Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole meets Brady and Theresa at the Pub. Nicole informs them that she just came from seeing Victor and she needs some advice because Victor asked her for a favor which is to help get revenge on Deimos. She was going to say no but thought about Maggie.

Hope sits in her office and goes over a folder on Deimos. A cop comes in and gives her an envelope which Roman said she might want. Hope opens it and inside is Bo's old badge. Hope gets a call from the distorted voice who asks when she is going to move on Deimos.

Deimos sits at the Kiriakis Mansion and throws a bunch of family photos in to the trash can then picks up a photo of Nicole.

Brady tells Nicole that Maggie wouldn't want the fight to go on in her name. Brady says it isn't their problem and questions what Victor wants her to do. Nicole reveals that Victor wanted her to seduce and marry Deimos.

JJ and Chad talk at the DiMera Mansion and plan to follow a lead to try and find Abigail.

Abigail remains in the hotel room she went to and tries to get Thomas to stop crying. Someone from a nearby room bangs on the wall, warning her about shutting Thomas up which worries Abigail.

Theresa tells Nicole that if anyone could pull it off, it's her. Nicole admits Victor said the same thing. Brady questions them. Nicole says she and Victor don't agree on much but Maggie has been through so much. Brady wants Nicole to stay away from Deimos and asks her not to do it.

Hope questions who is on the phone. The voice says they can't tell her that and is already taking a huge risk by calling her. Hope doesn't understand what they want from her. They say that Deimos thrives on conflict and he's the only way to get to the truth. Hope sits down as the phone hangs up. Rafe enters and asks if she's okay. Hope says she's good but Rafe asks who was on the phone.

Abigail cries that she can't take this anymore as Thomas continues crying. Abigail puts him in his crib and walks away then he finally stops crying. Abigail is relieved and goes back to him. Abigail blames herself and feels Thomas is suffering because she is suffering. Chad and JJ break in to the room. Abigail screams at them to stay away as Chad tries to get through to her.

Nicole tells Brady that she would never literally get in bed with Deimos. Brady asks what if she didn't have a choice and if she really thinks this is what Maggie or Daniel would want. Brady pleads with her not to do this. Theresa brings up their company. Nicole says she isn't going anywhere. Brady reminds her about what happened with Xander. Brady says this situation belongs with Victor and Deimos. Brady can't believe Victor even asked her to get involved. Nicole says not to blame Victor as she got herself involved. Brady asks her not to do this and to leave it to the professionals.

Hope claims that Shawn was on the phone about a case. Rafe asks if she's feeling any better which she admits she is. Rafe invites her out to an early dinner. Hope accepts and asks if she can meet him at the Pub since she has something to take care of first. Rafe says he will see her soon and exits. Hope grabs the file on Deimos and begins looking through papers.

JJ tells Abigail that Ben is in prison and never coming back so he can't hurt them again. Thomas begins crying again. Abigail points out that is what they told her before and how they made her think she was crazy when she was seeing him but he was there. Abigail argues that Ben will keep coming after her. Chad says he won't let that happen. Abigail shouts that nobody can stop him. Abigail says she could have stopped him. Abigail starts screaming that Thomas is her son so she can take care of him and only she knows how to keep him safe. Chad and JJ try to talk her down, telling her that they need her. Chad tells her that she doesn't have to do this on her own. Chad takes Thomas and he stops crying. Abigail gets pissed off again and runs out of the room. Abigail comes back and comments on how quiet Thomas now is in Chad's arms. Abigail says she couldn't leave and didn't want to. Abigail talks about doing everything she knew to get him to stop crying but Chad held him for two seconds and he stopped. Chad says Thomas was just exhausted. Abigail talks about having nightmares when she sleeps and wonders if that happens to Thomas. Chad encourages her that Thomas is happy. Abigail breaks down crying as Chad hugs her.

Hope goes to see Deimos. Deimos says he has heard a lot about her but they haven't met. Deimos assumes this is a professional call. Hope brings up Maggie being her aunt and Victor being her father in law before Bo's death. Deimos says he's sorry about Bo and is surprised she has this case with her personal involvement. Hope says there is no case yet but she is surprised by Deimos taking Victor's holdings. Deimos says it's between he and Victor. Deimos tells her to ask a direct question and he will give a direct answer.

Chad and JJ bring Abigail home. Jennifer joins them and hugs her, saying she's so glad that she is okay. Abigail questions if she is okay. Abigail talks about thinking it would be easy to be a mom. Jennifer talks about her experiences as a mom and asks Abigail to let them help her.

Hope asks Deimos about Dr. Seth Malcolm, revealing that she has reason to believe Deimos was involved in Bo's kidnapping and torture which Deimos confirms is true. Hope gets upset. Deimos says before she does anything, he was very careful so his hands are clean and there is no way for her to prove anything so she needs to know there is absolutely nothing she can do.

