Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve goes to his new place and sets up at the desk inside where he places a framed photo of he and Kayla.

Fynn checks on Kayla after bringing her back in to the hospital since she passed out again. Fynn warns her to take things more seriously after her CAT scan. Kayla insists that she's feeling fine. Fynn tells her that if things don't subside, she will have to reconsider surgery.

Deimos questions Nicole wanting to know more about Helena. Nicole says she's intrigued by looking just like her. Deimos claims that Victor was never in love with Helena and only pursued her for selfish personal gain. Deimos explains that Helena's family was rich and powerful so Victor planned to use that. Nicole questions if Deimos wasn't interested in her connections. Deimos states that he was in love with Helena for who she was and the pain from losing her has never gone away.

Rafe meets Hope at the Pub where Hope fills Rafe in on Deimos confessing to everything about torturing Bo. Rafe questions Hope confronting him face to face as she explains that he acted like he was proud of it. Rafe states that Deimos is to blame for Bo's death.

Ciara and Claire walk through the town square, talking about prom decorations. They talk about Earth Day and making sure to recycle as they head to the hardware store.

Nicole asks Deimos if Helena loved him back. Deimos responds that she did and eventually she even forgave him. Nicole questions what she forgave him for. Deimos admits he had ulterior motives for pursuing her in the beginning. Deimos says he was the bastard son of his father so he wanted to prove he was equal to Victor by stealing his fiancée. Deimos says he eventually confessed that to Helena but she accepted that his feelings had become genuine. Nicole questions why they snuck around then. Deimos explains that she was afraid of her father's reaction if she called things off with Victor and that Victor was violent and ruthless. Deimos says he begged Helena to run away with him but then Victor found out about their affair and confronted her which is when she ended up dead. Deimos states that he lost everything to Victor including the woman he loved and his freedom. Deimos declares that his brother destroyed his life.

Rafe tells Hope that Deimos must have thought he covered his tracks well. Hope argues there's no such thing as a perfect crime and asks what now. Rafe isn't sure but points out that Deimos will just be more careful since he knew she suspected him. Hope feels the key to all of this is the mystery caller on the phone since they knew from the start that Deimos was responsible. Hope informs Rafe that the last call encouraged her to confront Deimos which paid off. Hope says she has no idea who the person is but they can't give up and have to take every lead to put Deimos back behind bars.

Claire talks with Henry and another friend, Mark, at the nightclub, decorating for prom. Theo joins Ciara and asks what kind of flower she wants. Ciara says whatever he chooses will be fine. Theo encourages that it will be really fun but Ciara is not as enthused. Theo goes to get more decorations. Claire checks on Ciara. Ciara says she isn't really in the mood for prom or anything right now. Claire tells her that she has to stop this right now.

Joey and Jade talk outside where Jade suggests different places they could run away to. Joey questions if they are serious about running away together. Jade responds that she is because she's sick of her parents trying to control her. Jade feels he totally needs to get away from his parents. Joey agrees that he doesn't want to stick around while things fall apart. Joey declares that Kayla is ruining their family so maybe this will make her think. Joey tells Jade they can leave as soon as possible as he has no reason to stay in Salem. Joey tells her they should just disappear.

Fynn prescribes Kayla a different medication and advises her to take it easy. A nurse interrupts to inform them about a car accident with dozens of patients coming in. Kayla argues with Fynn that she is chief of staff so she needs to be involved. Fynn is against it but Kayla insists as they exit the room together.

Steve sits alone in his room playing the harmonica while looking at the photo of he and Kayla. Steve gets up and exits.

Claire tells Ciara that she can't let anyone stop her from living her life because she deserves to be happy. Ciara agrees and says she will be okay by then. Claire hugs her and walks away. Mark comes over and asks Ciara to help him with the decorations. Mark then starts flirting with her and tells her how hot she looks. Mark invites her to hang out. Ciara thought he had a girlfriend but he reveals he broke up with her because she was boring so he's free. Ciara responds that she is dating somebody now. Mark asks who. Ciara tells him that it's Theo. Mark asks if she's kidding, questioning what she is doing with a loser like Theo.

Jade and Joey talk about places to go. Jade suggests going to LA. Joey doesn't want to ride a bus so he suggests riding his motorcycle if he can find the keys in his house. Joey wants to go tonight which Jade agrees to as they kiss.

Rafe asks Hope about Nicole showing up at the Kiriakis Mansion when she left and how she even knows Deimos. Rafe comments on Nicole staying out of trouble. Steve arrives and greets them. Hope mentions they were just talking about Deimos. Rafe comments on Deimos taking everything from Victor. Steve goes to buy them drinks. Rafe suggests they keep the information on Deimos between them until they have hard evidence which Hope agrees to. Hope thanks him for looking out for her.

Deimos gets emotional and apologizes to Nicole. Nicole understands Victor has that effect on people. Nicole asks more about Helena. Deimos tells her that she was beautiful, charming, and spirited as he flashes back to their past. Deimos tells Nicole that seeing how much she resembles Helena can't help but bring up all these vivid memories. Deimos admits it's painful but also comforting. Nicole thanks him for the talk about Helena. Nicole goes to leave but Deimos stops her to ask how much Victor is paying her to woo him.

