Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Philip wakes up from falling asleep in Victor's hospital room to Victor's monitors going off. Philip worries as the nurse makes him leave the room.

One of the cops informs Hope that the kids allegedly spray painted the car of Mark's father that he let him drive to the prom. Theo informs him that if he wants to know why they did it, he should ask Mark. He talks about believing Mark and pressing charges. Ciara interrupts to say he can let the rest of them go because this is her responsibility and only her. Claire, Joey, Henry, and Jade all try to take the blame. Mark's father threatens to charge each one of them. Hope asks if there is another way to work this out. Kayla intervenes but Mark's father continues. Ciara argues that Mark should take responsibility for his actions too. Mark's father orders Rafe to continue booking the kids and sends Mark to wait in the car. Belle tells him that it seems apparent Mark did something to provoke this. He responds that if that turns out to be true, he will be dealt with as well. He thinks the kids need tough love in court. Shawn asks to speak to Belle in private so they step out. Abe approaches Theo and tells him they should get home as it's late but Theo refuses to go anywhere without Ciara.

Deimos heads in to the living room and pulls out his box of old photos then puts it back and exits.

Philip watches through the window as a doctor and nurse work on Victor.

Abe tells Theo that he can't wait around for Ciara as she may be here all night. Theo doesn't care and says he's not leaving. Kayla asks what happened on the prom with Mark. Theo says Mark was jealous of him being with Ciara so he found a way to hurt her. Abe asks him to explain. Theo says they won king and queen then the video screen showed a picture of Ciara and Chase as Mark hacked the system. Theo adds that Mark accused Ciara of being a slut. Abe points out that it doesn't excuse the vandalism. Theo doesn't find it fair. Abe says they just have to have faith. Abe is just grateful that Theo wasn't involved and says he's proud of him. Theo says he only didn't go because Ciara didn't tell him otherwise he would've been right by her side. Lani comes around the corner and sees Theo walking out.

Shawn questions Belle about how Claire got dragged in to this mess. Belle wouldn't be surprised if it was Claire's idea. Shawn mocks her thinking she knows what went on and accuses her of ignoring Claire. Belle realizes he thinks she had something to do with her behavior. Belle tells him to admit he thinks this is her fault.

Kayla steps out of the station to call Steve. Abe apologizes to Hope, saying he knows it's difficult for her. Hope is grateful that Theo was there to stand up for Ciara. Abe comments on them having each others back since they were kids but times have changed since then. Abe knows some people think he's overprotective of Theo but he has no mother and has to face some special challenges. Hope tells him that he doesn't need excuses to protect his son as she's a single parent too. Abe thinks Theo has to focus on gaining confidence and navigate situations. Hope questions what he's trying to tell her. Abe wishes this wasn't the case but he doesn't think Theo being involved with Ciara is good for him at this time. Abe declares that he thinks they should see less of each other. Hope doesn't understand and questions him. Abe states that Ciara has been a wonderful friend to Theo but they both know Theo has more invested in the relationship than Ciara and has more expectations so he doesn't want him to get hurt. Hope believes he will be more hurt if he's told he can't see his best friend. Abe worries that the next time Ciara gets in trouble, Theo will be right by her side.

Ciara, Claire, Henry, Jade, and Joey remain in the holding jail cells. Ciara gets irritated by Jade making a loud noise killing a roach. Claire encourages Ciara that the bail will be paid and they will be out tomorrow.

Belle tells Shawn not to make this about her. Shawn talks about guiding Claire to make the right decisions. Belle questions him blaming her. Belle tells Shawn that she is going to see if she can do anything to get Claire and her friends out of jail as she storms out of the room. Shawn follows out and checks in with Hope. Hope worries about it getting late. Shawn suggests it could be good for the kids to spend the night behind bars. Kayla comes back in and tells Hope that she changed her mind about calling Steve as she needed time before she's ready to deal with his reaction. Kayla tells Hope that she's sorry this happened to Ciara. Hope talks about being so happy and excited for Ciara going to the prom. Kayla is sad that it was ruined. Kayla hugs her and tells her to call later as she exits. Lani gets up from her desk and approaches Shawn. Lani informs Shawn that Roman called and wants them on a stakeout. Shawn agrees that he could use the distraction and remarks that tonight he at least knows where his daughter is and who she's with so they exit together.

Belle walks through the town square, calling Justin and leaving a message that she could use some legal advice.

Philip watches as the nurse stabilizes Victor. The nurse comes out and informs Philip that Victor was low on oxygen but should be fine. Philip then gets a call from Belle, who says she really needs to see him. Philip asks what's going on but she doesn't want to talk about it over the phone. Belle asks if she can come to his hotel. Philip tells her to give him ten minutes and he'll be right there as he looks back through the window of Victor's room.

