Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Fynn talks with Kayla at the hospital about a patient. Steve arrives and tells Kayla that this has gone too far. Kayla questions what he's talking about. Steve asks if she couldn't bother to tell him that their son was arrested.

Joey and Jade walk through the town square, talking about going to LA together. Jade tells him that it's going to be great and kisses him.

Rafe joins Hope at the police station and invites her to lunch at the town square. Hope says that would be great but wants to call Ciara first. Rafe asks how she's doing. Hope feels Ciara is going from one mess after another since being arrested.

Ciara babysits Thomas at the DiMera Mansion. Ciara ignores Hope's call and talks about knowing Thomas is missing Abigail but when he's her age, moms can be annoying. Ciara hopes Abigail will be back soon.

Chad calls the mental hospital for an update on Abigail. He is told that she is about to be evaluated and it's going to take time. Chad asks how long. The doctor says he can't put a time table on it but it's ultimately up to her.

A psychiatrist talks with Abigail. She wants to start with how Abigail felt when she first met Ben. Abigail is distracted and wants the door locked. Abigail complains about not wanting to think about it as she can't remember how she felt because she doesn't remember and only feels a blank space. The psychiatrist encourages her that it's important for her recovery to try.

Rafe and Hope walk through the town square together. Rafe tells Hope a story about stealing candy when he was a kid and his punishment was being made to work in the store. Rafe explains that his mom's lesson was that if he was old enough to get in the situation then he was old enough to get out. Rafe suggests doing that with Ciara.

Ciara reads a story to Thomas as Chad comes in and notes that she's good with him. Ciara says she loves hanging out with Thomas. Chad is glad Thomas has her. Ciara assures him that Abigail will get through this and they will be together. Chad hopes so. Chad reminds Ciara that he won't keep her around if she doesn't finish school no matter how good she is. Ciara agrees to stay in school which pleases Chad.

Fynn thinks Steve needs to dial it down. Steve tells him to tend to his patients. Fynn says he was in the middle of doing that when he stormed in. Fynn tells Steve to back off. Kayla asks Fynn to give them a moment and promises that she's fine so Fynn walks away. Steve questions Kayla. Kayla takes Steve to try and go work this out.

Rafe and Hope sit together in the town square. Hope talks about Rafe learning his lesson when he was young but she's not sure that's the kind of tough love Ciara needs right now. Rfe thinks it gives her room to learn on her own. Doug and Julie walk by and greet them. Julie talks about their bed and breakfast being successful. Rafe invites them to join them so they sit down. Rafe then gets a call about a case and has to go. Rafe tells Hope to enjoy her lunch and exits. Julie asks Hope how things are going with Ciara. Hope wishes they were better but she feels like she keeps failing her and feels sick inside with no idea what to do differently.

Chad continues to encourage Ciara about not dropping out of school. Ciara feels something has to change as she isn't the same girl anymore and her dad is dead so she can't be the Ciara everyone knew. Chad talks about her getting this job and being good at it. Chad assures that she will figure things out. Ciara decides she will take Thomas to the town square and invites Chad to come. Chad wishes he could but he has some work to do and adds that he might go visit Abigail.

The psychiatrist asks Abigail how she felt when she realized she was alone in the house with Ben. Abigail says she felt like she always does like nobody heard her or saw her except Thomas. Abigail goes over tricking Ben in to bed. Abigail says she tied Ben to the bed and lit him on fire to do exactly what he did to her and Chad. She asks Abigail if she had been fantasizing about doing that and how she felt. Abigail says the police took Ben away but she knows he's out there waiting for her. The psychiatrist assures her that Ben is in prison and can't come after her. Abigail says that is what they said before. She encourages Abigail about dealing with her memories to stop feeling threatened and to move on. Abigail questions moving on to what.

Hope tells Doug and Julie that there were other ways Ciara could have dealt with Mark. Doug jokes that she's a teenager like Hope was. Hope brings up that Rafe thinks she should back off and let Ciara learn from her own mistakes. Doug suggests setting limits. Hope mentions having an awful argument with Ciara about it. Doug encourages her. Julie talks about being Ciara's age and how she will always be grateful for her parents.

Ciara meets Claire outside the town square and suggests they get their own place. Claire isn't sure about their parents but Ciara encourages. Claire questions how they would pay for it. Ciara thinks Claire could get a recording contract after her YouTube video of her performance and she will babysit full time for Chad after she graduates. Joey and Jade join them. Ciara asks about Jade's parents bailing her out. Jade says they pretty much hate her now. Claire asks about Joey's parents. Joey says Kayla freaked out but as far as he knows, she didn't tell Steve.

Kayla and Steve talk in the town square about Joey's arrest. Kayla goes over what happened. Steve wants to go talk to the judge about it. Steve warns Kayla not to accuse him of not loving his son. Kayla says loving him and doing what's right for him are two different things. Steve questions if him staying away is what's right. Steve can't believe it's come to this as he walks away.

Ciara questions Joey thinking Kayla won't tell Steve. Joey says he hasn't talked to him about it and adds that he and Jade are taking off. Ciara asks if he's really going through with it. Joey says that nothing is keeping him here. Jade remarks especially after the whole Ava mess is over with. Ciara questions that and asks if Joey had something to do with her death. Joey covers and says Ava just drove his parents crazy and he can't take it anymore. Ciara and Claire hug Joey and tell him to keep in touch. Joey exits with Jade. Ciara notes that he looked scared but he's really taking off.