Ciara warns Mark about talking about Theo like that. Mark says he's not trashing him, just pointing out that he's challenged. Ciara calls Mark arrogant and shallow, arguing that Theo is a great guy. Mark doesn't think Theo is boyfriend material. Ciara calls Theo the best guy she's ever known and threatens Mark until he backs away from her. Theo comes back over and tells Ciara that he heard what she said and asks if she meant it. Ciara confirms that she did and they kiss.

Joey finds the motorcycle keys in a drawer at home and talks to Jade about his excitement to go. Jade talks about getting to know each other better. Jade wants to know every detail about him as they start kissing. She takes his shirt off and they kiss on to the couch. Joey asks if she wants to do this here right now. Jade calls it the perfect way to kick off their adventure.

Fynn talks with Kayla about the patients brought in and how they handled it. Kayla tells him that she's going to make her round. Fynn thinks she's done enough for tonight and suggests she go home. Fynn then decides he is walking her home so they exit together.

Steve sits with Rafe and Hope. Rafe steps away on a call from the police station. Steve tells Hope that after working with Rafe, he knows he's a good dude so it's no wonder that Bo asked him to look after her. Steve sees a different kind of vibe between them from the last time he saw them. Steve tells Hope how much he cares about her so he just wants to tell her that he supports her moving on with Rafe if that's what she wants. Steve says Bo is in favor of it so that's good enough for him. Steve asks her to talk to him. Hope says she just feels a little conflicted getting involved in a new relationship even if it is with someone she really cares about. Steve gets that but says she has to find happiness where ever she can because love can be fleeting.

Nicole questions Deimos thinking Victor is paying her to be there. Nicole then admits that Victor made her an offer. Nicole says that Victor wanted her to take advantage of her resemblance to Helena and manipulate him. Nicole informs Deimos that she turned Victor down and she only came to learn more about her look-a-like. Nicole says Victor is the last person she would help. Deimos brings up that she called the ambulance for him. Nicole claims she did that for Maggie as she couldn't see her lose someone close right after Daniel. Nicole brings up her past marriage to Victor and how she tried to electrocute him. Nicole assures Deimos that she is not here on Victor's behalf.

Hope asks Steve if this is about her and Kayla which he confirms. Steve calls love rare and fragile. Hope asks him what happened. Steve tells her that Kayla had been pushing him away lately then called off the engagement because she thinks he brings too much danger. Steve says he moved out and hopes it's temporary as he wants to work things out. Hope knows he would never do anything intentionally to hurt his family. Hope adds that she knows he took the blame for Joey. Steve admits Joey killed Ava and blames himself for Joey being in that situation. Hope wants them to be able to work things out since they love each other so much and that's what really matters.

Jade and Joey continue kissing on the couch. She begins to undo his pants when Kayla comes home with Fynn and catches them. Joey comments that she's home early. Kayla suggests Jade leave. Joey tries to stop her but Jade quickly exits. Fynn tells Kayla that he should go too so he exits. Kayla asks Joey what she walked in on. Joey finds it's no big deal. Kayla worries that Jade is not a great influence. Joey tells her it's not her business as he's an adult now. Joey calls Jade the only good thing in his life now that Kayla is tearing their family apart.

Rafe helps Hope load up boxes from Jennifer's as they talk about Hope and Ciara moving back home. Rafe jokes with her about a selfie stick in one of her boxes. Hope says she and Ciara have been having fun with it. Hope convinces Rafe to take a selfie with her.

Henry goes to Claire and comments on Ciara and Theo seeming like they really like each other and how it must be nice. Claire encourages that they will have that some day. Henry asks Claire to take him with her when she makes it big. Claire promises to always be his friend then walks away. Theo goes to get more decorations. Mark returns to Ciara to apologize for before. Mark says he has nothing against Theo and doesn't really know him. Mark tells Ciara that he thinks she can do better and wants to show her what she's missing. Mark grabs Ciara and kisses her.

Fynn goes to the Pub where he comes across Steve. Steve asks about Kayla but Fynn says he can't discuss that. Steve asks if there is anything he can do. Fynn tells him that Kayla doesn't need any stress so if he wants to help, he should stay away from her.

Deimos tells Nicole that he enjoys her company and wishes he could believe she was here without an agenda. Nicole tells him that she had a good time tonight and thanks him. Nicole then exits the mansion.

Jade walks through the town square and gets a text from Joey, apologizing for the delay. She texts back that she hopes they can leave for LA tomorrow. Joey responds that he can't wait.

Fynn calls Kayla to check on her. Kayla says she tried to keep her cool as much as possible. Fynn says he will see her at work tomorrow and they hang up. Kayla looks at her family photo on the mantle. Steve appears outside and looks through the window.

Rafe finishes loading the boxes in to Hope's car. Hope shows him the selfie they took. Rafe jokes with her about not showing anyone. Rafe asks what she's doing tomorrow night. Hope responds that she is helping Ciara with prom. Rafe tells her to keep her schedule open for after that as they kiss. Rafe says he'll be in touch and then exits.

Ciara pushes Mark off of her and warns him not to touch her. Mark wants to show her they can be good together but Theo runs up and attacks Mark. Theo punches Mark on the ground as Ciara yells for him to stop before he hurts him but Theo continues beating him up.

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