Abigail questions what kind of help she needs, insisting that she is just tired and will be fine after sleeping. Chad asks for a minute so Jennifer and JJ exit the room. Abigail accuses Chad of thinking she's crazy. Chad tells her there is no shame in admitting she needs help, more than he is able to give. Abigail says she doesn't. Chad asks if she wants to keep going on this way. Abigail yells that Chad thinks he's a bad mother and that's why he wants to take Thomas from her and lock her up. Chad argues that she needs more therapy. Chad asks if she really thinks they can do this on their own. Abigail continues to accuse Chad of wanting to lock her up and thinks he's just trying to punish her for what she did to Ben. Abigail is not sorry that she lit Ben on fire, only that he didn't die. Chad doesn't believe her, pointing out that Thomas was in the same house that she set on fire and something could have happened to him. Chad questions her having no regrets because he thinks she feels guilty and is punishing herself. Abigail turns away and walks outside so Chad follows her. Jennifer and JJ return to the room. Jennifer is glad they found her but can't understand why she ran away. JJ explains that Abigail overheard Chad and Marlena talking about having her committed. Jennifer feels like she should've been there for her and helped more with Thomas but she didn't know it was this bad. Jennifer mentions being so busy lately and asks if JJ thinks she let her down too. JJ thinks Abigail is not the only one in the family who has a problem.

Hope screams at Deimos asking why he did it. Deimos admits it was for the money. Deimos says it was nothing personal as he was paid to find the formula that cured Caroline and his employer believed Bo had access to that information. Hope can't believe she's hearing this and tells him to go on. Deimos continues that they greatly underestimated Bo's will as he gave them absolutely nothing. Hope calls him a son of a bitch and asks how he knows she's not wearing a wire right now. Deimos says she was completely unprepared for what she heard and figured she didn't expect the truth. Deimos thinks she got what she came for. Hope says she didn't and pulls her gun on Deimos. Deimos tells her there is no proof for her to find so he questions what she's going to do. Nicole arrives and asks if she's interrupting something.

Brady and Theresa go back home. Brady talks about his head spinning as he is worried about everybody. Theresa thinks he got through to Nicole. Brady doesn't get why Nicole would agree to this or why Victor would go to her. Brady says this isn't Nicole's fight but his. Theresa encourages him and says it's not worth putting himself in danger. Brady says it isn't about the money but about Victor's spirit as he may not be able to recover. Theresa doesn't know what he thinks he can do.

Hope leaves and Deimos asks what brought Nicole by. She asks if his offer still stands. Deimos says he would love to entertain her but suggests not starting off with a lie.

Jennifer doesn't know what JJ is talking about. JJ says he's worried about her but she tells him not to be. JJ says he's not judging but they both need to be there for Abigail so if Jennifer needs help. Jennifer argues with him not to presume she needs help and that if she needed help, she would ask for it. Jennifer insists she's fine and going to be there for her daughter. Thomas wakes up crying so Jennifer and JJ leave the room to go check on him. Chad and Abigail come back inside. Abigail never thought she would be capable of doing something like that but she just wanted Ben to be gone so badly. Abigail knows she should've called the police but she didn't trust them. Chad understands. Abigail keeps telling herself she did it for Thomas but knows she put him in danger. Abigail repeats that she just wanted Ben to go away and to make him suffer. Chad agrees that Ben was a threat to all of them. Chad calls her an amazing person and mother who was just pushed to the edge. Abigail admits she snapped. Chad hugs her and tells her Ben is gone now so they can get past this but she can't tell anyone else what happened. Chad assures her that Marlena and JJ will keep it quiet but he can't protect her if anyone else knows. Chad says he can't lose her as she and Thomas are everything to him. Chad encourages that she will get better. Abigail agrees to whatever it takes. Abigail says she would never hurt Thomas on purpose but every time she holds him, he feels that she's hurting and isn't okay. Abigail admits she was so afraid that he way from him and her away from her that she walked away from him and her family. Abigail then agrees to go. Chad hugs her. Abigail says she has to because she knows that she needs to get better and she will. Chad asks if she wants to hold Thomas before she goes. Jennifer and JJ come back in. Abigail says she does but he's so peaceful now and needs his rest. Abigail decides she will go and get better then she will come back to her son. Abigail stops to hug Jennifer and JJ goodbye as she cries. Abigail then walks out with Chad.

Brady tells Theresa that life is getting weirder ever since Daniel died. Brady talks about finding Summer, Victor being broke, and knowing Deimos. Theresa points out that they are engaged. Brady says she and Tate are the ones he's holding on to and the part of his life that feels right and normal. Theresa adds that they have their DJ Wear business. Brady feels like there's something else he should be doing too but he doesn't know what it is. Theresa encourages that they will make whatever happen together as she kisses him.

Nicole asks Deimos what he's lying about. Deimos says he was talking about her which she questions. Deimos assumes she has an ulterior motive for being here. Nicole says he wanted to share his side of the story. Deimos questions why she cares. Nicole asks why he thinks. Nicole points out that he is looking at her like Helena and admits it's a little uncomfortable but also fascinating. Nicole declares that she came to hear more about Helena.

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