Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Summer wakes up hung over.

Summer is asleep on the couch until Theresa loudly wakes her up and shows attitude towards her. Summer knows she's upset and apologizes. Theresa mocks her always wanting pity and wants her gone. Summer agrees to go. Theresa questions why she showed up here, knowing that they were out on a date. Summer says it's hard to explain. Theresa asks what she wants from Brady.

Brady visits Maggie in the hospital. Brady asks the nurse for an update but they don't know yet if Maggie will walk. The nurse informs Brady that Maggie didn't sleep much last night so Brady doesn't want to disturb her and leaves her favorite muffins for her. Brady goes to leave but Maggie wakes up.

Philip sits at Victor's bedside in the hospital. Fynn enters and comments that Philip is here early. Philip says Victor blows a gasket when he sees him so he needs to get out before he wakes up. Philip asks how he is. Fynn confirms Victor is getting stronger so they are optimistic while Maggie is a wait and see situation. Philip notes that Victor hates hospitals so if he needs to go home, he'll make sure he gets the care he needs. Fynn says they will talk about that later and exits. Victor wakes up and asks Philip what he's doing there.

Marlena, John and Belle are disappointed in Eric.

Roman, Marlena, and John wait for Eric at the police station. They worry about Eric being late for his sentencing and how that could anger the judge. Belle comes in trying to call Eric but it goes straight to voicemail. Marlena wonders if he's been drinking while Roman wonders if he just decided to run.

Eric wakes up in bed with Jennifer and empty bottles nearby. Eric sees the clock and realizes he's late for his sentencing so he gets out of bed.

Philip tells Victor that he wanted to see how he was doing. Victor tells him to get out. Philip says he was trying to think up a way to make up for what he's done. Victor responds that he'd have to go back and time to undo every stupid decision he's made. Victor blames himself for bringing Philip back and says if he wasn't here then maybe Maggie wouldn't have had her fall.

Brady encourages Maggie. She asks about Victor. Brady says he's fine and doing very well. Maggie asks about Summer. Brady says she's okay but Maggie wants the truth. Brady admits she had a bad night and ended up staying with them so Theresa is with her now. Maggie asks about her bad night. Brady says she wouldn't tell him what was bothering her. Brady asks if Maggie knows what it was.

Summer tells Theresa that she doesn't want anything but Theresa doesn't believe her and accuses her of being obsessed with Brady. Summer corrects that she's grateful to him. Theresa continues to mock her then calls her needy and self destructive. Summer insists that she's sorry as she didn't know where to turn. Theresa tells her not to turn here.

Jennifer wakes up with a headache. She calls out for Eric but he's gone. Jennifer starts to remember what happened the night before where she and Eric had sex. She grabs her phone and sees a bunch of missed calls from JJ. Eric's phone rings which he left behind. Jennifer picks it up and sees Roman is calling.

Roman tries calling Eric but still gets no answer so he says he will send squad cars but Eric then arrives to the police station. Roman questions what happened to him. Eric says he just got held up and wants to go. Roman tells him he can't go in front of a judge like this. Eric blows it off. Roman reminds him that he is late for being sentenced then comes in reeking of booze and wearing the clothes he passed out in. Roman questions what he was thinking. Eric says he was thinking it was his last day as a free man and wanted to forget his life sucks. Roman tells him that the judge is going to determine his sentence with him looking like this. Eric tells him to get off his back and storms away.

Summer remarks about Theresa thinking she knows everything when she's so wrong about her. Theresa compares Summer to how she used to be. Summer admits she has lied and manipulated but never to Brady. Theresa remains mocking her. Summer says that Theresa tries to come off tough but she's scared that she can't hang on to Brady because he's out of her league. Theresa calls her a bitch. Summer says she's not after Brady but he's the one person to understand her and to figure out where she goes from here. Summer shouts that finding her mother blew up in her face so now she's scared of going back to a life she hated all because of Maggie.

Maggie tells Brady that she's tired and doesn't want to talk right now. Brady says he understands and didn't mean to upset her. Brady apologizes but Maggie insists that she's just tired. Brady then exits the room.

Brady comes home and asks where Summer is. Theresa questions that being his first question. Theresa kisses him and informs him that Summer is showering before she leaves. Brady questions what happened but Theresa says she just wanted to shower before leaving. Summer comes out and apologizes about last night and for ruining their evening. Brady tells her that she didn't ruin their evening but he wants to know exactly what Maggie did to upset her so much. Summer responds that it doesn't matter as it's over but Brady says it matters to him a lot.

Maggie has a nightmare about giving birth to Summer then wakes up calling out her name.

Victor looks at the earring and note that Deimos left him. Victor thinks back to his past, arguing with Helena and then her falling and busting her head.

Brady sits Summer down and asks her to tell them what happened. Summer thinks back to Maggie revealing the truth that she gave her away. Summer responds that Maggie didn't want her then and doesn't want her now.

Victor is still in the hospital.

