Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ciara pushes Mark off of her and warns him not to touch her. Mark wants to show her they can be good together but Theo runs up and attacks Mark. Theo punches Mark on the ground as Ciara yells for him to stop before he hurts him but Theo continues beating him up until Henry pulls him off. Claire questions what Mark was doing. Mark shouts that Theo will be pay for this. Ciara tells Claire that Theo was protecting her and she will explain it later. Ciara tells Theo that she's sorry as they worry about his hand. Claire goes to get a first aid kit. Theo asks Ciara if she's okay.

Belle goes home and asks Marlena what's wrong. Marlena responds that the prison won't let see her Eric until he's processed. Belle says she will find a way since she's his lawyer. Marlena then asks Belle what's the matter.

Abe and Lani talk at the station about Theo being excited for prom. Abe worries about Ciara not seeing Theo how he thinks. Lani encourages Abe about Theo going to prom. Abe says he's come so far and he's proud of him. Lani suggests telling him that so Abe calls Theo and leaves a message, inviting him to dinner at the Pub so they can talk about prom.

Ciara tells Theo that she's okay. Theo says Mark was being an ass which makes Ciara laugh. Claire comes back to check on Theo's hand but he says he's fine. Theo offers to walk Ciara home but Ciara says Claire is going to do that so they can talk dresses and makeup. Theo tells Ciara that he will see her at school tomorrow then and makes sure they are still on for prom. Ciara claims she can't wait as Theo exits.

Claire walks Ciara home and makes sure she will be okay. They agree to text later as Ciara heads inside of Jennifer's house. Ciara stops when she looks at the couch and thinks back to Chase raping her there and then to Mark earlier. Hope comes in and greets her. Hope encourages her about prom and wants to go through old albums for ideas of 80s dresses. Ciara isn't into the whole idea and just wishes prom was over. Hope asks if she decided not to go. Ciara says maybe.

Belle informs Marlena that she signed the divorce papers and gave them to Shawn. Belle insists it had nothing to do with Phillip as she has no idea where that's going. Marlena sits with her and encourages her. Belle asks Marlena to help her make prom extra special for Claire.

Hope tells Ciara that she doesn't have to commit to anything or anyone if she doesn't want to go to prom. Hope encourages her to do whatever feels right to her but Ciara doesn't know what feels right anymore. Hope advises her not to pressure herself. Ciara brings up how Claire told her that she had to go to prom and have fun to not let Chase ruin her life but Hope tells her that she doesn't have to do anything. Hope tells Ciara to just be patient with herself and she will have a good time when she's ready to whether at prom or not as they hug.

Claire comes home where Belle greets her. Belle compliments her prom dress but Claire ignores her. Marlena asks about the decorating. Claire says it was fine and done now. Marlena comments that she seems distracted. Claire asks for no therapy session tonight. Marlena and Belle ask her what's going on and if something happened. Claire responds that she's really worried about Ciara.

Ciara tells Hope that she's confused as part of her wants to go to prom but she doesn't know if she'll be able to have a good time when everybody else is. Hope continues to encourage her to be patient with herself. The doorbell rings and Theo arrives to see Ciara. Hope heads upstairs to let them talk. Theo tells Ciara that he was just worried about her and couldn't wait until school tomorrow. Ciara takes him in to the living room and thanks him but says she's still pretty much a mess. Theo offers to watch a movie with her on his tablet so they sit together. Theo tells her she can choose. Hope comes back in with another box of old photos and smiles when she sees them together.

Claire tells Belle and Marlena that Ciara just can never catch a break. Marlena is sure Ciara is glad to have her as a friend. Claire talks about it being so hard for her after everything Ciara has been through. Marlena praises her caring about her friend. Marlena tells Claire and Belle that she is so proud of them. Marlena says they are all going through a lot right now but it's going to be fine and they will get through it as they all hug.

Ciara and Theo fall asleep on the couch together. Theo wakes up realizing it's morning and wakes her up. Theo says he has to go see his dad and tells Ciara he will see her at school and rushes out. Hope comes in and greets Ciara. Hope mentions that she called Abe so he wouldn't worry. Ciara tells Hope about watching an old 80s movie that she relates to what Hope said about choosing to be happy. Hope reminds her to get ready for school and then informs her that they get to move back home today which excites Ciara. Ciara adds that last night was the first in awhile where she didn't have nightmares.

Theo goes to the station to see Abe and apologizes about last night. Abe informs him that Hope gave him a heads up but he would've appreciated one from Theo. Theo says they fell asleep watching a movie. Abe thought they were going to have dinner at the Pub but he got no text or call as he waited at home. Abe warns Theo that he expects to know where he is at all times. Theo responds that he's not a little kid but Abe reminds him that he's not 18 either. Abe admits he was scared though he knows he's growing up and handling things well these days but he will always worry about his son. Theo apologizes and says it won't happen again. Abe asks about Theo's hand. Theo claims he hurt his hand decorating for prom. Theo apologizes again and exits to get ready for school.

