Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/3/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/3/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa walks through the town square with Tate where Brady catches up to her and argues about her leaving. Theresa argues that he never listens to a word she says and continues to complain about his hero complex. Theresa says it's been this way ever since he got Daniel's heart. Brady questions if she really thinks he just wanders around trying to save everyone. Theresa says there is only one other explanation as to why he's so obsessed with Summer.

Summer identifies the man at her door as Clark and questions how he found her. He comments on a lot of money being on the line.

Victor jokes with Maggie about Summer. Maggie points out that she doesn't talk about his children like that. Victor says she doesn't have to while he does. Maggie reminds him that she does need help and maybe she won't feel as guilty if Summer believes she regrets giving her up. Maggie asks Victor to pretend that what she wants is okay with him. Victor agrees and kisses her. Maggie asks who was on the phone. Victor tells her it was Justin checking on them. Maggie doesn't believe that was all and asks if it was about Deimos.

Deimos tells Kate that he and Nicole were conducting a little business. Kate questions Deimos intending for Nicole to take over Basic Black without consulting his partner. Kate reminds Deimos that Nicole wouldn't be interested because she has her own company. Deimos proposes that Titan buy DJ Wear in to one company and asks what Nicole says.

Victor tells Maggie not to be agitated and suspicious but Maggie continues to believe Justin's call was about Deimos. Victor talks about Greek history. Maggie thinks he's lying. Victor assures Maggie that he is not out to take revenge on Deimos. Julie and Caroline arrive to see how they are doing. Victor and Maggie are sarcastic in their responses.

Nicole questions Deimos. Deimos says her company would be a bonus as he really wants her. Nicole calls it flattering but isn't sure how this would all work. Deimos tells Nicole that she would be upped to running the Basic Black division and would be answering to him and Kate. Deimos writes down her money offer. Nicole states that she has a lot to think about and agrees to be in touch, calling the offer intriguing. Nicole then exits. Kate questions Deimos putting a woman who despises her in charge of Basic Black. Deimos asks if she's questioning his authority. Kate says she's questioning a lot more than that which Deimos laughs off, saying he never would've imagined her as the jealous type.

Clark questions Summer planning to move and calls her Cindy, guessing she found herself a new mark and that she's about to make her move.

Brady questions Theresa how this got to be all about Summer. Theresa argues that the whole issue with Summer was never resolved. Brady mocks her. Theresa believes she is thinking more clearly than him on this. Brady believes this conversation would have been over a long time ago if Summer wasn't a woman. Brady is frustrated because he goes to bed with Theresa, wakes up with her, raises his son with her and does everything with her. Brady says no matter who he helps, he always comes back to her. Theresa cries that she isn't jealous but worried because she doesn't trust Summer. Brady suggests not talking about Summer and changing the subject. Theresa agrees that they shouldn't waste their time together on Summer. Brady kisses her until Nicole interrupts, saying she needs Brady's help.

Kate tells Deimos that Nicole screws up everything she puts her hands on it so she's not jealous but she knows how epic her failures have been. Deimos reminds her that Nicole would be answering directly to her and that bringing her in to Titan would be the best way to keep an eye on her. Kate questions if that's his only motive. Deimos says Nicole has been a presence ever since Victor's heart attack and he has wondered why. Kate says she's not jealous but disappointed. Deimos kisses her but she pulls away, saying he won't use sex to end this argument. Deimos argues that she would and they continue kissing.

Brady and Theresa go to the nightclub with Nicole. Nicole informs them about Deimos' offer to buy DJ Wear. Theresa thought the whole idea of DJ Wear was to get away from Kate. Nicole explains that she would be running Basic Black so Theresa would have the freedom to run DJ Wear. Brady stops her and says this whole thing is for Nicole to get in with Deimos and her plan with Victor. Brady argues that this is just a test from Deimos. Nicole responds that she knows what she is doing, test or not. Brady wonders what if she fails the test and ends up like Maggie or worse.

Victor offers a drink but Julie says it's early in the day. Caroline asks for a tea. Victor informs them that Henderson isn't here. Julie questions the tension and atmosphere in the room. They ask about the mansion. Maggie reveals to them that Victor lost the mansion, Titan, and everything else. Caroline guesses it was Deimos. Maggie explains that Deimos poisoned her and made Victor give up everything for the antidote so Deimos is the reason she is in the wheelchair. Julie questions why they didn't go to the police. Caroline knows Victor wants to take care of it himself and won't stop until Deimos is stopped.

Deimos and Kate lay in bed together after having sex, joking about how they end fights. Deimos kisses her until his phone rings. He answers and says he'll be right there. Deimos tells Kate that he has to go. Kate offers to go with him but Deimos tells her to stay as it won't take long.

Summer tells Clark not to call her Cindy. Clark remembers she is Summer now and mocks her. Summer says he's still a jerk and questions what he's doing here. Clark tells her that she owes him and has for awhile so now the bill is due.

Nicole repeats to Theresa and Brady that the offer is very generous so they would be fools not to think of the upside no matter what Deimos is up to. Nicole shows the money offer. Deimos enters the nightclub and sees them. Brady blows it off as Deimos having money to burn. Nicole argues that they could double their money and would speed things up for DJ Wear. Nicole argues against working with Kate and Deimos. Nicole calls it just business but Brady calls it personal. Nicole calls them short-sighted. Theresa offers to buy Nicole out then. Nicole agrees that maybe they should talk about that then. Deimos smiles overhearing that and exits. Brady warns Nicole that she is getting in way too deep with Deimos and he doesn't know if he will be able to help her. Brady stops Nicole and questions loving Maggie may be enough for her to do Victor's bidding. Nicole asks what other reason there could be.