Philip returns to Victor and says he couldn't get in to see Maggie because doctors are doing an assessment. Victor argues that they don't know what they are doing and tells Philip to just get out. Victor adds that if he wants his forgiveness, he should destroy Deimos then he will consider forgiving him but not before then. Philip then exits. Victor starts removing the tubes he's hooked up to.

Roman follows Eric, arguing with him. John checks on Marlena. Belle is scared about Eric acting defiant instead of sorry. Marlena thinks Eric wants everyone to hate him as much as he hates himself. Jennifer arrives, hoping she isn't too late. Marlena questions what she's doing there. Jennifer asks if Eric is in court already. Belle says they are just about to go. Jennifer hands Eric's phone to Marlena. Marlena questions why she has it. Jennifer tries to explain. Marlena grabs Jennifer and pulls her in to the interrogation room for a private talk. Marlena questions what the hell Jennifer was thinking by letting Eric get drunk the night before his sentencing for drunk driving.

Summer feels awful for telling Brady that as she doesn't want him to hate Maggie. Theresa remains annoyed. Brady informs Summer that Maggie asked about her right away today. Brady tells Summer that Maggie's back was against the wall when she was 17 so she can't think she doesn't want her here now. Summer feels that she's the worst thing to ever happen to Maggie and says she saw Maggie didn't want her there. Theresa argues that Maggie's husband is in the hospital and she's not sure if she will ever walk again so maybe the pain is something other than Summer. Brady tells Theresa to back off but Theresa insists on calling Summer a con as she mocks her.

Jennifer tells Marlena that Eric didn't want to be alone last night. Marlena questions her letting him get drunk. Marlena then brings up Jennifer's painkillers and says Eric told her about her habit since he was concerned about her when he goes to prison. Marlena remarks that maybe she should've been keeping an eye on her already. Marlena argues against Jennifer repaying Eric like this when he was looking out for her. Marlena mocks Jennifer being a fine person. Jennifer knows she's in a lot of pain and knows the feeling of being worried about your kids. Jennifer reminds Marlena of why she has been taking painkillers. Eric storms in and tells Marlena to leave Jennifer alone and just be mad at him. Jennifer says that Marlena is right that she was a terrible friend and she's sorry. Eric says it isn't true. Belle comes in and tells Eric they have to go. Eric doesn't want any of them there so he says they should say their goodbyes here in private as it's the last time they will be alone for a long time.

Theresa tells Brady something he's not too happy about.

Brady can't believe Theresa is talking to Summer like this. Summer says Theresa has every right to not trust her but insists she is not lying. Summer feels all she's done is make Maggie miserable and threaten Brady's happy family so she needs to go. Summer tells Brady to take care of Theresa, Tate, and Maggie instead of being worried about her. Summer rushes out. Theresa stops Brady and tells him not to go after her. Brady questions her. Theresa goes over Summer threatening what they have and tells Brady that he should be focused on Maggie. Theresa questions if Maggie really needs Summer in her life. Theresa declares that Summer needs to go home so this whole thing can be over.

Victor sneaks in to visit Maggie and tells her that he's there. Maggie calls him stubborn and tells him to get back to bed. Victor says he had to make sure she's alright but notes she's not and demands to know what happened.

John tells Marlena that Eric is right that they won't have any privacy to say goodbye in the courtroom. Eric thanks him for always looking out for Marlena as they hug. Eric knows he's caused Jennifer hell but says she's been nothing but a good friend to him and he's sorry. Eric tells Jennifer to get off the pills and focus on her family as he kisses her goodbye. Eric says he can only imagine what they could've had. Eric turns back to Roman and says he wishes he were a better son. Roman apologizes for losing his temper earlier and calls him a great son but Eric disagrees. Eric says he will try like hell to get back to being the man he raised. Roman insists that Eric is a good man and he loves him as they hug. Eric reminds Marlena to keep an eye on Jennifer which she agrees to do. Eric adds that it wasn't Jennifer's fault, it was his. Eric feels the worst thing about prison is knowing he let Marlena down. Marlena tells him that she loves him and hugs him as she cries. Eric decides he is ready so he exits with Belle.

Brady reminds Theresa what Maggie said to Summer last night and how it tore her up. Theresa argues that Summer just wants people to feel sorry for herself. Brady calls her jealous. Theresa accuses Brady of being obsessed with Summer and says it's scary. Theresa says Summer is nothing to him and he has enough problems. Brady responds that his problems aren't with Summer but with her. Brady asks Theresa when she's going to stop being so insecure.

Fynn interrupts Victor and Maggie, questioning Victor and ordering him back to his room. Victor remains in the doorway as Fynn tests Maggie's feeling in her legs. Maggie cries that she feels nothing so the surgery didn't work and she's never going to walk again.

Roman reveals to Marlena, John, and Jennifer that the judge has sentenced Eric to five years in prison. Marlena breaks down crying in John's arms while Jennifer holds back tears as well.

Eric rides in the bus to prison.

Eric is handcuffed and loaded on to the prison van with several other criminals where they are chained in and driven away.

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