Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/27/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/27/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Claire and Henry talk at the prom. Claire thanks him for being a friend with her. They look over and see Ciara and Theo dancing together. Ciara tells Theo that protecting her against Mark really meant a lot and thanks him. Theo tells her that he would do anything for her. Mark watches them from a distance as he is secretly drinking from a flask.

Summer visits Maggie in the hospital where a nurse is trying to increase the blood flow to Maggie's legs. Summer asks if the nurse can show her how to do it so she can help when the nurse is not there.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate signs over Basic Black to Titan. Deimos says she is now the co-CEO and kisses her.

Nicole visits Victor in the hospital and tells him that she accepts his offer and she's about to take Deimos on a trip to Hell. Victor laughs and says he knew she would come around then asks what changed her mind. Nicole comments that it was after she visited him and it was clear he was proud of what he did to Maggie. Nicole brings up Helena definitely being Deimos' kryptonite. Victor states that she does look like her. Nicole tells Victor that he will have to tell her everything about Helena. Victor agrees to and jokes about them jumping into bed together. Nicole tells Victor that Deimos is already onto her which makes things more dangerous so they are going to talk terms.

Rafe and Hope continue kissing on the couch then they get up and head upstairs together.

Joey and Jade lay in bed together after having sex. They agree that it was awesome. Joey asks what she is thinking. She calls it their last night in Salem so she suggests going out to celebrate dancing and she knows just the place. Joey thought she didn't want to go to prom. Jade says she changed her mind and thinks they should go crash it as they kiss.

Mark remains watching as Ciara and Theo dance until the song ends. Ciara and Theo join Claire and Henry. Henry praises Claire's singing and her becoming a star. Henry and Theo go to get food. Claire comments on Ciara and Theo looking good out there. Ciara says she and Theo have been friends a long time and he's a good guy. Claire suggests they maybe more than friends some day as they walk away together. Mark approaches Theo and Henry where he questions Theo if tonight is everything he was hoping for with Ciara.

Rafe and Hope kiss in bed until Hope says she's not okay and she can't do this.

Theo tells Mark that he doesn't want any trouble. Mark calls it just a friendly question and says he doesn't want trouble either as he wants to move past this. Mark says he hopes they have a great night and walks away. Joey and Jade arrive at the prom. Jade calls it lame but Joey says at least they might get to hear Claire sing. Jade says after that they are going to turn the place up. Ciara and Claire talk about Claire's singing. Claire goes to get ready. Theo joins Ciara and they hold hands. Joey and Jade come over and greet them. Ciara didn't think they were coming. Jade jokes about not missing this and goes to get food. Ciara comments to Joey on them seeming friendly. Joey says they are and adds that they aren't the only ones as he sees Ciara and Theo holding hands.

Maggie tells Summer that she doesn't have to do this but she wants to. Summer talks about never taking care of anyone until now. Maggie knows being her mother is a shock and hopes Summer knows that if she was older, things would've been different. Maggie regrets that Summer lived such a hard life but Summer stops her and says not to feel sorry for her as she doesn't want anyone's pity.

Deimos and Kate lay in bed together. Deimos tells her that he has gotten everything he's ever wanted.

Nicole and Victor joke about neither of them changing. Nicole asks what she's going to get now that she holds all the cards. Victor jokes about seducing men being work for her. Nicole points out that one mistake could cost her life. Nicole wants 50% of his net worth. Victor suggests 10% but they end up agreeing on 30%. Nicole toasts their coffee to the downfall of Deimos and anyone who gets in the way. Victor talks to Nicole about Helena. Victor admits he loved her in his own way but that he wasn't the best person. Victor adds that Deimos came in to town and was the lover that he should've been to Helena. Nicole wishes she could've known Helena. Victor says that she will and she will also know Deimos. Victor tells Nicole about some of Helena's mannerisms.

Hope apologizes to Rafe. Rafe tells her not to apologize if it's not right for her. Hope says she wants it to be and it is but just not here in her room with this bed because of what happened with Aiden. Rafe tells her it's okay as tonight was terrific and he had so much fun. Hope agrees and they kiss.

