Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/9/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/9/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Two hours ago..

Rafe brings Hope home and tells her they will do it again very soon and next time there will be no interruptions. They kiss goodnight as Rafe then exits. Hope heads inside where someone remains upstairs.


Hope gets a text from Ciara that she is at the club. Hope then turns and sees the presumed dead Aiden appear in front of her, dropping her phone in shock.

Six months ago..

Flashback to Hope and Aiden's wedding night where they were in bed together until Aiden got up and went downstairs to prepare for going through with the DiMeras plan to murder Hope. Aiden decided he couldn't do it and went to leave the house but when he opened the door, he came face to face with a clone of himself! Andre snuck up behind Aiden and injected him with something so he passed out and he carried him away, allowing the fake Aiden to take his place. Andre stuffed Aiden in his trunk and drove away.

Aiden woke up locked in a cell with no idea where he was and began screaming for help and for Hope not to be hurt. The cell filled with gas causing Aiden to pass out again. He awoke to a plate of food and a bottle of water in front of him. Aiden yelled for Andre that he would go on a hunger strike and sat in the corner. Aiden crawled along the cell trying to find a way out to no avail. He then saw a dead bird on the ground and the cell began to fill with gas once again causing him to pass out. He woke up again, wondering if the gas killed the bird. Aiden took a drink from the bottle of water, deciding he would have to keep his strength up until he finds a way out. He sat down on the bed in the cell where three notebooks were left. Aiden shouted that he wouldn't be here that long. A screen outside the cell then began to play video of Aiden and Hope's wedding. Aiden started to cry that he was so sorry. Aiden questioned why Andre was doing this and if he was making him suffer because he wouldn't do what he wanted. Aiden shouted that he loved Hope as he was forced to watch on the screen as it was the fake Aiden who began trying to kill Hope. Aiden broke down crying, believing he had seen Hope murdered. Aiden cried that he was sorry as he wasn't going to do it because he loved her.

Two months ago..

Aiden remained in the cell now with a beard after the time that has passed. He laid in the cell's bed flipping through his writings in the notebooks. Aiden talked to another dead bird about how he had written down everything he had eaten in the 115 days he had been locked up. Aiden talked about writing down lists to keep himself sane. Aiden goes over his hypothesis of why Andre and Stefano kept him alive this long and wondered where they were. Aiden suggested they could still kill him later. Aiden tried telling himself that everything would be fine. Aiden wondered about his son Chase and if he thinks he abandoned him or that he killed Hope and ran. Aiden cries that he would never do that to Chase because he loves him, Hope, and Ciara. The news then comes on the screen outside the cell so that Aiden hears about Chase being arrested for rape and that he could serve up to six years which Aiden can't believe. Aiden screams that it's a lie because Chase would never rape someone. Aiden repeats to himself that Chase is good and would never do that. Aiden realizes that Chase thinks he killed Hope as he breaks down crying and screaming. Aiden yells that he would never kill Hope because he loved her and screams to just kill him now. The cell again fills with gas so Aiden tries to hold his breath but again passes out. When he awakes, he is writing in his notebook, talking about getting stronger every day. When the gas comes in again, Aiden holds his breath longer.

Three weeks ago..

Aiden lays in the cell bed, talking about training to hold his breath longer than he ever thought he could. Aiden says his problem is he doesn't know how long the gas goes for. Aiden mentions holding his breath for three minutes and thinking the gas is on a timer. Aiden watches as the gas comes in and begins to hold his breath to avoid passing out from the gas. A man enters to deliver Aiden's plate of food. Aiden then pops up and jumps on the man's back. Aiden chokes him out , takes the dead bird, and escapes the cell.

One week ago..

Aiden shaves his beard in a public restroom and wonders how Andre found someone that looked like him. Aiden believes the fake Aiden is still out there pretending to be him and running from the cops. Aiden declares that he can't stop now as he has to find out the truth. Aiden tells his bird that he has to fly solo on this one and leaves it in the bathroom. Aiden then rushes out and climbs over a fence then tries to catch a ride from cars passing by. One stops so Aiden gets in and they drive away.

Two hours ago..

Aiden made it to Hope's house and used the spare key hidden outside to sneak in. He looked at a photo of Hope and Ciara on the mantle as he walked around the house before heading upstairs.

Rafe brings Hope home and tells her they will do it again very soon and next time there will be no interruptions. They kiss goodnight as Rafe then exits. Hope heads inside as Aiden remained upstairs.


Hope gets a text from Ciara that she is at the club. Hope then turns and sees the presumed dead Aiden appear in front of her, dropping her phone in shock. Hope begins to panic. Aiden tells her that he didn't mean to scare her and there is so much she needs to know. Hope yells at him to stop. Aiden asks her to let him explain if she ever loved him. She calls 911 then screams and shoves Aiden down as she tells the police that she needs immediate help at her house for an emergency. Hope pulls her gun on Aiden and says she doesn't want to hear his story. Hope tells Aiden that he's dead as Bo shot him. Aiden shouts that it wasn't him but something Andre did to them, adding that she has to believe him. Hope holds her gun on him and makes him turn around with his hands behind his back. Hope handcuffs Aiden and sits him down, refusing to listen. Aiden tells her it's not what she thinks. Hope argues that he tried to kill her. Aiden tries to explain that it wasn't him. The police arrive. Hope reads Aiden his rights and orders the cops to take Aiden to the police station. They escort Aiden out as Hope breaks down crying.

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