Hope goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Ciara but she's not there. Hope asks Chad how Abigail is. Chad talks about hoping she recovers. Hope mentions that Ciara loves taking care of Thomas. Hope asks if Chad heard what happened last night. Chad says a lot of kids get in trouble in school. Hope is surprised that Ciara confided in him and says they haven't been seeing eye to eye. Hope asks Chad if Ciara confided anything else to him.

Joey stops Jade and can't believe she brought up Ava like that. Jade thought they knew. Joey reminds her it was only between them and warns her not to do it again. Jade says nobody in LA will care about what happened in Salem. Jade asks when they will leave. Joey says he has a few things to take care of first starting with Kayla. Jade tells him to text her when he's ready to hit the road. Jade walks away as Joey approaches Kayla in the town square. Joey notes that she looks upset and asks if everything is okay. Kayla says she just finished a tough case at the hospital and was taking a break. Joey figured she was still thinking about last night and apologizes for putting her through that. Kayla tells him they will get through it. Joey comments that she's always been so good to him and is always there which he will never forget. Joey tells her that he loves her as they hug. Joey says he is heading home so Kayla says she will see him later.

The psychiatrist encourages Abigail that Ben being in prison is different than being in a mental hospital. Abigail argues that she still sees him. Abigail says everyone is wrong when they say Ben can't get out. Abigail talks about still picturing Ben staring at her through windows. The psychiatrist explains that it's in her mind. Abigail says she used to think that until Ben got in to the house. She insists that Abigail is safe now. Abigail argues that Ben can still get in here and claims he was there last night. Abigail talks about screaming but nobody ever hears her. Abigail continues that Ben was trying to kill her. The psychiatrist tries to calm her down and calls a nurse in for treatment as Abigail cries.

Chad tells Hope that Ciara doesn't tell him anything about her personal life but if she did, he wouldn't betray her confidence. Hope understands. Ciara comes in and asks what Hope is doing there. Ciara asks if Chad called her but he asks why he would do that. Chad steps away to let them talk. Hope says she came on her own and wanted to talk. Ciara is sick of talking and says she's either getting her own place or one with Claire because she can't live with her anymore. Hope doesn't think this is the best time for Ciara to be on her own but Ciara does and says she's 19 so she can't stop her. Chad interjects to suggest letting Ciara live in the guest house. Ciara is excited. Hope tries to argue but agrees to try and be okay with it. Ciara asks if Claire can share with her. Chad says sure while Hope points out that it's up to Shawn and Belle. Ciara thanks them and goes to call Claire. Hope tells Chad that she doesn't like the idea because she doesn't want Ciara moving out but at least she knows she will be safe here. Hope knows Chad is not like Stefano otherwise Abigail never would have fallen in love with him.

Kayla returns to the hospital where Fynn asks how it went with Steve. Kayla says it went about as bad as it possibly could.

Steve sits in his hotel room looking at a photo of he and Kayla when Joey arrives. Steve says it's good to see him. Joey jokes that all he seems to do is screw up these days. Steve knows what he's dealing with. Joey talks about how he can't stop seeing killing Ava in his head. Steve blames himself for Ava being here and encourages Joey to get help from a therapist. Joey cries that he should've told the truth as being sent to prison would've been better than how he feels now. Joey feels that would have been taking his punishment like a man. Steve argues that he's still a kid. Joey says all he can do to keep sane is keep moving. Steve asks what that means and what he's not telling him.

Kayla calls this one of her worst days ever after Joey's arrest and then getting in a big fight with Steve. Fynn invites her to dinner but Kayla suggests another night, thinking she wouldn't be good company. Fynn understands but would still like to cheer her up. Kayla tells him some other night and walks away.

Joey tells Steve that he doesn't even know what he meant. Steve asks if he's sure. Joey says he just came to apologize. Steve thinks something else is on his mind but Joey says he just has a headache so Steve goes to get him some aspirin. Joey stuffs Steve's jacket in to his backpack as Steve then returns with aspirin. Steve mentions Kayla being worried about he and Jade. Joey remarks that he's starting to think that's not going anywhere. Steve advises him to just be careful. Joey says that he will and that he knows what Steve did for him. Steve says he would do it again in a heartbeat. Joey says he loves him as they hug. Joey then exits.

Hope returns to the station and apologizes to Rafe for taking so long. Rafe asks if she saw Ciara and how it went. Hope says she heard what he said loud and clear so she decided he's right that the best way to not lose Ciara is to step back so that is what she is going to try to do.

Ciara greets Theo at the DiMera Mansion and asks what he's doing here since Abe will kill him. Theo says he'll just be mad but he doesn't care because he can't stop him from being with her since she means too much to him. Theo tells Ciara that he loves her and always has as they kiss.

Joey sits on his motorcycle in the park waiting for Jade. She joins him, surprised that he did it. Joey asks if she's ready to hit the road. Jade declares LA here they come and gets on with him.

Chad goes to visit Abigail. The psychiatrist informs him that she has put Abigail on an anti-psychotic medication, hoping that it will stop her from seeing Ben when he's not there. She takes Chad in to see Abigail. Abigail happily hugs him and worries that she looks awful but Chad says she looks beautiful and he loves her as they kiss. Chad encourages her about the medication making her feel better so hopefully she will be able to come home soon. Abigail then envisions Ben in the window and asks what if Ben doesn't let her come home. Chad looks out the window but no one is there.

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