to talk about it. Caroline is a bit surprised and starts praising Fynn. Kayla insists that they are just friends who work together and calls her ridiculous. Kayla and Fynn both get texts from the hospital that they have to go. Kayla thanks Caroline for everything as they exit.

Claire calls it a simple question as she asks Ciara if she's in love with Theo or not. Steve arrives at the door looking for Joey but Ciara says they haven't seen him since the afternoon. Steve asks if he seemed upset about anything. Ciara says no more than anyone else after being thrown in jail. Steve questions Claire if she has talked to Joey. Claire thinks back to Joey telling them that he was leaving town. Steve warns them about consequences and points out that Joey is out on bail like them so if he doesn't come to the hearing, there will be a warrant out for his arrest. Claire admits that Joey talked about running away with Jade. Ciara doesn't think he meant it and was just blowing off steam. Steve hopes that's true. Steve tells them to call him if they hear from Joey as he exits.

Hope stares in the window of the interrogation room at Aiden. Roman wants to know exactly what happened. Hope says he showed up at her house and they didn't really talk as she was upset. Rafe worries that Hope should not be the one to question him but Hope feels she's the only one who can. Hope says she knows Aiden better than anyone so she can trip up his story and find out what's going on. Roman and Rafe worry but Hope insists that she can handle it and that it only makes sense for her to question him. Roman agrees but he wants Rafe in there too. Hope says no, she's doing it on her own.

Abe questions Theo thinking he cares more about his job than him. Theo argues against him taking the judge's side over Ciara. Abe agrees that the judge wouldn't listen but what Ciara did was still wrong, saying she's impulsive and doesn't think about the consequences. Theo brings up Ciara still hurting from what Chase did and losing Bo. Theo reveals that he lied to Abe when he said he chose not to get involved in the spray painting because he didn't know about it or else he would've tried to talk her out of it. Abe realizes the boy in him is gone and he's looking at a young man. Theo says that is what he's been trying to tell him. Abe says he just wants him to be happy. Theo responds that he is happy with Ciara.

Claire asks if Ciara thinks Joey and Jade really ran away. Ciara says maybe. Claire worries that they could end up in prison if they did. Ciara didn't realize trashing Mark's car would get everyone in trouble but she's glad she kept Theo out of it. Claire believes Ciara is in love with him. Ciara admits part of her may be falling for Theo but another part of her wants something different. Ciara says being with Theo is easy and comfortable but not exactly exciting. Claire questions if she wants a bad boy.

The doctor tells Fynn and Kayla that another model and the photographer of Gabi and Paul's photoshoot were also brought in with flu like symptoms. Kayla points out that they aren't responding to the usual meds and declares they have to find out what's going on before people start dying. Kayla talks with John and Marlena about doing everything they can to try and find out what this is. Another model is brought in feeling sick. Fynn tells Kayla that he got blood work back and it's a virus he's never seen before. Kayla wonders what it is.

Adriana returns to Gabi and assures her that Arianna is getting better. Dario arrives and questions what's going on as he checks on Gabi.

Steve returns to his office and calls Jade's parents, questioning them not seeing her since they bailed her out and them not being worried. Steve says he's sorry to bother them and hangs up.

Ciara tells Claire that he wants someone like her dad and talks about how Bo rescued Hope in the past. Ciara can't see Theo doing anything like that. Claire says he could totally surprise her. Ciara decides it's late and she has to pack in the morning so she says goodnight. Ciara tells Claire to let her know what she decides and they will talk tomorrow. Claire exits and Ciara starts to go upstairs but the doorbell rings. Ciara goes back and answers the door to see Theo.

Hope tells Rafe that Aiden won't say a word if he's next to her. Roman agrees on the conditions that they are watching from outside and will record every word of the conversation. Rafe is not happy but Hope goes towards the interrogation room.

Theo reminds Ciara that he told her he loved her and kissed her but then she ran off without saying anything. Ciara feels she's a mess right now and doesn't want to hurt him. Theo says she can't hurt him. Ciara doesn't think he can just decide that. Theo says what is important is how they feel about each other. Theo tells her that he loves her so he needs to know if she loves him. Ciara admits maybe but she doesn't know. Theo thinks she does love him. Ciara says maybe he's right as they kiss.

Dario tells Adriana that Rafe was fine and she hasn't heard from Eduardo. Gabi cries that she doesn't feel good and starts to panic that she doesn't know what's happening. Dario and JJ rush out to tell Fynn that Gabi is getting worse and doesn't know where she is. Kayla gets a call from Steve but she says it's really crazy at the hospital so she can't talk right now. Steve informs Kayla that he thinks Joey ran away from home.

Roman stops Hope from going in to the interrogation room as he got the fingerprints results but finds out that Aiden's prints are missing from the file. Roman doesn't want Hope to go in there blind but Hope says she knows dates and things that only Aiden would know. Hope says asking to talk to her alone was his first mistake. Hope then enters the interrogation room and tells Aiden to start talking.

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