Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/2/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/2/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole has a dream about Deimos trying to kiss her and asking what she thinks she's going to get from him. She then wakes up and realizes she's late to meet Brady and Theresa.

Theresa wakes Brady up on the couch. Theresa tells him that she decided to let him sleep. Brady apologizes and says he came to the couch because he couldn't sleep. Theresa understands he's worried about Victor.

Victor talks on the phone to Justin, who is outside the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin tells Victor that he will pick him up when he's released but Victor tells him to just focus on Deimos as this may be their last chance. They hang up and Fynn checks on Victor, warning him about his anger causing stress. Victor responds that he won't be angry much longer.

Justin enters the mansion to see Deimos. Justin questions Deimos having a new butler other than Henderson. Deimos blows it off and tells Justin he can leave now if he's here to threaten legal action. Justin responds that he's here as his nephew to make a deal.

Fynn finishes checking on Victor. He asks about Maggie. Fynn says they will see how she is healing. Victor wants her out of the hospital, insisting that she will get all the care she needs. Fynn talks about Justin coming in earlier but Victor says Justin isn't in charge and he will pay for whatever Maggie needs. Fynn warns Victor about blowing up over every little thing and how that will end up with him back in the hospital.

Brady talks to Theresa about Victor wanting to be tough but he's vulnerable right now. Brady admits that bringing Deimos down would solve a lot of their problems. Theresa thought he was against the plan with Nicole. Brady feels it might not be necessary anymore. Nicole then enters, apologizing for oversleeping and then asks them what's wrong.

Deimos questions what makes Justin think that he would be interested in any kind of deal. Justin points out that Deimos has humiliated Victor by taking everything he has. Justin states that Victor is being released from the hospital today and all he's heard about is a month to month lease on a condo. Deimos is surprised he can afford that. Justin worries that Victor is at risk of another heart attack with all the stress and he doesn't want to lose him. Deimos doesn't know why Victor still wants to live without his power or money. Justin points out that he still has Maggie. Deimos argues that Victor's life is over and is happy if he sped that process along. Justin explains that with reduced stress, Victor should be able to recover and Maggie could too. Justin says what Deimos did is stressful and almost killing Victor. Justin wants some assurance that his threats are gone for good. Justin brings up his say in cases that go to trial, warning Deimos that several things will come up against him in the future so he may need someone in a position to help. Deimos laughs him off. Justin brings up Deimos spending thirty years in prison because he didn't have the right connections. Justin declares that whatever happens to him could be solely up to him. Deimos questions Justin's deal and what he gets out of it. Justin says he gets nothing but Victor gets assurance that this is over with no more pressure or attacks. Justin asks Deimos to also return some of what he took to give Victor some dignity and relieve some stress. Justin says they would have an understanding with Deimos completely in charge. Deimos asks what if he doesn't agree. Justin says he will wait 24 hours and then who knows. Justin thanks him for seeing him and then exits.

Victor visits Maggie in the hospital and asks how she's feeling. Maggie responds that she's fine, asking why Victor is dressed. Maggie points out Summer spending the night in her room. Victor gets a text from Justin that the seed has been planted. Maggie asks who it was but Victor calls it not important. Victor informs Maggie that he is being released and so is she. Maggie doubts that since Fynn didn't say anything. Maggie asks if he's going to live with Justin. Victor tells her that he got them a temporary place until they get the mansion back. Maggie doesn't want the mansion back or for Victor to try and get anything back from Deimos.

Theresa tells Nicole that Brady is just worried about Victor. Nicole asks if something happened. Brady says they are the same. Theresa brings up Brady saying that Nicole might not have to get involved with Deimos. Brady cuts that off and changes the subject to needing Nicole to go to New York to meet with a magazine editor for their company. Nicole asks why Brady can't do it and says she is swamped. Brady argues that he needs her to do it but Nicole questions if he's trying to get her out of town. Nicole guesses it's about Deimos. Nicole questions where this is coming from. Brady asks her to just trust him and go to New York. Nicole gets a call from Deimos and answers it. Deimos asks if she's free any time soon. Nicole says she could be. Deimos invites her over for a chat as he has an offer to make her. Nicole agrees to see him soon and hangs up. Brady asks if it was Deimos.