Rafe returns to Hope at the station. She asks how the kids are. Rafe says they are safely in their cells but not thrilled about it. Hope thanks him for looking out for them. Rafe is sorry for what Mark did to Ciara. Hope worries about Ciara being humiliated in front of the whole school. Rafe encourages that it will get better with time. Hope says she has to find a way to get through to Ciara before things go from bad to worse.

Ciara thanks Claire for standing up for her. Claire says friends stick together so there's no way they would let her go through it alone. Jade holds hands with Joey through the cell bars and jokes about them being locked up together. Joey thanks for her standing with them. Joey jokes about her being soft underneath her tough image. Claire comments to Ciara that her parents probably won't stop fighting long enough to even notice.

Shawn and Lani work on their stakeout about a possible prostitution ring. They see a guy checking in and wonder if he's who they are looking for. Lani jokes about the guy ordering food. They then hear people having sex above them and comment that it doesn't sound like a business transaction. Lani then kisses Shawn.

Belle goes to Philip's hotel room. Philip says he was worried about her and asks if she was alright. Belle responds by suddenly kissing him.

Victor wakes up in his hospital bed to Deimos sitting at his side.

Hope visits the cell to say goodnight to Ciara, telling her that she will have to stay until the morning. Hope is very upset about this. Claire points out that Hope wasn't there to see what Mark did. Hope says she knows what he did but what Ciara did was wrong. Hope wants her to learn from this. Hope remarks that revenge may seem satisfying in the moment but you always end up paying a price. Hope then exits.

Deimos comments to Victor that Nicole is quite the intriguing woman. Victor questions if that's what he came to tell her. Deimos says he's not surprised that he fell for her. Deimos questions if he told Nicole to leave him dry. Victor admits he did but says Nicole is not easy to manipulate. Victor says he would tell Deimos to watch his back but any knife Nicole uses will be sharp and go deep. Deimos responds that he won't trust any woman and points out that Victor had already sent Philip to do his dirty work but he saw straight through his act.

Philip and Belle have sex in his hotel room.

Lani and Shawn kiss until Shawn stops her and asks what she's doing when they are on duty and could lose their jobs. Lani reveals there was no stakeout and she made this whole thing up to get him alone. Lani says she could tell he needed a distraction. They then hear gunshots from above and rush out of the room to check on what happened. They break into a room to see a woman has shot and killed her husband and another woman that he was in bed with. They make the woman drop her gun as she explains that her husband was cheating on her as he said he was bored and wanted more action so she him gave what he wanted.

Deimos is confident he has things under control. Victor calls him an arrogant bastard and questions why he's really here. Deimos responds that he's here to tell him he forgives him.

Rafe walks Hope home. Hope comments that it wasn't exactly the night they had planned. Rafe says there will be other nights as they kiss goodnight and Rafe exits. Hope looks at an old photo of her and Ciara.

Claire sings in the jail cell while the others lay in the beds. Joey dreams of having sex with Jade. Henry tells Claire that she sounds awesome and mentions uploading her song so she will become famous.

Belle and Philip lay in bed together and continue kissing. Belle thanks him for being there when she needed him. Belle tells him about spending half of the night at the police station since Claire got arrested. Philip realizes that is why she was so upset. Belle adds that they were provoked by a bully at school. Belle says Claire is an emotional wreck and to make things worse, Shawn thinks it's all her fault.

Shawn and Lani return to the motel room and he credits her for a job well done. Shawn says they should back to the station. Lani calls it ironic that a fake stakeout turned in to a real murder. Shawn agrees it was crazy. Lani asks if it's wrong for her to be turned on by all of this as she approaches him. Shawn reminds her that two people were just murdered and a psychotic woman is heading to an institution. Lani explains that she meant being in the motel room alone with him as she really likes being alone with him. She kisses him but he says they have to get back to the station so they exit.

Philip tells Belle that it's insane that Shawn would blame her for what happened. Philip calls her a wonderful mother that Claire is lucky to have. Belle is unsure about that. Philip encourages her to give herself a break.

Jade gets up and sits with Ciara as she can't sleep. Jade knows Ciara is a complex person which makes her more curious about who she actually is and what she wants out of life. Ciara asks if she knows what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Jade says she has some ideas so she kind of knows. Ciara responds that she has no idea and it's scaring the hell out of her.

Hope looks in the mirror until the phone rings with a call from the mysterious voice, who tells her that they are very disappointed in her. Hope says she's done playing this game but the voice says that someone needs to stop Deimos before he takes another life.

Victor doesn't want Deimos' forgiveness. Victor says he may not have killed Helena but he's sure responsible for her death which is why he keeps coming back to him. Victor blames Deimos for Helena being on the cliff where she fell. Victor tells Deimos that he shouldn't be granting forgiveness but begging for it. Victor says he won't grant it when he sees him in Hell. Deimos grabs Victor and covers his mouth, telling him that he can go to Hell right now and wait for him then they will see.

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