Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/6/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/6/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope comes home and finds a note from Rafe to check the closet. She opens it and finds a rose with another note, telling her to trade in her gun for a night of romance.

Rafe prepares dinner at home as Adriana comes in and questions him cooking. Rafe tells her it's not for her and asks her if she can go somewhere else tonight.

Gabi and JJ talk in the town square. Gabi tells JJ that Eduardo texted her, hoping he didn't scare him off. JJ admits his worries of not being good enough for her. Gabi stops him and tells him to never say that as she kisses him.

Brady comes home where Theresa asks if he went to see Summer. Brady says no and surprises her with a box of chocolates. They agree that they don't want to fight anymore. Brady asks if she went looking for him because her car was parked in a different spot. Theresa thinks back to confronting Summer.

Dario checks and confirms Clark is dead. Summer tells Dario that he has to help her. Dario questions what happened. Summer thinks back to pushing him off of her. Summer tells Dario that it was an accident.

Hope finds another note with a gift of a necklace.

Rafe tells Adriana that he didn't know Eduardo was coming over or else he would have said something. Adriana asks about Rafe and Hope's friendship. She reminds Rafe that he just got his job back and worries about if things end badly and they still have to work together. Rafe tells her it's only a second date. She questions his cooking and he realizes he forgot to turn the oven on. Adriana then suggests he should leave the cooking to her.

Theresa tells Brady that she was picking up diapers for Tate. Brady says she could have texted him but Theresa says she didn't because they were fighting. They agree to be done fighting. Brady talks about how busy they are and hugs her. Theresa calls it everything she ever wanted and more as they kiss. Theresa declares that nothing will ever come between them.

Dario questions Summer about what Clark was doing there. Summer explains that he tracked her down and blackmailed her in to one last score so she went to Brady and got him to give Clark $50,000. Dario asks what happened next. Summer tells him that Clark started kissing her and wouldn't listen when she said stop so she pushed him off and he hit his head. Summer knows she should've called the police but she didn't want to get Brady and Dario in to this. Summer tells Dario that they have to get rid of the body.

Gabi apologizes to JJ for her family drama. JJ stops her and says it's okay. Gabi talks about giving his father a chance. JJ relates to being mad at his dad for a long time but he would do anything to have him back. Gabi says they will never forget what Eduardo did but she feels they can move on while Dario is so much angrier than they are.

Dario sends Summer to try and find a laundry cart as he stays in the room and covers Clark's body with a sheet from the bed.

Brady and Theresa talk about putting Tate to sleep. They want Tate involved in their wedding. Theresa brings up deciding who should be in the wedding party. Brady says he's been putting off because he would've had Daniel and Eric. Brady suggests Theresa ask Belle which she agrees to. Theresa brings up Anne and says Eve probably won't even come back for the wedding. Theresa says marrying him is all she cares about. Brady calls it a rough year for their families so this is something to celebrate. Theresa knows Brady will invite Maggie and Victor but hopes he won't invite Summer. Brady points out that Maggie might be upset by that. Theresa argues that it's her wedding, calling it so ridiculous. Theresa slips up saying if he would've seen the way Summer was acting tonight which leads to Brady questioning if she went to see Summer.

Adriana finishes helping Rafe cook. Rafe is surprised Hope isn't there yet. Adriana jokes about the food and then exits.

Brady demands an answer from Theresa. She admits she went to see Summer because she was angry. She complains that he wouldn't listen to her. Theresa argues that Summer wants him. Brady stops her and tells her to let that go. Theresa argues that it's Summer's problem. Brady thought it was his. Theresa cries that she just doesn't want Summer at their wedding. Brady feels that she's being unfair. Theresa worries that she will never get out of their lives. Brady suggests she shouldn't go to her hotel room to pick a fight with her. Brady decides he's going to fix this and exits, leaving Theresa upset.

Adriana joins Gabi and JJ in the town square. Gabi invites her to have coffee but she doesn't want to be in the way. Adriana asks if Gabi knew about Rafe seeing Hope. Gabi says she did but didn't know it was serious until Rafe asked her to get a necklace. Gabi adds that Hope is JJ's cousin. Adriana feels that Arianna is warm and worries that she may be sick so Gabi checks on her.

Hope goes to Rafe's for dinner and thanks him for the necklace. Rafe admits he had help from Gabi. Rafe asks her if everything is okay. Hope kisses him and says it's perfect now.