Maggie tells Victor that he can't start a war with Deimos over anything or he could end up back in the hospital. Victor argues that Deimos took everything. Maggie argues there is no reason but Victor wants what is his. Maggie worries about his risk for another heart attack. Victor shouts that he can't let Deimos get away with what he did to them. Summer wakes up and questions why they are arguing. Fynn then comes in and mentions Victor leaving today. Victor reminds him he's taking Maggie with him. Fynn says that depends on the state of her healing so he asks for a few minutes to check on her. Victor and Summer exit the room while Fynn checks on Maggie. Summer tells Victor that she would like to help Maggie when she gets out and she's willing to do whatever it takes. Victor tells her that they aren't hiring so she can keep moving.

Deimos talks on the phone with Kate. Deimos mentions not being pleased with the note she left him. Kate reiterates that she hopes he isn't about to disappoint her. Deimos vows to never do that and asks why she would think that. Kate brings up complicated relationships in the past. Deimos says they both know what they want and he couldn't be happier that she is in his life and his bed. Kate says she will see him soon and they hang up.

Nicole knows Brady doesn't like her taking risks. Brady asks again if Deimos was on the phone. Nicole says she's been taking care of herself for a long time so she can handle herself. Brady questions why she would take the risk and reminds her of what happened with Xander. Nicole cuts him off and insists they will all be fine if they concentrate on their own lives. Nicole says she will call the editor in New York on the phone but Brady demands an answer as to what she and Victor are working on. Brady and Nicole argue until Theresa interrupts and tells Brady to back off.

Victor goes back to talk to Fynn and Maggie about the condo and having everything Maggie needs. Maggie worries about the expenses but Victor insists that it's all taken care of. Victor wants Fynn to sign Maggie's release papers. Maggie states that she is feeling fine from the waist up. Maggie mentions handling this before so she knows her condition and isn't too proud to ask for help. Fynn comments that she is lucky to have many people to turn to. Maggie asks if she can go home. Fynn agrees to sign the papers and wants to see them for an evaluation in a few days. Fynn exits while Victor calls for the car to be brought around but finds out that Deimos fired the driver and sold the limo.

Theresa gets that Brady is trying to protect Nicole and that she appreciates Brady having her back. Nicole insists that she can handle herself. Brady brings up all the times she's almost gotten killed. Nicole says there is work to do. Nicole wants to stop talking about her and her personal life. Nicole shows them the budgets for designs so Brady agrees to talk work. Nicole tells them to go ahead as she has somewhere to be. Brady questions if she's meeting Deimos. Nicole tells Brady to worry about his own life. Nicole thanks Theresa for her help but remarks that some guys are just control freaks as she exits. Brady blames Theresa and says Nicole is going to get herself killed. Theresa complains about Brady doing everything he can to save everyone like he is looking for someone to rescue. Theresa questions if Brady is that bored with their life. Brady brings up her insecurity and jealousy. Theresa cuts him off and says it's his problem. Brady says he's just trying to help a friend. Theresa asks him to listen to her but he gets a call from Victor. Victor asks Brady for a car to pick them up from the hospital since they've been released and Deimos fired his driver then sold the car. Brady agrees to come get him himself and says he will be right there. Brady promises Theresa they will talk about this later as he exits.