Jade returns to Joey with food. Joey comments that he didn't see Ciara and Theo coming. Theo states that they are just having a date for prom but they will see after that. Claire then begins to perform her song for the prom. Joey and Jade kiss. Ciara kisses Theo on the cheek. Claire finishes her song to applause from the crowd. Jade suggests to Joey that they turn this into a real party and tells him to follow her. Claire rejoins Henry, Theo, and Ciara who praise her. Henry tells her that he put the video on YouTube. Theo notes she was having fun up there. Henry and Claire go to dance so Ciara and Theo agree to dance as well. Ciara calls it a better party than the last one here. Mark appears as they walk away and says to himself for her not to count on it. Joey and Jade sneak in to the sound booth where she switches the flash drives for music. The DJ comes back and plays what they put in which gets all the kids jumping. Mark makes a call and says when he gives the signal, they are on.

Maggie tells Summer that isn't what she meant but mothers feel bad when their children are unhappy especially when some of it was her fault. Maggie thought at the time that she was doing the right thing for both of them but now knows she was wrong. Summer insists that she doesn't hate her but doesn't know what she feels. Maggie says things are looking up a little then and points out how she keeps stopping by to see how she is doing. Summer tells her that she is only trying to find her away one step at a time and she hopes she is okay with that. Maggie confirms that she is.

Kate pours a glass of champagne and tells Deimos that she could get very used to celebrating with him like this. Deimos tells her that they are going to turn Titan in to a powerhouse. Kate points out that Titan was doing really well before he got a hold of it so it already is a powerhouse. Deimos says she is going to teach him about a running a business. Kate says that can be a very interesting process as they go back to kissing in bed.

Justin appears outside the window of Victor's room. Victor tells Nicole that is about all he can tell her tonight. Justin enters and asks what they are up to. Nicole claims she just came to check on Victor to report back to Maggie but Justin doesn't believe her. Victor tells Nicole not to try to cover it up as he's going to hear about it all from him anyways. Nicole says he isn't going to like it. Justin questions what he's not going to like then realizes this is about Deimos. Victor shows Justin a picture of Helena to see the resemblance to Nicole. Justin calls it uncanny but that they are both insane. Justin argues that Deimos will see right through them. Nicole admits Deimos already did but she played it smart and walked away, leaving him hungry. Justin worries that this could ruin any chance he has to bring Deimos down legally. Victor feels his way is faster but Justin feels it's too risky. Justin argues that they could put Deimos away for extortion and attempted murder but Victor points out that they have no proof. Victor wants Justin to assure that he will stay out of it and not interfere. Justin agrees but tells them not to be surprised if this blows up in their faces.

Deimos has a dream about Helena appearing in front of him and telling him that he betrayed her with Kate. Deimos wakes up in a panic then has another dream about kissing Kate but imagining Helena's face.

The prom king and queen are announced as Theo and Ciara which surprises them as Henry and Claire encourage them. Mark is on the phone, saying he rigged the ballots and says to go now. As Theo and Ciara are on stage, Mark has pictures appear on the screen mocking Theo and Ciara as slow and a slut. Joey points out Mark and Ciara realizes he is to blame. Ciara declares it's time to teach the punk a lesson.

Summer hates what happened to Maggie. Maggie is glad that she was able to spend most of her life on her feet. Summer can't believe how positive she can be. Maggie talks about being in a similar position when Summer was born. Maggie recalls a past time dancing with Mickey relating to the red shoe charm that Summer gave back to her. Maggie is optimistic that she will dance again which Summer calls the reason she's here, to see her dance again.

Rafe and Hope are at the Pub together when Hope gets a call from Ciara. Hope asks how the prom is going. Ciara informs her that she's not at the prom but at the police station as she has been arrested which shocks Hope.

Hope and Rafe arrive at the station where Ciara is with Claire, Henry, Joey and Jade in the interrogation room while Theo is standing with Mark. Mark's father who is a judge arrives complaining. One of the cops informs Hope that the kids allegedly spray-painted the car of Mark's father that he let him drive to the prom. Theo informs him that if he wants to know why they did it, he should ask Mark.

Nicole looks through old photos of Helena then gets dressed, puts on a pair of earrings, and practices the mannerisms that Victor told her about.

Deimos remains in bed as Kate wakes up and asks if he's okay. Deimos then resumes kissing her.

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