Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Claire sings alone in the nightclub.

Philip and Belle kiss in bed until Belle stops to ask Philip what's going on.

Lani and Shawn go over a case at the police station in the interrogation room. They end up getting close. Lani says they both know why they are distracted so she says she will lock the door while he closes the blinds.

Rafe sits in the town square, thinking back to talking to Hope after their kiss. Rafe pulls out his phone and texts Hope, asking if she's OK since Lani said that she called in sick.

Hope sits at home with tissues and taking medicine. She thinks back to talking to Rafe after their kiss. Hope then gets a call which she answers assuming it's Rafe, but it turns out to be Andre calling from prison. Hope questions what he wants and where he is. Andre threatens that he will settle scores when he is free. Hope tells him that they are through. Andre brings up Chase and how he was there for him to confide in. Hope yells at Andre that she hopes he gets the death sentence.

Theo and Hope walk out of the town square together. They laugh about school closing early. They comment on it being a beautiful day. Theo is glad to see Ciara smile again. They sit down and Theo asks her to prom but Ciara says she was going to pass on it with everything going on. Theo thinks that's the reason not to pass and asks her to go with him. Ciara responds that she would love to. Theo is glad that's out of the way and asks Ciara about her babysitting job. Ciara says it was weird since Abigail was still freaked out after Ben. Theo holds her hand. Ciara assures him that she's doing fine, better, and stronger every day. Ciara admits babysitting helps. Theo suggests hanging out with Abigail could be good for her. Ciara thanks him for being him and says she loves the way his mind works. Ciara and Theo kiss as Abe appears in the gate way.

Belle wants Philip to talk to her as she can tell something is getting to him and wants to help if she can. Philip tells her that she's already helping just by being there. Belle persists so Philip talks about how he was stoked when they made plans for the record label but the situation with Victor did a number on him. Philip blames himself for disappointing Victor. Belle encourages that he can turn it around. Philip wants to prove that Deimos is responsible for Victor's condition, revealing to her that Deimos took control of everything Victor owned. Belle calls it so crazy and knows it's really bothering him. Philip talks about praying at Victor's bed side in hopes that he can one day earn his love again. Philip worries that if Victor died, they might never reconcile and he doesn't know how he could live with that.

Ciara gets a call from Claire, wanting to meet at the nightclub. Ciara and Theo agree to meet up later as Ciara exits. Abe joins Theo. Theo says he would love to hang out but he wants to get supplies for a school project. Abe asks if it can wait because he wants to talk to him about Ciara.

Claire continues singing at the nightclub as Ciara arrives and watches her. Ciara praises her song and her voice. Claire feels everything she has been working on feels unoriginal but Ciara disagrees. Claire worries about impressing Philip. Ciara repeats that she thinks she did amazing and questions her being worried about impressing Philip. Ciara asks what she hasn't told her.

Belle encourages Philip that he will have a chance to work things out with Victor. Philip wishes it was that easy. Belle insists that they will find a way. Philip informs her that Victor said he wouldn't forgive him unless he found a way to destroy Deimos. Philip figures that Deimos would just retaliate and then Victor might not end up so lucky. Belle suggests he may only have one solution; walk away from both of them.

Shawn reminds Lani that they have work to do. Lani argues that they haven't had a break. Shawn feels it's not the time or place but Lani unbuttons his shirt. Lani talks about not being in a relationship for a long time. Shawn questions her. Lani admits she had a thing with Rafe that went nowhere. Shawn mentions Rafe being single. Lani tells him that Rafe has a thing for Hope. Shawn argues that they are just partners but Lani insists that Rafe would walk to the ends of the Earth for Hope.

Hope remains on the phone with Andre and calls him a son of a bitch. Andre warns that he will act as judge and jury to make sure she is punished when he gets out then hangs up. Hope then gets the call from Rafe and answers assuming it's Andre. Hope informs Rafe that Andre had just called so Rafe heads to her house.

Shawn tells Lani that they want to be careful with boundaries. Shawn says they had a couple of great dates. Lani questions taking things slower as she kisses him.

Belle and Philip talk about him being caught in the middle of Victor and Deimos. Philip says part of him would love to get out of Salem and away from everyone but another part of him wants to do what Victor is asking and bring Deimos down. Belle tells him that's because he loves his dad but if he goes to that dark place, it won't make him any different than Deimos. Belle suggests another option.

Theo asks Abe if they can talk later as he has to get those supplies and he's meeting up with Ciara later for frozen yogurt. Abe is reminded of his date nights with Lexie. Theo points out that they aren't dating which surprises Abe as he asks if Theo would like to be dating Ciara.