Summer walks out of the town square upset and makes a call that she has to talk to someone. She then looks at Brady's number on her phone.

Brady reminds Nicole of what Deimos did just to get back at Victor. Nicole argues that Deimos won't poison her. Brady reveals to Nicole that there is another plan to bring Deimos down so Victor doesn't need her and she's just a diversion. Brady asks Nicole to just walk away and get out of this. Nicole asks how she knows he's not just trying to get her to back off. Brady says he wouldn't lie to her. Nicole decides maybe she'll prove them wrong that she's better than just a diversion as she walks out of the nightclub.

Kate comes downstairs and in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. She looks through the drawers and finds Deimos' old photo of Helena. Deimos returns home and finds her with the photo of Helena.

Victor questions Maggie telling them about Deimos. Maggie says her friends deserved to know. Victor tells Caroline that he's not seeking revenge as he doesn't want to make things worse. Caroline asks if Maggie believes that which she doesn't. Victor doesn't want to have this conversation in front of Caroline and Julie. Caroline worries about what else Deimos could do, calling him a demon who never stops. Victor states that he should steer clear of him then for both of their sakes.

Nicole walks through the town square and calls Victor. He asks if something happened. Nicole says she just wanted to let him know that she is still in the game and thinks she has the upper hand. Victor tells her to keep her posted.

Kate tells Deimos that the photo of Helena kind of explains her interest in Nicole. Deimos informs her that Helena is a woman that he once loved. Kate says Nicole may look like her but may be not be like her. Deimos is convinced Kate would have been better off never seeing the picture. Deimos pours a drink and walks out of the room.

Brady sits with Theresa and talks about how he couldn't get through to Nicole. Theresa says there is nothing he can do. Brady gets a call from Summer. Summer is in a panic and tells Brady that she's in real trouble and can't talk on the phone. Summer asks to see him right now. Brady asks what's wrong. Summer says she wouldn't ask if it wasn't urgent and she's scared. Brady agrees to meet her in the town square. Theresa gets annoyed. Brady insists that he brought Summer here and she's asking for his help. Brady doesn't believe Summer is playing him but he will put her to the test. Brady tells her that he will be back as he exits.

Victor thinks they have talked enough about Deimos. Julie agrees and decides to leave. Maggie hopes they will come back. Julie agrees to see her tomorrow as she and Caroline exit. Victor steps out with Caroline and has her touch his hand to see if she senses anything with a vision. Caroline informs him that her visions have stopped since the night of his heart attack.

Nicole returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Kate in the living room, asking if Deimos is around. Nicole feels Kate isn't happy about any of this. Kate responds that she knows all about Helena so she knows what Deimos sees in her. Nicole admits she looks like someone from his past who still controls some of his life. Nicole brings up what Deimos did to Victor in Helena's name and the position that puts Kate in.

Brady meets Summer outside. She tells him that she's in real trouble as she didn't expect this. Summer explains that someone from her past tracked her down and she needs help to get him to go away. Brady asks what kind of help. Summer responds that she needs money. Brady asks why. Summer asks if she can not tell him and he just trust that this will all go away. Brady says she has to tell him why before he gives her any money. Summer reveals that it's a man that she had robbed as she was a con artist and he was her mark.

Kate doesn't know what Nicole is after but says if she thinks a passing resemblance to Helena could snag him then she's worried for her. Nicole responds that after 30 years in prison, Deimos went straight to Salem and destroyed Victor's life because of Helena. Nicole says that Deimos isn't shallow but obsessed. Kate says with Helena, not her. Nicole notes that her executive abilities led to Deimos making his offer so Kate is screwed. Kate informs her that Deimos wants to bring her in so he can keep his eye on her because he doesn't trust her. Nicole brings up taking Victor from Kate years ago and assures that history won't repeat itself. Deimos comes in. Nicole says she's here to take him up on his offer. Deimos invites her to his study to go over the details so they head upstairs.

Theresa remains in the nightclub with Tate, commenting on it being just the two of them and complaining about Summer. Theresa says she tried to get through to Brady but he's not listening so maybe she needs backup. Theresa calls John and leaves a message that she needs him to call her back as soon as possible because she's worried about Brady.

Victor prepares food for Maggie and apologizes about this morning as he was a real jerk. Victor says the last thing she needs is for him to be in a mood. Maggie apologizes for talking to Caroline and Julie. Victor says she has every right to tell them whatever she wants. Maggie is sorry for not letting Victor know. Maggie doesn't want them to be at odds and says if they can't deal with this all together then Deimos has really won. Victor decides they won't talk about it then which Maggie is unsure of. Maggie mentions leaving a message for Summer. Maggie calls it funny that Summer was so anxious to move in and she thought she would've been there by now.

Brady is shocked to learn that Summer was a con artist. Summer didn't want to tell him and disappoint him. Summer mentions that she did tell Maggie. Summer says it was many years ago and she was a different person then. Brady asks about the guy. Summer calls him her biggest score that made ends meet for a very long time. Summer knows how it all sounds but insists that she needs Brady's help because the guy threatened to go to the cops to put her in jail if she doesn't pay him back. Summer says he showed up just when it looked like everything was turning around for her. Brady asks how much money they are talking about here. Summer reveals it's $50,000.

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