Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/20/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/20/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Joey joins Jade outside the town square. Jade is sad that Joey wouldn't go with her to Chicago but Joey says it was just the mess with his parents. Jade mentions her dad coming home and her mom wanting them to bond so Jade exits.

Kayla watches as Steve packs his things at home. Steve stops to look at a family photo on the mantle. Kayla questions if he's taking that one. Steve asks if there's a reason she wants him to leave it.

Summer sits in her hotel room and thinks back to Maggie revealing to her that she gave her away when she was a baby. Summer gathers her things and leaves the room.

Maggie questions Theresa as to why she and Brady would want her and Victor to move in with them. Theresa really thought she knew. Maggie asks if the house is being worked on or why she suggested that. Maggie wants the truth and asks what Theresa knows that she doesn't.

Nicole has the uncomfortable feeling that Victor wants her to go after Deimos. Victor thinks she's up to the task. Nicole says he hasn't done anything to her but to Victor so he should go after him as it's not her problem. Victor asks why she came to talk to him about Deimos then. Nicole brings up her looking like Helena and how Victor never mentioned that. Nicole adds that this mess affects Maggie too when she loves Maggie. Victor asks her to help him out then. Nicole asks why and what's in it for her. Nicole states that Deimos cut him off without anything to his name. Victor assures her that he will find a way to make it worth her while.

Theresa agrees to tell Maggie what she knows but that it isn't a lot. Theresa tells her that she overheard Brady and Justin talking about Deimos forcing Victor to turn over Titan and the mansion to him. Maggie is shocked. Theresa apologizes as she thought she knew. Maggie demands a wheelchair because she needs to see Victor. Theresa thinks she needs to let this sink in but Maggie declares that she's going to see Victor to get some answers one way or another.

Nicole asks Victor what he thinks she could do to Deimos. Victor points out how she's a dead ringer for Helena so she could seduce Deimos, make him fall in love with her, marry him and then take him for everything he's got. Nicole feels lightheaded by the suggestion. Victor asks if she's going to do it. Nicole says the Nicole he wants to do that fell in love with Daniel so she worked really hard to put that past behind her. Victor believes she's still in there somewhere and will this time being breaking out her bag of tricks for a worthy cause. Nicole questions it being so Victor can get his big house and money back. Victor says it's so he can hire the best doctors in the world so Maggie won't have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair with a man who is broke, pointing out that Daniel wouldn't have wanted that. Nicole is disgusted by the idea of getting in to bed with Deimos. Victor tells her that what happened to Maggie is because of Deimos. Nicole thought she fell down the stairs. Victor says he's already said more than he wants to but that everything Maggie is suffering through is because of Deimos. Victor asks her to think about what he said and repeats that he will make it worth her while. Nicole then exits the room.

Steve questions Kayla about the family photo. Kayla says Joey likes that one when he doesn't like many things. Steve thinks them continuing to live together would make him happy. Kayla points out that she put that photo up the night that Steve moved back and before Ava came back. Kayla wants the photo to stay if it comforts Joey at all. Kayla adds that Joey needs some counseling. Kayla mentions that Joey refused to talk about it yesterday but she's not giving up because he needs to talk to somebody about what he's done. Kayla says that Joey's needs have to come before theirs. Steve brings up not telling him that she was in the hospital. Kayla feels he doesn't need to know about it so Steve agrees not to tell him either. Kayla thanks him and leaves the room. Joey comes home and sees Steve packing up. Joey questions if he's just giving up.

Theresa wheels Maggie to Victor's room as Summer appears and watches them go by. Brady arrives and greets Summer. Brady questions why she didn't let Maggie know she was there. Summer didn't know what to say since she still can't forgive her but giving her up for adoption. Brady takes her away, saying that he's taking her somewhere to talk some sense into her.

Theresa brings Maggie to Victor. Victor says he was just about to visit her. Maggie questions Victor as to where they will go when they are released. Victor questions what Theresa told her but Maggie says to just talk to her. Victor wants privacy so Theresa exits. Maggie questions Victor as to if they have a house and if Deimos really blackmailed him in to giving him the house and the business. Victor confirms that he did. Maggie questions him not telling her. Victor felt she had enough to deal with in the wheelchair. Victor blames Theresa. Maggie says she just offered them to stay at their house. Maggie questions what Deimos had over Victor. Victor responds that it was her that Deimos held over his head.

Steve tells Joey that he is not giving up but giving Kayla some space. Joey feels packing up is a lot of space. Joey brings up his note about not giving up but it looks like Kayla doesn't care. Steve says he's giving her a chance to miss him. Steve apologizes to Joey and swears that he will be back as Kayla returns to the room. Steve packs his last box and hugs Joey. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her as he then exits. Joey asks Kayla if she's happy now that she got rid of Steve.

Brady goes home with Summer. Summer notes that he didn't say a word all the way home. Summer asks if maybe Maggie doesn't care what she does. Brady argues that Maggie didn't think life with a scared 17 year old mother wasn't good for her. Summer questions why Maggie lied at first. Brady suggests she was scared too and thinks Summer could be more understanding unless she doesn't want to. Brady questions if Summer is trying to keep him feeling sorry for her.

