Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John and Paul meet Marlena in the town square. John informs her that they were planning a trip. Marlena questions him. John explains that Paul will take him on a tour of his favorite ballparks. Marlena does not seem enthused. John asks if something is wrong.

Dario goes to the police station and greets Rafe, saying he got his message. Rafe thanks him for coming by. Dario asks why he wanted to see him. Rafe brings up a flyer for volunteers helping at risk kids and he thought it was something they could do together. Dario knows Rafe is worried about him and wants him to find direction in life but says he's not the one in the family that he should be worried about.

Eduardo goes to see Adriana and asks if she will let him come in.

Theresa talks on the phone at home, assuring that Nicole is committed to DJ Wear and they are stable. Theresa hangs up and answers another call, insisting that DJ Wear has not lost any investors because Nicole is not leaving the company. Theresa hangs up and calls Brady, leaving a message that she really needs him.

Summer returns to her hotel room where Clark is waiting and asks if she brought the money. Brady enters behind her and informs him that she brought him.

Dario tells Rafe that he should spending time with their mom unless he's fine with her spending time with a murderer in Eduardo. Rafe doesn't know what he wants him to do. Dario doesn't want to pick up the pieces if Eduardo hurts her again or gets killed.

Eduardo has a bag of food with him and offers to cook for Adriana. She remarks about him needing a wife and family to provide him a cover. Eduardo insists that she was the only woman he wanted as he fell in love with her immediately even though he knew he would have to walk away at some point which he hated. Eduardo states that he did whatever he could to win her heart and asks if he can come in so she invites him in.

Theresa calls John again, leaving another message that she really needs to talk to him as it's important.

Marlena informs John that she was able to talk to Eric at the prison today. John asks how he's doing. Marlena says he's taking it very seriously. John asks if he's changed his mind about them visiting. Marlena hopes that he will. Marlena mentions that Eric asked about Sami so she wishes she knew a way that he could get in touch with her.

Brady gives Clark the $50,000. Clark accepts it and says he will be on his way. Brady stops him and says he will need some information first. Brady informs him that Summer is reformed so that money was a one time thing. Brady warns about not wanting to see Clark around demanding any more money and threatens to have him put in prison for blackmail if he does. Clark says he made his point. Brady hopes so for his sake. Clark then exits. Summer rushes up and hugs Brady, saying she doesn't know how she will ever repay him.

John asks Marlena if she has asked Sami why she won't talk to anyone even though Stefano is dead. Paul goes to get a coffee. Marlena says all she gets from Sami is cryptic texts that she is fine and not to worry. Marlena wonders why her children can't find peace in their lives. John says sometimes all they can do is love and support them. Paul gets his coffee and on his way back to the table, starts shaking and trying to control his arm.

Adriana and Eduardo cook together and recall old times with the kids as they get close.

Brady tells Summer that he has to get going. Summer doesn't want him to leave while he's mad at her. Brady doesn't know how he feels right now and is still trying to get used to the idea that she was a con artist. Brady asks if Daniel knew. Summer says he knew everything about her. Summer apologizes for not telling him as she knew how he would see her and that he wouldn't want her to come to Salem to meet Maggie. Brady asks about Maggie knowing. Summer says she didn't love the idea but didn't judge her. Summer says she wasn't out to hurt people but it's what she had to do to survive. Summer hopes one day he will understand what it was like to be her. Brady tells her to let him know if Clark comes back around and then he exits.

Eduardo tells Adriana that he really missed her and they almost kiss but Gabi comes home from her photoshoot. Adriana tells Gabi that Arianna is still sleeping. Eduardo invites her to stay for lunch. Gabi says she is going to meet JJ for lunch but they suggest inviting JJ over for lunch. Arianna wakes up but Eduardo asks if he can check on her so Gabi agrees. Rafe and Dario come in. Adriana asks what they are doing here. Rafe says it's lunch time. Adriana asks how long it's been since the whole family has had a meal together. Dario questions what she means by the whole family as Eduardo comes back with Arianna.

Paul struggles with the shaking and walks back the other way. John tells Marlena that he knows Eric and Sami have had their problems but they are good people and will work through things. John talks about Belle and how he thinks she and Shawn are going to make things happen. Marlena reveals to John that Belle signed the divorce papers so she is moving on with Philip. John says he shouldn't be surprised but he was pulling for her and Shawn. Marlena adds that Claire doesn't know yet because Belle didn't want to ruin her prom but then Claire ended up going to jail. John questions that so Marlena explains that Claire and her friends vandalized a car after Theo and Ciara were insulted at prom. John can't believe it and decides he wants to talk to Claire. Marlena suggests leaving it to their parents. John questions not doing anything. Marlena reminds John that sometimes all they can do is love and support them.

Brady goes home as Theresa is finishing calls. Theresa asks Brady to start fielding phone calls as she has a lot of work to do. Brady sits with her and informs her that she was right about Summer as she was a con artist. Brady explains that a guy she scammed came looking for her for $50,000. Theresa can't believe it. Brady insists that those days are behind her as she paid him back. Theresa questions how then realizes Brady gave her the money. Brady confirms that he did but doesn't want to hear another word about it. Theresa brings up him being the company's investor. Brady tells her not to worry about the money. Theresa says that's easy for him to say as he has always had money. Theresa brings up him not checking with her when they are business partners and engaged so she felt she deserved to be consulted on this. Brady knew how she would react. Theresa thinks she should go to prison for being a con artist. Brady thinks she should understand giving people second chances. Theresa remarks that Summer has him under her spell. Brady decides he's going to get some air and storms out. Theresa calls out to the babysitter that she is going out and rushes after Brady.

