Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe sits with Hope to enjoy their 80s night and watch a movie. Rafe says it's good to hear her laugh again.

Joey sits in his room texting Jade. Jade says she can't stop thinking about him and Joey feels the same.

Chad enters the living room where Jennifer and JJ are waiting. They tell him that Thomas is sleeping and Jennifer asks how Abigail is.

Abigail lays in the bed of the mental hospital tossing and turning.

Rafe and Hope watch Lethal Weapon and eat popcorn. Hope pauses the movie and they joke about how many times they have seen the movie. Rafe spots her high school yearbook. Hope says Ciara wanted to see her prom dress and she hopes she is having a good time. Hope stops Rafe and says he can't see her yearbook but Rafe insists. They joke together. Hope wants to see his yearbook but Rafe didn't buy one. Rafe bets he can name her senior superlatives and guesses she was prom queen so he gets to see her pictures.

Jade asks Joey if he wants to come over. Joey asks about her parents. Jade responds that they are asleep so he can come in through the window. Joey tells her that he's on his way and climbs out through his window.

Chad tells Jennifer and JJ that leaving Abigail there was the hardest thing he ever had to do and he can only imagine how much worse it was for her. Jennifer asks what happened. Chad informs her that on the way there she didn't say a word to him and then when they got there she wanted to go home. Abigail tried to say she made a mistake so Chad had to convince her and demanded a nurse get a doctor. Chad remarks that he never though he'd have to throw around his name to lock away the women he loves.

Rafe jokes with Hope about her being on every page of the yearbook. Hope calls it unfair and says she is going to find a copy of his yearbook. Rafe tells her that he's barely in it at all anyways and jokes with her about it as they end up kissing.

JJ understands Chad did what he had to do. Jennifer asks if she went voluntarily. Chad recalls her being so scared and how she tried to convince him it was a mistake. Chad explains that he tried to convince her it was because he loved her so much. Chad considered trying therapy with Marlena again. Jennifer offers to be her support and asks if they can please give it another try.

Joey climbs through the window to Jade's room. Jade tells him that she was planning for LA. Joey asks if she really wants to talk about LA as they start kissing.

Chad tells Jennifer that he knows this is her family's worst nightmare and admits he started having second thoughts but then Abigail started imagining another patient as Ben so he convinced her to sign the papers. Abigail said the only reason she signed was because she loved Thomas. Chad talks about how much strength it took for her to make that decision. Chad encourages about her chances to get better. Chad assures that Abigail is safe and getting good care so it's the best thing they could do for her. Thomas wakes up crying so Chad holds him. Chad says he misses Abigail too but she's going to be alright.

Rafe and Hope get interrupted by the movie and they look through other movies to watch, deciding on Beverly Hills Cop.

Joey and Jade continue kissing and prepare to undress as they both reveal to each other it would be their first time.

Chad thanks Jennifer and JJ for watching Thomas tonight. Jennifer offers to take Thomas for a night so Chad can rest but Chad says he won't rest until Abigail is home. Jennifer tells Chad to call if he needs anything and JJ tells him to hang in there as they exit. Chad holds Thomas and says they will be okay.

Abigail gets up from the bed in the mental hospital and searches the drawers, realizing they took everything. She tries to leave the room but the door is locked. She calls out that she needs her phone to call her husband so a nurse enters. Abigail asks for her phone to call home but she tells her not tonight. Abigail explains that she misses her son but the nurse tells her that she needs to be sleeping. Abigail argues that she can't sleep and that she didn't sign away her rights to call her husband. Abigail tells the nurse that she can call him then. The nurse wants her to relax but Abigail argues against medication and gets frustrated.

Joey and Jade continue kissing as they are both glad they have waited.

Rafe and Hope laugh together watching the movie. They pause the movie and start kissing again.

Chad puts Thomas back in his crib to sleep. Chad says he knows he's not his mother but he's all he's got. Chad flashes back to saying goodbye to Abigail as she was sent away to her room. Chad turns out the lights and sits in the dark near Thomas.

Abigail falls asleep in the mental hospital where she dreams of Ben coming in as a patient of the same hospital and preparing to kill her. Abigail wakes up in a panic.

Hope tells Rafe how she was angry when Bo told him to take care of her as she didn't think she needed anyone to take care of her but she couldn't be more grateful. Hope states that Bo knew what he was doing and picked the right guy. Rafe tells her that means a lot. Hope says she had forgotten how to be happy but he makes her happy. Rafe says she makes him happy as they kiss.

Joey and Jade continue kissing and undressing. Joey stops and realizes he didn't bring protection but Jade reveals she had bought some so they are good and they kiss on to the bed.

Chad remains sitting unable to sleep. He gets up and checks on Thomas. Chad holds him and cries.

Abigail calls out for help and looks out the door, shouting that she made a mistake. Abigail worries that Ben is going to come for her now and she's never going to be safe ever again.

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