Maggie asks Victor if Deimos had something on her that he used to blackmail. Maggie argues that her only secret was Summer. Victor says it was nothing she did but what Deimos did. Maggie doesn't understand. Victor says he's been trying to figure the best way to say it to her but there's no gentle way to say that she's in the wheelchair because of Deimos. Maggie blames it on being dizzy and falling down the steps. Victor reveals that Deimos poisoned her. Victor goes over Maggie not feeling well and when she fainted. Victor explains that Deimos was making her sick which is why she fell. Victor adds that she would have died that night but Deimos had an antidote for the poison and would only turn it over to him if he gave him everything he has. Maggie cries that Victor gave up everything he has so that she could live.

Joey doesn't get it since Steve and Kayla still love each other. Kayla responds that sometimes love isn't enough. Joey asks why not. Kayla says taking chances makes Steve feel alive and she can't live that way anymore. Joey questions her not having the guts. Kayla asks if he's okay with taking someone's life. Joey shouts that he's not but that kicking Steve out isn't going to change that. Joey yells that she's tearing their family apart for no reason then storms out.

Summer asks if Brady agrees with Theresa now that she's working him. Brady brings up her total lack of compassion for what Maggie went through when she was born and what she has witnessed has made him question what she really wants. Summer questions him thinking that she is hurting Maggie so he will feel sorry for her. Summer asks what he has to do to prove that he and Theresa are wrong about her. Brady tells her to just give Maggie a second chance.

Maggie tells Victor about the night Deimos came over, claiming he wanted to make peace and that she left the room to get a water so she realizes her purse was in the room and Deimos switched her pills. Maggie regrets not just throwing Deimos out that night. Victor knows that isn't who she is. Maggie argues that he's lost everything. Victor says it's just money and if he lost her then no money would do any good. Maggie says he saved her life but Victor blames himself for her being in the wheelchair. Victor says if he didn't fight with Helena, she wouldn't have died so he thinks this is his punishment. Maggie figures Deimos was cold and calculating when he seduced Helena just like when he poisoned her so there's no changing a man like him. Maggie declares that all you can do is get revenge. Victor questions if he just heard Maggie say revenge. Maggie says why not and asks if he's in.

Joey goes back outside the town square and finds Jade, saying he went to her house but found out she took off after an argument with her parents. Jade says they were listing all the rotten things she's done and asks what she is supposed to do. Jade reveals that her parents are talking about boarding school. Joey assures her that she doesn't want that. Joey tells her that his dad packed up his stuff and is gone. Joey mentions that he said he's coming back but that his mom had that look in her eye. Jade mentions everything he did to get them back together. Joey says it looks like it will just be he and Kayla again and he can't take that. Jade suggests they should just take off together.

Kayla goes to leave home but Fynn arrives at the door. Fynn questions why she didn't come to work this morning. Kayla says she just took a personal day. Fynn wants to make sure she is feeling okay which she confirms. Fynn jokes about her not inviting him in so she does. Fynn hopes he's not intruding but Kayla points out that she has the house to herself as she goes to make him an ice tea.

Victor tells Maggie that Deimos has what he feels he deserves. Maggie questions giving up. Victor says if he makes a move, it becomes a war and he has a lot more to lose than Deimos. Victor declares as far as he's concerned, Deimos doesn't exist.

Nicole walks through the town square.

Kayla sits with Fynn and asks how he ended up in the US. Fynn explains how he was in Doctors Without Borders and meeting Daniel. Fynn comments that it's nice to see her smile. Kayla says she needs to tell him something.

Brady brings Summer to the hospital where they see Theresa wheeling Maggie back to her room. Summer comments on them getting along. Brady explains that it took a long time because Theresa wasn't easy to like when she first came to Salem since she was messed up and hurt a lot of people. Summer questions why he is marrying her then. Brady tells her that he watched her grow and change which affected him and it brought them close together. Brady really thinks Summer should go see Maggie so she agrees and heads towards her room.

Theresa gets Maggie back in to the bed and asks if she can get her anything. Maggie jokes with her as Summer enters the room. Summer hoped she could talk to her if she's not too tired. Maggie says she's not tired but dazed from dealing with news she didn't see coming. Summer starts to go but Maggie stops her and says she's glad she is here. Theresa tells Maggie that she will call her later and exits to let them talk. Summer informs Maggie that she's here because she has something that belongs to her. Summer returns the charm that she took from Maggie. Maggie wondered where she had lost it. Summer reveals to Maggie that she had stole it.

Joey asks Jade where they would go. Jade doesn't think it matters as long as their parents don't know where they are. Jade feels Kayla doesn't care how Joey feels. Joey says Kayla just doesn't get it. Jade thinks it would show their parents and suggests it could bring Joey's parents back together. Joey supposes it could work and maybe she's right that it's just time to take off.

Kayla thanks Fynn for being a good guy and checking on her. Fynn jokes that she seemed serious when she said she had something to tell her. Kayla goes to get him another tea but gets dizzy again and faints.

Maggie questions why Summer would steal the charm from her. Summer calls it an impulse as she had just gotten to Salem and ran in to her for the first time. Maggie remembers dropping her files and Summer picked them up. Summer explains that she grabbed the charm before she noticed and how she's done it to other people too. Summer guesses Maggie thinks she's crazy but Maggie says no. Summer apologizes for taking it and says that's why she brought it back. Maggie wasn't sure she'd ever come back after what she told her. Summer admits she wasn't sure either but Brady thinks she's being too hard on her and wants her to give her another chance if Maggie still wants that. Maggie says of course she does. Maggie cries that she wants that very much as she holds her hand.

Victor looks again at the box with the earring and bloody napkin that Deimos sent.

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