Victor encourages Maggie about the condo. Maggie says she was sold when he said it was the same complex as Marlena and John and Brady. Summer listens in from outside the door as Maggie suggests to Victor that Summer come to live with them. Victor calls it the worst idea she ever had and calls Summer a flake that he doesn't want around. Maggie reminds him that she's her daughter and talks about all the help she will need getting around every day. Maggie worries about having to deal with strangers and the cost when Summer would be ideal. Maggie tells Victor that she trusts Summer which makes Summer smile when she hears it. Maggie informs Victor that they have gotten close lately and she wants to get closer. Maggie adds that Summer can't keep paying for her hotel so she would like to have her daughter with her. Victor tells Maggie that she will get what she wants. Maggie thanks him. Summer enters the room. Maggie informs her that they will be leaving the hospital and moving in to a condo. Maggie tells Summer that she would like her to come live with them for awhile to help her out. Maggie asks if Summer would like that. Summer responds that it sounds wonderful and hugs her. Summer thanks Victor. Victor assures her it's short term. Summer offers anything Maggie needs. Victor gives her the card for the address. Maggie says Brady is picking them up so they will be there first but they will see her soon. Summer calls it exciting and says she will pack as fast as she can. Summer hurries out as Maggie holds back tears. Maggie thanks Victor again but he says there's no need as whatever she wants, he wants. Victor says she makes it very difficult to say no because he loves her. Victor calls her his heart as she tells him that she loves him.

Nicole arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion to meet Deimos. Deimos asks if he can get her a drink. Nicole asks if they are celebrating something. Deimos hopes they are.

Brady arrives to pick up Maggie and Victor from the hospital. Maggie is excited about seeing him more often. Brady tells her to text if she needs anything. Maggie informs Brady that Summer has agreed to live with them.

Summer packs up in her hotel room with Dario. Dario suggests she should be paid for helping Victor and Maggie. Dario says he heard Victor lost his estate but he could have more accounts. Summer disagrees but assures that she won't see a penny because Victor doesn't trust her and can't stand her. Summer points out that she made a career out of conning people. Dario points out that Maggie still likes her. Dario suggests Summer offer to run Maggie's restaurant so she can skim some off the top. Summer refuses to do that to Maggie. Dario brings up how Summer used to do anything in LA. Summer is excited to know her birth mom and wants to find out what it's really like to be loved by someone. Summer declares that this is her chance at a new life so she won't be drawn back in to the old one.

Deimos pours champagne for he and Nicole. She points out that he's staring at her again. Deimos admits he knows because she's very beautiful. Nicole thanks him and asks what they are celebrating. Deimos tells her that he has an offer that he knows she is going to accept. Nicole says it sounds intriguing.

Brady returns home to Theresa. Brady asks how Tate is. She says he's fine and asks about Maggie and Victor. Brady says they are good all things considered. Brady informs her that they have moved in right next door. Theresa says it's great and asks if they should check on Maggie. Brady tells her they are exhausted and adds that Summer will be moving in with them. Theresa gets upset but Brady tells her not to start. Brady wants to finish their conversation from earlier when she said it was all on him. Theresa says he won't like what she has to say. Brady insists that he can handle it. Theresa tells Brady that he has a hero complex where he's always running off to save women. Theresa points out that he saved her and then as soon as she got her life together, he was itching to save someone else. Theresa brings up Nicole and Summer. Theresa calls it a pattern and tells him to just think about it.

Summer finishes packing her bag and goes to leave her hotel room when a man appears at her door and questions if she really thought he wouldn't be able to track her down.

Maggie sits in her wheelchair at the condo and looks out the window then thinks back to her fall down the stairs. Victor comes in. Maggie says she couldn't be happier and encourages Victor. Maggie says the place is all they need. Victor says if she's happy, he's happy. Maggie goes to the bedroom to check the closet space. Victor gets a call from Justin. Justin informs Victor that he gave Deimos 24 hours without letting him know what happens if he says no. Victor assures that Deimos will bite and fall in to one trap or the other.

Deimos tells Nicole that he has been going over paperwork for Basic Black since Titan acquired it yesterday. Deimos brings up Nicole running the company alongside Kate for a time. Deimos informs Nicole that Kate is stepping in as co-CEO of Titan so he will need her focus there so he thought Nicole would like to become CEO of Basic Black. Kate walks in and questions what the hell he's talking about.

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