Belle greets Claire in the morning. Claire mentions getting a text from Shawn, who cancelled taking pictures of her before prom because of work. Belle encourages her that work happens. Claire knows but just wanted a picture with her dad too. Claire decides she has to get to school and exits.

Theo joins Ciara at school. Ciara asks how it went with Abe. Theo says he was pretty mad. Ciara gives him back his tablet and says it was really nice that he stayed over. Ciara tells Theo to pick her up around six. Theo tells her that Abe rented them a limo which Ciara likes. Ciara tells Theo about moving back to her house tonight. Theo jokes about wearing an 80s suit and hoping not to embarrass her. Ciara takes his hand and tells him that he could never embarrass her. Mark watches them from a distance.

Hope goes to the station and talks with Lani, mentioning that she is moving back home tonight. Lani steps out as Abe comes in. Abe wants to talk with Hope about their kids. Hope apologizes and says she didn't have the heart to wake them up and insists they were fine. Abe brings up Theo taking Ciara to the prom but he worries. Hope assures him that Ciara would never hurt Theo. Abe points out that Theo is different so he worries about him in a close relationship. Hope encourages that Theo is a wonderful young man. Abe brings up what Chase did to Ciara and how that has left her in a very precarious place emotionally. Hope assures him that things will be fine.

Mark approaches Ciara at school and apologizes for grabbing her and kissing her, assuring that it won't happen again. Mark adds that he doesn't blame Theo for kicking his ass and protecting her. Ciara states that she likes Theo a lot and walks away.

Rafe goes to the station and greets Hope. Rafe asks if she got moved back home yet. Hope says she got off to a slow start and tonight's the prom. They step away into the interrogation room together. Rafe informs her that he got an FBI contact to research Deimos and his time in prison. Rafe says they found out that he made a lot of money or someone did for him while he was in prison. Rafe reveals that Deimos owns a corporation titled Athena Research which made a payment to Dr. Seth Malcolm. Rafe says it's not rock solid proof yet but if they keep digging, they will find who authorized that payment. Hope declares she's not going to be involved in any investigation of Deimos which Rafe questions. Hope talks about Ciara getting stronger and recovering from her trauma. Hope states that nailing Deimos won't bring back Bo or make up for what she did to Stefano. Hope suggests Rafe might want to stay out of it too. Rafe agrees with her and says it can just make things better for them later. Rafe asks if Hope is still free tonight. Hope says she will be as soon as she gets Ciara to the prom and gets some more packing done. Hope asks what Rafe has planned for tonight. Rafe kisses her and won't tell her as he exits.

Claire gets dressed for prom which Marlena and Belle love and praise her 80s look. They talk about the 80s. Claire says she can't imagine life without cell phones. Marlena jokes about those times.

Ciara comes downstairs back at home in her dress. Hope calls it nice but Ciara knows she's lying and feels it sucks and she can't go to prom like this. Hope says it will be fine as she has access to the attic now at home with her old dresses. Hope takes her back upstairs to find her the perfect dress.

Claire continues talking about life without cell phones. Belle suggests she give it a try tonight. Henry arrives to pick up Claire. Marlena and Belle take pictures of Henry and Claire together. Claire and Henry exit together as Belle and Marlena watch with smiles.

Hope gets Ciara in a different dress which she calls perfect. Ciara looks in the mirror and loves it. Hope assures her that everyone will love it. Hope sits with her to show her high school yearbook. The doorbell rings as Hope encourages her and Theo arrives to pick her up. Lani and Abe greet Hope at the door as well. Theo tells Ciara that she looks so beautiful. Hope takes photos of them together. Abe and Lani take turns taking photos of Ciara and Theo with them as well as Hope. Ciara thanks Hope for her dress and hugs her. Hope tells her to have fun as Theo and Ciara exit together. Abe and Hope happily watch them leave. After Abe and Lani exit, Rafe arrives with an 80s night planned with VHS tapes and cassette tapes. Rafe says he did his research and kisses her.

Marlena and Belle sit together. Marlena says Claire had her thinking about the first time she fell in love. Belle relates as well to being Claire's age. Belle says it never occurred to her that it could all fall apart and she could hurt so much.

Ciara and Theo arrive at the nightclub for the prom. Ciara says the place looks amazing and admits she's glad she came. They join Claire and Henry and talk about their outfits. Claire and Henry go to get punch. Theo promises Ciara to make this the best night ever.

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