Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle tells Philip that she wants to get married which shocks him. Philip questions where this is coming from and what's going on since she has gone back and forth on wanting to commit. Philip worries that she will just change her mind again. She insists on marrying but Phillip says the answer is no.

Nicole uses her computer at the Pub to research Helena when Dario walks in and joins her. Dario asks about the con. Nicole says she agreed to do it but is now wondering if she's making a huge mistake since the mark is already suspicious and served 30 years for murder. Nicole worries that getting on this guy's bad side could be deadly.

Deimos grabs Victor and covers his mouth, saying he doesn't need his forgiveness and blames him for Helena's death. Deimos lets go and repeats that he forgives him. Deimos tells Victor that he has left him irrelevant and pathetic so he can accept defeat then roll over and die. Victor responds "never".

Dario asks Nicole if it's too late to back out. Nicole says her ally is as dangerous. Dario encourages her. Dario talks about not liking scamming people but he does what he has to do to survive. Nicole explains that she let the mark think he was in control and then accused her of conning him. Nicole talks about claiming she turned down the offer. Dario calls her a natural and tells her to keep letting him think he's playing her and then go for the kill.

Brady visits Victor with Justin in the hospital and asks how he's feeling. Victor responds that he's enraged after Deimos visited. Brady says they will get guards at the door. Victor wants Deimos destroyed. Brady asks what they can do. Justin brings up the plan with Nicole. Brady hates the idea and is concerned that Nicole could be hurt. Victor calls it Nicole's decision. Justin states that they think they need a better plan and he thinks he has one.

Philip doesn't want Belle to be upset. Belle admits it was a stupid idea but Philip says it wasn't and it was hard for him to say no because he does want to marry her but for the right reasons. Belle says they love each other and want to spend their lives together. Philip brings up Claire's arrest, her fight with Shawn and being emotional. Belle says she's wasted so much of her life on Shawn when she could've spent all of that time with Philip and wishes she had. Philip knows she believes that but says he knows that she doesn't want to get married because of that. Philip believes she wants to get married so she doesn't have to think about how much she misses Shawn.

Nicole credits Dario for coming around at the right times. Dario wants to help but Nicole doesn't want to put him in a bad position. Dario insists that she tell him everything. Nicole fills him in on how she looks like Helena and is trying to take down Deimos. Dario questions what's in it for her. Nicole says she'd have ownership in Titan but is also doing it for Maggie. Nicole comments on Deimos getting away with so much already. Dario offers to dig around for her. Nicole asks if he thinks there is something in it for him.

Victor worries that Justin's plan sounds dangerous and he might lose his job. Justin says only if they get caught. Brady is on board but wants to stop Nicole. Victor tells him to stop worrying Nicole as she can handle herself. Victor insists that Nicole can keep Deimos engaged so he won't see them coming.

Dario tells Nicole it's exciting and gives him a chance to spend more time with her. Dario then admits he'd want 10% of the cut but Nicole refuses. Dario brings up everything he offers. Nicole refuses on 10% but agrees to a quarter million. They shake hands. Dario warns Nicole not to fall for the mark. Nicole assures that he is creepy and sleeping with Kate. Dario points out that Kate must see something in him. Nicole adds that Kate married Stefano. Dario says it just happens more than she thinks. Nicole asks if it happened to him. Dario admits maybe. Dario calls it easy to fall in to. Nicole insists that she hates what Deimos did to Maggie and that will never change. They toast to a successful and lucrative partnership.

Deimos finds a note from Kate that she woke up and he was gone so she left because she had no idea where he went and she hopes he doesn't disappoint her.

Brady can't believe Victor asked Nicole to do something like this. Victor mocks Brady's relationship with Nicole and says she was more than anxious to jump on board. Brady questions what Maggie would say about this. Victor says Maggie won't know about this even though it's for her. Victor declares that they have to get things back in their family. Justin says they can pull Nicole out if things get dangerous. Victor assures them that everything they said here stays in this room.

Belle tells Philip that he is wrong since she and Shawn have been over. Belle says they have moved on and she's so happy to be free. Philip points out they have been through this before. Belle argues that they know what they want now. Belle tells Philip she loves him which he calls the first time she has said that. Belle questions him pulling away now that she is saying it. Belle feels that he wanted her when he couldn't have her but now that she's ready to commit, he doesn't want her. Philip questions if she's just in the mood for a fight tonight. Philip says he's been clear that he wants her but he doesn't think she knows what she wants. Belle questions him thinking she wants Shawn. Philip says he knows how their story ends. Belle knows he's scared that she's going to break his heart. Philip says he loves her and wants her to be happy but he thinks Shawn is the guy who makes her happy. Belle responds that Shawn makes her miserable. Philip brings up how she cheated on Shawn. Philip feels Belle owes it to herself to try harder to get back the family and life she misses so much. Belle tells him that he's completely wrong and then exits the room.

Philip wakes up the next morning alone.

Chad walks through the town square with Thomas crying his stroller. Chad stops at a table to take care of him. Chad gets him to stop crying which makes him smile.

Ciara is released on bail and joins Theo at the station. Theo comments that Mark is the one that needs to pay. Hope doesn't want to hear that kind of talk. Hope says what they did didn't accomplish anything and now Mark is playing the innocent victim so he's going to get away with it. Hope worries that the judge will make an example out of all of them. Claire is released to Belle and Shawn. Belle tells Claire that everything is going to be okay but Claire yells at her to stop saying that. Shawn tells her not to talk to her mom like that. Claire complains about the stay in jail and points out how Belle and Shawn didn't care to even visit them. Claire tells them to go back to fighting and walks out. Joey is released to Kayla. He asks where Steve is. Kayla says he doesn't know. Joey guesses she just didn't want to talk to him. Kayla didn't want Steve encouraging him and comments on their police records. Joey asks if Kayla can bail Jade out but she says no. Joey argues about helping people. Kayla takes Jade's information to call her parents. Abe arrives and asks for a word with Theo. Theo tells Ciara he will call her later as she leaves with Hope. Abe tells Theo that he's not going to like this but from now on, he wants him to stay away from Ciara.