Claire explains to Ciara that if she impresses Philip, she could end up with a contract. Ciara calls her lucky for knowing what she wants while she is more confused than she's ever been. Claire understands she's been through hell the past couple of months. Ciara feels like things will never change for her. Claire hugs her as Ciara admits she's afraid she will never get past what Chase did to her.

Belle tells Philip that Victor will admire and respect him if he defines himself in his own way. Belle suggests he can earn back Victor's love. Philip insists on destroying Deimos but Belle encourages him to let them fight their own battles. Belle insists that the record label is going to go through the roof as she has faith in him. Belle believes in Philip making the company a success. Philip agrees that he can do anything with her by his side. They kiss until Belle says she has to get to work. Philip calls her bluff and they continue kissing in bed.

Theo tells Abe that he doesn't want to talk about Ciara. Abe questions why and says it's okay to like her as she seems very fond of him. Theo admits that Ciara kissed him which Abe says must have made him feel good. Abe says he's happy for him but he wonders if Ciara feels the same way about Theo as he does about her.

Claire tells Ciara that she can't let what Chase did to her ruin her life. Ciara says she isn't letting it and argues that Claire can't possibly understand. Claire just wants her to be okay. Ciara decides she will focus on things that make her happy if Claire stops second guessing her talents. Claire excitedly brings up prom which Ciara questions. Claire mentions still working out who she is going with. Claire asks if Theo asked her yet. Ciara says he did but she isn't excited.

Hope tells Rafe about Andre's call. Rafe encourages her not to let Andre get to her. Hope says Andre's voice brought back all her feelings of guilt. Rafe tells her not to take his calls anymore and he'll look into it. Rafe sits with Hope and brings up last night. Rafe apologizes if she thinks he crossed the line but says he meant every word that he said. Hope knows he doesn't say those things lightly. Rafe says he wasn't expecting anything and was just being honest. Hope says she would be lying if she said she doesn't share some of his feelings but she feels she can't act on them right now because jumping into a relationship would not be fair to him.

Lani and Shawn continue kissing in the interrogation room. Shawn stops her and says they can't have sex on the conference table. Shawn tells her it just isn't going to happen. Lani jokes with him while Shawn questions her wanting to live dangerously. Shawn tells her that they have plenty of time while right now he has to work. Shawn gathers his things and hurries out of the room.

Claire questions Ciara not being excited about prom. Ciara says she isn't feeling it right now. Claire asks about her saying yes to Theo. Ciara says she didn't want to hurt his feelings as it took a lot of courage to ask her. Claire reminds her how big of a deal prom is and how it will be the last time they are all together. Ciara isn't sure about the 80s theme but Claire convinces her because of the music.

Theo tells Abe that Ciara wouldn't have kissed him if she didn't like him. Abe brings up that a kiss can mean different things. Theo thinks he's only saying that because of his autism. Theo thinks Ciara really likes him. Abe suggests not pushing things with her. Theo argues that they make each other happy and complains about Abe being overprotective. Abe says he just doesn't want to see him get hurt.

Rafe thinks a lot of Hope's emotional confusion is that she's fighting what she needs which is love in her life. Hope points out how well that has worked out for her. Rafe knows she's had a rough time lately. Hope says she wouldn't still be standing if she didn't have him as a friend. Rafe thinks she's making it harder on herself by being alone when she doesn't need to be. They get close until Ciara and Claire interrupt. Ciara quickly suggests they could go to the coffee shop but Hope asks them to stay.

Shawn meets Belle at the Pub. Belle says she has been trying to reach him as they need to talk. Shawn asks what she needs as they sit together. Belle gives him the divorce papers signed and says she is ready to finalize the divorce.

Hope tells Ciara that she is feeling better. Claire is glad they are both there and brings up the 80s theme. Claire asks about getting great ideas from Hope. Rafe jokes about the 80s and says he should get going. Hope goes to walk Rafe out. Hope stops Rafe outside and asks him to wait.

Shawn takes it that Belle is moving on with Philip. Belle says they both are since Shawn is dating Lani. Shawn calls it nothing serious. Belle says she's happy for him as he deserves an uncomplicated relationship. Belle adds that she thinks this is best for both of them. Lani arrives at Shawn's side and asks how Belle is doing. Belle says she's good and that it looks like she is too. Belle exits as Lani then sits with Shawn. Belle stops and looks back in the window before walking away.

Philip talks on the phone about work from his hotel room. He hangs up and looks at his tablet where he sees an article about Victor being hospitalized and Deimos taking over Titan.

Rafe asks Hope if she has something to say. Hope tells him that he has given her a lot to think about. Rafe tells her to take all the time she needs. Hope responds that she thinks he's right and then suddenly kisses him.

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