JJ joins the Hernandez family for lunch. JJ calls the food amazing. Rafe comments on Arianna loving it as much as they did. They talk about their late sister Arianna. Eduardo thinks she would be happy they are all together. Dario questions him. Eduardo asks JJ about cooking. JJ jokes with him. Eduardo asks him about knowing Gabi. JJ says they have known each other a while now as Gabi is best friends with his sister. Dario gets mad at Eduardo acting like an upstanding citizen and questions who he is to be sitting at the head of the table.

Paul returns to John and Marlena. Marlena asks if he changed his mind about the coffee. Paul claims the line was too long. John suggests ordering those baseball tickets. Brady walks by so John calls him over and asks what's going on.

Theresa goes to Summer and tells her to give up her fantasy of taking Brady away from her and go back to LA as they are in love. Summer argues that she only sees Brady as a friend. Theresa warns her not to screw with her and walks away.

Brady tells John that he's having a problem with DJ Wear. Marlena invites him to join them and talk about it. Brady says he can't but he will make plans when it's settled. Marlena suggests they come over dinner some time. John invites Brady to come to the baseball games with he and Paul. Brady says he doesn't have the time but promises to get together soon.

Summer packs her bag and goes to leave when Clark returns to her room. Summer reminds him what Brady said. Clark says he doesn't scare him. Summer says he should as his family practically owns the town. Clark says she isn't going to call him now. Summer asks what he wants now. Clark responds that it was a nice little con that they just played on Brady so he thought she might want her cut of the money. Summer takes the envelope and calls it a one time thing like Brady said. Clark declares that they are just getting started. Summer tells him to leave Brady alone. Clark questions her having the hots for a mark. Summer tells him that Brady isn't a mark and he needs to go.

Eduardo apologizes for Dario having a problem with how he lived his life. Rafe tells Dario to knock it off and try to make it work. JJ says it seems like they need to talk so he will leave. JJ thanks them for lunch. Dario warns JJ to get used to scenes like this if he wants a future with Gabi. Gabi declares she's had enough and leaves with JJ. Rafe asks Dario if he's happy now. Dario calls Eduardo a murderer and says he doesn't have the stomach to pretend everything is okay as he storms out.

JJ and Gabi sit outside the town square. Gabi apologizes for JJ having to go through that but JJ tells her not to worry, insisting that he's not scared off as they kiss.

Eduardo appreciates Rafe trying to make peace and calls it very cool, saying he sees why he makes Adriana so proud. Rafe says he has to get back to work. Rafe thanks Adriana for a great lunch and whispers to her before leaving.

John calls Theresa back, apologizing for not calling back as his phone was on silent. Theresa asks if he can come see her as she would rather talk in person. John asks if it's Tate since he just saw Brady and he seemed fine. Theresa asks if Brady said anything. John says he just seemed distracted by a work problem. Theresa tells John that she will text him a time and place and asks him not to say anything to Brady.

Clark tells Summer that rich guys like Brady won't fall for her. Summer tells him to get out but Clark continues talking about pulling more cons and offers to include Dario. Summer says she helped him get money out of Brady and asks him to go back to LA and forget about her. Clark calls it impossible and says he can never forget her. Summer tells him that the past is dead but Clark disagrees and kisses her until she pushes him off and he falls down, hitting his head on the way which looks to kill him.

Adriana asks if Eduardo will be back for another meal. Eduardo says this one ended kind of badly and it was his fault. Eduardo agrees with Dario that he has no right to question his daughter's boyfriend. Adriana points out that Gabi wasn't really angry and that JJ shouldn't be scared off by a few questions. Eduardo points out her calling Gabi "their" daughter and thanks her. Eduardo decides to go and asks if she minds if he asks what Rafe whispered to her. Adriana informs him that Rafe said if she's happy then he will try to be happy for her. Eduardo asks if she is happy. Adriana responds that to see them all around the table again made her very happy. Eduardo says him too but he's sorry for how it ended. Adriana says those things will happen. Eduardo asks about her dinner plans. She jokes with him not to push his luck. She kisses him on the cheek as he exits.

John returns to Marlena and Paul. Marlena wonders why Theresa is being so mysterious. John thinks Brady has more than just business on his mind. Marlena suggests they could have had a fight or maybe it's not as serious. John apologizes to Paul if the conversation is boring him. Marlena points out that Paul hasn't been himself since he sat down. Paul admits he's not feeling his best. John understands after what happened to him. Paul decides he's going to go but stumbles when he gets up. John questions what's going on with him as Paul starts sweating. John decides to take Paul to the hospital.

Dario goes to see Summer and asks what's going on. Dario comes in and sees Clark on the floor, questioning what he's doing here and what's going on. Dario checks his pulse and confirms Clark is dead. Summer worries about what she's going to do.

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