Joey goes with Kayla to her office at the hospital, complaining about calling Jade's parents. Kayla says their actions have consequences. Kayla says she wants them to have a serious talk when she gets back. She leaves to go see patients and runs in to Fynn. Joey sits down and texts Jade.

Belle sits with Claire at the Pub. Claire continues complaining. Belle questions her attitude towards her when she bailed her out. Claire argues that she was standing up for what she believed in. Shawn joins them and is tired of this argument from Claire. Belle agrees with Shawn. Claire remarks that the only time they agree is that she sucks. Claire gets a text which surprises her while Shawn tells her they aren't done yet.

Theo questions Abe. Abe says Ciara is having a hard time and is acting out in unhealthy ways so he doesn't want Theo to get caught up and hurt. Abe argues that he's not going to treat Ciara like something is wrong with her. Abe says she will eventually get straightened out. Theo argues that they need each other and he cares about her so much. Abe doesn't think Theo is ready to be this serious about her. Abe states that Ciara is not in a place for a relationship so time apart would be good. Theo tells Abe that he's wrong and he can't stop him from being with Ciara as he storms out.

Hope brings Ciara home and wants to talk to her. Ciara goes over what Mark did and compares it to being raped. Ciara shouts that she's not going to take it and be the victim again so she doesn't care if that means breaking the law. Hope encourages her not to be provoked. Hope thinks she needs to see Marlena. Ciara says she will but Hope demands to know when. Hope worries about her self destructive behavior. Ciara accuses her of blaming her for everything. Hope just wants her to accept that she needs help to deal with this. Ciara doesn't want to deal with this as she's never going to get over it and says Hope's just making it worse as she then storms out of the house.

Theo meets Ciara outside the town square and asks if she wants to go get coffee. Ciara says she and Hope got in a huge fight and she couldn't listen to her anymore. Theo says he got in a fight with Abe too over not wanting him to see her anymore. Theo says nothing will stop him from seeing her. Ciara suggests maybe he should listen to Abe since she's totally screwed up. Theo disagrees and calls her perfect. Ciara feels like a stranger in her own body and says she hates everything. Theo points out that she makes him happy. Ciara blames herself for their friends having records now because of her. Theo says they all made the choice. Ciara believes she's hurting everyone around her. Ciara says she cares about Theo a lot but she wouldn't be a good friend. Ciara encourages him to listen to Abe and stay away from her. Theo questions her. Ciara calls him a great guy that deserves better and then rushes off, leaving Theo upset.

Claire tells Shawn and Belle that Henry uploading her song has already got thousand views. They try to talk to her further but she says she has to go now and rushes out of the Pub. Belle doesn't know what to do with her. Shawn thinks they need to stick together to show Claire they are on the same team.

Fynn asks Kayla if she's doing anything after work tomorrow. Kayla says she isn't so Fynn invites her to dinner. Kayla questions if he's asking her on a date. While they're talking, Joey sneaks out through the elevator.

Ciara goes to babysit Thomas and talks with Chad at the DiMera Mansion. Chad talks about getting Thomas to sleep. Ciara asks about Abigail. Chad informs her that Abigail is in the hospital since being stressed out about Ben but she will be home soon. Ciara doesn't know what to say but feels bad for her. Chad says they are just grateful to have Ciara to help with Thomas. Chad thought Ciara was coming later but she hoped for more hours and suggests maybe even full time since Abigail is gone. Chad asks about school but Ciara reveals she's not going back to school. Thomas wakes up crying so Ciara picks him up and he stops. Chad questions Ciara if Hope is on board with her just quitting school. Ciara says no so she's moving out and getting her own apartment. Chad would love to have her full time but points out that she only has two months left of school. Ciara says she'll get her GED or something. Chad says he would love to help her but he can't.

Shawn talks to Belle about Claire not blaming her for her actions. Belle feels she's screwed up so much that she doesn't know how to make it up to her. Shawn admits he's kind of proud of what Claire did since Ciara needs all the support she can get. They laugh about it. Shawn and Belle talk about old times together. They comment on being glad that Claire takes after them both. Philip walks by outside and sees them together through the window.

Ciara tells Chad that she will have to find another job if he won't give her more hours. Ciara says he can't stop her from quitting school and moving out as that's happening with or without his help. Ciara gives Thomas back to Chad. Chad stops her from leaving and agrees to give her a raise while working the same part time hours so she can save up for an apartment but only if she finishes her senior year of high school which Ciara seems to like.

Kayla tells Fynn that she's not ready to go on a date. Fynn clarifies that he didn't mean a date but that eating alone gets tiring after all so he thought it would be nice to have dinner with a friend. Kayla says she'd love to in that case. Kayla goes back to check on Joey.

Joey meets Jade outside the town square. Jade can't believe Kayla called her parents. Joey apologizes and says he tried to get her to bail her out. Jade cries that her parents are pissed about having to bail her out and are kicking her out of the house. Jade says they are sending her to live with her uncle in Florida. Joey encourages her as she cries and reminds her about their plan to go to LA. Joey tells her they should go today as he hugs her.

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