Someone sneaks in to Hope's house.

Adriana suggests Gabi take Arianna home and that Rafe will understand. Adriana brings up going to the hospital. Gabi doesn't want to overreact but Adriana doesn't think she should take chances so JJ agrees to go with her to the hospital. They leave the town square. Brady then walks by.

Dario and Summer stuff Clark's body in the laundry cart. Dario decides he will put the body in her trunk and exits with the cart. Summer notices the blood stain left on the floor and tries to clean it. Brady then arrives, surprising her, and he asks what's wrong.

Rafe and Hope have drinks together outside. Hope jokes about his mom cooking and then leaving. Rafe jokes about how a month ago he was a bachelor and now lives with his mom, sister, and brother. Hope tells him that he didn't have to ask them to leave on her account. Rafe says he did. Hope asks what he had in mind. They get up and dance together. Rafe cleans up their plates and finds that Hope left notes under each one, suggesting he show her his bedroom. Rafe kisses her as they head back inside.

Anne goes to see Theresa. Theresa appreciates her coming. Anne asks what Summer did now. Theresa tells her about her con artist past and how Brady gave her $50,000. Anne suggests figuring out how to get rid of her but Theresa feels she can't since she's living with Maggie and Brady wants her at the wedding. Anne suggests looking up if she has a police record so they go to search the internet.

Summer tells Brady that nothing is wrong now. Brady notes that she seems jumpy but Summer says she's still freaked out from earlier. Brady asks to come in so she allows him. Summer hides the envelope of money and apologizes for being tired from being at the hospital so much lately. Brady asks about her bed. Summer claims she took a nap. Summer says she didn't expect to see him. Brady apologizes for Theresa coming to see her. Summer insists she's fine but Brady doesn't think she seems fine. Dario comes back in and declares it's all done so Brady questions what he's done with.

Rafe and Hope kiss in bed.

Dario tells Brady that he was just putting some of Summer's stuff in her car since she's moving. Brady tells her that she didn't have to call Dario if she needed help. Summer then claims to Brady that she and Dario are together. Brady says he had no idea and apologizes for interrupting their night, deciding he will leave them alone. Brady exits. Summer tells Dario that was too close. Dario responds that they aren't done.

Theresa and Anne can't find anything online about Summer. They then realize that she may have stolen someone else's identity.

Rafe and Hope continue kissing in bed. Hope tells Rafe that she loves him. They get interrupted by Rafe's phone ringing. Rafe gets a text from Gabi that she is coming to get Arianna's stuffed animal in five minutes. Hope tells him that it's ok. Rafe tells her that he loves her as they continue kissing.

Gabi tells Adriana that she's going to get Arianna's stuffed animal. Adriana worries about her interrupting Rafe's date. Gabi worries about having Arianna in the hospital. The nurse informs her that they are going to have admit Arianna for flu testing. Adriana encourages that they are just being cautious while Gabi panics. JJ brings them waters. Gabi questions how this happened. JJ mentions that he saw another nurse had a patient and it was Paul. Gabi wonders what's going on.

Rafe brings Hope home and tells her they will do it again very soon and next time there will be no interruptions. They kiss goodnight as Rafe then exits. Hope heads inside where someone remains upstairs.

Brady comes home to Theresa. Theresa asks him how Summer is and then asks if she should say Cindy. Brady questions her. Theresa reveals that she found an old page registered to Cindy Callahan which appears to be Summer's alias. Brady says that doesn't surprise him given her former line of work. Theresa asks if anything about Summer would surprise him. Theresa thinks Summer's running from something and wonders what else she is keeping from them.

Dario tells Summer that they have to get shovels. Summer questions him wanting her to dig a grave. Dario asks how she expects to get rid of the body. Summer says it will take hours and Maggie is expecting her. Dario questions if she wants him to do her dirty work for her. Summer thinks Maggie will be suspicious if she doesn't show up. Dario takes her and says they will have to be quick.

Adriana goes to try and find out more about this flu. Gabi continues to worry about Arianna. JJ asks if she's feeling okay and notes that she is burning up as well so JJ wants a doctor to check on her.

Hope gets a text from Ciara that she is at the club. Hope then turns and sees the presumed dead Aiden appear in front of her, dropping her phone in shock.

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